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Chapter 7 

By the time they arrived at their village, Julian was uncomfortable but he had made the trip without any other complications. Aaron made sure Julian was comfortable in a chair on the porch and then carrired in the few items they had collected the last couple of days, including Julian’s medication. 

Aaron stepped back out onto the porch. Julian sat with his eyes closed in the shade of the roof. Aaron restrained himself.  He wanted to kiss him so badly but he knew they would have to be extremely careful. He walked over and laid his hand on Julian’s shoulder. “Jules?”

Julian jumped a bit, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

“You need the rest.  If you are comfortable here, I am going to go check the clinic.  The substitute doctor will be there. I want to see if there are any emergencies.”

“I’ll be fine.  I can go into the house if I get too warm.”

“I shouldn’t be gone more than an hour.” Aaron ran his hand behind Julian’s neck as he said this and then, speaking very softly he said, “I love you.”

Julian responded, “I love you, too, Aaron. Don’t rush. I’ll be fine.”

Aaron went to the clinic and found out no four-legged patients had arrived while he was gone. Joe, the doctor who had been sent to fill in for Julian, assured Aaron that he had everything under control. ”I’ll stay here.  I’ll only be here a couple of weeks,” Dr. Joe said. “I’m comfortable handling an animal or two and I hear you have helped out with people.”

Aaron assured the doctor, “Yes, I’ve stitched up a leg or two.  Are you sure you want to stay here? You could use my place.  I will stay at Julian’s to keep an eye on him at night, for sure. And you have to eat. I am going to go make dinner.  You could come over.”

“That is very kind but I have a friend that lives very nearby and I will be eating with him most evenings I am here.” 

His eyes locked with Aaron and nothing more needed to be said. It was obvious their substitute was hooking up with someone in the area. “Oh, I didn’t know you had friends in the area,” Aaron commented, emphasizing the word friends. 

“I worked in this area a couple of years ago.  My friend and I have continued to stay in touch and get together when we can.” Joe seemed to be relieved that he had judged Aaron correctly.

“I am glad to hear you have been able to keep your friendship going.  Julian and I have gotten to be the best of friends, as well.  It is too bad that friends can’t be open about their relationship.” Aaron smiled at him.

“I couldn’t agree more but it has gotten somewhat better. As long as you aren’t blatant about it, most people will glare at you but they won’t do anything. Are the two of you going to stay after your first year is up?”

“We haven’t really talked about it but I don’t think we will.  We want to spend some time with our families and I have a sister who is in Asia.  We may look into working there for a while.” Aaron glanced at his watch. “Oh, I better get back to Julian.  Please feel free to stop by and I will be back tomorrow checking if I have any business.”

Aaron left the building and jogged home.  He found Julian sound asleep where he had left him. He reached out and gently tapped his shoulder. “Julian, let’s go inside.  It is too warm to be sitting out here this long.”

With Aaron’s help, Julian stood and walked to the door.  The moment they were in the cool, dark space of Julian’s place, he wrapped his good arm around Aaron and kissed him. “Aaron, how about helping me take a bath before you start dinner?  I think soaking in the tub for a little while is just what I need.”

“Oh sure, Julian. Let me start the water and then I’ll help you get undressed.” Aaron walked into the bathroom and turned the water on. As he tested the temperature of the stream, Aaron’s mind wandered back to Julian and his entire body flushed at the thought of seeing Julian naked.  The thought of running his hand down his…

“Aaron, is something wrong in there? I have gotten myself stuck.” Julian’s voice was a little muffled.

Aaron turned off the water and hurried out of the bathroom and found Julian sitting on the bed with his shirt unbuttoned but it was stuck on his bandaged shoulder. “If you would have waited I could have helped with this,” Aaron said as he carefully got the shirt free from the shoulder. Once the shirt was out of the way, Julian pulled Aaron close again and tilted his head up wanting Aaron to kiss him.  

When Aaron bent down to take him up on the offering, Julian’s arm came around Aaron’s waist and his hand slipped under the band of Aaron’s shorts. As his fingers brushed against Aaron’s ass, Aaron shuddered and stepped closer to Julian who had managed to stand up and was now pressing Aaron’s crotch against his own and there was no doubt of the need they both had. 

