What is a Round Robin Story? by Vic1

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A Round Robin is a story/universe started by one author that gives permission for other authors to write subsequent chapters in that universe. You may add content to the story according to the originating author or authors' specifications/rules.

You may start your own Round Robin and create your own universe, specifications and/or rules.

This is a great opportunity for new authors to post for the first time and not commit to a longer work of their own.

The Administration of Kinnetik Dreams hopes you enjoy this feature and have a lot of fun participating. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Submission Suggestions for Round Robin

  • If you are the originating author(s) you need to establish the guidelines for subsequent authors to follow. These are not hard and fast rules. They can be as specific/nonspecific as you like. The guidelines are up to you.
  •  For example:   
    • Is it canon or otherwise?
    • What time frame are you using?
    • Which characters are allowed/not allowed?
    • Do you have a theme you want followed?
    • How many days do other authors have to post?
    • How do you want to have other authors submit their work?
    • Do you want other writers to send their submissions to you in a Word document, email, or some other form?
    • Do you want them to communicate with you at all?
    • Do you want them to contact you first?
    • Is there a specific rating you are trying to keep?
    • Are you wanting subsequent chapters to follow chronologically?
  • Keep in mind that the less restrictions you place, the more creative other authors are allowed to be.
  • If you are wanting to contribute to an existing Round Robin, please make sure that you read the established guidelines carefully before posting, then re-read your submission to make sure you complied. Please make sure you add your pen name to the chapter(s) you submitted.


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