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Author's Chapter Notes:

Poor lonely confused Brian!  TAG




Brian was lying in his bed with Justin's latest letter and a new drawing the boy had sent him earlier in the week. He'd been contemplating the image of Justin and trying to garner some enthusiasm for this most recent round of sexmail, but was so far uninspired. It wasn't that the letter wasn't arousing enough, and god only knows how much thoughts of Justin's sleek, slender body, his beautiful pale skin and his round, perky little ass usually got him off, but tonight Brian was feeling restless and hadn't been able to get himself in the right mind frame.


He was a little at loose ends this weekend to start with - Mikey and Ben had taken Debbie to the mountains for the week on a vacation (getting her out of the city and away from the temptation of more Diner shifts was the only way to get Debbie to rest, after all), Linds and Mel had taken Gus to Florida for Christmas to visit Mel's yenta mother, and Justin was heading off early tomorrow with his Mother and sister to spend the holiday in Boston with Jenn's family. So Brian was sort of on his own for the rest of the week and he was already bored. Not that Brian had ever really enjoyed Christmas (or any holiday for that matter) or felt that he needed his friends with him just because it was the holiday season, but he didn't have anyone to play with.


'Fuck it,' he thought, giving up on the letter for the time being and tossing it and the drawing onto his night stand. He looked at the alarm clock and noticed it was still relatively early. He wasn't in the mood to just sit around the loft alone again tonight, so he made a snap decision to get up, get dressed and go out. There were always guys at Babylon who wanted to play!


Twenty-five minutes later he was standing with his back against the bar at the club and already beginning to scan the crowd for a playmate. It was a Saturday night, and as expected the club was packed - half naked men everywhere, dancing to the thumpa thumpa beat, laughing, groping one another under the flashing strobe lights, drinking and reveling in the freedom of being young and gay and in the one place where they had no constraints placed on them. In the familiar, carefree atmosphere, Brian relaxed almost immediately.  Brian pulled the first likely twink to pass onto the dance floor. This was more like it!


Three shots of Beam later, he was again standing at the bar, scoping out the crowd to locate his first conquest of the night, when someone bumped into him from behind. He turned, ready to snap at the asshole responsible for the intrusion, only to see a giggling, totally hammered and completely gorgeous Justin Taylor stumbling and falling onto his ass right at Brian's feet. He instinctively reached down and hoisted the laughing pile of blond boy back up to his feet. Then he just stood there, filling his vision with the sight.


It had been two months since Brian had seen this boy in the flesh. It felt so good to have him here now, to be able to feel his heated skin and hear his laughter. And how was it possible that a drunken, sweaty teenager who'd had more than one drink spilled on him could smell so good, he thought, inhaling a whiff of the younger man's musky scent. The speed with which his blood was rushing from his head to his cock at Justin's touch on his bicep made him feel slightly light-headed, so he leaned back against the bar to steady both himself and the tipsy man in his arms, who unresistingly fell against Brian's chest and giggled some more.  Brian didn't bother to try and resist the urge to grasp the boy tightly, gripping his pliant ass with one hand as the other hand wrapped firmly around the smaller man's waist.


Justin, who was feeling no pain and was not at all adverse to being manhandled by such an attractive specimen, merely smiled up at Brian with his mega-watt smile and simpered.  


"Oh, you're killing me here, Sunshine," Brian moaned as he lowered his lips to smash against that coral pink mouth.


The kiss was not gentle. Justin was as hungry for the sensation as Brian was and they both eagerly devoured the other with lips, tongue, teeth and hands, oblivious to anything around them.  Their tongues twisted together as their bodies ground against each other. Brian could feel Justin's rock hard cock digging into his thigh.  Justin's hands seemed to be even more hungry than his mouth as they insistently pulled at the tails of Brian's shirt, thrusting up under the black linen material and roaming wildly across the taller man's back and shoulders.


Between kisses, he heard Justin moaning hardly distinguishable words and understood only, "I want you, now, please".


By this point, Brian's dick was firmly in control of all of the man's mental processes.  


Following the advice of the only body part which was currently thinking at all, he gripped the smaller hand of the blond, turned and purposely strode the well-worn path towards the backroom. Justin followed along quiescently, apparently trying to concentrate on not tripping over his feet.


The aroma of sex and sweat and male bodies assailed Brian's senses as the pair entered the small overheated room and proceeded towards an empty spot against the cum-splashed wall.  Justin, rousing from his contemplation of his feet, pushed aggressively against Brian's chest, shoving the larger man back against the wall, immediately dropping to his knees, and groping at the tight, black jeans encasing the crotch directly in front of his face. He worked at the button of the waistband as he mouthed Brian's erection through his pants, until he managed to undo the button and yank down the zipper.


Then, he unceremoniously jerked down the obstructing pants and zealously began nuzzling and licking at the straining cock he'd found inside.  With his right hand, the excited young blond gently fondled the brunet's balls as he used his other hand to pull Brian's hips nearer.

Brian was running his hands through the sunshine yellow locks at his waist and reveling in the glory of having his lover's mouth on his cock and his hands touching his body. He arched his back as he felt Justin's mouth encircle his shaft and then groaned loudly as the boy took in his full length, sucking and licking all the while. Justin's natural talent came through clearly as he sucked and hummed and swirled his tongue in circles around the delicious cock, making the normally composed older man moan and mumble and thrash his head from side to side as he thrust into Justin's throat again and again. Much sooner than Brian was ready for this ecstasy to end, he felt the growing tingle in his balls and the spark of heat originating from the pit of his stomach begin to flare outward, igniting his flesh and searing his senses as he came hard, draining his essence into the mouth of his lover.


Panting hard, but not waiting while he recovered, Brian immediately reached down to pull the beautiful and talented younger man to his feet so he could kiss and suckle those delicious lips again.  Justin rose to meet his kiss, willingly.  As their lips once again found each other, however, a short dark-haired young man paced into the room, roughly gripped Justin's arm and said, "Justin - it's time to get you out of here," with a demanding tone and a proprietary look.


"Whoa. Hold on there.  Justin's with me," asserted Brian loudly, not at all pleased with the interruption.


"Fuck off," said the newcomer to Brian without taking his grip off the young blond's arm.


"Who the fuck are you?  I told you, Justin's with me," Brian growled even more loudly, this time disturbing several of the other couples surrounding them.


"I'm Justin's boyfriend and he's coming with me. Now. So, FUCK OFF," was the peremptory reply. The darker man then pulled Justin towards the door and the two began to leave.


Brian was, for once, speechless. Justin hadn't said anything to him about any old boyfriend.  Admittedly, they didn't often discuss much about that time in Justin's life - Justin had intimated that much of his last year of high school had been unpleasant, that he had been bullied and teased, all leading up to the bashing the night of his Prom. It wasn't surprising therefore that the man hadn't wanted to discuss that time very often. But, he would have thought that Justin would have said something about having been in a relationship during that time.


It reinforced for Brian once again that he really knew very little about THIS Justin. Feeling lost and rejected, Brian merely watched as his one desire again walked away.



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