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Hello, members! Kinnetik Dreams is about to celebrate its second anniversary (woo-hoo!!), which means it's time for us to pay for this year's website operating expenses. Having and running a website is not free, unfortunately.

For us to continue running KD, the admins are asking for your help. We get that times can be financially tough, as they are for most of us. Every dollar donated by our members will help us meet our goal to keep this site going. So, if you can help out, even just a little bit, we'd be grateful.

Please read "Chapter 1" for information on how you can donate and how much we need to keep the site running.

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1. Chapter 1: Information by Vic1 [Reviews - 9] half-star (331 words)

2. Chapter 2 by Vic1 [Reviews - 1] half-star (33 words)