Metamorphosis… by 7Wildwaysup

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Brian and Justin both show a little jealous streak that improves their sex life…

Title: Metamorphosis…
Story Type: AU
Word Count: 3979
Rating: R, Porn…
Warnings: Passion and Lust…
Beta Queen: bigj52
Banner: yvonnereid
queer_as_fics Challenge: Awakenings

Summary: It’s all gone in just moments - your life changes and there’s no going back. You’re no longer the person you thought you were and you have no idea who you’ll become.

Chapter Summary: Brian and Justin both show a little jealous streak that improves their sex life…

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, plot, etc. are property of their respective owners, including, but not limited to Russell T. Davies, Cowlip, and Showtime. The author of this story is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended…


It took losing you to finally let myself love you…

Part Four ~ Birth and Re-birth…

Chapter Fourteen ~ All You Need Is Love…

Justin looks into his husband’s eyes, expressing his love and contentment. Who knew that a few simple words of commitment would calm him in ways he’s never felt before? Justin is ready to snuggle back up against Brian when he hears a commotion in the hallway then their bedroom door being opened.

Justin has a few more days before he has to go back to school and Jennifer let Gus skip school today because he missed his Dads more than anyone thought possible; besides he’s only in kindergarten. He pokes his head in the door because he knows that he’s not supposed to go in if the door is closed but he can’t help it - he misses his dad and Justy.

When he sees them looking back at him he starts laughing and runs towards them, jumping on the bed then placing kisses all over their faces. “Daddy, you are never to go away again…” Justin just looks at Brian, remembering his request for go to Europe for the summer in a year and a half; maybe Lindsay would let them take Gus.

They slowly make their way to the kitchen as Gus wants waffles with brown sugar and whipped cream. Brian has visions of Gus at two hundred pounds and asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want cereal. Justin shakes his head and says it’s okay; that it’s a special day and Gus can have anything he wants. Gus then pipes up with, “I want ice cream on my waffles…please?”

Justin rolls his eyes and says, “Gus… Brown sugar and whipped cream, no ice cream. Because that’s the way Justin likes his waffles as well. Even Brian had some waffles after much prodding from Gus and Justin, but not brown sugar or whipped cream.


After breakfast Brian has to get back to work in his office, reviewing the contracts and storyboards produced in the last week then he needs to check his writing before he gives it to Cynthia to proof read. Like a fool he goes to one of those blogs that is reviewing his latest book and links to the fangirls. “Totalbitch” is cutting his story down, saying how lame his character is and how no real stud would bottom, even if he was paralyzed.

Justin hears him complaining and says; “That’s no reason to call her a total bitch…”

“I’m not… that’s what she’s calling herself and she is…”

“Even so… small children and everything…”

“Justin you don’t understand. She was criticizing our sex life, and she’s not the only one. One called me an abomination and another said I was a sissy. Don’t these people understand what I’ve gone through? How hard I’ve worked? They’re nothing but little bitches. Let’s see something they’ve written…the nerve of them!”

“Oh God, Brian, please tell me you didn’t respond to their petty reviews with words like that; please tell me you didn’t respond at all. It’s best to ignore people like that. I mean, what would straight women know about gay men’s sex lives?”

“Apparently quite a bit, you should read these suggestions. “Don’t worry, I’m keeping a list,” he grins. “They have very vivid imaginations, if only our bodies could twist into those positions.”

“Just close your laptop; you have a meeting with Ted and Cynthia and then come to lunch…”

“Did you know they have whole websites dedicated to continuing writing our story? Something called fanfiction. I thought women liked love stories, but no, they love ones with loads of angst…”

“Just close your laptop…”

Ted sticks his head in the door and says that they’ll be meeting in Cynthia’s bedroom. “Pajama Party and my long-johns are in the laundry.”

