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My roomie is looking pensive. “What is wrong?”

“Trying to decide whether leather trousers or smart pants would be best tomorrow?”

“Well for wipe clean, then leather but for proprietary it would need to be smart. You don’t normally fetch like this…”

“Mel’s first proper event, in their environment, and you know who is going to be there too, don’t you?”

“No, who?” I frown, unable to think of anyone that could cause Mel problems...unless? “I really hope you are not going to say her fishwife of an ex, Lindsay?!”

“The very same, and I am determined she’s not going to crawldaddy all over her!”

Crawldaddy? Don’t you mean crawdaddy? Though not sure why you would even mean that!”

“No, I mean crawldaddy, it means to use her dad’s connections to get herself where she wants to be?”

“Really? I thought that Daddy dear was persona non-grata where the council was concerned?”

“Oh no, not at all, that was the Mother. He was dissed by association, but that association is no more....”

“Such strange and ridiculous rules.” I muse, and then frown at his continued pensiveness. “I sense something else is bothering you.”

“Yes, but in a good way. But I don’t want to jinx things by saying stuff.”

“Come on, just say it! I promise on my life to wear a pair of your choice!”

“Any pair?” He starts to pull out his phone and I start to get worried...because he has taken pictures of every pair of shoes that I own...including the ones in storage! “These ones...and I shall tell you tomorrow, you have my word and my bond. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes. Now show me, because I need time to either shop or change my outfit!”

“Shop, we definitely need to shop.” He declares, keeping the phone close to his chest, then he looks at his watch. “One glass of belting burgundy and then an early night!”





I tighten my hands on his hips. I have never been this horny before, but he got me so riled...and I will admit, quietly, jealous! He was trying to come onto Ben in front of me, so I decided to let him know exactly whose man he is! First, I gave him a tongue fucking deep throating kiss, then practically tore his clothes off as I dragged him across the street to my place! “Oh fuck my life!” I pant, and start to thrust harder. “You...you...sure…”

“Yes! Freaking hell! Yes!” Ben cries out and drops his head in his hands. “Oh god!”

“Mmm-uuuh!” I yell as pleasure sparks all over my body. “Do...oh...do..that! Yes! Again!” He tightens on the downstroke and I almost yank the hair out of his head as I pull him back up so that we can kiss.

“Uh, boys...!” A voice bellows. “.. just going to shut the door for you!”

“Th...thanks!” Ben groans out and just as the door is firmly shut he clasps my cock like a boa constrictor and pulls my jizz and ability to speak outta me! “Holy Jesus and Mary!” He shouts and sinks to the floor. I just slump atop of him and kiss his shoulder. “I think we should send him a thank you card, it is the polite thing to do when you receive a gift of such magnitude!”

“A fruit basket for a fruit basket.” I chuckle, and slowly withdraw and tie off the condom. “You alright there?” I peer, concerned, at his still prone figure. “Ben?”

“He’s repellant. Completely repugnant.” He mumbles and slowly sits up. “But I am very grateful.”

“Because?” I am shocked.

“Was going to ask you to top this weekend.” His shy smile melts my heart. “Not that I don’t love topping you all the time, it’s just…it looks and feels so good in my mouth, I…”

“I get it, and thank you. So does yours. Fancy a shower, or as Brian would put it...another round and then a shower?”

“Mmm.” He stretches and then stands. “Come on, big lad, let’s wash that man out of your hair and me into that ass of yours!”




I can’t believe he did that! Just to blatantly fuck like that in the hallway like it was the corner of the backroom at Baylon! Although it has to be said he does have a good body, all that muscle. Sighing, I realise how long it has been since I have enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh other than mine...I will have to do something about that, but in the meantime, I need to find out what is happening with the street. As I look up said street, I spot someone familiar and it is the guy who told me about Brian’s firestarter weekend. Smiling to myself, I decide to welcome him to the neighbourhood.


There are times I despair of his highness, but I can never stay mad at him for too long. I had driven him home after a day of meetings, and Ben was just crossing the road when the asswhore called out to him! And Ben, knowing this man’s tenacity, stopped, but soon regretted it as he started to make obvious overtures. Ooh, his highness was so fuming, I thought he was going to hit him but my suggestion of a more obvious statement did the trick!

