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Why can't Brian get one particular blond out of his head? He was only seventeen, for Christ's sake! And he was definitely stickier than cum. Brian should be glad he's gone. And he is. But somehow he isn't. The question is... is the boy really gone?
Rated: M
Categories: QAF US Characters: Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor, Michael Novotny
Tags: Anal Sex (Lots of it!), First Time (Other), Friendship, Language, M/M, Oral Sex, Rimming, Season 1
Genres: Porny, Romance
Pairings: Brian/Justin
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Chapters: 3 Completed: No
Word count: 6914 Read: 516
ePub Downloads: 0 Published: Jul 14, 2023 Updated: Mar 10, 2024

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Yeah, let's just pretend it didn't take me 8 months to update this because I'd have to slap myself... sorry! And enjoy.

3. Chapter 3 by Taylor-Kinney [Reviews - 0] (2778 words)