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“You aren’t serious! We have an established standing here.”


“Never more serious, and as for the established standing, this may be the case for you, however unstable the foundations, but I am not one for being overshadowed. We are too similar and too strong willed, as you said…”


“Where are you going to go? What about me?!” I watch her carefully, and there is that familiar light of determination in her eyes.


“I'm leaving here and setting up in another state, and you’ll survive, you always do. You have your wiles and some of your beauty, albeit it faded.”


“State?! Which one?” I sit down carefully still reeling from her out of nowhere  announcement. “Have you actually thought this through properly? Yes, what happened over the last few weeks has been an exercise in humiliation, but we are made of sterner stuff…”


“Melissa Chanders has thrown us out of the club, the next tenure is Jennifer Taylor’s and she has not forgiven you. Never confuse forgiveness for weakness. She is waiting to get her revenge, and while that would be fun to watch; won’t it get tiresome being bested by someone who is more powerful than you will ever be? Longevity has not given you the cache you think or crave.”


“I will concede that they have bested...”


Us. They have bested us, let’s be honest now. And they have the ear of Sidney and his banshee of a wife. I am sick and tired of the gurning faces that delight in our misfortune, especially from Daddy and Lynette. We can’t even move to the next enclave to set up shop as it were. His new lady heads that one!”


I sit back and try to digest what is happening. “What are you going to do with this place then?”


“Sell it like I should’ve done in the first place.”


“I never had you down as a quitter over a run of bad luck…”


“A run of bad luck?” She scoffs. “You could say that, but it has been months, years even, not weeks.”


“I’m not following.”


“If I hadn’t been, well you, and said yes to Brian’s first offer, then I would not be out in the cold and with a child. Now it is Mel, of all people, within his inner circle who effectively has my life but without me in it.”


We sit for a while, me in a stunned and she in a resigned silence. “So when does the great switcheroo of Lindsay Peterson’s life start?” I can’t and won’t disguise my annoyance at her abrupt decision.


“Now.” She claps her hands on her knees and stands up. “Might as well get the final denouement humiliation over with.” She reaches for her bag and takes out her phone, her face already beginning to redden as she waits for the call to connect. “Don’t hang up! I did mean to call you.” She takes a deep breath. “I would like to sell my cottage, and you are the best on The Avenue. Yes, I am serious. Can I make an appointment for Monday, or if possible tomorrow? You can do tomorrow, good, what time? Yes, that works fine. I will see you then.”


I try to fathom out who she would possibly be calling this late, and why they would readily agree to an appointment at this time.


“That was Emmett Honeycutt. At least tomorrow I will be in my own clothes and not dressed as a scullery maid. Goodnight, Mother, I would start to pack if I were you. I know Emmett, and when he wants something done and quickly, it is done and we’re talking nanoseconds.”


I spring to my feet. “You need to give me more notice than this! Just because you are having a crisis of confidence, it does not give you the right to throw me to the wolves!”


“Mother, you have a quarter of a million dollars, plus the reserves we both know that you have, and I suspect Daddy does too, hence that paltry amount. Do what you did when you thought you had a chance with Edward, book into a hotel.”






LiL puddin’ is in his element! I, however, am pouting! There is a sweet little nook that they have created, well two, and there is a sofa in each. Beautiful plump sofas with a throw and cushions on each. He won’t let us have one at home, it has to be kept separate. And not only that, I haven’t been able to test a single piece of furniture for comfiness or any crockery, stemware or basically anything that hasn't been food. Again it has to be separate, which is fine but I have seen the mugs.


“Blake!” I am staring at the cutest mug. “Can I have one for work? Please, can I?”


“No, because you will spend all day trying…”


“Oh, where the hell did you get that from?” Emmett sweeps in and picks up said mug. “I must have one!”



“If Emmett gets to know, you are handwashing.” I threaten but he just stares me down. “I’ll dry, but come on they’re so cute!”


“As a matter of interest, why can't he?”


“Because this and home has to be kept separate.” I explain, but there is something in his smile that makes me believe my lil puddin’ has played me somewhat.


“I understand, and will be a good friend and not buy one, as I would be tempted to tease Teddy with it at work! Now, shall I do a quick walk around and...?” He sniffs the air. “...plump? After you have told me what that gorgeous smell is?!”


