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Author's Chapter Notes:

Nancy is helping and doesn't even know it.



I was getting ready for my date with Paul, I should have picked someone better looking. I mean, Paul is rich and successful and he has the pedigree my mother wanted, but he is going to blend into the background. I want people to notice me and talk about me. I want Brian to get jealous. I also want to make sure I keep attention on me.


My mother came in to give last minute instructions on my behavior tonight. She is going to dinner at a friend’s house tonight. I listen to her tell me to not speak of my former life. It was fine to say that I was a teacher and an aspiring artist. It is not fine to mention Gus or Mel. I may acknowledge I know Brian, but to put it in a business setting, not in an intimate setting. She is going on and on. I told her I know what to do. Mother tells me that if I screw this up, she is done.


Paul and I were going to dinner first and the gallery afterward. We ate and he told me he was excited to see the art that was going to be shown. I asked if he was a collector. He told me until he saw a new artist a few years ago, he just liked to look, but now he tries to get any pieces available. This wasn’t so bad, I told him that I liked Sam Auerbach paintings and had worked in the Bloom Gallery and got Sam to show there. Paul said Auerbach was okay but lately his paintings were less impressive to him. I asked him who he collects and he told me, Justin Taylor. I had to stay calm.


I told him I was the first person to encourage Justin to become an artist. That I know he is the hot artist right now, but Justin became less friendly when he became famous. Paul told me he didn’t buy because of the artist, but the art. Maybe I can introduce him to Justin and get Paul to occupy him.


We got to the gallery, everyone was there. I saw Brian and Justin standing next to Sydney and that bitch, Sarah. I wanted to avoid Sarah. Paul walked me around and greeted people he knew. I saw Mel and Sarah walking together, I decided that it was time to get to Justin. We walked up behind him.


“Justin, how are you tonight. I wanted to introduce you to Paul.” I tell Justin. Justin turns and looks at me, then at Paul.


“Nice to meet you, Paul. I hope you are enjoying your evening.” Justin ignores me and talks only to Paul.


“I was telling Lindsay that I collect your work and she mentioned that she helped you get your start,” Paul tells Justin. I walk off to find Brian.




If Linds thinks no one noticed her, she needs to get help. I was taking Mel around with me, I wanted to get to know her. I can tell Mel is still getting used to being single. Daphne told me to go slow and give Mel time. I plan to give her all the time she wants. When I saw her walk in, I wanted to grab her and walk back out. She is hot as hell. I almost want to thank Linds for fucking up.


I watch Linds maneuver her date to Justin. Poor Paul, he must have been desperate to go out with Linds. I walk over to Brian and tilt my head to let him know he has incoming. Brian shrugged and continued to stand at the bar. I left Mel with Michael when I saw Linds. I went to see what Justin was doing. Paul wanted to commission Justin to paint a mural in his office building. Justin steered him to me to make the arrangements.


IceBitch has landed. Brian is looking at Justin and ignoring Linds.




Sarah gave me a heads up, but I knew Linds would be here. I told Justin I would handle her.


“Brian, I need to speak to you about Gus. I was hoping we could talk in private.” Linds says, thinking that she can convince me to side with her.


“Sure. Let's go to Sydney’s office.” I walk towards Sydney’s office. Aaron is here and followed behind us.


Aaron told me he would stay outside the office but to keep the door open.


“Okay Linds, you have five minutes, make them count,” I tell her.


“Brian, we need to talk about how we are going to raise Gus. I was disappointed that you wanted to have more children and you didn’t even tell me about it. We could have had the same arrangement as before with the new baby. I was even willing to move here and have us live as a family. I can’t believe that you didn’t consider how this would affect Gus. I’m sure he is telling you he is fine with the situation, but what else would he say to you. I know it’s too late now that the child is on the way, but I would be happy to help you raise the child.” Linds is smiling. She must think she is doing me a favor.


“I don’t understand why you needed to know anything Linds. Gus and Justin talked before we went ahead with the plan, and all Gus asked was if we could have a boy. I also think that if you wanted to talk about Gus, Mel should be here, since she is his mother too. You need to understand something Linds. I, in no way, want you to be a part of this baby’s life. Justin doesn’t want you involved either. You will not now, or ever, live with me. I will make it so you can spend time with your children, Gus and JR if they want to see you. Now I need to get back.” I tell her.


“Brian, you will not walk away from me. You need to see that Gus would benefit from having us together as a family. Think of your son.” Linds used to be able to make me back down and thinks she still can.