Brian insists on walking to the next room over with his walker even if it takes him fifteen minutes. This standing, moving, balancing thing is really difficult, damn… Ted’s all over the place trying to do the right thing and not be in the way. “Theodore, have a seat and I’ll be there in a few minutes. Ten minutes, ok. Just think of it as therapy and I get the comfortable side chair.

Cynthia looks like a princess in her lace gown and night coat. “If I had known it was going to be formal I would have dressed up, your highness…”

“Brian, shut up. I’m so uncomfortable and I can’t get out of bed today.”

“How come when I said that I still had to get up…?”

“I have the financial reports for the last two quarters and next year and five-year projections.”

“Thank you, Ted. I’d like just a minute to review the stats.”

Ted and Cynthia just grin at each other. They’ve only been up and running six months and this is their first official board meeting where they can show a profit and have realistic projections for the future.

“So, I guess we need to hire a couple of more people and hand out a few bonuses. How about Sarah-Jane? Is she ready to go full-time and have we heard back from Dave Hillman. I had lunch with him before I left.”

“Yes, Dave’s on board; he’s here, working, if you want him to come down. Sarah said she’d go full-time on the first of February; she would like a couple of weeks off beforehand.”

Cynthia hands Brian a stack of about twenty CVs and says, “I’ve narrowed it down to those. I think we should interview twelve and hire four account reps.”

“I’ll review these and have Jennifer schedule the interviews. What about the art department? I think we should hire a couple more permanent employees there as well.”

“I’ll set up a meeting with Sarah-Jane and maybe they can take up some of the slack while she’s out.”

“How are the new boards for ‘Brown Athletics’ coming? Has Sarah-Jane submitted the modern designs for the women’s line yet?”

“Everything will be ready Tuesday afternoon, and Leo is scheduled to meet with you on Friday, so there’s plenty of time for changes.”

“All right, then… How’s my peanut? Or should I make that a watermelon…”

“If I could only get out of bed…” a pillow hits Brian in the side of the head.


A couple of weeks later Justin is in class; the new teacher explains that Professor Newhouse is out ill this semester so this class is now switched with next semester’s Life Drawing class. Professor Newhouse should be back by that time, so Professor Walton goes on to explain that this semester’s assignment would be to work with a partner to create a section of a mural to be designed on campus.

Then they proceed to call pre-assigned partners to work with, and of course, Justin is paired with a Terry Thompson. He meets with the teacher after class, asking if they can switch partners; that he just has a bad feeling about this. Predictably his professor thinks it’s all silly and refuses Justin’s wish.

He decides it’s best to tell Brian right away about being assigned to partner with Terry, even if this Terry did miss the first day of class. He goes into Brian’s office and finds him talking with a young blond man who is doing an internship in the art department.

“Justin, this is Sarah-Jane’s new intern. I’m sorry, what’s your name?”

“Terry, Terry Thompson, Mr. Kinney. I’ve heard so much about you and it’s a pleasure to have this opportunity to work with you.”

Justin is just standing there, staring at him as he ogles Brian, leaning towards him, practically coming on to him. He tells himself to get a grip, that he trusts Brian completely… So why is he so jealous? They’re married, right? Brian wouldn’t throw it all away for a cheap fuck, right?

“Terry, it’s so nice to meet you. You’re a student at PIFA? So am I. I think we might have a class or two together this semester.”

“Really? I had to skip classes today with the internship.”

“What! No, your school comes first, the internship hours need to be worked around your school schedule,” says Brian.

“My experience here is more important, Mr. Kinney.”

“No, I don’t believe that’s true, and I expect you to attend all your classes from now on.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What did you say your name was?”


Terry looks a little sad; he blew off classes just to spend it with the great God Kinney, and he didn’t even remember his name which he’s told him three times today.


