The Britin Trap by Tagsit


Time for the Big Reveal (Part II) - the Battle of the Yeti! Enjoy! TAG


Chapter 22 - World War Three.

The first tinges of gold were just peeking over the eastern horizon when the three weary travellers drove their rental car up to Justin’s front door the next morning. They were all exhausted after the red eye flight. Qianna, though, was too nervous to let her fatigue get to her. She bounced out of the car and all the way up the walk to the door. Then she had to stand there and wait till her compatriots caught up with her.

Brian patted the girl on the shoulder and moved her bodily to the side so he could reach the doorbell. Gus put his arm around Qianna’s shoulders to try and ground her. Brian rang the bell once. Then again when there was no response. Then he rang it a third time and leaned on the buzzer so it would keep going off until somebody in the house was finally roused.

And even then it took a couple more minutes before they heard feet plodding down the stairs and a grumbling voice yelling out, “Alright, already. I’m coming! I’m COMING!”

But when the door finally did open and a sleepy, bed-headed, Justin Taylor stood there, wearing only a pair of rumpled sweatpants and a shocked stare, it seemed like he’d lost all of the surliness he’d had a moment before.

“Morning, Sunshine!” Brian says. “I think, maybe, you might have something of mine here. Wanna trade?”

“Huh?” Justin mumbled, blinking at the apparition on his doorstep. “B-B-Brian? Is that . . . Is that really you? What . . . What are you doing here? . . . At dawn?”

“Isn’t dawn the traditional time for an exchange of prisoners?” Brian teased, reaching to his right and pulling Qianna over so she was standing in front of him. “But I’ll only give her back if you promise a full exchange of intelligence along with the return of MY spy.”

Justin’s mouth had fallen open at the first sight of Qianna standing there in front of Brian and he was still just standing there gaping, too confused to comment, a full minute later. Qianna lifted up one hand to wave limply at her father but was too anxious to actually say anything. Gus was snickering at the spectacle from behind his father’s shoulder. And they probably would all have still been standing there staring at each other if it hadn’t been for the advent of another participant, as Quinne came galloping down the stairs a few seconds later.

“Pops! Gus! Qianna! You’re here! Finally! I was about to die of anticipation waiting for you!” she hollered as she elbowed her way past Justin and launched herself into her father’s arms.

“Hey, Spark,” Brian squeezed his daughter tightly in his arms and gave her a kiss to the top of her head. “Good to see you in one piece. And, can I just add, that I’m really glad you DIDN’T actually bleach your hair. No offence, QiQi.”

“None, taken, Pops,” Qianna giggled. “As long as you don’t start telling blonde jokes, that is.”

“I promise,” Brian agreed, before turning back to Justin who remained standing there in the doorway looking completely lost. “Well, are you going to invite us all in, Sunshine, or just stand there looking like a large-mouthed sea bass?”

“I don’t . . . I don’t understand . . .”

“Obviously. How about you offer us some coffee and we’ll see if we can explain?” Brian suggested.

But when Justin continued to just stand there, Quinne got fed up. She grabbed Brian by the hand and pulled him into the house, physically pushing Justin further aside so they could enter, and towing Brian in the direction of the kitchen. They could all hear her bantering with her father as they disappeared around the corner.

Gus, who had been feeling a bit shy, stepped forward and held out his hand to greet his old friend. “Hi, Justin. Long time no see, huh?”

“Gus? Shit, is that you? You’re . . .” Justin accepted the hand offered him and started shaking it dazedly.

“All grown up, yeah. That happens after about thirteen years,” Gus smiled to take the sting out of his words. “It’s really good to see you, Justin.”

“Oh, Gus!” Justin finally seemed to have come to the conclusion that he wasn’t dreaming and this was all real. He pulled Gus into his arms and hugged the boy who was now a good half a head taller than him. “I missed you so much. I wanted to keep in contact with you but I wasn’t sure . . . After what happened with your dad I thought it was better if I just made a clean break, you know?”

“Yeah. I get that. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not still pissed at you,” Gus hugged the man back just as fiercely. “You promised I’d see you for March Break and told me you’d keep in touch and then I never saw you again.”

“I’m a total shit. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Gus,” Justin apologized profusely, and Qianna could see a tear escape from the corner of his eye.