As I walk down towards the alleyway where I parked so I can head back to the palace, I hear the sound of footsteps and heavy breathing, so I speed up but prepare myself for anything!

“Excuse me! Hey! Can you wait a second?!” That voice chills me to the bone and I almost break into a run. “Hey, buddy, I just want to speak to you!”

His need for another lesson gets the better of me and I turn around. “What about?”

“Do you remember me?”


“We met briefly outside an old school friend's house. Brian…”

“Ah, Brian, yes I remember now. Did you catch up with him in the end?”

“Yes, yes I did.” He replies grimly before brightening. “So, do I get to find out your name? Mine is Michael.”


“Oh. Do your friends call you Wilf instead, and are you a wolf?”

Revolting and rude, how unbecoming! I have much better things to do with my time than teach a fool not to put his hands in the fire, if he wants to get burned so be it!

“Yes they do…”

“So, Wilf, what are you doing around here? Do you live…”

Wilfred and wishing I had never stopped.”

“Do you want to step inside for a coffee?! He continues blundering on. “I live just over there.”

“No thank you. I have to go, and…”

“I make the best…”

“Your overbearance is irksome.” I clip out, having spent far too much time on him. “I have to go.”

“How do you know Brian?” He asks as he falls into step with me...seems I need a bigger swatter.

“I screwed him.” I reply, and when he stops walking in astonishment, I take the  opportunity to leave him in my dust!




“Unnnnghhhh!” I groan as I finally cum. Sighing, I sit up and wipe down my stomach. That took ages to happen! And all because I was pissed at Brian for being the fucking Stud, for once! I can't catch a fucking fuck-break, he’s had virtually everyone...in some form or other, even fucking been fucked by Emmett, and now some English twig of a dude!

Standing up, I pull up my jeans and head downstairs for some water. Once I drain the glass, I decide on a shower and bed, but am stopped by a sharp knock on the door. On opening it, I am surprised to see Ben.

“Wanted to say thanks for inspiring Benson to give me the fucking of my life. You should bottle yourself…”

“You're welcome, and I will!” I reply, then cringe as I realise what we have both said.

“As well as your entire physical self and your toxic personality, it is because of you lack of intellect that Brian is with Justin...in fact, why Brian was with anyone but you!”

“Oh, go get fucked!” I snarl.

“I just did! Hence the thanking!” He taunts me. “Goodnight...oh, one more thing, when you are wanking and it seems to be taking a while for you to get there; do yourself a favour and stop. Also do your neighbours a favour and close the window before you start! No-one wants to hear that.”

Ten minutes later, my face is now red with anger instead of embarrassment. I look at my list of things to do on Monday, and right at the top is to call the university and report their relationship!




She is doing this deliberately! But I shall keep my temper as she wants me rattled and flustered and I refuse to be any of those things!

“Another ten minutes Lindsay, why don’t you go on ahead and I meet you there?”

“Okay, Mother…” I pause and shake my head at her obvious stalling to make me late for my appointment. “...when booking your cab to the society picnic, make sure you get a return journey.” I hear the floor creak as she steps out of her bedroom.


“I told you last night, just before you went up, that Edward had sent a car for my use today, and since you are not ready, I will see you there then.”

“Surely you can wait two minutes?!” She calls back, rushing to her room.

“Oh I thought you said ten! Of course I can...I will be in the car. Remember not to put the door on the bolt or you will be locked out.”

Three minutes later she is shutting the front door then stops in surprise as she sees the magnificent Daimler that I am sitting in. She smiles as she thanks the chauffeur and settles down. “Isn’t this lovely? So kind of Edward to provide it for me. Are you going to call a cab now or later, bearing in mind how busy it will be by the time you want to go home.”

She barely suppresses her quiver of annoyance, but pulls out her phone and orders a cab to pick her up. For some reason we don’t speak for the rest if the journey, and that suits me fine. I want her to be expending all her energy keeping up appearances!




