More The Merrier By Tagsit

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A Sin Series Sequel. Justin has a suggestion for Brian about how to expand their twosome into a permanent threesome.

Story #4 in the Sin Series

Rating: M • [Reviews - 11] starstarstar
Category: QAF US
Character: Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor, Original Character
Tags: Celebratory Fuck, M/M, Polyamory, PWP (Plot? What Plot?), Threesomes
Genres: Alternate Universe, PWP (Plot? What Plot?)
Pairings: Brian/Justin/Other
Challenge: None
Serie: Sin Series
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes
Word Count: 9165 Viewed: 1929
ePub Downloads: 19 Published: Aug 12, 2018 Updated: Jul 18, 2019


Story dedicated - with fond memories of our Summer of Sin - to my wonderful friends and assistant writers in the LLLC!

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A Sin Series Sequel

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Even though this is technically the second chapter of this story, it can probably be read on it's own as a one-shot, provided you know about the Summer of Sin as background. It was just an idea I had as a follow up to what's now chapter one of this sequel. Hope you like it. TAG