Killing Brian Kinney by SLHR

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Walking into the loft, Brian couldn’t express how glad he was that Brandon had gone to his parents for Christmas. They hated Brian, so he never got an invite, not that he wanted one. He could barely stand Brandon on most days, he didn’t want to be around him and the man’s family. Marrying Brandon was the biggest mistake of his life. He had only done it to get Michael to move on with his life and stop thinking there was any kind of future between them.

What really screwed him was letting Brandon talk him into the agreement. He agreed that if they didn’t make it to ten years together, he would give half of everything he owned to Brandon. They even got life insurance polices on each other. All he wanted was out of it, but out of it with all his stuff. Brandon made peanuts compared to him. If he hadn’t been in such an idiotic place in his life he would have seen the gold digger for what he was.

He couldn’t really remember the last time they had sex…together. Not that he wanted anything from him. Brian didn’t have to look very hard to find someone to spend time with. He didn’t care what twink had gotten Brandon’s attention lately. He knew it was a twink because that was Brandon’s type. How they even ended up sleeping together once was still a shock to him.

He blamed it all on Michael, if he would have just started dating like his mommy wanted, this would never have happened. But he would be damned if he lost half of his things because he signed those damn papers. It would figure, even though same-sex marriage wasn’t legal he would sign away half his assets.

Well, for the next two weeks he was ‘husband’ free. Maybe if he was lucky he would fall off the side of a cliff.

As soon as he sat down his phone rang. Closing his eyes, he tried to ignore it. The machine picked up.

“Hey, Brandon, I don’t know if you’ve left yet but I was hoping we could go out tonight,” a cheery voice said.

Of course, it would be the twink that wouldn’t go away. At one point he had wished Brandon and Kevin would just run off together. But Brandon was too smart for that, if he left Brian he had no rights to any of Brian’s money. Brandon was really robbing the cradle with that one though, he was barely twenty-one. Brian couldn’t picture being with someone that young. He was almost thirty after all. Brandon was twenty-six so maybe he didn’t feel the same way.

The phone started to ring again, this time he got up and answered it.

“What?” he shouted into the phone.

“No need to bite my head off,” Michael snapped.

He really didn’t want to deal with Michael tonight, still feeling a little pissy about Brandon.

“What do you want Michael?”

“I just wanted to know if you want to come out with us?”

“Not tonight.”

“Why not? You’ve been gone for weeks. People are going to think you gave up your wild ways.”

Michael knew exactly what to say to get him to go. That pissed Brian off more than he could say.

“Fine, Woody’s in an hour.”

Maybe by then he would feel a little more like himself. Taking off his suit and tie, he got into the shower. Sometimes life felt so fucking hard. He had worked so hard to get where he was, only to have his life fucked up by a fucking gold digger. How could he have been so stupid? Well, he knew. At the time, showing Michael they were never going to happen was more important.

The shower made him feel a little more human, as human as he got these days. He just didn’t understand what Brandon wanted anymore. Sure, the loft was nice, but Brian hadn’t put him on any of his bank accounts. Maybe just hoping Brandon would get bored and leave was futile. Five years was long enough. Brian couldn’t do it anymore. Monday morning, he would see his lawyer about dissolving his marriage. Sure, he would lose half his assets, but he would finally be free of the leech.

Finally, for the first time in years he felt free…almost. Maybe he would even bring someone home. It had been a while since he had done that. Mostly, because Brandon was always there. While he didn’t care if he fucked some trick in front of the man, Brandon would bitch for days.

As he walked to his car he passed a young blonde twink. The kid couldn’t be older than seventeen or eighteen. Jailbait really wasn’t his thing though, so he kept walking to his jeep. As he drove away he got a weird feeling he was being watched.

Justin watched as the infamous Brian Kinney drove away. Tonight, wasn’t the night. He had two whole weeks to do the deed. There was no rush, he would put off being a murderer for as long as possible. Brian Kinney didn’t look like he expected. He didn’t really know what he expected. Maybe someone bigger, meaner looking. Maybe someone that scared him to even look at. Not an attractive man that if he didn’t know better and already in love, might have approached himself. But he did know better, he knew the man was an abuser. To hurt someone as sweet and gentle as Brandon was sickening.

