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Story Notes:

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I chose Why Not Me by Starlight as it is a "what if" that continues the story of Brian and Justin after Season 5.

Starlight is an author that pulls you into a story by the third paragraph and takes you on a wild ride. There's angst, humor and drama that has you cheering and yelling in disgust in the same chapter. She has this writing style that keeps you wanting more every chapter she writes.

She also writes full characters that you fall in love with. If she has chosen a character to be the bad guy, watch out! She makes that character so evil that you are wanting to drop that character off a cliff without a parachute.

Take time to read this story and look up her other stories. You will enjoy the ride.


Author's Chapter Notes:

Thank you Lorie for all your help as my Beta.



I was sitting in the diner waiting for Emmett and Ted. Brian and Justin are getting ready to go on a trip to England. Justin was invited to show some of his work. Ben and I are going to join them next week. Justin wanted to go to Italy after the show on a vacation. He told me that Ben and I have to come so that he won’t be bored when Brian wants to shop. Apparently, I have to go shopping, while Justin and Ben soak up culture. I think they know that I can read comics and comment, while Brian preens in the mirror.


Ted and Blake couldn’t go because Blake is too busy, and Ted is going to stay and watch Kinnetik. Emmett has too many events to do, so he and Drew can’t make it either. They both wanted to go but, work calls them too.


Hunter is going to mind the shop for me. He told me that he just isn’t interested in watching Justin and Brian trying to find places to screw.


I’m really excited, I haven’t been to Europe since David and I went years ago. Ben has been, but this is going to be the first time we get to go together. It will be fun to actually spend time with Brian and Justin.


Justin went to New York and in three years did what he set out to do. He and Brian handled it. They promised to be there for each other, and Justin came home for big events. Brian visited a lot. When Justin left they didn’t promise monogamy because they didn’t want to disappoint each other since they didn’t live near each other. We thought it was funny that they ended up monogamous anyway. At first, Brian went to Babylon and partied, but stuck to blow jobs. Brian said he decided that it was time to stop settling for mediocre and just stick with the best. Justin was too busy to worry about anything. He started an internet graphics site. He did well enough to afford New York prices. We still work on Rage and it is moderately successful.


Emmett and Ted finally came in, and Emmett tells me that Justin texted a picture of something their gardener did. Emmett shows us the phone. They have these small trees that line the drive and the gardener rounded the tops of the trees. Justin asked Emmett if it looks like 10 penises in a row, and to ask me. We study it and I text Justin that Brian should be happy he has dick lining his yard.


Ted and Blake are going to go by Britin and feed Justin’s cat while we are all gone. Brian told Justin that he isn’t taking Roe with them. Justin tries to sneak his cat everywhere they go. Justin couldn’t think of a name for it and Brian suggested Roe. Justin went with it but couldn’t figure out why Brian wanted to name the cat after fish eggs. Brian later told us it was because he considered the cat the ‘root of evil’. The cat is always leaving fur everywhere. Justin was not amused but kept the name.


I wanted to make sure that Emmett and Ted kept an eye on Hunter. I could see coming home to a kegger. Ben said that we taught him better. He would wait for Ted and Emmett to leave to invite people over. I told Emmett I was going to have the neighbors report in. Emmett said they would be too busy trying to disapprove of everyone. Ha Ha.


We finished eating and we headed our separate ways. Ben and I were going to go see the kids this week. Brian and Justin had Gus with them last week. Lately, Gus has been asking to come to visit here. Brian, who is usually busy, figured that flying Gus in would be easier. JR is still too little to come here on her own, so we visit them.




Justin is starting to make almost as much money as I do. When he came home for good last year I wanted to give him anything he wanted. I asked if he wanted to have a kid. He said he would rather have a cat. Roe was moved in a week later. I asked if he wanted a kid ever since I’m not getting any younger. He told me, yes but he wanted to enjoy us for a while. We finally decided it was time. I want him to have a child. I got over my fear of being like my father while raising Gus. Justin was only willing if we raise it, not someone else. I figured we don’t have to suddenly become model citizens, just be there.


We got a separate egg donor from the carrier. She told us three months ago that she’s expecting. When we get back, they are going to do an ultrasound to see the baby. Justin is trying to get all his shows scheduled so he can go to her appointments. Justin told his mother and Daphne last week and then told me I needed to tell Larry, Moe, and Curly. I texted that I knocked Sunshine up. Michael texted back, asking was that a Rage plotline? I said no, but in 6 months we would have a little Justin.


You know, I figured that since I was working, the gay mafia would attack Justin. Instead, I had all this crap sent to my office. Deb showed up and brought food. Why, you ask? I did too. She said it was to keep everyone healthy. Um, I wouldn’t dare say this to her, but the grease in her mac and cheese isn’t that healthy. Ted hid baby booties everywhere. I think I fired him in my head ten times a day. Emmett sent baby supplies. I asked them all if they thought that the baby was already here.


