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We both stare at the now open secret drawer. Curiosity got the better of us, well me if I am honest, and we left early. Emmett made us swear to let him know what was in there first, and he will let everyone else know.

“Well, let’s see here shall we?” He reaches inside for the first envelope. “It’s addressed to Debs, so let’s give that to her. Let’s see who envelope number 2 is addressed to...oh, this is yours.”

“You can read it.” I tell him over my shoulder as I pour us drinks.

“Out loud?”


“It doesn’t feel right for me to do that. This is something that he clearly wanted to give to you and…”

“Whether I wanted it or not.” I point out.

“True. But still I feel…”

“What?” I snap, and his eyebrows go up, “Sorry, but I am so fucked off! He is still in my life no matter what I do or how much I try to oust him from it. He’s not even replied to Deb’s ring announcement…”

“Seriously?! How shitty! How do you know?”

“Carl texted me. Despite what she said, she kept checking so he took the phone off her when she was on the cusp of bitching him out.”

“Can I finish what I was going to say?”

“Are you asking or telling me this is what is going to happen?”

“I am asking you! And how the hell are we having a row now?!” He snaps, standing up and putting his hands on his hips.

“It didn’t feel like it!” I bark back.

“You are reacting to the heavy emotional…”

“Don’t fucking tell me how I am feeling!” I knock my drink back and then his. “I know how I feel!”

“And how is that, apart from wanting to use me as a punching bag?! Which by the way, in case you can't tell, is not going to fucking happen!”

“Used! I feel fucking used!” I bellow, and just about stop myself from throwing the glass across the room. “And hurt!” I start to pace and he continues to glare at me. “What are you pissed about?”

“You need to apologise for taking this crap out on me, I wanted to wait to open the box, but you insisted on coming home and doing it now! And until you apologise, I am not staying here!”

“FINE!” I roar at him and storm upstairs. After I slam the door to the bedroom, I throw myself on the bed and blink back tears.

Five minutes later, I hear him talking on the phone outside the door. I bury my head in my arms and wait for him to leave so I can release my anger.

The door is gently opened and I force myself to remain in position. “Okay, Debs, tomorrow evening, we will read them then. He’s okay, just a little strained. Sure. Bye, Debs.” The silence stretches on until he clears his throat. “I asked Debs and Carl to come around tomorrow so that you can deal with it together.”

“Fine.” I mumble into the pillow. I wait for him to leave, but instead the bed dips by my hip and he rubs my back.

“What do you want me to do? Do you want me to leave?” I shake my head. “I don’t know what to do, but you need something, maybe you should talk to Leroi?”

“Maybe.” Is my response. He continues to rub my back and I listen to him talk to Leroi about how I behaved.

“He wants to talk to you now.” He tells me quietly, and I can hear Leroi calling my name. “Do you want me to leave? And come back, I mean, I was…” He pauses when I shake my head and take the phone.

“Hey, Leroi. Just so fucking angry about it, and...what? No, I...I don’t think...okay, he wants to talk to you again.” I sit up and look at him so I can see his face when Leroi tells him what he has suggested. His eyes widen and he opens and then closes his mouth before he nods then hangs up. For a few seconds we just sit and take stock. “I…”

“Come here. Stand in front of me, Omeg...Brian, stand here.” He points to the spot right in front of his feet. Slowly I move to where he wants me, and he spreads his legs. “Kneel down and suck me off.” I must have looked surprised as he smirks. “Our way. Now kneel and suck. I want six of the best, and they must be the best and different, but you are not allowed to cum at all.”


When Leroi suggested that I spank him, I was stunned. Not because of the spanking itself, as it is something that happens, but I couldn’t strike him like that. Yes, I have biffed him in jest, but to cause pleasure pain. I just can’t, and judging by the relief on his face he feels the same way.

“So, start spanking my bratty lil monkey.” I growl, and he slowly gets on his knees. He leans towards me until his I can feel and smell his Beam laced breath on my face. “Kiss me after each one, I want to taste myself on your lips, your tongue, your fingers...I want to taste.”

“What do I call you?” He asks quietly as he pushes me on my back and starts to unbuckle my belt.