The man would be out for a while, he guessed. That meant Justin needed to head home, his parents were already suspicious of his disappearing acts. Daphne could only cover so much. The last time her mom had ratted him out, getting him grounded. That didn’t stop him from leaving, it wasn’t like they could watch him all the time. Like today, his mom was taking Molly out for a girls’ night and his dad was working late. On second thought though, he really did need to know more about the man. His consciousness wouldn’t allow him to blindly kill someone, no matter what Brandon said. With his mind made up, he caught a cab to Liberty Avenue, where Brandon said Brian was all the time.

Brian bit back the laugh as Ted was shot down yet again. “Give it up, Theodore,” he told the older man.

“I’m sorry not everyone can be like you, Brian,” Ted snipped.

“But everyone needs to have a dream,” he said, laughing.

“When is Brandon coming back?” Michael asked, ignoring the banter.

“Not for a glorious two weeks.”

“So, you’ve made a decision?” Ted asked. He had been the only one to know how close he was to just give up half of his assets to be rid of the blonde.

“Yeah, I’m done. Brandon can have half of it. I’m just sick and tired of all of it.”

“Really?” Michael asked.

“Yes, really. It was fucked from the very beginning. I don’t what you to go all doe eyed again. That’s what started this whole shitstorm in the first place.”

Michael did at least look ashamed for his behavior five years ago. Something caught Brian’s eye at the door. He watched as the blonde kid he had seen earlier slip through the door and make his way to the bar. He wouldn’t get served, Frank was not into serving kids. The kid sat down and ordered something, a bottle of water, he saw once Frank handed it over.

“Earth to Brian,” Michael said, snapping his fingers in front of Brian’s face.

“What?” Brian said angrily.

“What are you looking at?” Michael asked.

“Or should we say who?” Emmett snickered before turning to look where Brian had just been looking.

“Isn’t he a little young for you, Bri? I think he’s more Brandon’s type than yours,” Ted said.

Something about the way he said it bothered Brian. It felt like almost a challenge. And now he was ending things with Brandon, he wanted to prove he was still Brian Kinney. The man who could get anyone he wanted.

Mind made up, he stood and sauntered over to the young blonde.

Justin almost choked on his water when his target started walking towards him. Questions started to run though his mind. Did Kinney know that he and Brandon were together? Did he know what Brandon had asked him to do?

“Buy you a drink?” the man offered.

“I-I’m not old enough.”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Justin lied.

“Trust me, that’s old enough.”

Justin looked around the loft he had been in so many times already. It felt different being there with Brian instead of Brandon.

“What are you waiting for, a tour?” Brian asked.

Like he would really sleep with the man who abused the man he loved. No, this was purely for investigation. He wasn’t really sure he could kill anyone. But maybe if he got more information he would have enough to get Kinney arrested. Then Brandon would be free of him and Justin wouldn’t have to do something so very evil.

“Sorry…this is a really nice place. Do you have a roommate?”

“Is this twenty-fucking-questions?”

He was much more charming in the bar. Justin couldn’t see why anyone with half a brain would give him the time of day. Well, that wasn’t the truth, he was gorgeous and rich. But those seemed to be the only two things going for him.  

“Wow, really not Mr. Personality, are you?”

Maybe before he met Brandon he may have wanted any bit of attention he could get from this man. But he knew what real love felt like. He also knew what a scumbag Brian Kinney is.

Justin thought the older man might retort rudely. But instead he stepped closer to Justin, he found the move and the man’s scent a bit intoxicating.

He was about to step back when Brian leaned down and kissed him. The move wasn’t what he was expecting so he let it go on longer than he should have. Hands gripped his hips, Brian grinding his pelvis into Justin’s.

Finally, his senses returned to him and he pushed Brian away.

“Stop,” he said forcibly.

“There’s the door,” Brian said, his face challenging.

“You really do think you’re God’s gift, don’t you? I’m out of here,” Justin said before escaping the loft.

Brian watched as the twink ran out. He wasn’t used to not getting what he wanted. Smiling to himself he thought about it being more of a challenge than he had originally though. He really did like a challenge.



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