Justin excuses himself, feeling a rush of jealousy coming over him and hopes he’s being ridiculous. But Terry follows close behind him, saying how hot he thinks Brian is and that he just knows that he’ll make it with him in no time. Justin just glares at him, thinking he’s so dense…

Justin goes to his studio to work out his jealous feelings on canvas. Shortly thereafter Terry pushes the door open and asks why he gets a huge studio and he has a small cubicle to work in. Justin’s floored that he would actually walk into a room with a closed door.

He acts like he didn’t hear him with his I-pod blasting.

“Is there something that you need? My studio is not part of Kinnetik so I would appreciate it if you’d respect the boundaries,” he says, smiling back.

“You’re not an intern?”


“I don’t understand. If you don’t work here…”

Justin wishes now that they had decided to tell everyone they were married but they didn’t. They wanted to keep it a secret so they didn’t disappoint Jennifer or Deb on missing their wedding. It’s then that Gus pushes his way past Terry, sleepily holding his arms up for Justin to pick him up. Which he does like a perfect father, holding his son and smoothing his hair after his nap.

Justin raises his eyebrows, asking if he needs something, that Kinnetik should be stocked with all the art supplies he needs and that the products in his studio were his personally and not for the company’s use. Terry notices that Justin has the very best paints and brushes and asks what makes him special.

Justin just chuckles and says, “That would be my nice round bubble butt that my partner is so fond of… You’d be amazed at what he’ll give me…”

A little while later Terry makes his way down to Brian’s office again, walking right in while Brian’s in the middle of a meeting with Em.

“I’ve changed my mind and I want us to have charcoal suits and black shirts. I’ll have a black tie and Justin, no tie.”

Brian looks up at Terry, irritated. No one, not even Justin walks into his office if the door is closed; this boy needs to learn to be professional.

“Is there something you need?”

“I just wanted to talk about my work space. It seems such a shame to waste all that space in one big room and cramp the others into two other rooms. I was hoping you would tell that blond that he has to share his space. You do want me to do my best work, right?”

“Justin’s studio isn’t part of Kinnetik and Sarah-Jane designed the space and cubicles for the staff, so I’m sure they’re sufficient for your needs as you’re only working fifteen hours a week - your school comes first.”

“So Justin and Sarah-Jane get huge studios and the other six of us have to share two rooms?”

Emmett looks at Brian who’s practically in shock; no one talks to Brian that way.

“You should be glad you’re not doing your internship with Gardner Vance; their workspaces are tiny. Now I’m in a meeting and in the future if you ever enter a room through a closed door, without knocking, you’re fired.”

Ted heard the ‘you’re fired’ and the harsh tone of Brian’s voice and knocked lightly. As the door was open he then proceeded to take Terry by the elbow and steer him out of Brian’s office. He walked him all the way back up to the third-floor art department. Along the way he explained that the house was off-limits to employees and that he needed to have an appointment to see Brian or anyone else.

Mitchell, who just started a couple of weeks ago said that he was sorry he didn’t see him leave and thought that he was in the restroom, not down in Brian’s office again. Sarah-Jane had hired two permanent staff members and four interns.

Mitchell and Susan had been lured away from other prestigious advertising firms and they thought that between them and Sarah-Jane they had picked the best interns that had applied. But now Mitchell was having second thoughts.


“Okay, now you want New York style cheesecake, regular flavor, alternating with a chocolate flavor and two extra top layers - one of each flavor to freeze for Justin because he won’t be able to wait for your anniversary.”

“Yeah, I think that’s best, don’t you? Just don’t tell him or he’ll eat all of them…”

Emmett shakes his head, “Any other changes? The wedding is only a couple of weeks away so now’s the time. Still happy with the china and linens? Let’s review. Deep purple tablecloths topped with a white tablecloth. Deep purple cloth napkins, white dinner plates and coffee cups, lavender soup bowls, salad plates and dessert plates.“

“Crystal water glasses, cocktail glasses, wine goblets and candlesticks. Deep purple candles and small lavender gift bags, filled with white Jordan almonds and lavender and deep purple M&M’s that have your names on them.”