“Candied bacon for the…”


“Oh dear God!” Emmett sighs, and heads straight into the kitchen. We grin at each other as we hear the oven door open and a hiss of annoyance. “How long until it is ready for it's first tasting?!”


“About 10 minutes!” Blake calls back, and a disgruntled looking Ems comes back out. “But you and Teddy can have the first breakfast of waffles, candied bacon, and slow roasted tomatoes.” He lifts up another box. “So, in honour of it being Liberty Avenue, here are the mens mugs…” He opens it and puts a mug on the table.





Their mouths are hanging open. “I am going to go with Brian or Justin.” Ems laughs, and he inspects the mug.


“Neither. Daph saw them. You like?” I blink at my lil dumpkin, and he nods before chuckling. “And speaking of the devil.” I point behind them as Daph comes in with huge smile.


“Morning! Are you read…” She sniffs and then spots the mugs. “...oh, what to do first?!” She exclaims, planting herself between the counter and the kitchen door.


“We shall investigate the plates!” Ems decrees. “As I suspect, you have been influential there too!” He chivvies her snickering into the kitchen.


“Lil puddin…”


“Yes, lil dumpkin…” He colours up slightly at his endearing nickname. “...what is it?”


“First, promise you won’t tell them that’s what you call me. Especially not Brian…”


“I promise…” I blow him a quick kiss. “...but I think it is very cute, and…” I brush his cheek. “...it reminds me of our first proper date, when you made pumpkin soup.”


“Which I dumped all over the table because I was so nervous.”


“Hmmm, it was very nice, what I had of it, though. So the other thing?”


“Ooh...yes, the other thing. We have staff, the Squinkers, I can’t believe you agreed to call them that and got tees to match, are here to work. Let them do so please. I am not having you have another meltdown. As much as the comforting was devilishly delicious, it was also sticky, you need to take that off the...”


“Mom! Mom, get dad on the phone! Hurry!” Daph comes dashing out, running to the door. “I, I mean we need to move money, lots of money!” She bangs the door shut before sticking her head back in. “I will be back! Promise!”


Ems comes out whistling and nibbling on a piece of pumpkin bread. “Ems?”


“As quick goes, it was one of my fastest sales. She will be pleased.” He settles down next to us with a satisfied smile.


“That’s not the bread, well, not only that.” I prompt and his smile broadens.


“A girl needs to have a nice quiet base for moments of reflection, and…”


“You're not going to say until you have a nice big audience?” Ted sighs.


“Absolutely not, and that will be tomorrow.” He finishes off the bread. “Carl has told us to come for dinner.”


“Told?” I repeat.


“Told.” He chuckles. “And about those mugs…they need an impact statement.”


“How about…” I think for a minute and then find my inner Brian. “...they have to say something like cafe latte in a large cock and espresso pussy when they do the order?”


“Perfection.” Ems grins. “Now the bacon has to be done!”








My ass is warm, nicely toasted, I check it out in the mirror, and yep, it is also slightly pink.


“What was it like?” He looks warily at me, not because of the spanking he gave me but because of the cage in my hand. “Is it something we could add to our repertoire?”


“You're stalling, but yeah, definitely. It felt nice.” I slowly approach him and he starts to shift back on the bed. “Jiggle? Where are you going?”


“What’s that?” He peers at the cage. “Big Bad, is that...is that a butt plug?”


“Hmmm.” I lower the blind and then shut the balcony door. “The shower awaits.”


“You didn’t say anything about a butt plug…” He gets up and heads to the bathroom. “...wait till you lose a beat-off, I will make surprise additions too!” I smile as he turns the shower on while muttering his objections, but his cock tells me that he doesn’t mind at all!


“You need to get that down.” I murmur as I approach him. “Think of Michael as a dog…”




“Aww, poor ickle peachy Jiggle, let me do your back and crack.” I hear him swallow down his moan. I push him under the waterfall shower without protest, and take down his toffee shower gel. “Loofah or gloves?” He mutely hands me the gloves and then pulls the shower head down until it is at a height that he can clasp his hands over and then turns around to face me. “Ready?” His smouldering eyes gives me his answer.