Aaron gave him a light push backward so Julian laid back on the bed. Now Aaron could tug off Julian’s shorts and then he reached for the briefs that had been under them. Aaron slowly pulled them downward and then let them fall to Julian’s ankles. Aaron dropped to his knees and reached for Julian’s erection but Julian stopped him.

“Aaron, please let me take a bath first. I feel like I haven’t had a chance to clean up since the accident. If you can help me get in the tub, I want to soak for a while.” Julian stood up and Aaron couldn’t take his eyes off Julian’s physique. He wanted him so badly but he could use a shower as well.

Once Julian was sitting in the warm water with a washcloth and some soap within his reach, Aaron moved quickly.  He went to his apartment and, after a quick shower, he looked at the clothes in his closet.  Most of the time both men wore a uniform of sorts but this late afternoon, Aaron slipped on a pale blue polo and a pair of his standard khaki shorts. He ran a comb through his hair and then headed toward the door.  It was time for him to get back to Julian. The water had to be getting cold.

Aaron tapped on the bathroom door.  “May I come in?”

“I was hoping you hadn’t left me in here to pickle.” Julian’s voice came through the door. 

Aaron entered the bathroom and Julian was sitting where he had left him. He had placed the washcloth over his cock but it did nothing to calm Aaron’s libido.  He grabbed another cloth and sat on the edge of the tub before dipping the cloth in the now lukewarm water before adding soap and he began to make slow circular motions on Julian’s broad back. 

“That feels so good. I think I got everything washed on my front half.”  Aaron didn’t respond.  He just focused on the washcloth and his hand which was slowly moving downward. Was he going to have sex with Julian? He had only ever been with Teddy. It had been over four years. Nerves started to come to the surface. Julian’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “Aaron, you are very quiet. Is something wrong?”

“No,” Aaron said, snapping out of his thoughts but kept moving his hand on his back. “I was just thinking, maybe we should wait.  I don’t want you to reinjure yourself. I mean it has only been a few days since your accident.”

“Aaron, look at me.” Julian reached for Aaron’s arm and tugged him so he could see Aaron’s face. He placed his hand on Aaron’s chin and pulled him closer, kissing him. “You will not hurt me.  I’ll let you know if something hurts. Now, what is really bothering you?”

“You have so much more experience than I do.  What if I do something wrong? Teddy hadn’t been with anyone else either so we…”

Julian’s hand moved down Aaron’s chest and as it neared Aaron’s crotch, Aaron forgot to breathe. Julian stopped, “Help me out of this tub. I am sure we have a few things to teach each other.”

Aaron helped Julian stand up and, after throwing a towel around Julian’s shoulders, Aaron took another towel and slowly began to dry Julian’s lower back. Then he started at Julian’s ankles and began moving upward, drying his legs off. He did the front and back on both legs up to the knees and then he worked his way up Julian’s thighs. As Aaron moved upward, Julian braced himself on the bathroom wall as Aaron moved up his legs. As he got to the inverted V below Julian’s ass, he reached between his thighs and brushed against Julian’s balls sending a shiver through them both.  

Aaron leaned forward and bravely ran his tongue between the mocha globes that were in front of him. Julian took in a sharp breath. “Oh, god,” Julian sighed the words out. “Stand up and take me to bed.”

Aaron stood and put an arm around Julian.  He tried not to stare at the penis Julian now had. He had loved Teddy’s cock. He always felt like they were made for each other.  They fit together perfectly.  Now seeing Julian’s erection, for a moment he panicked. He hadn’t been with anyone for so long. 

Julian dropped onto the bed and pulled Aaron close.  “Take off your shirt, please,” he asked Aaron as he began to tug at Aaron’s shorts. It wasn’t long before Aaron stood in front of Julian naked. Julian slowly reached out and ran a finger on the underside of Aaron’s erection. Aaron fought to keep control. He wasn’t sure if he was more worried about cumming immediately or about losing his erections because of nerves. “Come closer.  Let me taste you.” Julian’s arm came around Aaron’s waist guiding him closer in between his legs. Julian attempted to bend over but he cringed in pain. “Ok, so that’s not going to work.”

Aaron stepped to the side of the bed. “Lay down, Julian.” Aaron assisted him in getting on the bed further and helped place pillows so he was comfortable. “Are you comfortable?” Aaron asked as he got on the bed next to him.

