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“Mom, two things: one, when did you learn to speak Russian, and two, what have you two done?”


“I didn't do anything, it was already done by the time I was collected by Benson. And, as for Russian, remember when I went to Stalingrad? I had to learn some then to get by.”


All eyes turn to Benson. “My old man’s lawyer, Gregor, went to his house and offered him a place gratis to leave and never come back…”


“What?! How is that going to work?!” Carl demands.


“My old man thinks you all are wonderful and anyone who is good to his Teen is good with him.” He drains his glass. “So he showed him a picture of the house and said that it would be best if he typed the address for him. He was stupid enough to let him do that.”


“So?” Ted prompts.


“The gay community is not the only place he swings his dick.” Benson continues with a grimace, no doubt remembering that video.


“And so, my dear Prince, you and Gregor…” Brian is starting to smile so I jab him in his side, he leans across and kisses my cheek. “...oh very nicely done.”


“What is very…” I am beginning to pout.


“Michael was going to send a mass email crowing about his new place. Gregor said he would attach the picture of it.”


“But he didn’t...he sent the video instead?” Blake queries.


“And the picture. He also added a little PS, inviting them around for a taste of his candy pole and bcc’d me in. I should imagine that not all of his collectible friends are gay. Oh look, I have replies.”


Emmett holds out his hand and Benson gives him the phone. I move so I can read over his shoulder.


“Oh my god...this is the place? And you gave it to him?” I am bowled over at the opulence of it. “Surely not?” I turn the phone around and everyone is stunned into silence.


“Yep, that’s it.” Benson looks nonplussed by our dismayed expressions. “Look, I know it seems like it is rewarding bad behaviour, but…”


“But it is!” I exclaim.


“But he also got him to sign over his rights to the child.” He hands over the piece of paper and we crowd around to Mel to read it. “That’s what took the time, getting him to sign them over.”


“That won’t make a difference, the moment he finds out that we are going to adopt the baby he will come after us, rights or not!” I can feel myself getting worked up, as yet again, he has a way to come back. “He will enjoy making things difficult!”


“Justin,  calm yourself please.” Emmett orders firmly. “Now everyone sit down. I think I have worked this out.” He turns to Mel. “How watertight is that?”


“If this was the Titanic, it would sink the iceberg!” Mel crows with tears in her eyes. “Like the hearing. He tries, but it goes nowhere.”


“What’s wrong with it? The house I mean. You don't like him, so what’s wrong with it?” Emmett points at the phone and now confusion reigns.


“Ever seen the movie Money Pit?” Benson chuckles at the slow nodding. “Well, financially, that makes that lemon in the film seem like a peach. And then, of course, there’s where it is?”


“Where?” I sigh wearily.


“Bustleton in Philadelphia.” His grin gets wider and wider. “Which is a mostly Russian enclave, the majority of whom are very fond of my grandparents, my folks and me. He won’t be able to blink and us not hear about it. And he won't be able to sell...”


“And as for the adoption...” Todd smiles. “...it will be private and sealed. He will never find out from anyone outside of this, to quote Benson, enclave.” Feelings of relief start to flow and grins abound.


Del turns to him with an evil smile. “So have you located him?”


“Yes. He’s got an appointment with the Bar Association in two weeks’ time. As much as I wanted to do it my way, this is so much better. I am sorry, Brian, but he went to Gardner Vance’s attorney to get the papers for the incompetence hearing written up.”




I lean back in the chair and sigh. “How did he even get to him, and…”


“I don't know, but he is his problem now. After he lost the hearing, it seems that Michael called the Bar Association to complain about his failings…”


“So…” Debs looks confused.


“So that prompted an investigation into some of the other cases that he had written up. Can’t imagine where they got the information from…?”


“As I said before, he is the Master.” Ems gives a blushing Todd a one armed hug, followed by a kiss on his cheek.


My heart starts to race as realization dawns that we are finally free, but there is just one thing that is bugging me.


“He can leave the enclave anytime he wants though.” I feel the fear creep back in the room a bit.


“Well, unless he becomes a mountaineer or a canoeist, he ain't leaving by any route other than the one he came in.” Benson stretches and pulls Ben off the sofa. “It is land and water locked on three sides.” I start to smile. “And he can’t sell to anyone but me, and I ain't buying. So come on, folks, breathe and be happy. Before we go though, Debs, Carl, that needs to be replaced…” He points at the TV. “...it is forever sullied. But more importantly, people, go home and fuck each others brains out!”






Wow, it is a lot more chilly in Philly, I decide and shiver, wishing I had worn a slightly warmer coat. I take out the keys to my place, still in disbelief that I have this for free!


My phone peeps again, and now I can finally check my many messages, no doubt congratulating me on my new swanky abode. I frown at the first one, telling me in no uncertain terms to fuck off. In fact, the majority of them are telling me never to contact them again, but there was one who wanted to take me up on my offer, and she would bring her friends as long as I brought the Stud I was shouting about! “What the hell’s going on?!” I mutter, and am about to check my sent items when the door knocks. “Seems that these neighbours are friendlier than the last lot. I can deal with that later.” I open the door, then gulp as a sense of dread washes over me.


“Howdy, neighbor.” The smile on the face of the palace guard who led me home almost has me throwing up. “Your world has just gotten very small, and it will remain so as long as I can help it.” He leans against the door jamb. “Let me in so I can explain the rules of this little principality.”


Two hours later, the only thing that is keeping me calm and happy in my new hellhole is the fact that my former mother will never, ever find out about that blasted child!








He is sleeping. The pad rests on his chest, and I wait for his hand to relax so I can finally see what he has drawn. I freeze as he grumbles as his skin briefly chills, but then he sinks back into sleep. I settle against the pillows, and as I flick  through, I'm smiling as there are ones of Gus, Debs, Carl and, of course, me.


“Back page.” He mumbles, and shuffles up then taps my arm, I wrap it round him and he plays with my happy trail. I turn to it and am stunned into silence.


“It won't be that big.”


“It is beautiful.” I stroke the page in awe.


“Maybe brighten it up a bit?”


“No. You are the light to my dark, and I am the Ying to your Yang. Beautiful and perfect. Don't change a damn thing. This is our commitment tattoo.”





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