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The air around us feels cool but electrified. He looks almost pearlescent, and seems to be oscillating as the pleasure wracks through him. The sweat clings like diamonds in his hair before it slides down his back, but it is the sight of his hole clutching my cock as he adjusts his position every three or four plunges that will be forever burned onto my memory! We are barely making a sound, he sighs and I purr and then I see it...that very sensitive inner ring glistening, as if begging me to touch it, as he plunges down. I brush my fingers over the sensitive pink ring and he gasps.

“Again.” Is whispered like the faintest breeze and I comply. “Again.” His nails dig into my thighs and then he goes still...his head slowly falls back and his ass seems to be trying to suck all of me inside him. “Love you love you love…”

“Nusquam dimmittunt!” I cry out.

“Never! Never! Never!” He declares while undulating around my cock, and I relish the sweet agony of his nails marking me. Finally our tempestuous storms abate and he sits up. At first I think he is going to dismount, but he lies back against my chest and I go cross eyed as pleasure jolts through me.

“A viverra delicious…” He whispers before kissing me softly and tenderly. His lips taste of sweat and cum. “...a lumine lunae inveni caritate.”

“Hmmm.” I murmur. “Justin, you have to get up.” He groans a protest. “Need to take it off…” I hold the base of my cock and almost cum again as he slowly slides off me. “...can we make it three months?” I plead.

“Even that is too long, but absolutely!” He looks down at himself. “A bath, definitely a bath.”

“And an explanation.” I throw the condom into the trashcan and start to count down the days in my head, heart, and, if I am honest, my cock!

“About what?” He calls over his shoulder as he heads to the master bath, I catch up to him and pull him to a stop, which makes him frown.

“Quando vos satus discere Latinam?”

He blinks for a few seconds. “When did you start to learn Latin?” I nod. “I didn't start, I already could, just needed a refresher course after you told me how scared you were. In Latin.”

“Ah, yes. And the viverra delicious?”

“Delicious pull? Speaking of which…” He pulls us to the bathroom. “...you didn’t like it?”

“Oh very much so, but that particular cock pull is known to a select circle and even fewer within it.” I watch him blush from the ass up as he sets the bath. “I take it you and Ems have been chatting?”

“Me and Brandon.” He looks uncertainly at me. “He told me the first time he was bound and then when he bottomed from the top...and I won't do that again.”

“You most certainly will!” I grin at him and grind my thickness against his plumpness. “So, want to know what it feels like?” He turns off the taps and nods but looks me up and down slowly. “Oh, there is another way, which takes into consideration certain differences.”


“Sancter mater Dei!” I yelp as I pull back and he clenches hard. “Dei…!” I don’t get to complete the sentence as he starts to lower himself. “...Dei! Dei!”

“Meet me now!” He orders, and when we meet in the middle, I almost short circuit.


“I won’t.” He looks lazily at me from his end of the bath with a smile.

“Good to know. I will never, never, never let you go either.” He beckons me closer and I swim to my lover and rest my back against his chest.

“As a matter of interest…” I begin and he laughs. “What?”

“Was wondering how long it would take you to ask...ouch muscle still recovering!”

“So answer my almost asked question!”

“Nobody. Made it up, just for you.” I turn around so fast water splashes out of the bath. He is serious. “Can we please keep our love life, especially this part of it, private?”

“You have my word.” I kiss him softly.

“And your word is your bond?” He brushes the damp hair off my face and rests our foreheads together.

“Melius est vinculum.” I promise him and kiss his nose,

“And as did I.”

“As did you what?” I frown.

“A lumine lunae inveni caritate. I found love by the light of the moon.”



“Carl!” I call out and put all my weight behind the door just in case the enormous man wants to shoulder his way in. I couldn’t stop him, but I could slow him down a bit. “My boy...fiancé is a cop!” I exclaim.

“I know that, he sent me.” The guy smiles but doesn’t move.

“Debs! You okay?!” Carl hurries in from the back garden and I almost sag in relief. “Who is...oh, Rupin, hi!”

“Rupin hi?!” I snarl. “Next time you have a game buddy coming around, tell me their name and that they are the size of a battleship!” I start to go to the lounge, when their chortling stops me so I turn back fuming. “Now just a minute!”

“Sorry, sweetheart, simmer down and let me explain. Can I let him in?”

