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Author's Chapter Notes:
Brian longs for Justin and the love they shared…
Title: Until We Meet Again…
Story Type: AU
Word Count: 1397
Warnings: Angst, Longing, Passion, Halloween, Supernatural…
Beta Queen: Bigj52

Summary: Brian longs for Justin and the love they shared…

Until We Meet Again…

Justin’s POV
I watch from afar, so proud of how far Brian has come from the last time we were really together. I hate the distance between us, and I wish I knew how to be part of his life again. We’re rarely able to communicate with one another, yet I’m always near. Tonight’s one of those nights, and I long for his touch, to hear his voice, to feel his breath on my skin and his lips on mine. I’m so grateful for the connection that were able to make. Yet, I’ll wait patiently for the time we’ll be together again. So, for now I’ll watch, and wait for those special moments we’re able to break through our worlds that separate us.

Brian’s POV
Babylon’s crowded tonight, it always is on Halloween. Give these fags any reason to dress up and our liquor sales will far exceed Ted’s expectations, making us both a pretty nest egg for the future. Instead of giving Ted a Christmas bonus last year, I gave him a forty-nine per cent interest in Babylon, and complete control of management. There was a time when Ted and I weren’t really friends, we barely tolerated each other. The truth is we never really got to know one another, that is, until he came to work for me. Now he’s my best friend. I trust him more than anyone else in my life. I tell him things I’d never tell another, and I don’t worry about him keeping my confidence. I’ve even made him executor of my will. There was a time that Justin held that position, but I’ve had to accept reality, even though I still can’t completely let him go.

I’m standing on the catwalk looking down over the crowd, still longing to see my blond dancing to the music. Happy, he’s always happy in my memories, even though I know I’ve caused him great pain. If I could do it all over again, I’d change so many things. Since he’s been gone, I’ve realized all my mantras are bullshit. I do, do regret. I have so many regrets… The truth is all my mantras were just a façade to hide my true feelings. I love him, and I wish I had told him that before he was gone. He taught me so much about life, love and being true to one’s self. I sometimes wonder what he’d say about how my life has changed over time. Have I changed into the man he always thought I could be? I miss him desperately. So much so, that sometimes I’m sure I see him in a crowd, or just off in the distance. Sometimes when I’m really drunk, I wake the next morning feeling sure we’ve been together again. It all seems so real, the connection is so intense, and my heart aches for him, and what we could have been.

I make my way through the crowd towards the exit, still able to pull the pretty boys. They hand me little scraps of paper, or matchbooks with their phone numbers. But not tonight, boys, I’m not up for the game of cat and mouse, chasing my prey. I reach the exit, as my heart starts racing. Will he be here tonight? Do we truly have a standing encounter on Halloween, or is it all in my mind? I so long for his touch, and that connection that I’m only able to make with him. Maybe I’m just crazy? I’m letting the whiskey and E allow me to indulge in my fantasy? My breath hitches, as I see him standing under the street light. He’s wearing my favorite tan cargo pants and a tight black t-shirt, and those old worn-out high-tops with holes in the toes. Brat! I slowly walk across the street, watching his every move. His brilliant sunshine smile spreads across his face, highlighting the halo upon his head.

I come to a halt in front of him, almost afraid to reach out to touch him, afraid he might disappear.

Grinning, he says. “How’s it going? Had a busy night?”

I run my hand through his blond locks, and pull him into my arms, kissing him passionately. My voice cracks as I say, “I wasn’t sure you’d be here.”

“Brian, I’m always here. I’ll always be here for you.”

With that he takes my hand and we wander through the street. The wind picks up, as the moon peeks in and out of the clouded sky. It’s has an orange glow to it, and it looks like it’s hanging by a string. Of course he tells me it’s a harvest moon, caused by the elements in the atmosphere allowing the red and orange hues to shine through. I miss his PSAs, he really is a walking encyclopedia. I never really appreciated his depth of knowledge back then. I thought of it as endless rambling, due to his youth and nervousness. Now I know he was just making conversation. I miss all of our intense discussions about everything under the sun, and now I think most people are boring as hell.

He runs ahead. Looking back he calls to me. I love watching him, so playful, just like when we first met. He finds a discreet area in the tall weeds, and I take off my leather jacket, giving him a comfortable place to lay down. He’s beautiful. His porcelain skin glows and his deep sapphire eyes shine in the moonlight.

Soon our lips find one another’s, and our passion takes over. I run my hands through his silky hair, it’s long just the way I like it. He rolls us over until he’s straddling me, his fingertips slide under the edge of my shirt as he slips it up over my head. He kisses his way around my neck, nibbling and licking as he works his way down my chest. He softly caresses me, then I feel the warmth of his wet tongue circle my nipple until the nub stands tall and electricity surges through me. I feel like I’m floating, as the world fades away and all that’s left is just the two of us.

There was a time when I’d never let him take control, now I’ll let him take anything he wants. I’d do anything to make this time together last forever. I’m all sensations as he touches me everywhere. I’m unable to focus on a single feeling that’s pulsating through me. I’m obsessed with desire, knowing the pleasure that’s soon to devour me. I can’t take my eyes off him as he smiles up at me. His hands are sliding my blue jeans down over my slender hips. He kisses the inside of my thighs, making me harder than I already am. I feel his long fingers breach me, as my legs rest upon his shoulders. I close my eyes as I feel the pain turn to pleasure. He starts slow and steady, slipping deeper on each thrust. He knows just what I like, giving me what I need, what I’ve waited so long for. In this unique place in time where our worlds collide, we’re one. No barriers between us, our love consumes us as we float on the brink of the abyss. I never want this feeling to end, I don’t want to let go. I wish we could stay here forever. Maybe someday we will…

I wake the next morning with the sun shining in my eyes, and my head pounding from my hangover. I stand up, leaning against the black granite marker, and run my hand across the engraved lettering.

Justin Coleman Taylor
1982 - 2000
Beloved Son, Brother
and Boyfriend

My heart sinks, and I know he’s gone.

Tears fill my eyes, as I whisper, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you in the hospital. I’m sorry I didn’t attend your funeral. I’m so sorry for everything. You deserved so much more.”

I sink to knees, running my hand down the smooth side of the stone. The side that will one day mark my life span. I think I’ll have it engraved across the bottom. Justin Taylor, the only man Brian Kinney ever loved…

Justin stands next to his headstone, wishing he could take away all of Brian’s pain. He knows all he can do is wait until their worlds come together again, when they can finally hold each other forever in the afterlife.

The End
Chapter End Notes:
My beta Judy, told me cried when reading the ending. I have to admit, I cried when I wrote it. They'll always hold an emotional place in my heart...
The End.
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