They are at a standoff. The ‘they’ is mom and the router, which has decided to pitch a bitch fit right in the middle of the transaction.


“Mom, we need it. Put the shoe down.” I approach slowly and she hands it to me. “If nothing happens then you can…”


“It's gone through.” Dad gets between her and the router from behind, she whirls around and grabs the tablet from him, staring at the screen with delight. “Not that I have a problem with this, but why?”


“We have our reasons why we made it happen.”


“Yes, but what are they? She already…”


“Is here and can speak for myself.” I huff. “It is a very simple twofold reason: I did unto her what she tried to do unto me and a favour for a friend.”








I groan and clutch the armrest tightly before the feeling ebbs away. I know I am looking at him, but right now he is somewhat out of focus.


“Do you know how good you look?” He purrs as he continues to film. “I can't wait for you to do this to me.” My eyelids flutter closed as the combination of his words and the vibrations finally break through my defences and I start to writhe and twist on the chair. “Look at you. Sweat covered, trembling with pleasure, and about to cum with the strength of…”


“Gnnnnh! Ah! Ah! Ah!” I bow my back in a futile effort to lessen the intensity before everything fades to black.






Mother has left, for which I am entirely thankful! After our chat last night, she has decided to go and stay with friends she suddenly remembers. Her parting shot that she never raised a quitter rolled over me. I am not quitting, I am merely going to a place I have a better chance in.


“So, good news.” Emmett’s syrupy tones bring me back to the matter in hand. “I will wave the commision on selling your property. You need to read and sign this, and then we are all set.”


I read in silence and then smile wryly, this is Mel’s work. “May I have a pen?” He hands it to me, and once signed, hands it to Treyvon and then hands me a check with a look of delight. “What’s this for?”


“You and Michael are both the same, although you read then sign. It is sold.”


“Sold? But I only called you last night, how could you have,,,who have you sold it to?!  Not Mel surely?!” I can’t abide the thought of her living there without me, and pray with every fibre of my being.


“No, not Mel. She’s very happy where she is, although she is finding there is a bit of adjusting that needs to be done because of a curious two year old.”


“Two year…”


“Henry, Gus’s new friend and son of her girlfriend. I have sold it to someone connected to Gus. I believe you called her the incubator once.”


“Daphne!” I gasp in horror. “How did she know about it?!”


“I told her, and the reason why is simple. I want you gone.”


“I know that, but don’t see how her getting my cottage is a factor in that.”


“It isn’t. It just got you gone quicker. I would’ve made it my mission to buy the cottage from you to get you out of their lives. You’re nothing but a stain, a pall, a nasty little stink: three things I don’t like. You hurt one of the nicest men in the world with your sneering dismissal of his sweet gesture, and before you even mention Mel, they have made peace with each other, which is more than you have even attempted to do, and you were one of his dearest friends.” He stands up and opens the door. “Our business is concluded and you are not sullying my air with your putrid presence anymore.”


I stand up and head towards the beginning of my new life, but before I can turn and say anything else the door is slammed and locked. I think back to my last conversation with Michael and realise that I owe him that much, but there are two people who I need to speak to first.








I purse my lips and sigh. “Is that it? Are you finished?”


“Yes. I am truly sorry for everything I said and did. I hope you have a happy time there, it is a lovely cottage. But I am curious as to why you wanted it.” Daphne shrugs. “I mean apart from what I was going to do to you. Why are you financing…what will be my new life away from here.”


“Because I am going to flip it.” She flinches slightly. “I have a buyer already.”


“Mind if I ask who it is?”


“Not at all. Your father.” She smiles at her gasp of surprise, which is matched by that of my dear husband.


“Daddy! Why does he want it?!” He could’ve bought it off me…”


“For what, an extra ten grand? Oh I think not!” Daph laughs and I grin at her with pride. I can’t believe we pulled it off. Ronald has long been an admirer of the cottage, but could see no way of getting it without being stung by Junior Wasp 1945, especially after she did it up with his money. But it is his now.


“What is he going to do with it?”


“No idea, he didn’t say. Now if you’re done, we have things to prepare for. The wedding of The Avenue, the opening and christening…”


“Opening? Christening?”


