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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm really sorry for the long wait, but I needed to take a break from this story. And once again I ask you to be patient, we are getting really close to finding out what exactly happened that day... actually this chapter contains the moments just before the tragedy... it's just them being happy and not knowing what's about to happen... :(

(Pittsburgh, Friday, May 24, 2013 - past)

"Hey sleepyhead," Brian grinned from ear to ear, leaning against the doorframe and holding a mug in his hands. "I made you coffee," he said before slowly walking over to him.

"Mmhmm," Justin smiled sweetly from the bed. Seeing the excitement on Brian's face knowing he would soon see his son was the best thing he could have woken up to. "You're the best."

"Oh, I know," the brunet said smugly.

"And very confident," Justin let out a chuckle.

Brian shrugged and handed him the mug before leaning down to finally kiss him. "But you love that about me," he murmured playfully against his lips.

And Justin could only agree. Brian's confidence was sexy as hell. So sexy, he could feel his dick harden.

"Um, not that I'm complaining," Justin said. "But aren't you late for work? I mean, you're not even dressed."

"I'm not going. Ted and Cynthia can handle it. Today I'm yours and Gus's."

"Wait, really?" Justin got immediately excited.

"Uh-hmm," Brian rolled his lips into his mouth, looking at Justin with lust in his eyes.

"Well, in that case, I'm definitely not complaining," Justin placed the mug on the nightstand and pulled Brian closer for a hungry kiss, running his fingers through the brunet's hair.

"I see I should stay home more often," Brian breathed heavily.

"You know I want nothing more."

Brian nodded and took a deep breath before resting his forehead against Justin's, they immediately closed their eyes, breathing slowly and just enjoying the moment. Even though things hadn't been easy between them lately, it didn't change the fact that they had a very deep connection - a connection that they had from the very beginning and that only grew stronger over the years. That's why they knew that no matter what, they would always find their way back to each other.

"Justin," Brian whispered.


"Um, I just... there's something I need to tell you..."

"What?" Justin arched his brows.

"Well, I..."

Whatever Brian wanted to say, the ringing phone stopped him. Justin was frustrated because he felt like this was one of those times when Brian really wanted to be honest with him about something, but as usual they got interrupted.

"Who was that?" Justin asked as Brian hung up.

"Ted. He was just looking for some papers and wanted to know where I put them."


"Anyway, where were we?" Brian asked, giving him a seductive look.

"I think you wanted to tell me something," Justin looked at him hopefully.

"Really? Um, I don't even remember. Guess it was nothing," he shrugged his shoulders casually and was already pulling Justin in for another kiss.

Justin knew it was something, but whatever it was... he could only guess.


"Oh, that must be them!" Justin said excitedly as the doorbell rang but he was really frustrated that he couldn't open the door himself. He just couldn't wait to see Gus (and of course Lindsay). But luckily, Brian wasted no time and Justin could soon hear Gus laughing. It was truly music to his ears. But it seemed like forever before the three of them finally appeared in the living room.

"I was worried you'd keep me waiting all day," he said, trying to sound hurt.

"Uncle Justin!" Gus immediately started running towards him, obviously very happy to see him.

"Gus, be careful!" Brian yelled to stop him from jumping on Justin eagerly and especially to prevent further damage to his leg.

"Oh, sorry!" thankfully, he stopped himself in time and gave him a careful hug instead. "Can I draw something on your cast later?" he asked excitedly.

"You bet. We'll make it the coolest cast in the world," Justin promised.


"It's so good to see you, Justin," Lindsay leaned down to kiss his cheek.

"You too, Linds," he smiled.

"Do you want anything? Coffee, tea... water?" Brian asked her.

"Unfortunately, nothing. I have to head back."

"Now?" Justin was disappointed. "You just got here."

"Yeah, well, J.R. is having a sleepover at her friend's house tonight, and since Gus is going to be here with you, Melanie and I finally have some time to ourselves, so we want to take advantage of that."

"In other words - you want to go down on each other?" Brian let out a laugh. "Just don't broke the bed."

"Brian," Justin rolled his eyes. "Well, I hope you're going to have a great time," he smiled at her.

"Thanks, honey," she smiled back. "Gus, be good to your dad and Uncle Justin, okay?"

"Sure, mom," Gus nodded.

"I'll pick you up on Sunday around noon."

"Mhm," he replied absently, already planning what he was going to draw on Justin's cast.

"Enjoy," Lindsay mouthed looking at Brian and Justin before she left.

"So, Gus, what would you like to do?" Brian asked, grinning, but the moment he saw Gus' expression he knew it was going to be something he wasn't going to like one bit.


