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“Oh no you fucking didn’t just throw your momma under the train?!” Another person exclaims, and I have to agree that this is immensely stupid.

“What’s going on here?!” Booms the unmistakable voice of his mother!

“I’m Officer Dreyfuss, and you are?” He asks, and there are gasps of astonishment rippling through the crowd.

“Debbie Novotny. Again, what is going on here?” She demands, looking around the store and then freezing. “Uh, Michael, what is that on your door?! You can’t have that there!”

“So, who is Debs Horvath then?”

“I am not quite a Horvath, but this is my son. Why do you want to know who I am?”

“He said that you were responsible for putting that on his door.”

“No she didn’t.” A cool laconic voice calls out. “I put it up as per his instructions, and printed the business cards, again, as per his instructions.”  Everyone turns to face the owner of the voice, and all I can think is wowsers, Michael can keep Richard. I want this guy! “I have the paperwork right here. I was just passing and wanted to know if he was happy with it, you see.”

“May I see the paperwork?” Officer Dreyfuss asks, reaching for it, he hands it over and he reads it carefully. “Mr Novotny, can you sign a piece of paper for me please?”


“Why?” I demand warily.

“Two reasons.” He glares at me. “One, I said so, and two, I want to do a quick comparison of signatures.” I sign as slowly as I can “Sir, do not try my patience any more than you have already. Sign it properly!”

Scowling I do as I’m told and hand it to him. “See they’re not…”

“Michael Novotny, I am arresting you for public indecency…”

“Now just a minute!” I bluster. “Let me see the order! I need to compare my copy to his!” I start to head around the counter, but he steps in front of me. “It’s in the office…”

“I will accompany you, sir.” He states firmly.

“Can you get rid of these people?” I mutter.

“No sir, they will be called as witnesses! Everyone is to remain here!” He shouts over his shoulder.

“Oh, the only way we would miss this, is if the Stud said you with me now!” Someone guffaws and I seethe.

“Your copy, sir.” He prompts sternly and I head to the office.


I am enjoying this so much! I lean against the door jamb and watch him rustle frantically through his papers. When Jennifer asked me for a favour, who am I to say no, especially when it involves upsetting his applecart! What I have heard within our circle I have not liked!

“Mr Novotny, what is the problem? Is the disarray of your office causing the delay or are you stalling?”

“I am not stalling!” He counters hotly. “Aha! Let me see yours then!” He demands, waving his piece of paper at me, I hand it to him with a well hidden smile. “No! No! I didn’t order this...that! I didn’t!”

“I take it that they are the same then? Care to come quietly?”

“Ma!” He shrieks as I approach him and backs away.

“That would be a no then.” I sigh and watch him look for an escape route. “Move further and that will be resisting arrest.” I warn, and that brings him to a total halt. “As I was saying earlier, Michael Novotny, I am arresting you for public indecency…”

“But Officer! I can’t understand how this has happened.”

“...you have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one…”

“Officer! You must listen or at least arrest that guy!” Him pointing at the guy who did the signs, as per his instructions, affords me the opportunity to get hold of his wrist and turn him around. “Ma, do something! Call Brian, get him to get me an attorney!”

“Do you understand your rights as I have read them to you?” He gapes at me. “I will read them for you again then…” I growl, and then reach for my radio. “Officer Dreyfuss requesting back-up at Red Cock...Cape Comics on Liberty Avenue, got a squealer.”

“Copied. Back up on the way.” Despatch replies.

“Copied.” I respond and then look at the crowd who are quietly keen to see the next move. “Do I need to repeat your Miranda rights?” He shakes his head and then looks at the empty space his mother had occupied minutes earlier. “It seems that you are on your…”

“Lindsay!” He calls out. “Call Brian! You need to…”

“Calm down Michael.” She smiles at me as she approaches. “Now, Officer Dreyfuss was it?” I nod. “Which precinct will he…”

“All of you…” She widens her eyes. “...as witnesses to his act of indecency. Will be required to attend 27th Precinct.”