“Enough of the welcome mat reunions,” she declared in order to save both her father and her brother. “Let’s go inside already, Dad. We’ve been on a plane all night and I’m starving. I need Breakfast and then I want a nap and then you guys can get all caught up, okay?”

“It’s really you, Qianna?” Justin asked, looking back over his shoulder in the direction where Brian and Quinne had disappeared. “So . . . who is THAT?”

“That’s my twin sister, Quinne Kinney,” Qianna answered. “And I promise to explain it all to you but not until you feed me. Come on.”

The girl grabbed her father by the hand and started to tug him further inside the house. Gus followed behind, pulling the door closed behind him. By the time they’d made it to the kitchen, they found that Brian and Quinne had already started a pot of coffee and were raiding the fridge for breakfast fixings. Qianna deposited her father on a barstool at the kitchen island and ran around to give her sister an official hug hello. Gus took up the second barstool and clapped Justin on the shoulder, trying to reassure the blond who was still looking around himself in disbelief.

“Let’s see . . . We can whip up a huge pan of scrambled eggs with cheese to start with. Since I knew you were coming, I also made a coffee cake yesterday afternoon - it’s on the bottom shelf there, Pops - but there’s toast too if anyone prefers that,” Quinne directed as she took charge of the proceedings and began to organize the cooking. “QiQi, will you get the orange juice out? Bro, you want coffee or juice?”

“You didn’t add any special ingredients to this coffee cake, did you, Spark?” Brian asked as he set the baking dish with the delicious-smelling, brown sugar-topped cake on a trivet on the counter.

Quinne laughed. “No. The coffee cake is safe, Pops. Just avoid any brownies you might find laying around.”

“Uh . . . Excuse me!” Justin spoke up, seeming to have finally reached a point where he was capable of rational thought and speech. “Can I just ask, what the FUCK is going on here? What is Brian Fucking Kinney doing here in my kitchen? And, most importantly, which one of you is my REAL fucking daughter?”

Everyone except Justin broke out into a round of laughter.

Brian shook his head and pushed Gus off the barstool the boy was on so he could assume the spot next to his Ex-Husband. “You gotta keep up, here, Sunshine,” he advised, putting one arm around the younger man’s shoulders in a gesture that was reassuringly familiar. “As you can see,” he swept the other hand out towards the two almost identical girls, “it turns out we have two daughters - fraternal twins - and they’re obviously nearly identical. They met at summer camp and, because they’re both brilliant as well as sneaky as fuck, they hatched this plan to switch places so they could meet each other’s families. You temporarily got the daughter I’ve been raising, Quinne.” Quinne turned around from her frying pan full of scrambled eggs and took a facetious curtsy. “And I had Qianna with me.” QiQi did a shrug, holding her hands out in a ‘whatever’ gesture, and adding a goofy smile. “But - for reasons we’ll get into later, I’m sure - they got caught when Qianna tried to enlist Emmett to help them in their cunning plans. So, here we all are. Aren’t you excited to see us?”

“But . . . How?” Justin asked, still too confused to form complete sentences.

Brian was just about to answer that question when the happy breakfast party was interrupted by the arrival of an unwanted sixth guest.

“Justin, Hun, what’s going on down here? Who was at the door . . .” Alex asked as he rounded the corner and entered the kitchen proper.

“This him?” Brian asked and received nods from both girls. “Oh, Sunshine. I gotta say, you should have stuck with the gym bunny. This one isn’t nearly as pretty. And, when did you start going for bears, anyway? You always used to laugh at me when I suggested we bring home a hairy one. Don’t you remember? You complained about how the hair would get caught in your teeth when you bit them.”

“I’m not a bear,” Alex protested, his brow furrowed with a mixture of anger and confusion.

“If the pelt fits . . .” Brian rejoined, laughing in the younger man’s face without getting up from his stool or relinquishing his hold on Justin.

“Who the fuck IS this, Justin?” Alex complained. Then he finally looked around the room and noticed all the other guests including both copies of his fiance’s daughter. “Okay, what the hell is going on here?”

Brian got up from his stool and took the two steps necessary to approach Alex. The tall, svelte man towered over the smaller Alex by at least half a head. And, even rumpled after more than ten hours of travelling, he looked amazing - he was just as handsome as he’d been thirteen years earlier, maybe a tad thicker through the middle, but still strong and well-toned, with just the first hints of a little salt and pepper in his dark auburn hair and the addition of a few character lines around the corners of his eyes, giving him a more approachable look than he’d had when he was younger. Standing next to the hairy, out of shape, and ungroomed Alex, there was simply no comparison.