"God, this is going to kill me. How the hell am I supposed to make a word out of these letters?" Brian sighed really annoyed.

And Gus immediately burst out laughing because he was obviously really enjoying that he could drive his dad crazy and Justin was enjoying it just as much. Board games weren't exactly Brian's thing and it wasn't easy at all to talk him into Scrabble, but when Gus wanted something, it wasn't exactly easy to say no to him either. Especially when Brian wanted to make his son happy more than anything else. But he really wasn't enjoying the fact that his 13-year-old son seemed to be totally crushing him in it.

"I can help if you want," Justin offered when he saw how desperate Brian looked.

"That's cheating!" Gus shouted immediately.

"Or not," Justin laughed.

And Brian instantly grunted, running a hand over his face and really praying that someone would come to his rescue soon. But it took another half hour before they finally finished the game and of course Gus beat them both. Brian then made a mental note that even if they tortured him, he would never agree to play again... in fact, he would burn the game in the fireplace just to be sure, so they would never even think about it again. They were both having too much fun at his expense, but that was the end of it.

"So what now young man?" Brian asked, already dreading the answer.

"Ummm... I'd like to watch a movie!"

"Mhm. That sounds fun," Brian nodded.

"Yeah, I actually saw a really good comedy a few days ago and had a great laugh so…" Justin said but was cut off by Gus.

"I want a horror movie!"

Brian immediately froze. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Horror movie!"

"Absolutely not," Brian said firmly, shaking his head.

"Come on Dad! I'm 13, I'm not a little kid anymore," he threw up his hands.

"Gus, if you don't want your mothers to castrate me..."

"Brian!" Justin shouted.

"Castr-what?" Gus looked at his dad confused.

"Nothing. But we're definitely not going to watch a horror movie tonight. In a few years? Maybe."

"I've seen a few before and it's not that bad. I mean, it was bloody and stuff, but I didn't even have a bad dream," Gus shrugged his shoulders casually.

"Really?" Justin arched his brows in surprise.

"Yeah, with my best friend Scott Andrews… he stole them from his parents," he explained, looking almost proud.

"I think I'm going to have to talk to his parents," Brian said through gritted teeth.


Justin had to laugh, not only did he know all too well what it was like to be a curious 13-year-old doing things behind his parents' backs, but seeing how Brian was acting over something that he would otherwise find totally stupid because this was his Sonny boy made him completely melt.

"Please don't tell moms," Gus basically begged him with puppy dog eyes. "Or they'll never let me sleep over at Scott's again."

"Don't worry Gus, I'll make sure he keeps his mouth shut," Justin gave Brian a look that made it clear he was going to punish him otherwise. "But we'll save the horror movies for when you're, let's say, fifteen, okay?"

"Sixteen," Brian corrected him.

"But," Gus started, but then he noticed the look of determination on Brian's face and gave up. "Fine," he said, but he wasn't the least bit excited about it. "Can we at least watch that comedy, Uncle Justin?"

"Sure thing," Justin smiled.

And while Gus seemed to be totally disappointed at first to have to watch some "lame" comedy instead of a horror movie, he ended up absolutely loving it. He laughed so hard his belly and cheeks hurt. Actually, they all did. Gus's laugh was simply contagious. And Brian and Justin couldn't help but exchange glances full of love and happiness every now and then. Brian's gratitude to Justin was almost palpable. And Justin just loved seeing Brian happy.

When the movie ended, Gus literally begged them to watch another one, but since he should have been in bed an hour ago, they had to say no, even though Brian almost gave in because seeing the excitement on his son's face was something he really enjoyed.

"I feel like he's growing up right before my eyes," Brian said when they were finally in bed as well.

"Yeah, I know," Justin sighed. "I think he'll be as tall as you. Plus he looks so much like you. I think girls and boys will be lining up for him," Justin chuckled.

"What can I say - I have great genes," Brian smiled proudly.

"Of course," the blond let out a laugh.

"But whoever this Scott Andrews is, I want his head."

"Come on, you act like you didn't do things like that when you were his age."

"At his age I didn't have time to do stupid shit because I was too busy waiting for my dad to come home from the pub and start looking for reasons to hit me."

"Which is exactly why you should be glad Gus only watches horror movies."

Brian nodded in agreement, it was definitely better that his son was only watching horror movies and not living in one like he did when he was a kid.

"I think you should take him out tomorrow. Do something fun and just catch up, you know," Justin suggested.

"You know you can't walk, right?"

"I meant just the two of you. You deserve some time together."

"I won't leave you here alone."

"I won't be alone, Daphne will be here."

"Oh right, Daphne - my replacement," Brian rolled his eyes.