We told Gus this past weekend. He was excited and told us if possible could we order a boy. I told him we would get right on that.


Mel and I finally got over trying to top each other and she agreed Gus needed to visit. We get him on most of his school breaks and during the summer.


I had some problems with Lindsay and money right after Justin came home. Lindsay was calling asking for money every week. She said that Gus needed to be my main concern. That just because Justin thinks he needs to be with me doesn’t mean I need to forget Gus.


Ted was the one who finally said something. He was looking over my personal account and wanted to know why I transferred $3000.00 into Lindsay’s account. I said that Lindsay called to say their car needed repairs and the heater went out in the house. Ted left and came back to my office about an hour later and told me he called Mel to get receipts. She told him she didn’t know what he was talking about.


Mel and I agreed not to bring it up to Lindsay. They still have problems. The next time Lindsay called to ask for money, I let Ted take the call. Ted told her to have the repairman call so he could just send the money directly. Lindsay called me to complain, so I asked why not let me pay the bill and cut out the middle man. Mel and I agreed that I would send the money to Mel. We still don’t know what Lindsay needed the money for. Lindsay said that she felt like we don’t trust her.


When Justin decided to come home, Lindsay was calling him three times a day to tell him he would lose his career, and that he should stay in New York. Justin told her not to worry, his agent told him he could come home. He asked her if he needed permission from anyone else. Justin doesn’t want to talk to her, because every call is like that. He said for someone who has only worked in one gallery in Pittsburgh, she seems to have all the answers. He is still angry that she went behind his back with that article and showed it to me. Justin and Lindsay don’t really get along well at all anymore. They are civil around Gus.


I really only deal with her when it’s about Gus since she started out with little jabs. She would say that I am making Justin sacrifice his career. My favorite was that Justin is young and will eventually want a younger man. She called to tell me that Justin is great, but do I really want to introduce my clients to a comic book artist? I told her that most of my clients want to meet Justin, the Artist. She didn’t like that. Michael thinks she's just jealous of Justin’s success. Emmett jokingly said that maybe when she played hide the salami she realized that she wanted my salami. I flicked him off.




I wanted to make sure that the trees look like penises, so I sent the picture to Emmett told him to show it to Michael. Michael’s phone doesn’t get pictures, he is such a technophobe. We have this neighbor who likes to tell me that I need to paint things people like. She likes landscapes. I told her that the Big Q sells those. We have been at war ever since. She came over the other day and said that the trees lining the drive should be trimmed because I don’t want the neighborhood to look bad. I told the gardener to make sure they looked like dicks. Yep, Michael texted they do. Yay me.


We have to leave in an hour for the airport and I wanted to check in one more time with Amanda to see if she and the baby need anything. Brian told me to leave her alone, the baby had to bake. I told him that I want to make sure while it was baking that the incubator had everything it needs. I like Amanda, she has surrogated twice before us. She told me that she just tells the baby about the parents. I sent her lots of information. Brian just leans down to her belly and tells it to grow.


That was my biggest surprise when I came home. Brian wanted to have a baby. He said that if we do well, we should try one more time so that the kids grow up together. I won’t lie, I wanted kids, but first I was worried how Gus would take it.


I took Gus out alone before I told Brian yes. I asked if it would bother him that his dad and I decided to have a kid that lives with us. He said as long as we still want him around, another kid wouldn’t bother him. After Gus went home I told Brian I wanted to have a baby. He asked if we have to keep Roe. I told him to keep it up and I would open his closet and let Roe in.


Time to go. I texted Michael, mission 'piss the neighbor off' worked. We were driving off and she had her husband in their yard and she was pointing at the trees. Her husband was laughing.




Gus came home last week and told me that Brian told him that he and Justin want to have kids. Are you kidding me? I am going to have to have a talk with Brian. If he wants another kid then we can try. Maybe they just haven’t asked me yet. I need to convince Mel we need to have another baby.


Brian needs to let Justin go. Justin has it all in New York. I mean, why would you move back to Pittsburgh after making it New York? I have tried to talk to Justin about this. I even called his agent Sarah last week, asking her why she told Justin he could move back home.


Sarah asked me why I was calling her. She is really bitchy about details. I told her I needed her to send me Justin's schedule so I could check what she is doing. She sent me a press kit and a note saying this is the only thing she is allowed to share with the public. I’m the one who pushed his career. He needs to listen to me, not Sarah.

Michael and Ben are coming, I’m going to see what Michael thinks about them wanting to have a child. Surely Michael will agree that I should be the mother.

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