Brian held his hand out to Alex. “The name’s Brian Kinney,” he offered amicably. “I’m Justin’s husband.”

“EX-husband,” Justin finally spoke up. “And it was never official, anyway. Gay marriage wasn’t legal in Pennsylvania back then.”

“True. Which means, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no legal way for you to get rid of me either,” Brian averred. “In my mind, we’ll always be together, Sunshine.”

“Cut the crap Brian,” Justin warned, now glaring at his former partner.

“Whoever he is, what the fuck is he doing here, Justin?” Alex demanded, bristling as he pulled his hand free of the grip Brian had kept on his limb.

“I don’t really know yet, either,” Justin moved over so he was standing between Alex and Brian, as if to ward off any broiling confrontation between the two of them. “Brian and the girls were just starting to explain that when you came downstairs.”

“Quite,” Brian agreed readily. “Hairy, why don’t you take a seat here.” He pointed to the stool where he’d been sitting. “And Sunshine you join him.” Brian pointed to the stool Justin had been using before. “Then Gus and I can take over breakfast while our daughters explain themselves. How does that sound?”

Justin took the seat he’d been directed towards but not without a complaint. “Ha! You cooking? That I’d love to see. You can barely work the toaster, Brian.”

“Au contraire, mon mari!” Brian laughed as he took over the spatula from his daughter’s hands. “That was the old Brian Kinney. Twelve years as a single father teaches you a lot - I not only cook but I clean and help with homework and whatever else my children need. Right, guys?”

“He’s the best house-husband a man could ever want,” Gus chimed in with a laugh as he moved over to add more bread to the toaster. “But seriously, Jus, he has learned a few things over the years. And he only burns dinner maybe once a week these days.”

“Hey, Sonny Boy, no lip or I’ll make sure your eggs are the ones that are burned.”

“Stop, you two,” Quinne ordered when she realized that Justin was about at the end of his patience. “Sorry, Dad. They’re just impossible when they’re together sometimes.” Then she turned to her sister and exchanged a telepathic look that Qianna instantly understood meant that it was time for them to come clean. She nodded back and Quinne began their explanation. “So, like Pops was saying, QiQi and I ended up being roommates at summer camp and it was pretty obvious from the first moment we met that something was up. You don’t just meet your exact duplicate every day, right?”

You could see Justin and Alex looking back and forth between the two girls who were now standing shoulder to shoulder in front of them. It was pretty amazing when you saw them together like that. Even with the different hair color, it was clear that they were related.

Qianna took up the narrative at that point. “So we did all the research and figured out what must have happened . . .”

“Heteropaternal Superfecundation,” Gus added, proud that he’d finally mastered how to say the term. “Careful or they’ll make you watch a video about it.”

Everyone laughed, even Justin, because that was so clearly a thing the science girls would do.

“Exactly,” Qianna continued. “We compared birth dates and stories and did tests using the chemistry lab at camp and came to the uncontroverted conclusion that we are maternally related, fraternal twins, but with two different fathers.” She gestured with one hand to each of the fathers in the room in demonstration. “And then we started to research you guys and we found that you’d been married and all the other stuff out there on you two. It was pretty clear that there was a lot you guys were hiding from us - including the very fact of each other’s families.”

“And QiQi really wanted to meet Pops and Gus and all the rest of the family back in The Pitts, but we didn’t know why you guys had separated us, so we were scared to ask you about it,” Quinne added as justification.

“Exactly,” Qianna agreed. “So, I talked Q into switching places with me.”

“QiQi went home with Pops, and got to meet the PIttsburgh clan, and I came home with you,” Quinne elaborated when it seemed like Justin was still confused.

“Okay, I get that,” Justin responded. “But - biological explanations aside - I just don’t understand how we have two daughters.” He looked up at Brian, who was just then serving up the eggs onto five separate plates. “Did you know about this? That there were two of them? How did you end up with Quinne?”

“Nope. I had no clue about any of this until yesterday morning, Sunshine,” Brian answered and handed his ex-husband a plate. “What we think happened, though, was that Lizette scammed us - in essence milking us both for money in exchange for one of the babies. At least that’s what I’m assuming is the correct explanation, since it doesn’t seem like YOU knew there were two of them either?”