"You know you can never be replaced, right?" Justin bit his lip, smiling.

"Well, I certainly hope so, but I feel like if she had a dick, I'd probably be long gone…"

"Hmm, I hadn't thought about that," Justin rubbed his chin.

"Hey!" Brian slapped his ass. "You belong to me and only me."

"Of course," Justin brushed his nose against his and kissed him. "But you really should spend some time with Gus. Make some new memories together, you know."

"And you won't be sad that you can't come with us?"

"Well, I'll miss you both terribly. But I'll be fine, I promise," Justin assured him.

Brian bit his lip, thinking about it for a moment, but finally agreed. "Okay then."

Justin smiled, not only did he really want Brian to spend some quality time with his son, but he also needed them both out of the house so he and Daphne could get everything ready for their date. And he really couldn't wait, hoping that everything would go according to plan.


(Pittsburgh, Saturday, May 25, 2013 - past)

Justin and Brian were still in bed enjoying each other's company when the door to their bedroom suddenly opened and Gus turned the peaceful morning into a battlefield as he jumped onto their bed and began repeatedly hitting them with a pillow while laughing uncontrollably. And since Gus knew he had to be really careful with Justin because of his leg, it was Brian who was the main target. But of course Brian didn't hesitate and took his own pillow, immediately fighting back. And soon the three of them were just collapsed on the bed, laughing and trying to catch their breath. However, Gus needed much less time to recover than Brian and Justin, and while he was back on his feet already, they were still searching for their lungs.

"Come on, you old men! It's time to get up!"

Brian and Justin immediately looked at each other in shock and then back at Gus who just couldn't stop laughing. Did he really just call them old?

"That kid is going to kill us," Brian breathed out in frustration.

"We're not the youngest anymore, let's face it," Justin sighed, still panting.

"No, no, no. We're still young and we're still beautiful," Brian protested immediately.

"Of course," Justin chuckled and kissed him.

"Eww," Gus made gagging sounds, making Brian and Justin laugh.

"How about you go to the kitchen and pour us all some orange juice while I help Uncle Justin downstairs?"

"Sure," Gus didn't hesitate for a second and was already running there.

"He's definitely your son," Justin laughed.

"Yeah," Brian smiled. "I just wish I could be in his life more."

"I know," Justin stroked his hair. "Maybe we could talk to the girls and figure something out..."

"Yeah, maybe," Brian nodded and kissed him again. "Now let's get you downstairs, honey," he grinned.

"Yes, dear," Justin grinned back and Brian took him carefully in his arms and together they headed to the kitchen where Gus was eagerly waiting for them and to their surprise he already had all the ingredients necessary for French toast ready on the kitchen counter. "Guess we're having a French toast," Justin laughed.

"Guess so," Brian nodded and Gus flashed them a big smile.

And since Justin was pretty much useless in the kitchen at the moment, it was up to Brian to take over and he certainly couldn't hide his annoyance as he was definitely no chef when it came to cooking, but luckily with Gus's help the toasts ended up being actually really good. Which of course made Brian smug as hell. And Justin and Gus couldn't stop laughing about it.

"Gus, how about we stop by at Uncle Mike's comic book store today?" Brian asked.

"Yeah!" Gus's eyes immediately lit up.

"And then we can get some ice cream and do something fun… well, only if you want, of course."

"Yeah, I do!" he was grinning from ear to ear. "But what about Uncle Justin?" he looked at Justin's leg. "Are you going to carry him all day?"

Justin and Brian immediately laughed.

"No," Brian shook his head. "Or… if he wants to, I suppose I could," he glanced at Justin, rolling his lips in.

"Thank you for the offer," the blond chuckled. "But no, you and your dad deserve to spend some time together, just the two of you, you know," he smiled at Gus. "And I have some work to do."

"Work?" Brian wondered. "What work?"

"That's a surprise," he winked at him making Brian frown. "All I can tell you is that you should do everything you can to make Gus so tired that he'll go straight to bed when you get back," he whispered close to his ear, his voice sounding playful.

"Um," Brian swallowed hard, liking the sound of that. "I'll do my best," he whispered back, biting his lip. He didn't know what Justin was planning, but he already had a feeling he was going to like it.

Since Michael's store didn't open until noon, Brian and Gus had some time and of course Gus took advantage of that to finally draw on Justin's cast and as it turned out he was actually pretty good at it which really excited Justin. Gus was too young to know what he wanted in life, but if he ever decided he wanted to be an artist like Justin, he would definitely help him with it.

"Ok, time to get dressed," Brian said.

"Already?" Gus sounded a little disappointed as he tried to concentrate on drawing Spiderman - his favorite superhero.