I wince slightly as his fingers brush my hole. “Tender still?” He asks, kissing my shoulder, and I nod before leaning back against him. “Me too, and I have bite marks.” He husks in my ear, making me squirm from the heat of his breath and twitch at the hotness of his words.

“Nibble. I nibble, I do not bite.” I murmur, and then sigh softly as his hand wraps around my cock, I reach back for his, which is throbbing against my ass. “And they are not anywhere that can be seen, unlike this behemoth on my neck.” He chuckles and licks said behemoth.

“You are amazing, you know that? Still can’t believe you did that last night.”

“Had been wanting to do that for a while.”

“How long will they keep?”

“A week, but with Ben and Benson, I should imagine about an hour!”

“Mmmn. Do that, yeah that.” He breathes into my ear and presses forward, trapping me between him and the sink. “Good, oh good!” He moans as I twist and stroke his head. “Want! Want to so bad, but don’t want to hurt...” He beseeches and I press him back so I have enough room to lean over, while stroking him. I reach for the condoms and lube. “Oh, thank god!”  He lets go of my cock and quickly sheaths himself, muttering incantations to keep his focus...I am flattered! For him to feel like this about me is as hot as all get out!

“Can’t…” I press myself against the coolness of the sink to try and calm down.

“Hold on, please hold on!” He mutters, and starts to tug my hips. Whatever I was thinking, let alone about to say, is thrust out of me as he enters swiftly and hits me bang on! “You are so fucking fucking hot!” He babbles, and starts to move and in seconds I am shuddering and open mouthed with shock at the intensity of it. “Mirabilis es mirabile...cum te amo habeo omnes! Ego fucking non vult deficere!” He murmurs in my ear, and I lock eyes with him in the mirror. “What?” He licks the back of my neck. “Oh shit, let me guess, you studied Latin in school...” I nod. “...and you want me to say that in English as well?” Again I nod. “Roughly…” I gasp as he starts to move again, I thought he had cum already. “...amazing, you are amazing. I love you with everything that I have and I will never tire of fucking you.” All the time he is speaking he’s not looked away, he just keeps staring and thrusting...it all gets too much and my eyes start to roll back in my head…

...not sure how much later, I open them again and I am on the bed with a concerned Brian and Emmett staring at me. “I am never speaking to you in Latin again!” Brian grumbles, and Emmett just smiles sweetly at his blustering.

“Got a little overheated, did we?” He asks, handing me a glass of water with a straw, which Brian helps me with, making Emmett smile wider.

“Just a bit. What are you doing here?” I sit up slowly and rest against the pillows, but Brian nudges me forward and gets behind me.

“Shopping with Treyvon and Del. She needs a picnic and gold appropriate outfit.”

“Uh huh.” Is the only response I have to that!

“Will you be well enough to go, sweetie?” Emmett sits next to me and feels my forehead.

“Yes, I just got a little hot after getting hot!” I protest, and try not to grin as Brian gently swats his hand away.

“Well, I shall leave you in his oh-so-capables and see you later then!” Emmett trills before kissing us both on our cheeks and trotting down the stairs and out.

We sit in silence for a minute or two before he puts the straw to my mouth and I obediently suck. “They call it le petit mort in French.”

“I was speaking Latin. Personally, I think you overbaked, too much cooking…”

“Yeah, that must be it. Nothing to do with your supreme technique, of course.”

“Of course not! It had everything to do with it!”

I snort at his warranted arrogance and finish off the water. “You okay?”

“Hmm, et dedit mihi, non turbarentur faciam illud.”

“I did?” A small shrug is his response. “I promise not to frighten you like that again.”


“Shall we get ready then?”

“In a minute.”





Oh how I love to shop with these two! They are efficient and fun! Funfficient! No, that’s not the word, fu-fficient, maybe? I will figure it out. Right now though, we are waiting for a curvy Domme to come down in an insisted upon denim jumpsuit, which, according to Trey, will give a flash of her volumptuousness and her shoes!

“So, how do I look?!” She trills, already knowing the answer!

“You have surpassed yourself.” I nod approvingly at Treyvon, who is undoing her hair. “I feel woefully buttoned up!”