“I suppose, but only to the kitchen!” I follow them in and plonk myself on the sofa, which we managed to persuade Brian to let us have from Michael’s nesting. And since we have christened it, it’s all ours now. I unfold my folded arms, and focus my attention on the mountain man blocking out the light. “Well?” He puts a prettily wrapped box on the counter and looks at Carl, who nods and he leaves, closing the door behind him. “Carl…” I begin as I take in the loving expression on his face. “...what?”

“You said you liked it, so here is one for you, for your rings...no our rings.” He nudges the box closer. “You don’t have x-ray vision, so open it!”

My hands are shaking and my heart is racing as I open the box, and when I do, I just close it again. “Carl Horvath, are you crazy?!”

“It’s a replica! Do you like it?”

“Oh thank God! In that case I love it!” I open the box again and stare in wonderment at it and then him, before I take them out and rest them against the backsplash.

“Utterly beautiful, but what’s the pendant for?” He blushes. “Carl?”

“It’s a ridiculously parental thing from your son.”

“My…” I can feel the tears starting to build.

“There’s more love inside.” I am shaking all over, and as I open it the tears start to flow. “I can hang it if you like?” I just nod.

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“The outside represents us and the inside represents him. He said...he said...he wanted to be inside because of the love we give him.”

There is a gentle knock on the door.

“Can he come in?” He wipes my eyes with his cuff.

“Come in, Rupin!” He looks worriedly at me and then the boxes. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I love them. Now what happens next?”

“I take them back for engraving and bring them back the day before the wedding.”

“Can we make it official and engrave both?”

This time I am wiping his eyes. “Debs, are you serious?!”

“Never more so.”




I have been in for almost three days now. It was the only place that I could get within their insisted upon time frame, but oh the joy, I am on the other side of Greenfield Boulevard Green. As I stand in the attic - another joy - I can see my old house. I hear the thunk of my letterbox going and head downstairs.

I spot the flyer and sigh as it has been the only piece of post I have received. I am almost tempted to go back to paper bills just so I can have someone visit at least once a month! I read it and it is a reminder that there is going to be a block party tomorrow for the Greenfield Boulevard residents! I look at the date and screw up the notice and go to throw it in the bin. I had wondered why this day was so unsettling, it is his birthday!

I head to the lounge and then pause and go back to the bin, as I could’ve sworn there was something else. And yep, there it is, it is a joint party, for their wedding and for him!




“And you are absolutely sure that nobody, not even Trey, has had a taste or seen them?”

“Monty!” I gasp. “Sorry, Del, Blake, but ever since you showed us the pictures, he has been rabid about the secrecy!”

“It’s okay, I see it as a compliment. The staking out of the house and Woody’s out not so much.” Blake looks pointedly at my now reddening partner of 10 years. “At one point we had to send Jools to take him home.”

“Would that be when you flooded the engine and he came to your rescue?” I arch a brow and he tosses his nose in the air then sniffs haughtily. “That’s his ‘yes and we will not speak of it again’ answer.”

“But still you speak of it.” He pouts before softening. “I just want them to be the first to see them. They have been so good to us. Debs started on The Avenue, and now we have The Boulevard because of Brian. Carl is changing hearts and minds in the precincts. It has to be perfect! Like these are!”

“And it will be, well almost will be. Now, not one conniption from you, Monty, but what about the cast-out-one?”

“Michael? What about him?” Blake sighs as he checks the cloche.

“Well, he is going to notice the party since he had no friends and lives on the other side of the green.”

“What?!” Blake exclaims. “When did he move there?!” He reaches for his phone at the same time as Del does. “Teddy, we have a problem about tomorrow!”

“Edward, darling, please tell me you didn't have the reminders for the block party delivered yesterday...oh shit! No, don’t panic...Buttercup, calm down, you haven’t done wrong, we just might need a bit more muscle. Let me call the Master. Bye, darling.”

“Master?” I frown.

“You worry about keeping those beauties a secret, let me worry about the ugly down the road.” She replies, and for the first time, on hearing that tone, I feel the smallest amount of pity for Michael if he decides to be himself!



Daph and I are doing the final checks. Each of the six tables has a cloche with the cakes under it, and there is an end-to-end line of food tables running down the block with a spit roast topping and tailing. On the green itself is a massive marquee where the dancing is to be held. How Cyn, Daph, Justin, Ted, Blake, Ems, me and Trey got this nailed down without them, especially Debs and Carl, finding out is one of life’s sweet mysteries! I think we also got lucky because Brian doesn’t celebrate his birthday, well he didn’t used to, but Justin agreed to this being his last non-celebrating one. He did have to use Little Grub though, and speak of the devil! Here he and his Godmomma come!