"Don't worry Gus, you can finish it later," Justin assured him.

Gus sighed softly but finally did as he was told and ran to his room to get dressed. And while Brian was waiting for him, he decided to do something completely ridiculously romantic.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked amused as Brian took the red marker from the table and sat next to his broken leg.

"I'm just doodling," Brian smiled, but made sure Justin couldn't see what he was doing until it was finished, which was basically 30 seconds later.

"Brian," Justin laughed when he saw it. It was a heart with 'B+J forever' in the middle.

"What? I mean, I know I'm no Picasso, but it can't be that bad."

"It's not," Justin smiled. "I just never thought I'd live to see you do something so..."



"Well, I'm full of surprises."

"I'm sure you are," Justin laughed and leaned in to kiss him. But unfortunately their moment was cut short when they heard the door open as Daphne had finally arrived. But of course that still didn't stop them from making out.

"Thank God I have the key, otherwise I'd probably be standing outside all day," she complained.

"We'd definitely let you in eventually," Justin laughed.

"Or not," Brian shrugged, smirking.

"Nice to see you too, Brian," she glared at him. "Gus! Oh my god, you're so big!" she exclaimed as the boy entered the living room. "I mean, you were so tiny just a minute ago," Daphne mimicked the size of a baby with her hands, making Gus laugh. "Ugh, time flies."

"It sure does," Brian agreed sadly. "Ready to go, Gus?"


"Ok. You two - behave," he looked at Daphne and Justin, warning them.

"Come on Brian, you're acting like you don't know us “ we're total sweethearts," Daphne giggled.

"Just make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. If he tries to walk or anything, nail his ass to that wheelchair."

Justin cleared his throat. "You do realize I'm right here, right?"

"Yes. That's why I know you heard me perfectly and won't do anything stupid," Brian smiled at him with his brows up.

"Don't worry Brian, I'll take care of him," Daphne promised.

"I'm counting on that," he told her before turning to Justin and leaning down. "Just don't break anything else," he pressed his lips to his and kissed him gently.

"I promise," Justin whispered before letting himself be kissed again.

And it was only thanks to Daphne clearing her throat and reminding them of her and Gus's existence that they stopped. After that, Brian and Gus finally set off on their adventure and Justin and Daphne began theirs. Justin wanted the best night with Brian and that just wasn't going to happen without Jambalaya (that Brian loved), which Daphne had never made in her life and Justin could only guide her... so yeah, the fun could begin. But anything to make this night worth it...


"This is going to be a disaster," Justin hung his head and covered his face with his hands to avoid seeing the mess on the kitchen counter.

"I'd say it's going pretty well," Daphne replied, though not quite convincingly, but rather desperately.

"So why does it smell like something is burning in here?"

"What? No! Shit!" Daphne hurried to the oven and took out what was supposed to be dessert. Well, not anymore.

"Like I said - disaster," Justin would have laughed if he didn't know that Brian definitely had expectations for tonight… but so far it looked like all he was going to get was a bad tasting Jambalaya, a burnt dessert and a nervous Justin.

"Well, if I cut the burned parts off, he won't even know it was ever burned," Daphne smiled at him hopefully, but she couldn't hide the horror in her eyes.

"Oh yeah? And how much is left when you cut off the burnt parts?"

"Uh-huh," Daphne cleared her throat. "Okay, so how about I put a lot of cream on it to kill the burnt taste?"

"Which cream exactly? The one we haven't even started making yet? Because I'm pretty sure Brian and Gus will be here soon… and unless you've got some miracle hidden up your ass, I have no idea how we're going to make it in time…"

"Well, maybe if you didn't just sit there and actually helped me."

"You do realize I'm in a wheelchair, right?" Justin raised his eyebrows in amusement.

"Thank God you told me. Otherwise I wouldn't have noticed," Daphne stuck her tongue out at him. "But that doesn't mean you can't help. Here, you can start making the cream," she handed him a bowl and all the necessary ingredients and tools.

Justin studied her for a moment, but then he just laughed and nodded in agreement. While it wasn't exactly an easy task considering he couldn't quite reach the kitchen counter and making the cream on his lap was a complete mess, it was definitely better than just sitting and watching Daphne helplessly.

"See, I told you it was going to be okay," Daphne said when the food was finally and miraculously ready.

"Yeah, assuming Brian loses his taste buds, it might actually turn out pretty well," he teased her with a smile.

"You're such a funny guy," she frowned. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to set the table for your romantic date."

"Uh, what exactly do you mean?" Justin wondered.

"That's a surprise," she winked at him.

"Just don't overdo it. You know how Brian is."

"Trust me, he's going to love it."

