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Author's Chapter Notes:

Be prepared for Babylon Backroom scenes - definitely "R" rated, folks!  TAG

"Brian.  Earth to Brian?" Michael asked. When he got no response, he continued, "so, as I was saying, I've decided to take up naked skydiving as a hobby and wanted to know if you were interested in joining me?"

Brian, who was sitting next to his best friend on a barstool at Woody's, merely nodded with a distracted air in response to Michael's question. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about the enigma known as Justin Taylor all evening and hadn't really been paying attention to his companion for at least the past quarter hour.  As Michael subsequently broke out in a fit of giggles though, the sense of the question finally managed to penetrate through to the brunet's conscious mind.

"What the fuck are you going on about Mikey?" Brian groused.

"You just agreed to go naked skydiving! I could probably sell tickets to all the fags on Liberty Avenue and make millions!" Michael chortled on.

"They would love it, wouldn't they," Brian's sparkling hazel eyes shined as he smiled at his companion, who appeared to have reverted to his 14-year-old self. "I would definitely be fabulous at it, no doubt. But, I wonder if it's tough to stay hard while you're falling towards the ground at like a hundred miles an hour. I do have a reputation to maintain, you know. On second thought, better not risk it." Brian smirked at the tittering man next to him then rolled his lips in to avoid breaking out in giggles himself at the ridiculous image in his mind.

"Sorry, Mikey.  I guess I spaced out a bit there. What were you actually trying to ask me before venturing into your latest Brian Kinney Fantasy Adventure?" Brian asked, as contritely as possible for him.

"I was asking why you were so quiet tonight? Not really the typical boisterous Brian Fucking Kinney we all know and love! So, what's up?" Michael responded with obvious concern seeping into his tone.

Brian contemplated coming clean to Mikey about his alternate time dimension tennant and the odd behavior of his otherwise ordinary post box. 'Fuck that! Mikey would think I was looney toons. Besides, I don't think I could explain this shit, even if I tried.' Brian decided instead to go with the standard Kinney response for all unexpected tricky situations - denial and distraction.

"Nothing. Let's get going to Babylon. The pickings here are slim to troll, and I really need to get my dick sucked within the next 30 minutes." Brian stated nonchalantly as he rose from the bar stool and sauntered towards the door without a backward glance at Michael, who he knew would obediently follow with no further prompting.


Exactly 28 minutes later, Brian was standing with his back to the cum spattered wall of the backroom of Babylon looking down at the mousy brown hair on the head of the twink who was now getting the privilege of blowing the Stud himself. As the kneeling man carefully pulled down the zipper of Brian's perfectly faded designer jeans and reverently reached inside to grasp the legendary thing of beauty inside, the object of all this attention felt his own attention once again wandering. He barely registered when the twink opened his lips and tentatively began to lap at the tip of the half-hard penis in his hands. He still wasn't fully aware even when the adoring man whose face was nuzzling at his crotch began to lick and nibble up and down the hardening shaft.  It wasn't until the twink had fully engulfed the now rock solid cock and started to bob his head up and down at a fairly decent pace, that Brian finally pulled his awareness back to the present.

'What the fuck is wrong with me', he castigated himself. 'I have to get my mind off this shit with Non-tennant Taylor. Don't want to waste a perfectly good (well, at least adequate) blowjob!' Forcing himself to push away all concerns over his erstwhile postal problems, Brian inhaled a deep lungful of the sex and lube scented air of the backroom and let himself settle into the pleasurable feelings now emanating from his cock. The twink was really getting warmed up now and going at his duties with relish.  Brian could feel the man's tongue circling the head of his shaft frantically while he sucked and bobbed. As Brian finally relaxed, he felt the familiar spark of warmth kindling in his groin. As it grew and spread to his balls, he finally sensed his nearing climax. With a grunt of release, Brian felt his orgasm gushing forth into the other man's throat as the twink struggled to swallow all the jizz pumping into his suddenly full mouth.

As soon as he felt the last of his stream being released, Brian none-too-gently pushed the twink's head away from his crotch, folded himself into his jeans and zipped up while walking out of the room. He didn't bother to give the kneeling twink even a glance as he strode away. The man had been completely forgettable. He was merely a means for the tall, lanky brunet to get his immediate needs met. Besides, there were dozens of other half-naked men out on the dance floor that Brian had yet to sample and time was 'a wasting! Brian promptly pulled on his required predatory leer and boldly headed out to the dance floor to find his next prey.

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