“How is the ickle dumpling?” I smile at them “Oh you can’t speak yet can you, darling? How you doing, Mel?”

“Funny!” She snorts. “Am good, you had fun putting reinforcements in place?”

“Like you would not believe! There is one enforcer in particular that hopes he befouls the area with his stench.” She sniggers and goes to say something but I shake my head. “No, it is better if it is surprise to everyone.”

“How long till they get here?” She looks around and gives a soft smile. “I am so happy for them. And to think…”

“Everyone has their yesterdays, and their tomorrows...look forward.” I tell her gently, as she still feels guilty about the way she behaved towards him.

“Indeed.” She looks around and I wait for her to notice, then she gasps. “Is that a cow? You have actually got a spit roasted cow?!”

“Yep, and the two pigs are down the other end!” I wave towards the green and then grin as I see Edward’s car coming up the street. “Everyone hide! They’re coming!”

As the car glides to a halt my heart pounds, Debs and Carl are taken out first with blindfolds on and placed into position, then a grumbling Brian.

“Where are we?”

“Not Altoona!” Debs snickers. “We’re on The Boulevard, I recognise the smell of the flowers. Why are we here and what have we just gotten out of?”

“Turn around!” Justin orders, and they do so. “Now, we’re…” He gestures towards Ems and Ted and they stand behind Debs and Carl and he behind Brian. “...going to take off your…”

“Daaa!” Gus exclaims and everyone silently coos.

“Little Grub?” They all say and turn in our direction, as they were told he was with the other one; Brian reaches for his blindfold.

“Please! Please! Let us do this!” Justin begs, and after a few very long seconds they lower their hands. “Thank you.”

“Daaaaa!” Gus bellows and squirms in Mel’s arms.

“Perhaps I should hold my son for whatever this is?” Brian says and I catch the slight droop of Justin’s shoulders, as does Ems and I know what is going to happen.

“One second.”

“Please, Brian, we’ve worked hard, especially Justin!” Ems states firmly. “Give him this.”

“I’m being an asshole, right?”


“He’s nodding?” Brian asks.

“Yes.” Ems replies, and smiles as Brian waves Justin back to him. They talk for a few seconds and he steps behind him again. “I take it we can continue?”

“Yes.” Justin is grinning. “Now we’re going to take the blindfolds off!”

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They are just staring at the vintage Daimler. Debs then looks to her left and taps Carl. Brian is looking in the car with a little bit of envy.

“Brian!” Carl calls out, and now he is looking around. “What the heck is…”

“Surprise!” Everyone shouts and comes out of their hiding places. “Happy Almost Wedding and Studly Birthday!”

Brian rolls his tongue in his cheek and looks at a grinning Justin. “You, my Erinyes, are in a lot of trouble. Now may I have Little Grub?”

“I suppose.” Mel chuckles as she walks towards him. He hands over his phone to her. “Oh, does his highness want a picture?”

“With his princes? Yes he does. So get on with it, Godmomma!” She takes several, first on his phone and then on Justin’s.

“Right, so as you’ve guessed, it’s a joint party for you three!” Ems declares, grinning. “There is food, drink and later on dancing!”

“I can’t believe you have done this!” Carl chokes out and pulls a weeping Debs into his arms.

“Totally deserved!” Ted hands Blake a napkin. “Now let’s enjoy!”

“Oh my god, have you seen the cakes?!” Debs shrieks. “This, this could not have gone better if we planned it, could it, Carl?”

“No, it couldn't, but let’s come to that later.”

I look across at Mel and she shrugs, whatever it is, judging by those smiles, it can’t be bad.



I was a total asshole earlier, but he’s forgiven me. But only because it’s my birthday! I smile as I watch him trying to strategize the best route to the suckling pig and the spit roast cow while avoiding as many people as possible. Carl is carrying Gus as Debs is trying to put as many presents in the car as she can, but I think we will be leaving some at Ben’s and collecting them later. Luckily, I have no presents for which, once again, I have Erinyes to thank...he is my best present.

“You okay, Big Bad?” Ems links his arm through mine and guides me to a quiet corner. “You doing good?”

“Yeah, Ems.” I kiss the cheek of a man who has long been my champion and one of my closest and dearest friends. “So these tete-a-tetes between Brandon and Justin…”

“Stopped. You and I have that in common. What goes on in there, unless we specifically say, stays in there.”

