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Ever wish you could be in two places at once? So did Brian Kinney. What with the demands from his new boss, the 'needs' of his "family" and his desire to spend time in his Sunshine, in the snowy vistas of Vermont, the Stud was about to lose it. Enter Doc Alex with an intriguing proposistion.

But there is a reason the age old adage 'be careful what you wish for' is so cliched.

Rated: M
Categories: QAF US Characters: Ben Bruckner, Brian Kinney, Cynthia, Debbie Novotny, Emmett Honeycutt, Gardner Vance, Gus Marcus-Peterson, Justin Taylor, Kiki, Leo Brown, Marty Ryder, Melanie Marcus, Michael Novotny, Other Cast Regulars, Ted Schmidt, Vic Grassi
Tags: Anti-Lindsay, Anti-Michael, Bashing, Masturbation , Mental Health Issues, Orgy (plays well w/others), Role Play, Threesomes, Vacation, Voyeurism
Genres: Alternate Canon, Canon Divergence, Humor, Science Fiction
Pairings: Brian/Justin, Melanie/Lindsay, Michael/Ben
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Published: Nov 13, 2018 Updated: Nov 20, 2018 ePub eBook
Story Notes:

This is my first ever piece of fictional writing that wasn't an assignment from school so please be gentle. 'Like the first time'. to quote someone we all know and love. This fic is from my own plot bunny I posted although it may differ slightly from the original bunny as the story progresses.

It will contain science fiction but I probably won't be delving too deep into the moral/ legal side of the equation, nor the  nitty gritty of the scientific method as its supposed to be just a bit of fun and I am by no means a  lawyer, psychiatrist, geneticist or biologist.

The start is set in season 2 when Gardner Vance takes over Ryder's. Assume canon up to this point has happened although there may be some slight discrepancies as I'm going to bring the timeline into 2018 for ease of technological advances. From this point on though it will be completely different from canon.

I really hope you enjoy it. x0x

1. Chapter 1 A is for An Abundance of Assholes by Resa13 [Reviews - 11] half-star (1202 words)

So hopefully you dont get too bored with the reiteration of canon and set up for the rest of the story. 

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing; I just wanna play with 'em a bit. I make no monetary gain from this romp through the QAF world.  The photos and pictures are ones found through google search. Again I don't own them just want to use them to bring splendor to my little fic. 

2. Chapter 2- B is for a Bounty of Brians by Resa13 [Reviews - 4] half-star (794 words)

Ok so this got a little sciencey, a bit more than I had originally intended anyway. Hopefully I don't bore you to tears.  It's a short chapter though and it's mainly so I can get it all out of the way before we move on to the really plotty and smutty bits . 

Thanks to everyone that has reviewed so far. ~ Re x0x

3. Chapter 3 - C is for a Cluster of Clones by Resa13 [Reviews - 6] half-star (1334 words)

Thanks for your reviews. I'm so glad people are enjoying it so far. x0x


4. Chapter 4- D is for a Deluge of Dick by Resa13 [Reviews - 4] half-star (782 words)

Thanks goes out to bjluv for becoming my Beta! I appreciate you taking a chance  on a neophyte and your help cleaning up my grammatical faux pas'. You're a legend, Cathy! ~ x0x Re

5. Chapter 5 - E is for an Extravagance of Ecstatic Erections by Resa13 [Reviews - 5] half-star (1346 words)

Sex scenes are HARD (pun intended) to write. Hope I did the boys justice.

🎼🎵"Welcome to my, Filthy mind.🎶