Yeah, Justin certainly hoped so. After everything they'd been through lately, he really wanted this night to be perfect. And even though Daphne really did go a little overboard, Justin was ultimately impressed with what she was able to do in such a short amount of time.

"Daphne… this is amazing," he breathed.

"Oh, I know," she smugly agreed. "You have the music ready, of course I didn't forget to add your prom song," Daphne smiled. "You also have a small snack on the coffee table so you have something to eat while you watch the movie..."

"Wait, we're going to watch a movie?"

"It's a date night! Couples watch movies," she said in her duh voice.

"Well, our "dates" usually start and end with our pants wrapped around our ankles so..."

"Luckily you have a broken leg and you can finally enjoy a proper date," she chuckled. "So you have a few movies on the flash drive to choose from."

"Daphne, if there's one thing I'll never force Brian to do, it's watch a romantic movie."

"Who said anything about romantic movies?" she arched her brows. "They're horror movies, so you can snuggle up really close. And I personally recommend Insidious. It's fucking scary."

"Oh," Justin laughed. "Just please, don't mention this in front of Gus or he's going to join us."

"Oh, right," she giggled as she remembered Justin telling her about it. "Although I don't really know what the problem is. I mean, he's 13 and it's just horror movies. I'd say kids his age do a lot worse than that… it's definitely better than drugs and booze."

"Yeah, well, I don't think Brian really has a problem with it, he's just having a really hard time accepting that his little boy isn't so little anymore. Especially when he doesn't see him as much as he'd like, so he feels like he's missing out."

"That's hard."

"Yeah," Justin sighed. "But we both really hope that things will change and we'll see him more often."

"I hope so too," she smiled and squeezed his shoulder.

"Thanks Daphne. And I mean for everything, you really are the best friend in the whole world."

"Thank me tomorrow… after the best date of your life," she giggled. "Oh, the candles! I should light them before I forget."

"You really didn't hold back, did you?" he chuckled. "Well, let's hope Brian doesn't run away screaming when he sees this. You know romance isn't exactly his thing."

"Yeah, I know. But I also know that he's a guy who loves you, so he'll put up with some ridiculous romance and some candles."

The moment she finished that sentence, they could both hear the front door open and Justin's heart immediately sank. He was about to have a date with his own husband and he was nervous as hell. It was pathetic. But he loved him so much and just wanted everything to be perfect.

"Oh, here we go," Daphne clapped her hands enthusiastically, almost as if it was her date.

And Justin swallowed hard, waiting for the two to come into the living room. "I hope you had a-" Justin trailed off when he saw Brian holding a sleeping Gus in his arms. "great time," he finished quietly with a smile. "I see you've worn him out."

"He fell asleep in the car on the way back, which really surprised me because even before we got in he had so much energy and wanted to do so many things that I considered leaving him somewhere on purpose," Brian laughed, but tried to speak quietly so he wouldn't wake up Gus. "I'll take him upstairs."

Justin couldn't help but laugh a little, because Brian obviously really did his best to get Gus straight to bed. Then he basically drooled after him as he walked up the stairs, he just couldn't shake that stupid smile off his face whenever he saw Brian with Gus… it was simply a really beautiful sight. Brian loved that boy very much. And he loved them both as much.

Daphne quickly used the time to light the candles and make the final necessary adjustments. Justin didn't know what he would do without her… she was the reason tonight could be special and thanks to that Justin could at least make up for his horrible behavior.

"So everything is set… and the rest is up to you two," she informed him with a smile from ear to ear.

"I owe you Daph. Big time."

"Well, I already have some ideas on how you can thank me later," she laughed.

"Anything for you. I mean unless you want me to murder someone because that would be a no."

"Damn. You're a buzzkill."

"Sorry," he mouthed.

"Just remember to call me tomorrow… I want to hear every little detail."

"Don't worry, I'll give you a full report as soon as I can," he promised her.

"Can't wait," she rolled her lips into her mouth, smiling like an idiot. And then they both heard Brian's slowly approaching footsteps, instantly making Justin's heart race. "Guess it's time for me to go."

"Ugh," Justin grunted. "I'm kind of starting to wish you'd stay here and help me with the rest of the night too," he chuckled.

"Justin, are you inviting me to a threesome?" she gasped, holding back her laugh.

"Okay, I take it back," Daphne immediately let out a disappointed sigh. "Find your own husband. This one is mine," he emphasized the word mine.

"Does he have a secret brother by any chance?" she whispered.

"Sorry, just a sister and she's a real bitch," he whispered back.

"Oh, I know," Daphne nodded, remembering all the horror details she had heard about her. Then she bent down to hug him. "Enjoy your hot date," she winked at him and finally left.

