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Author's Chapter Notes:

Short & Silly. I just couldn't resist.  TAG


-Hey, Brian. I so wish you AND your dick were here right now. I'm so horny! I simply adore my new sterling silver cock ring - thank you again for such an arousing present. You're so romantic. However, I have no one here to help me with the little - ok, not so little, shall we say huge, thick and hard - problem that has arisen from wearing your present all day today while I was at school and work. Your gift resulted in quite a few compliments from the customers at work today - all of whom assumed they were the inspiration for my impressive boner. Tips were really great, too! Also, I fear that one of my fellow PIFA students now believes that I am amorously inclined towards him as he caught me staring dreamily in his general direction and absently rubbing at my crotch during Life Drawing Class - he actually caught me in the middle of a daydream about a certain sexy, dark-haired older man I've been lusting after - however, he'll believe what he wants to believe, I suppose, even though I shot him down pretty hard when he (literally) cornered me after class. But, here I am, back at the loft, and still sporting an amazing amount of wood with no relief in sight. Has anyone ever died from a serious case of persistent hard-on? If so, I'm afraid I'm likely to be the next victim. Your instructions were seriously deficient as to what course of action I should take now that you've got me in this state. Please advise, immediately! Love, Justin.

-My dear Sunshine; It sounds like you've had quite a HARD day. Poor boy. I suggest that in the future you arm yourself with some type of easily deployed defensive weapon before venturing out in your unfortunate state to work or school. I have a lovely leather riding crop you could borrow if you don't have one of your own - it's not only good for keeping those pesky unwanted suiters away but also for certain other stimulating activities which I would be happy to teach you about sometime. But, as for your huge, thick and hard problem, I have the perfect solution, just follow these simple directions and you should find almost instant relief:

1.  Remove all your clothing. This is a very important step - mostly because I love to imagine you without your clothing on.

2.  Lie down on your back on the nearest horizontal surface. I recommend a bed or couch or some other fairly soft surface, since you are likely to be there for some time and I don't want your precious hot little ass to get sore - that should be my job. However, if no such, more comfortable surface, is immediately available, a convenient kitchen counter or even the floor should suffice.

3.  Begin touching yourself. This step is fairly self explanatory - I know from our prior correspondence that you are quite proficient at this particular activity. If I might venture some suggestions, though, I would start by firmly grasping your cock with your right hand (or left, if for some reason your right is unavailable) at the base of the shaft and rapidly moving your fist up and down repeatedly, continuing until you feel that your balls are about to explode.

4.  Fantasies. It is important to engage in appropriate fantasies throughout the course of step #3 above. I recommend starting with any of the photos of myself I sent you earlier, and, using whichever photo you choose, proceed to imagine my fabulous self assisting with step #3 in the flesh. If you need further inspiration, I would refer you to my letter from last September 23rd - that was a particularly great fantasy creation, if I do say so myself (and I do).

5.  If you have followed the directions from step #3 correctly and been engaging in the appropriate fantasies as set forth in step #4, then you should now be so completely aroused and so hard that it will be impossible to actually remove the cock ring, which is unfortunately necessary before you will be able to come. He, he, he. (I'm so evil!).

6.  Resting Period. In order to relieve the overstimulation experienced pursuant to step #5, I recommend at least 15 minutes of rest before you continue further. In order for this step to be effective, you will have to cease touching yourself momentarily. I recommend drinking some cold water or perhaps sticking your head in the freezer if merely resting proves insufficient. Also, you may have to try to think of something unstimulating - fat hetero women usually produce the desired effect for me.

7.  Remove the cock ring. No further directions needed.

8.  Shower. Repeat steps #3 & 4 while showering until relief is complete. Hope this helps. Brian.


(November 10, 2001 - 11:00 pm)

-Dear Brian, Thank you for your very clear and helpful directions. I feel much better now. In fact I feel great. The only way I could possibly feel any better would be if you were here with me right now. But I digress. Enclosed in the attached envelope is a flash drive with a video file on it for your viewing pleasure. I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of video taping the results of your earlier helpful advice. I admit I did take some liberties with your instructions, particularly with regard to the shower scenes set forth in step #8. Perhaps you might choose to include some of my suggestions in future instruction manuals - I think some of them were quite creative, if I do say so myself.

Yours, Justin.



Chapter End Notes:

Don't you just love sexmail?  He, he, he!  TAG

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