“I’m sorry I am so useless. I should never have…”

“Julian, can you kiss me? That’s all I need.” Aaron leaned over him and Julian’s good arm pulled Aaron tightly against him. The two men kissed for several minutes, thoroughly exploring each other’s mouths. Eventually, Aaron began to explore Julian’s chest and then moved lower still.

“Aaron, can you straddle my head without pressing my shoulder?”

Aaron didn’t say anything but, after some careful movements, Aaron leaned over Julian’s body and as he lowered his mouth to Julian’s cock, he dropped his hips low. The moment their mouths made contact, they both lost themselves in the pleasure they were giving and receiving. It was as if they could read the other’s mind.  As they climaxed together, both men drank all that was offered.

When they had both calmed, Aaron stretched upward after being in that awkward position for some time. “Sorry, that can’t be a good view for you.” He was still straddling Julian’s face.

“Oh, darling, this may be the best view I have ever had.”

Aaron swiveled his hips so his now flaccid cock was swinging just out of the reach of Julian’s lips. Aaron heard Julian’s moan and laughed as he swung one of his legs over Julian so both of his legs were on the same side. He fluffed Julian’s pillow and then, after one more kiss, Aaron laid down next to him. They interlocked their fingers and for several minutes they laid on their backs lost in their thoughts.

Julian broke the silence by asking, “Aaron, are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Aaron responded lightly.

“You don’t sound alright. That was the first time you had ever had another man’s cock in your mouth and the first time another man tasted you.” Aaron said nothing. Julian carefully rolled onto his side so he could look at Aaron. “Did I do something I shouldn’t have?”

Aaron reached over and ran his hand down Julian’s chest, stopping at the bottom of his sternum.  “You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to think that. I was just coming to terms in my own head.  Yes, I loved Teddy with every beat of my heart but I now know, although he will always be there, I can love you just as much as I loved him.” Aaron gently pushed Julian over so he was again lying down. “I love you, Julian, more than I ever thought I could.” Aaron’s lips brushed Julian’s once more.  “Now, we both need to get some sleep.”

“I love you, too, Aaron.  I have never felt like this before about anyone.” Julian drifted off as the words left his mouth.

Aaron lay next to Julian but couldn’t find sleep. When he had nights like this, he usually talked to Teddy and soon he would work through whatever was keeping him up.  Tonight, he wasn’t sure he could talk to him.  Teddy had told him over and over as he came closer and closer to death that he should find someone else and as he was looking for Julian after the storm, Teddy made it clear to him that he wanted him to move on. 

Getting up as carefully as he could, not wanting to disturb Julian, he slipped into a pair of shorts and walked into the main room, closing the door before moving into the kitchen and turning on the dim light over the sink. He turned the burner on below the kettle of water. As he waited for it to heat, he got out some tea and put it in the strainer that would let the leaves steep in the hot water.

Once he had his cup of tea he moved out onto the front porch and sat down on the stoop.  He spoke in a whisper and said, “Teddy, I hope you’re happy for me. He’s a good man, an amazing man.  He is kind and caring and he understands me almost as well as you do.” He used the present form of the word and then changed it. “As well as you did. I still miss you, Bear. I always will.”

Teddy’s voice filled his mind. The words were as clear as they would have been if Teddy were standing next to him, “I couldn’t be happier for you and you can still come to me if you need to talk to someone.  I will always be with you but I know you won’t need me as much and that is fine. Love him and let him love you for the rest of your time.”

Aaron realized he felt a hand on his shoulder and a finger under his chin. He then felt a coolness on his lips. Aaron closed his eyes and the feeling lingered for a few seconds. As Aaron opened his eyes, hoping to get one last glance of Teddy, he saw a misty figure step away from him and with a wave, Teddy was gone. And at that very moment, he felt a warm hand rest on his shoulder, exactly where Teddy had just rested his.

“I hope I didn’t wake you up. You were sleeping so soundly and I didn’t want to wake you with my tossing and turning.” Aaron lent a hand to  Julian as he sat down next to him.

“You look pretty peaceful now,” Julian said as he put his arm around him. “When I woke up to an empty bed I was worried you might have gone to sleep at your place.”

Aaron rested his head on Julian’s shoulder. “I can only hope that I never have to sleep alone again.”