“Nooooooo,” Justin insisted. “I thought Lizette had changed her mind completely. You remember what she told us - that her new boyfriend had talked her into keeping the baby because being gay was a sin and she was risking her immortal soul by offering us her baby - or some shit like that. Then Lizette called me, out of the blue, the following February, and gave me a sob story about how it was too hard and she didn’t really want to be a mother after all and blah, blah, blad. I was so overjoyed to get our baby back that I didn’t really question her too much. Only, when she asked me to pay her the outstanding balance on the surrogacy contract, I told her I didn’t have the money since you and I had broken up, so I’d have to pay her over time. She didn’t like that much but, at the time, she didn’t have much choice if she wanted the money because I’d just started a new job and didn’t have much saved or anything. She called me back the next day and agreed to take the payments I’d offered and I flew out to Pittsburgh to pick up Qianna the next week. And that was the last I heard from her.”

“That’s about what I expected,” Brian concurred. “She must have decided the money was more important than her homophobic, fake-Christian, values. And I fell for it too. Only, she managed to get a cool $50,000 more out of me, on top of what you paid her. The bitch.”

“So, our mother split up her twin babies, basically selling us, one to each of you, in order to get double the pay out?” Quinne summed up the evidence. “Great surrogate you guys picked there.”

“And if it hadn’t been for us going to the same summer camp, we might never have met . . .” Qianna added, sounding shocked and more than a little hurt.

“I’m so sorry, Honey,” Justin rushed to apologize. “I should have listened to Brian. He wanted to use an agency, but Lizette was my friend and she really needed the money and I wanted to support another artist. I didn’t know that she’d hook up with some Evangelical nutjob a month into her pregnancy.”

“None of which matters now, Sunshine,” Brian spoke up. “It’s water under the bridge. We should be thankful to Lizette. Because of her we now have TWO amazing, intelligent, meddlesome, daughters. The question is what are we going to do about it?”

“What do you mean, ‘what are we going to do about it’?” Justin asked, testily. “There’s nothing TO do. I appreciate you bringing Qianna back, Brian, but I don’t see what else needs to be done. You’re welcome to stay for breakfast and all, but then I’d appreciate it if you’d leave. And you,” he turned to face ‘his’ daughter with a frown, “have a LOT more explaining to do, young lady. I do NOT appreciate finding out about this prank you played on all of us like this.” He rose to his feet and walked around the kitchen island to a spot where he could pace as he lectured on. “Don’t you understand how dangerous it was to go running off, clear across the damn country, without even telling me? What if your newfound camp friend’s parents were axe murderers or child sex traffickers or something? You had no way of knowing anything about Quinne’s family except what she was telling you and that could have all been a huge pile of lies. Did you think about THAT when you cooked up this moronic plan of yours? Did you? You’re just lucky that it was Brian and not some pedophile whose home you ended up in, Qianna. I thought you were smarter than that, young lady.”

“I’m sorry, Dad,” Qianna answered when Justin finally gave her a break in his ranting. “I didn’t do it as a prank, though. It’s just that Quinne and I didn’t know you guys were tricked by Lizette - we thought you two might have intentionally split us up and would try to keep us apart if we told you we’d found each other again. I was worried this was the only way I’d ever get to meet Gus and Brian.”

“Well, you’ve met them now. And, thankfully, your little stunt didn’t end up with you getting hurt. But there will be consequences and, considering the magnitude of what you’ve done, I doubt you’re going to like it much,” Justin warned with all due parental severity. “Now, why don’t you go wait for me in your room while I see our guests out and then I’ll come up and talk to you about your punishment.”

“What? You’re going to make them leave. Like, for good?” Qianna was no longer cringing from the discipline she expected; she was in a panic about the unexpected consequences of her actions. “No. No, you can’t. Please, Dad, you can’t do this. You can’t keep Quinne and I apart. Please!”

“Qianna, this is not up to you. You’re in enough trouble. Now, I told you to go to your room and I mean it. Go!” Justin pointed authoritatively towards the stairs.