“Why would we now need to change the way you wanted Gus raised? You know, when you wanted me to sign over my child to be raised by you and Mel. The only difference I can see is that you fucked up your relationship with Mel and now want me to take up the role of husband. I would think you, of all people, would know that your pussy is as attractive to me as roadkill. If you want to be hetero, then marry your date. The only person who will live in my house and be in my bed is Justin. Is that clear?” I walk out. She is calling me. I go to Justin.




Linds left me with Paul, and he is a nice guy. I talked to him and asked him what he liked about my art. Paul didn’t fanboy on me. He told me he likes that he can feel the emotion in the painting. He told me that he wanted to commission a mural for his building. I take him to Sarah and tell him to talk to her.


I know Linds did this to get to Brian. But hey, I just made probably two hundred thousand from her date. I was walking to find Daphne, she's been with Deb all evening. I see Sam trying to corner her, I walked over to say hi and rescue my best friend.


“Daph, where have you been?” I say, and I see her smirk.


“I have been fending off the hairy perv here,” Daphne tells me.


“Daphne, I am hurt. I only wanted to show you my sketches. I wanted to do a series of nudes of you.” Sam is skeevy.


Sam, I would rather walk nude through a college frat house on keg night.” She smiles at him.


Daphne looks behind Sam and sees Linds, who has met up with her date.


“You know what Sam, I think you should walk around with Justin and I. I mean reporters will want to talk to you both. We could save them time.” Daphne hooks her arm through mine and Sam’s.


She is dragging us towards Linds.


“Linds, look who I found. Sam, you remember Linds don’t you?” Daphne asks Sam.


Sam is looking at Linds, it’s the look that people get when they know you but can’t place you. Sam is really crude when he talks and I think that’s what Daphne is counting on.


“Didn’t you work here Linds?” Sam asks. Linds nods at him. I can tell she is upset from her conversation with Brian.


“I remember now. You were married to that chick. You still with her? I mean I figured after I fucked you that you probably would have gotten over the whole dyke thing. I didn’t get you pregnant did I? I don’t need any more children." Sam is awesome.


“Hey, if I remember correctly, she was decent in bed, but I could be talking about the other girl I was screwing at the time,” Sam tells Paul.


Linds is turning red and walks away. I tell Paul I’m sorry about Sam, he tends to talk without a filter. Paul tells me not to worry, he only agreed to the date as a favor to her father. Paul tells me that he will be in contact, and asks if Daphne is single. I tell him, no, but she would be flattered. I want to leave a good impression too.


I see Daphne being nice to Sam for a change. She hugs him and tells him if she ever lowers her standards, she’ll call him.




I wait for Paul on the other side of the gallery. He finally walks over and tells me that he is ready to go. In the car, I tell him Sam was kidding, he just doesn’t think before he talks. Paul tells me that it was fine. I need to keep Paul around to keep my mother off my back. When we pull up to the house, I ask if he wants to come in. He told me that he needed to go. I told him to call me, we could do something he would like. He told me that he was busy, but if he found some time he would let me know.


I walked into the house and straight to my room. I pick up a vase and throw it at the wall. Nothing was safe in the room. I want to destroy everything. I started to rip the chairs apart and destroyed all the mirrors. Fuck them all, they think they can ignore me. Brian needs to understand that he is mine. I will no longer stand back and let everyone keep him from me.


My mother came into my room and I picked up shoes, a lamp, anything that I could throw at her. I tell her I'm tired of people denying me what I want. I walk into the hall and start destroying everything I see. My father and the butler grab me and hold me down.




Ron and I got back from the party and hear Linds yelling and throwing things. Allen, our butler, told us it started as soon as Linds came in the door. I told Allen to call Jake, our family doctor, and tell him to get here. Allen was to explain that Linds is erratic and we need her calmed down. Linds was tossing her room and started coming after me. I told Ron and Allen to hold her till Jake arrives. Linds was thrashing and screaming at us. She told me that if I didn’t help her with Brian, I would be sorry. Jake arrived and while Ron and Allen held her down, we had him sedate her.


Jake suggested we check her into the hospital after seeing her and looking at what she did. I told Jake to take her but keep it quiet. A few days in the hospital under Jake’s care will make her understand that she is going to toe the line in this family.


We wait for the orderlies to come and help Jake take her. I told Ron after Linds left that we need to decide how to handle her. Ron told me to do whatever I wanted. I waited until he left. Jake came back and I told him Linds needs to be kept in the hospital until we cure her rebellious streak. I want a compliant daughter returned to me.


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