“But in a purely Emmett way!” Trey soothes, and I have to agree!

“Oh yes, that’s much better, all that hair has to flop and be flicked! Now, we must proceed to round up the nervousness that is Mel. Though can’t see why, it was a brief hug the first time she met Gus at Cyn’s, and clearly he remembers her soothing touch.”

“She’s really come into her own person again, hasn’t she?” Del grins as she adjusts her straps.

“Yep, and we’re here to kick her ass should she stumble back into that dirgey dyke again!”




Once again they are out of their comfort zones, and once again they are embracing the change. Those who have not quite got the hang of dress down have gone back home to try again. I knew there would be a few traditionalists, so factored that in timing wise! I don’t remark on some well known catering boxes that have come out...they can't be expected to dress down and cook their own food!

“Hey, Mom!” Daph calls out, striding across in her cut-offs and wedges. “Before you ask, with Cyn and her folks…” I close my mouth. “...Debs brought him, and now they are discussing the finer merits of his wedding outfits!”

“Don’t you want to be…”

“Involved in the conversation? No. He’s not mine, Mom. Yeah, he’s your Bumpy Gus, but he’s theirs. Cyn’s, Brian’s, and, if the signals are right, Justin’s.”

“Oh, you see it too, do you?” I can't help but feel happy for Justin, after all he and his family went through for him to find peace and happiness, it is wonderful.

“Notice something?” I lean in closer, and she looks discreetly around and then giggles. “Baby steps.”

“Oh yes! Speaking of baby steps, how adorable does Henry look?!” I chuckle as Diana hoists a giggling Henry on her hip, but is looking nervously towards the park entrance. “I am on reassurance, you get wine!”


“What if he doesn’t like her?!” She whispers to me nervously and adjust Henry slightly.

“Why would you think that?! Diana, relax please, it is going to be fine.”

“He’s very particular, and...oh my goodness, she looks gorgeous!” She sighs and I turn to see where she is looking, and Mel does indeed look gorgeous...and as nervous as she does! But with a not-so-gentle shove from Emmett, she starts to make her way over and with every step she takes her nerves start to fade until she’s in front of us.

“Hi.” She says, and then strokes Henry under the chin. At first he looks confused by the gesture, but before she can pull her fingers back he catches one of them and holds it. “Hello, Henry.”

“Gampfl!” He exclaims, and wraps his gums around her finger.

“Like I said, nothing to worry about!” I grin.


It was excruciating, but we are here! She insisted on staying with me during my hair appointment, but I had anticipated that and made sure that she couldn't see what I was having done. A few extensions and a tiny jab or two does nobody any harm! And what she doesn’t know, she can’t have one over on me about!

“Well, I see that Melissa has taken one of her liberal ideas again!” For once, we are in agreement. The whole point of an us and them is that we don’t mix with them unless absolutely necessary, and since we have an enormous garden at the club, I don’t feel this is necessary at all! “I can’t wait for the status quo to be returned to the area. Us being in our proper environment, with...is that Emilia Braycroft?” Mother exclaims. “...and is she wearing jeans?!”

Now that gets my attention and I look to see where she is gawking, and Emilia Braycroft is definitely wearing jeans, in fact, mostly everyone seems to have elected to slum it. “Why on earth would she, I mean they, wear such a thing?!” I bitch.

“Lindsay!” I smile inside as Mother flinches at Edward’s voice. “Oh, and Nancy, so glad that you are here. Don’t you two look...uh, smart!”

“Edward.” I kiss his cheek while seething at the smart remark...we look elegant and refined while the rest of them look like they are at a mock-beach BBQ in the burbs! “You look very relaxed. No Gus?”

“Yes, Edward…” Mother drips ice. “...where is my date?”

“Gustav will be here shortly, he is just putting down his provisions. What did you bring?”

“Gustav?” Mother whispers and I relish her look of quickly masked horror.

“Yes, Gustav Fieldmore. He was delighted to hear that you wanted to be his plus one for this event, Nancy. I am delighted as well. You two are much better suited than you and I. So, what did you bring to this shindig?”