“Jiggle.” I reply. “Now begin.” He gives a little snort before tapping my hips so I lift up and he removes my pants, then pushes a pillow under my butt and my legs wider. “Do not touch yourself, this is all about me and...awwwk!” I gurgle as he takes both of my balls into his mouth. I have never felt anything so extraordinarily good! He manages to alternate between sucking my balls and licking my hole. “Oh Jesus!” I cry and start to writhe and arch. “Mmmm, Brian! I...oh so good! You should feel this! Oh God!” I start to pluck at the sheets as the pleasure races through my body, I didn't think I would be cumming this quickly or this hard! “Fuck me!” I gasp and it ripples through my body like white hot lava.

“That cums last.” His voice floats up to me as I try to gather my scattered and shattered equilibrium. “Next up...rimming, but first we kiss.”

Two hours later, I am languid and satiated in his arms, with his cock heavy with longing pressed against my crack. “Sorry for being such a shit earlier.” I kiss his hand in acceptance. “Thanks. Now go to sleep.”

“Mmmm.” I nod and am barely awake when I hear it, the unmistakable sound of quiet tears. I sit up and snap on the light, but he starts to turn away. “Don’t, please don’t. Talk to me.” At first I don’t think he will but he rests his head in my lap and I wait.

“What is it about money that turns people into unmitigated selfish wankers?”

“It doesn’t turn them into that, it just brings out what was already there.”

“I’ve been thinking about what was in the garage and his house. He was setting up a home, with me I mean. He asked, no demanded, a key to Britin, said that we always had keys to each other's places. But…”

“You never had a key to his?”

“Never wanted one, which was another bone of contention. He put one on my keyring once, citing the same argument, but I took it off, telling him that his house was that, his house. In the end, I found a solution, no keyring meant no keys.” I blink in confusion. “I am going to blame the Big Six on your bafflement. I had keypad locks put on my loft. He couldn't get one on his place as he rented at the time.”

“Got it. I have a house question, but after you've said what you need.”

“Okay, the other key issue came about when I first started to come and go at Debs, there was an open door policy. But it only came about because he threw the biggest sulk.”

“Because Debs was trying to help people? To become the Mother of Liberty Avenue that we all love?” He looks up in surprise. “Yes, me too, don’t tell her, she will only hug me and I haven’t got my back brace yet.” It is small but there is a smile. “So the sulk?” I jostle him gently.

“She gave me a key. Said it saved me knocking.”

“And he sulked because of that?!”

“Yep. I was all set to give it back and go back to knocking, but she came up with the unlocked door. One and only time we lied to him...”

“You still have it don’t you? And you told him you gave it back?” He nods and pulls the blanket up a bit higher. “Come on, let me get you a warm drink and cookies.”

“I’ll come…”

“No. I’ll do it, you change the bedding.” I order ruefully and he smirks. “I have another question for you, which is not about the house.”

“Okay, so can we use the new blanket then?” He calls out just as I start to head down the stairs so I come back in the room. “It’s nice, wasn't sure if it was for best, so thought I would check.”

“Yes to the blanket, and Mom sent over some new cookies, almond and dark chocolate.”

“When did she do that?”

“I mean she dropped them off and I packed the tin but forgot about them after everything we discovered. Still can’t believe he's a prince!”

“Me...almond and dark chocolate you said, with hot milk?”

“Of course. Won’t be long.”


He pads in wearing an apron and carrying a tray. “Meant to tell you to put on my robe.” I take the tray so he can get back in bed. “You would’ve seen yours underneath mine.”

“Oh thank you, your arms are too long.” He takes our mugs and puts them on our sides and the cookie plate between us. “You first.” He rubs his foot along my calf, a gesture I find comforting, taking the cookie I taste it and groan with pleasure. “Good then?”

“Right now I can only think of three things that taste better than this…”

“Four things. It should be only four things...my tongue, my cock, my ass and my fingers after I have been playing with your cock and your ass.” I just nod and have another cookie. “Why’d you buy him the house and the store? It can’t have been just to shut him up or a sense of owing for your childhood. The person you should thank is Debs, not him.”

“Thought you were going to ask that, surprised you hadn’t asked before. It was a cheap place. In fact, all The Boulevard was cheap, but I did the house because I knew it would piss him off, and I bought him the store to keep him out of my fucking hair!” I snicker with glee as I remember that pinched expression on his face when he found out that Emmett picked the house.