“How long was it before he could sit down without wriggling?”

“A couple of hours.” His eyes sparkle with, no doubt, the memory. “And Justin?”

“Very tired, poor boy, so very tired.”

“I said you can’t fucking stay and you are not fucking staying!” Is yelled, and everyone looks down the road at a stand-off.

“No, let him stay!” Deb calls down, much to everyone’s surprise, including Michael, her obnoxious former offspring. “I doubt he will be here long!”

“You’re right, Mrs Whatever, I won’t be long! I just wanted to give Judas here his present!” I see Benson and Ben start to move, but I shake my head. He can goad, but I won’t react. “So, happy birthday, Judas!”

“Thanks, Dickless.” I reply, people are snickering and he blushes.

“It is rather appropriate for your moniker. Thirty pieces of silver!” He throws them at my feet.

“Oh, silver foil chocolate coins, how sweet. But since I want to keep my figure and these perfect teeth pristine...I’ll pass.”

“Do what you want, you always do!” He whirls around and starts to head towards a table. This time I do nod at Benson, because if he tries to destroy anything….! “Oh, what a lovely spread and these delectable cakes. Made by your ickle twink, Schmiddy?” He sneers, and I can see Ted is going to lose his oh-so-considerable-but-not-oft-seen-temper!

“Now is as good a time as any!” Debs booms out and strides over to Carl to take Gus from him and hand him to Cyn. “Kiddo, come here!” She orders, and it is in such an unheard of tone that I immediately comply.

“Oh, it looks like mommy is upset with you!” He chuckles, and helps himself to a piece of chicken, Eli gets to him before Benson does and moves the platter. “Not enough salt anyway.” He drops it on the ground and turns to head back the way he came.

“Wait, you need to hear this!” Carl calls out, again in the same tone as Debs. Justin comes to my side...what the hell is it now...is she sick? Is he sick? “Not that you will care, but you need to hear!”

“I’m not ill and neither is Carl!” Debs pats my arm and I think everyone relaxes a bit. “But I am going to let The Avenue in on a little secret. There is a reason for it, so indulge me a little. Not many people know this, but after Jack Kinney died, Brian legally emancipated himself from the rest of his family.”

The look on Michael’s face is one of hurt and confusion and I know what he is going to say.

“Because it wasn’t your business then and it sure as hell isn’t now! That’s why I didn’t tell you!” I spit at him.

“At least me and the sprite have something in common. Judging by that expression he didn’t know either!”

“I did know. This is because of what I think is going to happen next…”

“He’s very clever, this man you love, Brian, very clever.” Carl smiles and nudges Debs to continue and she pulls out an envelope and with a trembling hand passes it to me. “Open it and read.”

I tear it open and my heart stops for what must have been seconds but felt like aeons as I stare at the paper. “Debs...Carl...!”

“Big Bad, what is it?” Ems is at my side and taking it off me to read. “This is...this is…”

“Yeah it is, we just need to fill it in, and luckily we have an attorney nearby who can do the needful with the papers.”

“What is it?!” Michael screams and snatches the paper off of Emmett before we can stop him. His eyes widen and he goes very pale. “This is a joke, an insult, you can’t do this!” He turns the paper towards the crowd...there are gasps and I can hear Justin start to sniff.

“You can’t do this!” He bellows tearfully. “You can’t do it!”

“You have no right to say what I can and cannot do. The only person who can stop me from being his mother and from Carl from being his father, in the eyes of the law, is Brian.”

“Aiden H. Kinney.” I choke out, and then take a few deep breaths. “My name is Brian Aiden H. Kinney!” I state clearly and proudly, and my smart man beams.

“H? What is the H for?! Hero?!” Michael screams, tearing the paper in half, and I am livid...it is go time!

“No Kiddo! We can get more! Justin will design it, won’t you?!” Debs grabs my arm and I can see him nodding furiously out of the corner of my eye as he holds my other arm. “The papers are what matter!”

“Don’t I matter?!” Michael wails, pounding his chest.

“You do, but only to yourself, as it always has and always will be.” She retorts before easing her grip.

“I know what the aitch stands for! Heartless!” Michael screams, hands flailing and eyes bulging.

“Horvath.” I reply, and then I point to Little Grub. “And his name is Gus H. Kinney.”

“Why just H?” Debs asks but Ems is smiling and tearing up.

“Because three surnames is a bit much.”



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