Justin chuckled to himself, but before he knew it, Brian was suddenly standing right in front of him.

"He was clinging to my shirt, I couldn't…" Brian trailed off as he finally saw everything Justin and Daphne had been preparing all day. "Wow," he stood completely stunned, clearly struggling for words. "This is..."

"It's too much, isn't it?" Justin bit his lip nervously. "I mean, I know you don't really like these things but… Daphne helped me… well I helped her actually… or you could say I just sat and watched her but with a broken leg there wasn't much I could do… so of course Daphne took advantage of that and did this for us… I told her not to overdo it but… you know her and…" Justin stopped babbling when he suddenly noticed how amused Brian was looking at him.

"So this is what you two were up to?"

"Well… I wanted to do something special for you. I know it hasn't been easy lately, especially since I broke my stupid leg… and the way I acted a few days ago was just awful... so I just wanted to apologize and…" Justin stopped again, realizing he was talking too much.

"Are you done?" Brian laughed.

"Yeah," Justin breathed a chuckle.

"Good," Brian walked over to him and bent down to meet his eyes. "Because I think it's perfect," he pressed his lips against his for a sweet kiss. "But you really didn't have to do this."

"Yes, I did," Justin replied firmly. "So I could show you how much I love you and how sorry I am for acting like a complete asshole."

"Justin, I'd say you've had your fair share of "fun" with me over the years, especially in the beginning... so let me handle something from you now, okay? I'm a big boy and your big mouth and moodiness aren't the worst things in the world..."

Justin chuckled. "My big mouth, huh?"

Brian smirked and showed him that even though his mouth sometimes said the wrong thing, he still loved to kiss it - very much.

"So what's for dinner?" he asked right after.

"Jambalaya," Justin rolled his lips in.

"I was so hoping you would say that."

"Well, don't get too excited yet… we might end up in the ER with some food poisoning."


Justin didn't say anything and instead just laughed, but he really hoped they didn't have to worry about that. They then sat down at the table and started their meal together with some red wine. It didn't taste like Justin's Jambalaya, but surprisingly, it wasn't a total disaster after all, quite the opposite actually. They had to be more careful with the dessert, but once they managed to get rid of the burnt parts, the taste was really delicious.

"Well… I think Daphne did a pretty good job except for those few, um, imperfections," Brian laughed. "But I'm already looking forward to Jambalaya from you," he smiled at him.

"Yeah, it turned out better than I expected. But don't worry, I promise as soon as I can stand on my feet, I'll make you the best Jambalaya in the world."

"Can't wait," Brian took Justin's hand in his. "You two are really crazy, you know that?"

"Friends for over fifteen years, what else would you expect," he chuckled.

"Right," Brian nodded in agreement.

"And the best part is yet to come."

"What do you mean?"

Justin rolled his lips in, beaming. "Yeah, she prepared everything for us. And I mean everything - music, snacks, movies - she recommends Insidious by the way."

"Is that a new sex position?" Brian huffed a laugh.

"I think we're going to wish that."

Sitting in front of the TV half an hour later, Justin was really trying his best to feel safe in Brian's arms, snuggling as close to him as possible... unlike Gus, he really hated horror movies especially the ones with ghosts and every time there was a jump scare, he wasn't far from crapping his pants.

"Oh fuck! Jesus Christ!" Justin screamed again, quickly covering his eyes. "Remind me tomorrow to kill Daphne for making me go through this," he squeezed Brian's hand even tighter. "But I have to admit that the actor is really hot."

"Excuse me?" Brian shot him a look, arching his brows. "You're only supposed to have eyes for me today."

"I always only have eyes for you," he gave him his brightest smile.

"Good boy," Brian smirked and kissed him hard.

"Damn," Justin breathed, resting his forehead against Brian's.

Then they basically spent the rest of the movie making out, which was a really great distraction for Justin because he really didn't want to continue watching it, and even if he did, kissing Brian was just better overall.

"Oh thank god," Justin breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the closing credits on the TV.

And Brian immediately burst out laughing. "I can't believe our 13 year old son is braver than you."

"Our?" Justin was surprised by that. Of course, he saw himself as more than Gus's uncle for a really long time, but he and Brian never talked about it.

Brian was quiet for a moment, but then a smile spread across his face. "Um, yeah. I mean, you were there when he was born, you named him, and you love him like he's your own, so yeah… our son. He already has two moms, so why the hell not two dads?"

"I like that," he smiled widely.

"Yeah, me too," Brian stroked his hair, just looking at him with so much love. "Now let's see what music Daphne has prepared for us."

"So you can dance for me?" Justin chewed on his lower lip teasingly.