“Are you sure we need those little candy bags?”

“Yes, Brian. Everyone has some sort of party favors at the table…”

“All right, fine. So far, so good.”

“Birds of Paradise in tall white vases on each table. The dinner menu is: shrimp cocktail, white corn chowder, orange sorbet to cleanse the pallet. Then the main course of filet mignon and lobster tails with drawn butter, French bread, caramelized carrots and Yukon gold potatoes finishing with an endive salad and much later the cheesecake and fancy teas and coffees, lattés and cappuccinos…

“I’m pretty sure I’ll explode before dessert, Em…”

“You wanted formal…”

“Now, I’ve ordered two cases each of these three champagnes. Only the best, of course. Now, how many cases of red and white wine and whiskey, vodka, gin etc do you think we’ll need?”

“Geez, Em, you’re the pro and we invited all of Babylon, or so it seems…”


Terry decides to talk to Mitchell about the space issue, saying how unfair it is that they have to share space while Justin and Sarah-Jane don’t.

“First of all, Sarah-Jane is our boss and their rooms are smaller than mine and Susan, you and the other interns have to share our studio space. But no need to worry - your internship is only for ten weeks so you’ll be gone before you know it… Before Brian and Justin return from their honeymoon and yes, he did mean partners in “that” way…”

“I…I didn’t know.”

“Obviously, but you need to learn how to handle yourself professionally or you won’t last the ten weeks.”


Justin is finishing up his painting for his homework assignment in his Modern Art class and Gus is still painting wildly in the nude. Justin decides to sketch him as he wants to avoid the art department staff and Brian right now. He’s angry but unsure if it’s warranted. Maybe Terry’s alright - just an idiot and he’s reading things from his dream into this when they don’t exist.

It’s just that he seemed so arrogant. Even if he was just a fellow intern, he shouldn’t have treated them that way. Gus is covered from head to toe with paint and his watercolors are a sea of rainbows. He tells Justin he’s making Grandma Deb rainbow flags for Pride. Justin just smiles - he’s always so proud of him. He takes him into the bathroom and starts the shower and washes his hair with baby shampoo.

While he’s stepped out Terry couldn’t help wandering into Justin’s studio again, not just admiring the space, lighting and the view but also admiring Justin’s talent. He was totally blown away with how talented he was and can’t help opening his storage cabinet, looking through the dried canvases that were stored away.

Justin hears someone in the cabinet and calls to them. He doesn’t want to leave Gus unattended in the shower; he thinks he’s still too young. He tries to look through the door cracks to see but he just knows it’s Terry. He tries to calm himself and not lose it, be the bigger man and not the jealous housewife. His hand is cramping from the tension.


“Don’t you want to talk about it?”

“No, let’s just go to sleep…”

“Come on, you know you do… Besides, if you talk about it then we can fuck…”


“What? I’ll start… Terry’s a total asshole…”



“He was in my studio, going through my things, I think. Someone was and I don’t think it was Mitchell and no one else was here today.”

“I’ll fire him.”


“Why not?”

“Because I still have to be partners with him doing the mural. I have to draw him…The mural represents our class. Part of the assignment is to get to know him personally and then paint my impression of him, incorporating his personality. He missed the assignment today. He has to do me, so we will have to get to know each other and maybe him being here is a good thing, as opposed to me and him hanging out some place else.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

Justin almost laughs and he thought he was being the jealous housewife.

“It means, let’s cut the guy some slack and get to know him. Maybe he’s not a bad guy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get in your pants?”

“My pants? I’m pretty sure it’s your pants he’s cruising.”

Total jealous housewife mode… interesting…

“Come here, big guy. I was just feeling stressed. You know just how to help me relax…”

Brian captures Justin’s lips in his and they share sweet kisses that slowly turn more passionate. Justin climbs into Brian’s lap and crawls up his torso, rubbing his body against Brian’s, eliciting moans from each other. Brian’s feeling stronger all the time and he instinctually flips Justin onto his back in one motion and is on top of him, feeling heady and excited.

