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Gus and Fiona became best friends at five, in Ireland. They stayed friends on Hawkin's Island. And then spent adolescence on opposite sides of the ocean. Now they are back together for senior year. Gus moves to Ireland to live with his mother. At first Gus is enjoying his time.  Lindsay's new husband is a great guy and Gus enjoys getting closer to his mother.


Gus is excited about meeting new people and making new friends but he soon realized that something odd was going on. Fiona's boyfriend, Rowen, acts like he wants to be friends but there is always a negative undercurrent Gus can't quite figure out. Maybe he just didn't like seeing Fi with another guy. He soon realizes that Rowen is not trying to be his friend. Far from it.


Gus is in love with Fiona, and Rowen Brennan is going to do his best to make sure he doesn't get her.


Rated: M
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This story was written entirely by Simply written, not by me. I just posted it for her.


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