"Oh, you want me to give you a striptease?"

Justin started nodding eagerly. "Mhm. That would be great. Thank you."

"You little devil," Brian let out a laugh. "But unfortunately, I'm not really feeling up to it right now… it takes preparation and stuff. So… maybe some other time?" he wrinkled up his nose.

Justin sighed, trying to look annoyed. "Ok. But soon?"

"Soon," Brian promised.

Daphne's choice of music was - let's say interesting. It definitely wasn't something they would have chosen to listen to if it was up to them, but after a few songs they got used to it and actually quite enjoyed it. Well, they mostly enjoyed each other's company (especially the kissing part), but the music was a nice bonus. It definitely set the right mood.

But then their song started playing and both of them could immediately see the change in the other's expression. That song meant so much to them, yeah, it was still painful, but they refused to let Hobbs destroy that memory for them, even if it was a vague memory to Justin, it was still a memory. A beautiful one.

"There was a time when I really thought I'd never be able to listen to this song again," Brian confessed, his voice weak and shaky like every time he talked about that night.

Justin looked up to meet his eyes, "Yeah, I know what you mean. But it was a long time ago… it doesn't matter now. We're here, we're together, and we're happy… and that's all I ever wanted."

Brian smiled and pulled him closer, pressing his forehead against Justin's. "I love you," he breathed softly.

"I love you too," Justin whispered, a smile forming on his lips.

Brian then gently kissed his temple and cheek and slowly worked his way to his lips which were already waiting for a kiss. At first he just pressed a little kiss to the corner of Justin’s mouth, but that of course quickly turned into something more heated and they both started to lose control pretty much immediately. They hadn't made love in so long and it was driving them both completely crazy.

"Okay, we need to stop," Brian quickly pulled away.

"What? No!" Justin protested. "I can feel you're hard. And so am I," he playfully licked his lips.

"Exactly! But we can't... you know we can't... I mean, your leg..."

"We'll be careful."

"No, Justin. No," Brian shook his head, but he was clearly tempted. "I don't want to hurt you..."

"You won't. We'll be extra careful. I won't even move, I promise… you'll do all the work," he chuckled.

And Brian bit his lip, just staring at him for a minute, clearly fighting the urge he was feeling and obviously trying very hard to be strong, but as much as he knew in his head that they shouldn't, his heart, and let's face it, his groin area, were much stronger than he was at that moment.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked confused as Brian suddenly stood up.

"What do you think?" Brian smiled. "I'm taking you to bed," with that he carefully scooped him up in his arms, holding him high against his chest and carried him into the bedroom where he laid him on the bed. "Promise you won't move?" he asked to make sure.

"I won't move," Justin nodded. "At least not too crazy," he rolled his lips into his mouth and smiled, hoping he hadn't changed Brian's mind by saying it.

Brian leaned closer to his face so Justin could feel his hot breath on his lips, "Not at all," he warned him and with that he captured Justin's bottom lip between his and bit it gently before kissing him passionately.

"I'll definitely do my best," Justin breathed heavily between kisses, pulling him closer and feeling how hard Brian was. "God, I need you so much," he moaned, his own cock already throbbing in his sweatpants. "So, so much."

Brian breathed a chuckle, pulling Justin's shirt over his head and started kissing his neck gently. He licked and nibbled the sensitive skin right below his ear and slowly moved to his jugular, sending shivers down Justin's spine. His hand rubbed his chest soothingly, brushing over his hard and sensitive nipples before he let his hand fall to the bulge in his sweatpants. He looked at Justin's face and enjoyed seeing how much he was craving his touch.

"God, Brian," Justin breathed. "Stop torturing me."

Brian let out a laugh and finally slid his hand inside Justin's sweatpants and wrapped his fingers around his amazing cock. The blond's eyes instantly rolled back in his head. "Better?" he asked teasingly.

Justin couldn't even speak and just nodded with a smile as Brian's hand worked on his swollen cock. And soon, Brian began to drag his tongue down his neck, chest and accross his stomach, causing Justin's heart rate to quicken immediately. He stopped right above his pants and looked up to meet Justin's eyes, his lips were slightly parted and he was breathing heavily as he waited for Brian's mouth to finally touch his cock.

Brian took a firm hold of the waistband and began to pull his pants down slowly so he could slip them under Justin's butt. When he got to the cast he was really careful with the pulling and then he quickly slide them over his feet.

Justin's cock was already leaking and pointing straight up to his belly. Brian squeezed the root firmly and began moving his hand up and down, using the preecum as a lube. Then he finally wrapped his mouth around the tip, playing with it real slow, just teasing him, licking and sucking. He could hear Justin gasping and moaning above him while running his hand roughly through Brian's hair.