“Not a mind reader, Nettlebutt!” He prods me in my side. “Share with the group.”

“Nettlebutt? Nettle if you please! Emmett found The Boulevard and we built it up, but that house was the last one to be done. He thinks it was the first, like he thinks he was the first in everything in my life. He thinks that because it is his that he took priority, but it was going to be mine. I was going to sell the loft and move there.”

“Why did you change your mind? I can’t see you or Little Grub anywhere but here now though.”

“He kept trying to help with the design, so I was pissed off one day and said if you want to add your little touches you might as well have it, and as usual he took that literally. When Emmett found out, he had to go through him for furnishings, he came up with the clause because he was so fucked off.”

“So Britin, what are you going to do with that in the long term?”

“We can move to it when Little Grub is older because this place will be too small for us and our other…”

“Who’s going to carry? Because if it is me, I will expect my cravings to be catered to, and there is to be no complaints about my figure not snapping back as quickly as you hope!”

“Well, that was one of the easiest conversations I have ever had.” He laughs around a mouthful of cookie. “Would we ask Cyn and Daph again?” I rest my head on his shoulder. “But with you providing?”

“Yes am very happy with that, but…”

“In six months?”

“Ugh, we must not be one of those couples that…”

“Partners...who finish each other’s…”

“Sametences.” He laughs blowing on my hair.

“Cookie crumbs? And please tell me you said that word when you and Daph were kids?”

“Yes and yes! I shall leave it in the past.”

“So what was the other question?”

“Would you like to cum now?”


“Please, but kiss me while I do.” He moves the plate and whips the blanket back.


“How are you holding off?!” I moan as I clamber astride his lap and align our cocks. “Never mind. Come here, Nettle!” Fifteen minutes later I have screamed myself hoarse and am trembling so much. “That ranks as one of the best wank jobs I have ever had! You okay?” His head is resting on my shoulder and he is still and quiet. “You backed out for a bit there didn’t you?”

“Uh huh.” He mumbles before rolling us on our sides. “Slee…”

“...eep!” I murmur.




The Joker is smiling as the door knocks and I look at my watch. Not even 24 hours since she sent those pictures. I take my time going to answer. She can wait a few minutes longer, but when I open it, I am surprised to see Ben’s muscleman there. “What...did you and Brian have a nice weekend?”

“Yep, most illuminating. This is for you.” He hands me a DVD. “I didn’t bother to put it in a fancy box, as I doubt you would like to watch it again unless you are a masochist. To save you googling, that is a person who likes to receive pain, we already know you are an emotional sadist. Enjoy.”

“Does Ben know about your little tryst? I will tell him anyway, but I am curious as to how you explained you both being away.”

“You are repulsive.”

“So that would be no then? Well, at least it wasn't a long term fuck you two were doing.”

“Like I said, enjoy.” He spits before turning and heading down the path. I laugh as I start to shut the door but then I hear him calling Ma’s name and stop.

“Hey, honey, good weekend?!”

“Never mind that, let me see it in real life!” I step outside and watch him take her hand. “That is beautiful and so are you. So happy for you both. Look, can I do something for you two?”

“You don’t have to honey, but what is it?”

“Rehearsal dinner. Can I host it at my folks’ place, please?”


“You don’t have to do that!” She exclaims.

“Answers are yes, we’d love to, or yes, we’d fucking love to; depending on how polite you are feeling!”

“This is me...so we’d fucking love to!” I watch as she pulls him into one of her trademark hugs and he doesn’t flinch. “You are one solid man! No wonder Ben likes you!”

“Oh, so is he and he feels more than that!” He laughs and she smiles at him.

“Shame he has the same ideas about fidelity as Brian!” I call out, and they both turn around. “Can we get to the purpose of your visit Ma, I have things to do, places to…”

“I wasn’t coming to see you, I am coming to do a landlord inspection! Kinnetic Estates does not own that house. You wouldn’t be in it if we did!”

“Of course you do!” I retort. “Well, I’ll let you go about your business...the coffee will be ready in ten minutes!” I head inside to the kitchen to allow her to say her goodbyes and wait for the musclebound Ken Doll to go before she comes indoors to complain!