“Hey, Justin, come on. You don’t need to be so tough on the kid. It’s not like she ran off to join the fucking circus or anything. She was with me the whole time,” Brian tried to intervene, coming around the island with both Quinne and Gus on his heels.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion, Brian, and I don’t appreciate you interfering in this. Regardless of whatever circumstances brought it about, Qianna is MY daughter, not yours, and I’ll deal with disciplinary actions the way I see fit,” Justin briefly turned his anger on his former partner. “You seem to think her running away isn’t that big a deal - that it’s all some hilarious joke - but I don’t agree. She’s only twelve, damn it! She shouldn’t be travelling clear across the country with some virtual stranger without telling me. It doesn’t matter that it turned out to be you. She didn’t know you from Adam. She could have been killed!”

“You’re right,” Quinne spoke up then too, so blinded by her righteous indignation that she seemed to forget she was talking to an adult who was twenty-some years older than her. “It was stupid for us to do this without telling anyone. But don’t take it all out on Qianna. We both agreed to do this together; you should be angry at me too. And, even if you’re mad at us, that doesn’t mean you have the right to tear us apart. Not if you’re only doing this to prove some stupid point about who’s in charge. She’s my sister, for fuck’s sake, and you have no right to keep us separated like this. It’s not right!”

Justin appeared to be on the verge of responding to Quinn‘s diatribe, but he didn’t get a chance to say anything before Hairy Alex popped up off the stool where he’d been sitting, quietly taking it all in up to that point, and intervened in the argument.

“I think we’ve heard just about enough from you, Missy,” he growled at Quinne, getting in her face so his words spewed down on her from his hairy maw. “After all the shit you’ve been pulling the last few days, you should be glad I haven’t filed assault charges against you yet. So, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get your sneaky little ass out of here right now, and don’t bother coming back, bitch!”

And that was the exact moment that World War Three broke out in the small kitchen of a moderate suburban house in San Jose, California.

“Alex, that’s not appropriate. Let me handle this please,” Justin cautioned, frowning at the man’s unsuitable comments to the young girl, and moving over so he was standing next to his fiance.

“Oh yeah? Who’s going to make me?” Quinne rejoined at exactly the same moment, crossing her arms obstinately, ready to dig in her heels and refuse to let the likes of Hairy Alex order her out of her sister’s house.

“You can’t talk to my daughter like that, asswipe,” Brian snarled at precisely the same instance, trying to insinuate himself between the perceived threat of the belligerent man and his headstrong daughter.

Not to be left out of the fray, both Qianna and Gus moved around so they were flanking Quinne, one on each side of their sister, creating a wall of resistance to counter their Yeti foe.

“I’ll talk however the fuck I want to this stupid little cunt,” Alex contended, growling over the shoulders of the adults at the girl who’d become the primary focus of his anger. “She’s fucked with me for the last time and I want her insolent ass out of here right now.”

Even then the whole fracas might have eventually blown over if Alex hadn’t made a major miscalculation by reaching out to grab Quinne by the arm right at that moment. His intention had probably been nothing more than to get her moving in the right direction, namely towards the door. But that’s not how his actions were seen by the rest of the assembled group.

Quinne immediately began to struggle, trying to free herself from the man’s grip. The other two kids attempted to drag Quinne backwards, trying to save her from Alex’s perceived aggression. The three of them combined were enough to drag Alex off balance, forcing him to take a few tottering steps forward when he refused to release his grip, and tipping him ever so slightly off balance. Justin, then, got into the mix, reaching one arm around Alex’s chest from behind and pulling him backward, away from the children. This only exacerbated Alex’s instability. But Alex apparently didn’t appreciate the restraint Justin was trying to exert. He growled at his fiance then threw off the arm which was, at that point in time, the only thing that was holding him upright. However, at the exact same instant that Alex freed himself from Justin, Brian finally got a grip on Alex’s right wrist, ordering the younger man to get his grubby hands off Quinne or he’d be pulling back a stub, and used his superior strength to twist the man’s arm in a painful outward arch. The Hairy Yeti lost his grip on the straining girl’s arm - his grip on whom had been the only thing holding him upright at that point - and started to flail his arms outward as he fell ass over tea kettle. The kids tumbled into a heap in one direction, Justin flew off to the left, landing on top of the two barstools with a cacophonous crash, and Alex’s right hand flew upward in a perfect parabola right into Brian’s face, smacking him resoundingly in the left eye, before Alex too landed on his ass, sprawled across the kitchen tiles.

