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Accidents happen, but some are worse than others. Brian's car gets hit by a blond who doesn't seem to be scared of him.

Rated: E
Categories: QAF US Characters: Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor
Tags: Fluff
Genres: Alternate Canon, Humor
Pairings: Brian/Justin
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ePub Downloads: 14 Published: Nov 02, 2022 Updated: Nov 19, 2022
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1. Yeah, About That by Willameana [Reviews - 3] (1346 words)

This is my first time trying first-person. If I mess up from time to time I'm sorry. 

2. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted? by Willameana [Reviews - 2] (1196 words)

All Odd chapters will be from Brian's perspective and Even from Justin's.

3. Who's Your Daddy? by Willameana [Reviews - 3] (2106 words)

4. Alcohol by Willameana [Reviews - 2] (1400 words)

5. Take this Job and Shove It by Willameana [Reviews - 2] (1702 words)

Sorry it's been so long. A lot of family issues came up and now I have my nephews living with me. Everything has settled though so I should be better at getting this out. This chapter is as much angst that will be in the story, because I want happy and fun.