“Yes. At Debs insistence, Gus is being christened. Like Copernicus, it was a non negotiable.” Daph is enjoying this and I wait. “Though how she is going to react is anybody’s guess, but I think the ‘glampf’ was the deciding factor.”


“Gla...who are you talking about?” Lindsey's brow furrows as she stands.


“Mel of course. She’s going to be Gus’s godmother.” She looks absolutely winded. “Brian’s suggestion. He is going to ask her at dinner tomorrow. You know the way out.”






It isn’t often I take a stand, but for him to do that….well enough is enough. I smile as the stragglers get out of his car and walk towards me hand in hand.


“Hey. How...Jeez, is that Gus?” Justin exclams as a ripe cry rings out.


“Yep, but panic not, he is on lasagne.” I can’t help the chuckle.


“Carl, he has no teeth, how the hell is he chewing?” His daddy frowns and I stop his advance into the house.


“He’s fine, you are needed out here. As for how, he is gumming and slurping, wearing just a nappy. You should see his face...and his hair...then his chest.”


“Oh, that is a saving grace I suppose. You have the first nappy, Justin.”


“Gee thanks, you give me the sweetest things.” He drawls.


Brian laughs and so do I, but then my smile dies as the guest of honour slithers towards the house.


“Debs! Your sin...I mean son is here!” I holler at the open window.


“Give me two minutes!”


“Hello.” Michael smiles. Nobody smiles back. “Shall we go inside?”


“Nope.” I reply just as Debs comes out.


“Get everyone else.” I tell her, and although she frowns, she calls them outside.


“Carl, what…” Justin begins, but I shake my head and he goes quiet.


“What are we doing out here?” Ems asks, and his face falls. “A double dose of ugly, just my luck.”


“You don’t look too bad, Emmett, stop talking about yourself that way.” Michael looks like he’s won a great prize, which in a way he has.


“Please, can we get to the reason he is in our company?” Ted sighs.


“I saw that you’ve opened your little hole in the wall five and dime place. The novelty will soon wear off. Oh, don’t look like that, Ted, I am just joking.” Michael again smiles.


“The Joker never jokes.” I hold out a set of keys. “But this will be the last laugh for you.”


“What are those?” Debs asks as he takes them.


“Keys to that rental there, where all of the things that were in your garage now are. They are yours to take away…”


“Are you serious?!” He runs to the van, quickly opens it up, and hops inside.


“With me.” I tell everyone and they follow in silent confusion, I lean against it and watch him check the contents. “They are all there, down to the last button. And these are for you too.” I hold out the envelopes and he recognises them as the conditions of their marriage.


“Ma, what is going on? I thought you were keeping these. The furniture I mean, not…”


“I was…” She begins uncertainly, but I shake my head and she goes quiet.


“Take these away. Never come back to this house while Debs and I are together.”


“Oh my.” Ems whispers.


“You ruined what should’ve been one of the best days of her life, and, according to sources, you are hell bent on ruining the next one…”


“That was Justin’s fault! He got us dressed like that!”


“But he didn’t get you undressed, that was your suggestion. You took that one time to follow through.”


“Carl, what are you telling me? That I can’t come here? This is not your house.”


“And it seems, judging by this torn picture, she is no longer your Ma.” I take the remains out of my pocket. “Care to explain? Or was it accidentally cut up with the clothes from that weekend?” The silence stretches on. “They were found in the trash outside his house.”


“Come on, Debs, let’s go inside.” I hear Blake say gently, and my heart breaks for her. “Carl won’t be long I’m sure.”


“Ma, you have to choose, either him or me.”


“You made the choice for me.” I am proud that her voice is strong and clear. “But if I had to choose, I would still choose him.”


“Debs, wait, there is one more thing to give back. I don’t want it, not after that.”


She nods and heads to the house. Less than a minute later she is back with the car keys. “Here…” She holds them out. As he gets out of the truck, his face is twisted with fury. “...not you!” She seethes, and hands them to Benson. “How small can that be crushed?” She points at the car and he smiles and then indicates about an inch. “Get it done and send it to him.”


“Ma!” He exclaims.


“Mrs Horvath to be!” She snaps. “Now get away from here or I shall give them permission to give you the physical bitch slapping you so richly deserve!”




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