The only way that could have gone more perfectly was if I had said it myself!

“Not sure what you mean, Edward. This is the usual country club picnic, but with a different venue.”

“No, it’s all change…” Daddy’s voice startles us both and we slowly swivel to look at him. Mother barely contains the gasp as she sees who he is with...Catriona Middleton-Shaw, and they are holding hands! “...Melissa has dragged us, some kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. Edward, nice to meet you again. I believe Gustav is looking for you over by the bar.”

“Oh, thank you. Won’t be long.”

“So, Catriona, how are you finding my husband?” Mother can’t help herself, and I am delighted. This way she looks so much more inferior than the cultured and discreetly refined person that I am.

“Why would it be of your concern, Mother? You left him, remember?” Lynette’s bitter voice cuts her to the quick and then she turns to me. “You should take note of this, Lindsay, what happens to people, when they move on and find their happiness. I believe Mel is over there with Diana and Henry, seems he has taken quite a shine to her.”

Now it is Mother’s turn to be smug, but that is mercifully short lived as I can see Edward coming back with Gustav!

“Nancy! Oh my dear Nancy! How lovely to see you!” Gustav Fieldmore totters over, and I am struggling to keep my composure. “I can’t believe after all these years I finally have a date with you. Shall we circulate?” He holds out his elbow and wiggles it for emphasis.

“Neither can I, Gustav, neither can I.” She grinds out and reluctantly takes his arm. “Yes, let’s.” She turns to look at me with fire in her eyes. “Are you two coming?”

“I hope to be later, Mother. I hope to be later.” I mutter just loud enough for only her to hear and flinch...again!


I feel like the biggest idiot! I have degrees and everything! I am in a park with people who,  two years ago, because of reading someone else’s book, I thought were beneath me and my enemies or those to be used to achieve an end. But right now, I am so happy...with these people who I am now proud to call my friends. And the cuntry-club set, as Brian whispered to me, aren’t that bad!

I am steadying Henry as he tries to eat a banana and investigate the hugeness that is Benson. Brian, Brandon and Emmett are slicing up the loaves that Justin made last night...Blake took one taste, insisted we keep them to ourselves, and demanded the recipes. Trey is giving love advice to a couple who were bickering. Daph, Drey, Hunter and Cyn are on wedding detail with Carl. Diana, Blake, Ben and Ted have gone to get more wine and champagne, and then there is Justin...Justin is mock-fuming because every time he goes to move from the spot that Brian put him in, after his fainting spell this morning, Debs puts Gus in his arms.

“Oh, sweet god in heaven!” Del suddenly exclaims. “It can’t be?!” She peers into the distance. “Surely, it can’t be?!”

“What’s wrong, Del?” I look where she’s peering and my heart sinks a little, because, bearing down on us, is Lindsay with a man. And although I knew this would happen, after all this is her modus operandi to find and flaunt, and I am very happy with Diana, it still hurts.

“You’ve got this…” Brian states firmly, and he puts Gus in my arms while Benson takes Henry. “...you’ve got this.” He repeats and I nod.

“Hello, everyone! Isn't this cozy?! I never thought I would see…” She trails off as Del stands up in a way that gets everyone’s attention and starts to head towards Trey. She said that she could not be in Lindsay’s presence for more than a second!

“She has got to teach me how to do that!” Justin mutters.

“Damn right she fucking does!” Brian replies.

“Uh, Del, is that you? You look…” Lindsay begins and then stops and looks at me, her mouth falling open in shock. “...is that Gus? Oh how he has grown, may I hold him?” She ask-demands, her voice rising enough to get people’s attention and holds out her hands with a slight smirk.

“No. He’s about to be fed.” I reply calmly, and she looks stunned but rallies.

“Well I can…” She stops as Gus lets out an enormous fart and judging by the smell fills his nappy.

“Perfect timing, Gus, come with grandma!” Debs takes him off me. “Now you can fight back properly. Like he said, you’ve got this! “

“Go…” I begin.

“Delia? Is that you?” The man next to Lindsay calls out. Del stops walking and slowly turns around, then almost drops her glass.

