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Justin has a revelation during a visit to Pittsburgh. And then there's Molly's wedding.


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Story Notes:

This is another fanfic I have written based on the first story in Simon's AU series ‘The Other Foot.' It has been reworked from the original version which I posted on LiveJournal back in 2010. While I do like Simon's series, I also feel that Justin was written a bit more like Michael, so I wanted to explore more of Justin's life in this AU but as a stronger character. You don't have to read Simon's series to read my fic. All you need to know is that shortly after ‘the greatest reunification since Germany,' Brian is forced to move to New York when Vance merges Vangard with a company owned by Steve Brenner, who is looking to semi-retire. As part of the merger, Brenner (who can't stand Vance) has demanded that Brian is to run the New York office. Brian falls for Steve and, after a few months, breaks up with Justin. This fic is set six years after their breakup. Also, this fanfic has nothing to do with the previous one I wrote in this AU entitled ‘Ten Years Gone' which was posted on KD back in 2019.


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