“I like the way that sounds.” Julian kissed him. “I promise, very soon you and I will make love without any restrictions. Think you can sleep now?”

“I am sure I can.” Aaron stood and offered his hand to Julian, who rose. Together they went back to bed and, this time, Aaron was asleep before Julian.

Julian healed and their love continued to grow stronger. As Julian healed they continued to pleasure each other but they agreed that Julian had to heal before they did more than that. 

One day when Aaron was at the clinic with Joe, as the day was coming to an end, Aaron said, “I’m going to miss you, Joe. It has been great to have you here.”

“I’ve enjoyed it, too, but I am glad Julian doesn’t need me to help out any longer. I was just thinking, do you think you and Julian could use that lake house you mentioned for the weekend?”

“I’m not sure.  What are you thinking?” Aaron asked Dr. Joe.

“It is quiet around here.  Why don’t the two of you see if you can take a little break before you are both at it full-time? This might be your last chance to go for a long while. The rainy season will be here soon and, as you found out, the roads get bad quickly that time of the year.”

Aaron’s mind was already flying.  His mind went to the amazing deck and the chaise lounge out there.  “Oh, Joe, that would be amazing.  Let me check with my sister and see if it is available this weekend.  If it is, we will leave early in the morning and we will come back Monday. You can leave on Monday morning.  We will be back before the end of the day.”

“I can stay until you arrive.  I have decided I am leaving the institute and I will be staying in the area with my friend.”

“I’m happy for you, Joe.  And it will be nice to have another doctor in the area in case we get overwhelmed some time.”

“Go make your call.  I will put the rest of the tools in the sterilizer and then close up.  If the Rover is gone in the morning, I’ll know you are at the lake.”

“Thanks, Joe,” Aaron gave him a quick hug and then he was out the door. He took his phone out and texted Jessi.  She responded almost instantly.  She said she would get back to him soon. 

Aaron found Julian standing by the stove. “Hey, Aaron.  I didn’t expect you for a half hour or so.”Aaron walked over to him and gave him a long kiss as his hand wrapped around Julian and rested on his ass. Julian was so happy he could now put both of his arms around him. “I like when you come home early if this is how you greet me.”

Aaron’s phone pinged and he pulled away from Julian and grabbed for his phone. Aaron looked at the message.  “Yes!”

“Why do I think I am missing something?” Julian asked with a smile on his face.

“Tomorrow morning, you and I are going back to the lake house.  Joe said he will hang around until Monday so tomorrow morning we are leaving at sunrise. You and I will be at the lake for 48 hours and I hope by that time we will have made love in multiple locations.”

Julian smiled and crooked his finger for Aaron to come back to his side before stirring something on the stove. He then set down the spoon and again pulled Aaron close.  “I think I love Joe.” Julian let his mouth move along Aaron’s jaw and then moved to the soft spot just under Aaron’s ear that he knew would make Aaron shiver. Aaron wrapped his arms around Julian’s neck and redirected Julian’s lips to his own.

Eventually, Julian stepped back. “I don’t want dinner to burn.”

Aaron didn’t want the kiss to stop but smiled as Julian worked on their dinner. “I’ll start a load of wash. Do you care what clothes we take?”

Julian looked at Aaron and winked, “Do we need clothes?” 

“Well, I am hoping we don’t need much but I think we should have an extra pair of shorts at least,” Aaron said over his shoulder.

Julian and Aaron were on the road at 7:00 the next morning. Aaron drove since Julian’s range of motion was still limited in his shoulder.  They talked about a variety of topics along the way but after an hour, Julian dozed off and Aaron found himself getting nervous.  He wasn’t sure why.  It wasn’t the first time he was going to have sex and, although he had only been with Teddy, they had been very creative. They hadn’t locked themselves into specific roles. They just loved each other and let the spirit move them. They never argued over being top or bottom. As much as Julian and he talked about their past, they had never talked about their previous physical love lives. 

Aaron was so deep in thought he hadn’t noticed Julian had woken up and was watching him. Not wanting to surprise Aaron on the winding mountain road they were on, he reached over and gently touched Aaron’s forearm as he said his name softly. Aaron jumped just a bit and smiled over at Julian.

“Where were you? The only time I have seen you that deep in thought was when you were thinking about Teddy or missing home.” 

“I was thinking about us,” Aaron responded. 