"Fuck, Brian..." Justin exhaled heavily, trying very hard not to move.

Brian smiled and started taking Justin deeper and deeper. He really missed that taste. And he definitely missed seeing Justin like this. Then the head of his cock hit the back of his throat and it made Brian gag immediately, but he quickly got used to it. Justin's whole body was shaking and loud moans were escaping his lips.

But when he saw and especially felt that Justin was getting dangerously close to cumming, he knew it was time to stop if he wanted to get to the main part. So he gave his cock a few more teasing licks and kissed his way up Justin's body back to his lips. Justin made disapproving noises, but Brian silenced him with one deep, long, hot kiss, full of passion.

"Take off your clothes," Justin whispered heavily against his lips, his eyes dark with lust. "I want to see you."

Brian smiled, pushing his tongue against his cheek and he then began to remove his clothes while Justin watched him closely as he slowly exposed his gorgeous body. There wasn't an inch of it that wasn't perfect. After all these years, he still felt that warm feeling inside him whenever he saw Brian naked, just like the first time. He knew Brian's body in such detail that he could literally draw it blindfolded, but he never got the slightest bit tired of looking at it.

"Like what you see?" Brian wiggled his brows playfully.

Taking a deep breath, Justin rolled his lips in, eyeing Brian up and down. His gaze was drawn mainly to his groin area. Brian's dick was so hard and so red. "I love what I see," Justin bit his lip. "So beautiful and so sexy."

Brian breathed a chuckle. "You're making me blush, Sunshine."

Flashing a big smile, Justin reached his hand to Brian's chest and slowly dragged it down to his pubic area and his cock. He first cupped the balls, they were warm and heavy. Brian immediately moaned in response, he was usually very sensitive, but now that he hadn't been touched by Justin for so long, it was a completely different level and Justin loved seeing what his hand was doing to him. Then he finally gripped his hard cock, wrapping his fingers tightly around it, making Brian gasp for air.

"Fuck," Brian muttered under his breath. "I've missed this so much."

"Me too," Justin smiled, gently stroking Brian's throbbing cock and kissing the salty skin of his neck. "I can't wait to feel you inside," he whispered.

"Mhm," Brian cleared his throat. "So we should probably do something about it."

"We definitely should," Justin agreed with a playful smile.

Brian reached over to the bedside table and found a condom and lube. Then he helped Justin roll onto his side and pressed himself against his back. He reached between them, took hold of his cock, and began to gently push against Justin's opening. Justin closed his eyes and relaxed as much as possible, taking Brian's entire lenght inside him, immediately receiving a grunt of pleasure from Brian.

Then they just lay still for a moment, both getting used to that amazing feeling. Although Justin couldn't quite ignore that his leg didn't really like this position, and of course Brian noticed that.

"It hurts, doesn't it?"

"No," Justin shook his head.


"Just a little..."

"You want me to stop?"

"No. Please don't," he breathed heavily.

"Ok," Brian kissed his lips. "But if anything... tell me..."

"I will," Justin promised, reaching behind Brian and squeezing his ass to pull him closer and deeper. The brunet immediately moaned loudly into his ear.

"God," Brian grunted. "You are so tight."

Justin breathed a chuckle. "It's been a while."

"Mmm," Brian hummed, kissing Justin's neck. And then he finally started to move his hips - slowly and gently, enjoying the feeling of being inside him. It was simply... mesmerizing. And Justin gasped everytime he hit the right spot, completely lost in the bliss.

"Oh god," Justin moaned helplessly. "That feels so good. But you can go a little faster, you know..."


"Please," he begged. "I'm not made of glass. You're not going to hurt me."

Brian breathed softly and instantly pushed his cock deeper, then his pace quickened and hardened, but he was still cautious, though it wasn't exactly easy. He just couldn't get enough of Justin. And Justin couldn't get enough of him. The sound of their skin slapping against each other filled the room and they actually had to muffle their moans with kisses so they wouldn't wake up Gus. That feeling was just euphoric.

Soon Brian could feel that he was really close so he took Justin's cock in his hand and started stroking it. Justin immediately turned his head and kissed him hard, whimpering against his lips. His hand was gripping the sheets and he groaned with every thrust Brian made. And then he felt it, Brian's cock started twitching inside him, his eyelids were shut tightly and in a matter of seconds Brian came, making every sound there is. And Justin's orgasm followed immediately.

Brian then wrapped his arms around him and pressed him tightly against his sweaty body while his cock was still inside him. And it wasn't long before they both began to fall asleep with smiles on their faces, feeling absolutely amazing... not knowing that these were their last happy moments together...
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