Twenty minutes later, I see Ken Doll walking back up the street with a bunch of flowers, no doubt going to see Ben to lie about his deeds. I look at my watch again, she is taking her time, and then I spot the DVD and decide to watch that in the meantime.


My eyes are burning from where they have been on stalks! I have watched, transfixed, as all those collectibles went up in flames! As if that wasn’t bad enough, when Brian fired the first arrow, he might as well have fired it into my heart. And his callous yell of fire chilled me to the bone. I stop the disc again and play it slowly...and there on-screen, in front of the bonfire of our friendship, is those two. Locked in a kiss…

See the source image

...I can’t stop staring.

“So, Mr Nobralls…” I am so startled to hear Emmett’s voice that I drop the remote, which stops the disc. I hit play again. “...here you have it, your scorched earth, or should that be scorched dirge? I am not sure, but no matter, he is finally free of every single trace of you from The Boulevard and The Avenue. I would love to see your face right now looking at this, mostly wide of mouth...kinda like The Munch, which you and Lindsay have in common in that you no longer doing that. But, unlike her lack of munching, you definitely suck and blow...and not in a positive life affirming way. But when you keep disappointing yourself and others, what do you expect? So this is goodbye for now. No doubt, you will try and do something to exact your feeble revenge...but remember what Ma said, and she was quoting me then, she will come at your ass like a sex starved rhino. Oh, one more thing, the DVD was the idea of Benson, Ben, Blake, Ted, Brandon and I...Brian and Justin knew nothing about it...as you can tell by that lost in each other kiss. Toodles for now!”

“You have no idea what revenge I am planning, you fucking asshole!” I yell at the TV then switch it off. “Looks like I have to start the wrecking ball early!”

It isn’t until I have made my two anonymous calls that I realise that Ma never came around.




Brian had been teasing Carl about getting fit in order to carry me across the threshold...I thought we had him when Carl said that we’ve done much more strenuous things than that for much, much longer. Then he told us about the Big Six in explicit detail...I should’ve known better than to take on the master of innuendo, filth and frankness!

“So these letters were in here, you think there is anything else in any other stuff?” Carl asks, picking up the one addressed to me.

“Emmett is going to go through them, but so far nothing.” Brian replies, and I ruffle his hair. “I know, Ma, I know.”

“So let’s get this read, shall we?” Carl declares and rips it open.

“Edited highlights only, he does tend to ramble!” I bitch.

“Upshot is that he wanted Debs to give you both away to each other.” Carl reads sourly.

“What?!” Justin explodes.

“There’s more. As Brian has paid out so much to her, and as the father and the mother of groom, it is down to Debs to foot the bill for the wedding...and I am not reading the rest because…”

“Give me that!” I snatch it off him and continue to read. “Oh he does, does he? He has a list of places for the honeymoon, which are all conveniently around Comic Con season! And as for the presents, all of them are toy based. Oh wait, I was wrong, there is one for you, a link to Prada but it has expired. However, the Prada sale happens the same time every year, so we can always put it off to give me time to save up! Brian wouldn't mind receiving his present late!”

“Oh fuck my life!” Brian snorts and holds up a piece of paper. “He wrote out our wedding vows!” He winces. “And it has a superhero theme! So, fuck no anyway! Wait, there is another envelope!” He opens that and starts to read.

“Of all the arrogant, assholey things! How are you so calm?!” Justin turns to him as he has gone quiet. “Brian?” He wordlessly hands him the paper and he starts to read. “It gets better or should that be worse! He wanted an anti-cheating clause, a prenup, a monthly allowance and, the best bit, monogamy after a year.” And then he too goes quiet and stares at Brian. “Does...does that say what it says it says?”

He nods. “Yeah it does…”

“What? What does it say? It can’t be that bad?!” Carl demands.

“He says having successfully fought off Lindsay’s attempts at motherhood on my...I mean on Brian’s behalf. He feels that the only way to ensure that Brian is the last of the studs, was for them to have a va...vasectomy. He wanted them to both get vasectomies! On their first anniversary!”

“But that…” Carl trails off choking at the realisation.

“Yep. No children. No Little Grub. It would have been just us.”




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