Julian grinned from ear to ear, “Was I any good at whatever you were imagining?” He wiggled his eyebrows for a moment.

A small smile crossed Aaron’s lips. “Actually, can we wait and talk about this when we get to the lake house?”

“Of course,” Julian realized now that Aaron was not in a joking mood. He brought Aaron’s hand to his mouth where he kissed it but then let it go so Aaron could drive safely on the back road they were on. “Everything is okay with us, isn’t it?” Julian was now getting a little concerned.  What if Aaron wasn’t ready to leave Ted in the past?

Now Aaron gave him a genuine smile, “Everything is perfect, Julian. There are just a couple of things we have never talked about that we do  need to discuss.”

“No problem,” Julian said and then changed the conversation to the trip his parents were planning to visit Tanzania.

When they arrived, Aaron sent Julian in with the bag holding their clothes while he carried in the cooler and a tote bag that held their food. It didn’t take long to unpack and by 10:00 a.m. they sat in the shade looking over the lake with the mountains behind it.

“Tell me what you were thinking about in the Rover?” Julian asked as he linked his fingers with Aaron.

“Over the last few months, I think we have talked about almost everything.”

“Yes, we have. Well, I’m sure we still have many childhood stories to share in the next 50 years.” Julian brought Aaron’s hand to his mouth and kissed it.

“True, but as much as we talked about our lives, and our sex lives, we have never talked about,” Aaron hesitated thinking through his words, “positions. I know you have been with men and women. Why am I having trouble finding words to ask you this?” 

Julian turned on his side and looked at Aaron, “You know you can talk about anything with me.”

Now Aaron just blurted it out, “Are you a top or a bottom?”

Julian had to smile, “You’re right about that.  We haven’t talked about it.  I kind of got the feeling that you and Teddy didn’t follow any rules when it came to positions.”

“We didn’t but since you have been with women as well, I thought maybe you were only comfortable topping.”

“Would it make a big difference to you?” Julian asked curiously.

“It really wouldn’t, I guess. I love you and I want to make love with you and if you aren’t flexible that way, I will know what to expect.”

“I hope I am more flexible than that. Aaron, we don’t have to overthink this. I promise you, I am always up for an adventure and trying something new.  Over the years, didn’t you and Teddy find certain things one of you liked better than the other?” Julian’s hand slipped below Aaron’s waistband and he said, “I think it’s time we see how snuggly your amazing cock,” his fingers wrapped around Aaron’s penis, “fits in my ass.” As he spoke he let his hand run across Aaron’s perineum and then he slipped his finger into Aaron’s ass.

It was only moments before Aaron was rock hard. Aaron began tugging at Julian’s shorts and soon they were standing up and they both kicked their shorts to the side and then, with Julian on his hands and knees on the edge of the chaise lounge, accepted Aaron, who moved slowly allowing Julian to adjust with as little pain as possible.

By dinner, they had tried out several more positions and locations in the house. Gone were all of Aaron’s fears about his knowledge of sex and his ability to take all of Julian. This was exactly what they needed. Being away from all the prying eyes, allowed them both to relax.

That evening after dinner they sat on the deck watching the stars twinkle.  Both had a few aches and pains but they were all in the best places possible. Aaron put his arms around Julian’s neck and asked, “How is your shoulder feeling? We didn’t stress it out too much today did we?”

“We didn’t do anything to stress me out today.” Julian laughed lightly and kissed Aaron. 

“I know we have thrown it out there a couple of times but what are we doing when we are done here? I know we still have about three months left but I know how fast that time will go.”

“Aaron, I don’t think either of us wants to stay in Tanzania.  It is too restricted. I am sure we could get an assignment in a less restrictive area.”

“I know a place where there are no restrictions,” Aaron said, dragging his finger down Julian’s chest playfully.

“You still want to go back to Colorado, don’t you?”

“Would you be opposed? I wouldn’t do that if you didn’t want to.”

“I think you could probably convince me if you tried really hard.” 

Aaron pulled out his cell phone and clicked on a playlist. “Dance with me?” Aaron offered his hand to Julian and he stood up. “I can be pretty convincing when I have my arms around someone.” Aaron rubbed his pelvis against Julian’s

As they moved together to the rhythm of the music, Julian whispered, “I’ve always wanted to see Colorado.”


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