The thirty seconds of peace that descended on the site of the melee while everyone fought to catch their breath served as a tiny oasis of calm. It was far too brief though. Brian was literally seeing red and was only about ten seconds away from taking out his Irish on the body of the hairy attacker lying at his feet. Luckily, Justin managed to untangle himself from the barstools sufficiently to allow him to crawl in between Brian and his intended victim.

“How dare you put your grubby little paws on my daughter!” Brian roared as he tried to vault over Justin’s body to get to his prey. “I’m going to break every fucking bone in your body!”

“Brian!” Justin screeched, vaulting to his feet and reaching up to put both hands on Brian’s heaving chest. “Brian, stop! I’m not going to let you kill anyone in my kitchen. Stop already!”

“That piece of shit just assaulted my daughter and punched me in the face, Justin!”

“I know, Brian. But I’ll handle it. Just back the fuck off,” Justin ordered with a tiny shove to the much larger man’s chest.

Brian glowered and huffed and hissed at the man he wanted to get his hands on, but Justin’s soothing touch was enough to restrain him. He sufficed himself with clenching his fists at his side, still ready to attack if needed, but taking a step back. This allowed Justin to turn his attentions to the man who’d started the whole brouhaha.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Alex?” he looked daggers down at the man who was still lying on the floor after having the wind knocked out of him. “You do NOT physically attack a twelve year old girl. I don’t care what she did to you. That’s just unacceptable and I won’t have it in my house!”

“After what that little bitch did to me? You’re taking HER side? She made me fucking shit all over myself all day yesterday, Justin,” Alex whinged.

“Yeah, after you tried to scald her by flushing the toilet when she was in the shower, you fucking creep,” Brian rounded on the man, unwilling to let him blame what had happened on his daughter. “From what I hear, you deserved what you got and more, you bully. And if I’d been here when you were talking shit to Qianna, or were playing your little games on Quinne, you’d have got a hell of a lot worse, I can promise you that!”

“What’s all this?” Justin asked, finally realizing there was more to this dispute than met the eye.

“It’s true, Dad. Alex is always being an ass to me behind your back. He makes fun of me and teases me and even threatened me that, after you guys were married, he’d have me sent off to boarding school so he could have you all to himself,” Qianna maintained, jumping to her sister’s defense. “He’s always doing something nasty and mean, as long as he knows you’re not looking, so the fact he was trying to hurt Quinne doesn’t surprise me. That’s one of the other reasons I didn’t want to come back here after camp was done - I couldn’t bear the thought of having to be around HIM. I’d rather be living with strangers than spend even one more day in the same house as this asshole!”

Gus stepped up and put his arms around Qianna, allowing the overwrought girl to turn into his strong chest where she broke into tears. Quinne joined her brother, hugging the crying girl from the other side. Brian finally gave up his pugilistic stance and walked over to where his kids were huddled together. He wrapped the whole lot of them in the protective circle of his arms, looking accusingly to where Justin was still standing in the middle of the kitchen floor.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Justin asked the pathetic lump of hairiness still cowering on the kitchen floor.

“Are you going to believe those two brats over me? After that bitch tried to poison me?” Alex pointed up at Quinne, looking at her with such menace in his eyes, that it caused both girls to shiver.

Justin shook his head and grimaced at the man. “The fact that you continue to use such foul language, directed at a child, tells me everything I need to know, Alex. That’s not, in any way, acceptable. You should know better. You’re an adult and they’re only twelve years old, for crying out loud. I don’t care what Quinne or Qianna did to you, you’re not going to to curse at them, call them names, and physically attack them in my house!” He huffed a deep breath as he moved a few steps over so he was standing closer to the doorway and lifted his arm to point the way out of the room. “I won’t tolerate that kind of behavior towards my daughter or any other child, Alex. I want you gone. Get the hell out of my house. Now!”

“Think again, Lover Boy,” Alex sneered as he shakily climbed to his feet. “This happens to be MY house now too. Remember, you added me to the title last week when we drew up all the papers for the wedding at your lawyer’s office? So I’m not going anywhere. In fact, if you and your brat and all your skanky friends don’t get the fuck out of MY house, I’m going to call the cops on you and file charges for assault against the trickster over there as well as her brute of a father. How do you like them apples?”

“And here I thought I was the one who was hopeless at relationships,” Brian drawled into the pregnant silence that followed Alex’s ultimatum. “You suck at this way more than me, though, Sunshine.”





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