Justin just grins. It’s been over two years since Brian’s been dominant with him in a predatory sort of way. Yeah, a tiny bit of jealousy isn’t such a bad thing. It’s just funny because he was jealous himself, which he now knows he doesn’t need to be. ‘That’ Brian really is in the past. What’s left is a man who’s willing to show his feelings: that he’s vulnerable at heart and needs to know you’re all his.

Justin’s POV

He licks and kisses his way down my chest, tickling me as he goes. His day’s beard growth is just rough enough that it sends trails of sensations through my body as he approaches my bush. I get even harder than I was, just feeling his breath near my base. My slit is oozing with anticipation and I’m going crazy. He loves to tease me and I admit I love it too, but I’m out of practice and I need him badly.

But I dare not beg. I know his games way too well and I want that big prick of his as soon as possible. He lifts my feet to his shoulders and pulls me close. I feel his warm wet tongue starting at my perineum, licking back to my rosebud and dipping his tongue in, swirling around and loosening me up.

It feels so wonderful. I loved rimming right from that very first night; it may have been the rimming that sealed my heart with his. Well, and the fucking, kissing and all those special places he needed to mark me, claim me in ways he never did with other men. I was never just another man - I knew that the first night.

I remember the second time I went to his place unannounced. He was waiting for Mr. Goodfuck; that was the first time he broke one of his precious rules for me. He went after me as I ran away to Daphne’s car. He tried to tell me that he didn’t do relationships. But it was too late. We were already drowning in the sea of love - we just didn’t know it then.

The next night I was so depressed that Daphne convinced me that she would go with me back to Babylon to show Brian I could get someone new. And boy, did I! I slipped onto the dance floor, shirtless and took away both the hotties he was dancing with. Then he claimed me as his, right there in the middle of Babylon for Michael and everyone else to see.

That night he took me home with him for a second time and broke another one of his rules; never sleep with the same guy twice… He broke that one four or five nights a week, right from the beginning. He just had a handful of appetizers before he had his main course…ME. I always thought he was the one with all the power in our relationship, but now I understand I may have had some of that power and not realized it.

I pushed and pushed my way into his heart but the truth is I was already there. He just never told me, but he knew.

“Oh God, yes!!!”

I spread my legs even further apart, arching my back as he slips his tongue into me further, circling inside me, driving me crazy with need.

“Brian, Brian, Brian…”

I’m working my cock frantically, getting so close to coming when I feel him take over for me. He licks his way up my cock and by the time he reaches my pink head he starts sucking me and taking me down his throat. I can’t hold back as I shoot, poking into the side of his cheeks and down his throat again and again. I love the feeling of my ridge playing across his warm wet lips, so silky, so similar to being raw and I know what comes next.

“Such a horny boy…”

I can barely catch my breath as he’s positioned himself at my entrance, ready to take me. He slides deep inside and waits for me to adjust, nibbling on my neck, kissing me passionately, whispering sweet words of love and desire. Once he’s sure I’m open, he leans down and starts pumping himself into me while pushing my legs back over my head, giving him a nice deep fuck just like he’s missed for so long.

I’m filled with tremors of pleasure as he increases his thrusts, pushing and pulling me along with him as we ride this wave, cresting with euphoria. We’re both right there as we try and prolong the inevitable, surfing the tide that’s about to wash over us. We hold each other tight as we feel our orgasm rattle through us as we’re satiated, just knowing we’re right where we belong.

We lie there, covered in sweat and cum, sticking to one another, when there’s a knock on our bedroom door. We can’t imagine that anyone in their right mind would interrupt us right now. I pull the duvet up over us and say, “Come in.”

Marco enters and tells us that it’s Cynthia: that her water broke; that she’s bleeding and the ambulance is on the way…


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