“Edward! My Buttercup!” She cries, and flies towards him, but in her enthusiasm causes Lindsay to stumble and then crumple to the floor...where she lies like a dying swan!

“Cupcake! My darling girl!” He picks her up and swings her around. “It’s been a while!”

“Where have you been? You haven’t been getting your, now how is it you put it Brian?”

“Needs met.” He calls back.

“Yes, that. Elsewhere. I shall be very disappointed and have to…”

“Edward, did you not see me on the ground?!” Lindsay hisses as she gets back up again, under her own steam, much to her great annoyance!

“Sorry, Lindsay, my sight was impeded by my Cupcake. And the answer to that was going to be yes, but now that I have found you again, the answer is definitely not!”

“Cupcake?!” She demands. “Tell me, Edward, exactly how do you know Delia?”

“She was my Mistress.” He gazes her at her fondly. “Until she decided to make an honest woman of herself.”

“Mistress?” Lindsay and I both repeat...but only one of us looks appalled as I had long suspected there was something about Del.

“Hmm. You remind me of her a little, Lindsay, which is why I am so intrigued, but you can’t beat perfection.”

“Perfection? Her? And what is she perfect at?”

“Correcting his mistakes.” Del purrs, and then looks at Lindsay with revulsion. “Of which you were about to be one. No longer, I am back to claim what is mine. And Buttercup is mine.”

“Now aren’t you glad I waited and made you wear those shoes?” Trey rejoins us grinning.

“You darling devil!” She gives him a one armed hug. “How did you find him?”

“We got to chatting Trey and I and he told me about you two.” Jennifer comes back with the rest of them and the booze, and judging by the look on Lindsay’s face, she could do with a large glass! “So I made sure that Edward was here, but in the event of him not being here, they would’ve reconnected, I would make sure of that.”

“When you say correcting his mistakes, what do you mean?” Lindsay bristles.

“What do you think she means?” Emmett prowls up to her. “This little group is for friends and family only. You are neither.”

“How do you know Lindsay?” Edward is frowning at Del.

“She’s Mel’s ex.” Jennifer explains. “Mel, the gorgeous brunette here, is now with Diana. Yeah, she’s that Lindsay.”

“Oh, I see. Well, you can make your own way home, can’t you, Lindsay, along with your Mother.”


I am reeling, first to see Mel holding Gus and him looking so comfortable and content, and now this...whatever the hell is going on here!

“Home? I thought…”

“Wrong.” Jennifer interrupts. “I am sorry, Edward, that I involved you somewhat in my plans of revenge, but nobody, and I mean nobody, calls my son an insipid twink and gets away with it...nobody.”

“That’s perfectly alright, Jennifer.” He smiles at her before turning to me. “Come with me, Lindsay, you need to remove your things from the car. I am not sure where you can put them that would be secure though.”

“Edward!” I gasp. “You are abandoning me at a drop of a hat for…”

“Careful how you finish that sentence, sweetie, I have nothing but loathe for you.”

“Lindsay!” Mother’s timing could not be more immaculate, but her smiling expression is what worries me. “I have to thank you and Edward for introducing me to Gustav. What a fascinating man! Are you definitely out this evening, as Gustav and I want to get to know each other properly away from prying eyes.”

I ignore the giggling and hold back my revulsion at the thought of her getting to know anybody in my cottage. “No, Mother, I have a headache and will be leaving now. You will have to get to know him elsewhere.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I will come and get my things and then take Gustav home and...”

“Bettune will be pleased he’s back early.” Edward nods. “She does worry about him being on his own at these events.”

“Bettune? Who is Bettune?” Mother queries.

“His companion. She has a cold and couldn’t come, so I said I would rustle up someone for him and when Lindsay suggested you, I thought why not.”

“Com…” She gapes at him.

“Tisk-tisk. Didn’t you tell her, Lindsay?” Edward laughs. “That was very remiss of her, but then she takes after you in leaving out information. He’s been with her for almost ten years! Now, come along you two, let’s get you out of here. What, with your sudden headaches and all.”




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