“27th?” He looks surprised. “Don’t you mean 57th?” He starts to stand up and I sigh. “What?”

“You are further charged with attempting to flee the scene of a crime.” He goes green. “And 27th is near County, 57th’s lock up is full…”

“Lock up?” He croaks. “But that means…”

“Michael, unless you want to stay the week, I would shut up now!” Lindsay orders before turning back to me. “I wasn’t a witness to…”

“Ma’am, you were the one that pointed out the sign. You are our key witness.” I tell her, and even though a scowl slightly creases her face she does preen somewhat. But before she can speak, backup arrives. “Take him first.” I point to Novotny and they quickly bundle him out.

“So, uh Miss, Mrs or Ms?”

“Miss. Miss Peterson.” She smiles at me before turning to look at the departing crowd. “I don’t suppose there is a chance you and I can share a squad car?”

“Yes. Uh excuse me sir!  Mr…” I look down at the paperwork again. “...Montgomery!” The guy stops and turns around. “You will join us. I want to take your statements first.”

He shrugs. “Sure.”




I try really hard to keep the laughter down, but I can’t. I am by myself as Michael got mouthy and ended up being taken to county, and on top of that Brian didn’t pick up his phone, nor did Ted, Emmett or Debs. The one person who did pick up laughed when I asked her to help him. She said something that confused me. She said I can afford to get him one who will want to keep him out of jail...before I could ask what she meant she hangs up!

But the other good thing is that Officer Luke Dreyfuss gave me his number. I do believe I have a date for dinner...now I have to find something to wear. Obviously, if he says no, I can always ask Mr Montgomery or as a very last resort take Michael…



“Mr Novotny, as I have said three times, your fine has been paid, but the person paid cash. You should be taking this opportunity to go back to your store and get the door fixed.”

“Surely you must have a description of him. Was he about six foot, a good looking brunet with green eyes?”

“I don’t know as I wasn’t here when it was paid and…”

“What do you mean get my door fixed?” He glowers.

“Well, obviously that could not be left there, and steps had to be taken to remove it, so we took the door. Your store has been boarded up and…”

“For fu...heaven sake!” He shouts before turning around and starting to storm out.

“Mr Novotny!” I call out, and although he stops, he doesn’t approach the desk, so I wait. “You need to know this more than I need to tell you.” I tap the desk with my pencil, and after a few seconds he stomps back. “This is where your door was taken…” I hand him the piece of paper. “...they really tried to salvage the sticker, but…”

“I don’t want that back!” He snaps before leaving, muttering to himself and yanking his phone out of his pocket.


Okay so it wasn’t Brian who paid my fine, I am still smarting over him roaring with laughter before saying he would’ve paid for me to remain there! So, it must be Ma. I can’t think who else it would be. I hail a taxi and direct him to Ma’s house. I am pissed that Lindsay has not answered my call, I look at the time and realise she must be on her way to work. She and I are going to have words about her statement! I couldn’t believe she practically exonerated Ma!

When we pull up and I ask him to wait, he refuses to do so without half the fare. I send him on his way as Carl or Ma will drop me off. It takes a while for one of them to come to the door, and when it is opened it is Carl.

“What do you want?” He grouses.

“Two things, one to say thanks for paying the fine and can I have a lift to my place? I am so…”

He shuts the door, and at first I think he’s gone to get the keys but then the door opens again and it’s Ma. “Thanks for…”

“I never paid your fine. Like Brian, I would pay for you to remain there. I am beyond fucked off with you, Michael. Do me a favour and stay away for as long as possible!” She stops hissing at me and then breaks into a smile.

“I knew you were…” I begin smiling back but she shoves me to one side and a guy comes up.

“You’re the locksmith that Brian recommended, right?” She asks the guy and he nods. “Can you do the back first?” Again he nods and Carl shows him to the back door.

“And here you are, Michael.” She hands over a key.

“What’s this? He hasn’t changed the locks yet.”

“This is the key to your house. Right now, I no longer want it!”  She snaps, shutting the door hard.


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