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Author's Chapter Notes:

The garden party is on. There will be at least one more chapter if not a couple more.



I received a call from Nancy Peterson. She wanted to speak to me and Mel about Linds. We agreed to meet at Kinnetik. I refuse to have Nancy in my house. I don’t want Gus to meet the uptight old bitch. Justin wanted to come, but I told him to go play in his garden. When Justin gets revenge it’s expensive.


Mel and I had noticed a lack of Linds in the last week. Aaron asked to be in the meeting, he was concerned that Nancy was trying to help Linds. Nancy is standing in reception, Cynthia walks her to the room and closes the door. I guess the wait is over.


“Brian, Mel. I’ll get right to the point. Lindsay had a breakdown last week and we had her admitted to a care facility. After talking to the doctors, they feel that Lindsay needs to have peace and no stress. I wanted to talk to you about Gus. Until such time that we feel Lindsay is able to make her own decisions, it would be best for the boy to be kept away. I will contact both of you and keep you updated, but I feel any visits from you or your friends could be detrimental to her treatment.” Nancy tells us.


“With Lindsay in the care of a psychiatrist, will you be her Power of Attorney, or has she appointed someone?” Aaron asks.


“I have her Power of Attorney,” Nancy tells Aaron.


“We have to consider Gus at this time. If Linds wants to see him, she still has the right, through you, to have contact,” Mel adds.


“I am willing to relinquish her rights until she can speak for herself,” Nancy tells us.


Aaron tells Nancy he will contact her attorney with the paperwork. I wait for Nancy and Aaron to leave and ask Mel what she thinks is really going on. Mel said Linds played right into her mother’s hands. Nancy is about control in her house, and Linds forgot it. Mel gets up to leave and tells me she’ll see me at home.


Linds has always been manipulative and she learned at her mother’s knee. I worry about Gus, he lost his mother. If you ask him he would say that they lost her before Canada. Mel and I will have to make up for it. I don’t think that Linds will give up Gus completely.


I make my way to the house of revenge. Michael and Justin have been busy trying to get everything ready.




Justin and Michael were excited. Jen willingly lent her help. When Katherine told Jen that Justin needed to mature more to become a better artist, Jen told the boys to invite everyone.


Emmett worked on the catering to give it the right flair. There were tea cakes, each decorated with the new flowers on the top. The sandwiches were wraps with cucumber dressing dripping out of the end and two falafel balls on top of alfalfa to the side of each wrap. For cocktails, he served Between the Sheets, Full Monty, or Climax. Brian took the kids to Carl, to keep them out of the line of fire. Cal trimmed all the plants so everything was perfect.


Jen asked to see Hunter. Hunter was confused at first, but Jen cleared up everything for him. Ted was in charge of the music. Jen wanted to set the tone as a Victorian Garden party.


The Erupting Orgasm Plant erupted nicely. Sarah paid well to make sure that it did. They called the Gardeners Association to attend. Everything was ready for Katherine to arrive.


Brian told everyone he was attending only because this cost a fortune to do. Justin told Brian this was to entertain and educate everyone. Brian looked at the diva and said it would have been cheaper to hire the dancers at Babylon to strip on the lawn. Justin reminded Brian that he had only said not to get killed, or end up on the news.


Jen greeted each guest, announcing that after lunch, she would like to tour the newly planted garden. Katherine was told she was the guest of honor because without her advice the garden wouldn’t have existed. Katherine stood and told everyone she was very pleased that the neighbors would honor her.


As lunch was served, Debbie commented that the wrap looked like a big dong. Katherine commented on it being very delicious. Katherine was asked what she would like to drink. That they were serving Between the Sheets, Full Monty, or a Climax. Katherine asked for water. Deb yelled that a Climax would make her day.


Jen began the tour with the Pussy Willow trees and told everyone it was in full bloom. The branches of the Pussy Willow could be used for decoration in a vase, centered in any room. Hunter commented that Pussy in every room would be nice. Katherine looked at Hunter disapprovingly. Hunter said that he meant Pussy Willows.


Jen led everyone to the center and pointed out the Clitoria and to notice the flowers were gorgeous blooms of Purple. Hunter said that is a lot of Clit-or-ia in a bed. Katherine told Hunter it was pronounced Clitoria. Hunter told her that’s what he said.


They walked to the area where the Peony Daisies and the Wang Peonies were and Jen explained that ants were needed to open each bud so that they could flower. Hunter looked at the flowers and said that he couldn’t image ants on his Penis to get it to open. Katherine was blushing. Hunter turned to her and said that Peonies seem to need stimulation to bloom. Jen told Hunter lots was needed to get maximum bloomage.


Jen pointed out the interior surrounding the Fuchsia Eruption flower, the shrubs surrounding it were Dropping Ball shrubs and Amaranthus. Justin interrupted Hunter and said that to his artistic eye they looked really erotic together. Katherine turned a brighter shade of red. The Gardener’s Association members commented that the proper name for the Amaranthus was Amaranthus Dick. Justin thank them. Hunter not to be outdone said so, in essence, it’s like the trees cock and balls. Michael hugged Hunter.


Jen directed everyone to look at the Fuchsia Eruption. She told Katherine that Cal wanted to make sure that we could enjoy the splendor of seeing the flower. Deb added that it looked to have exploded so everyone could see the beauty of it. Katherine agreed, feeling she was back on safe ground. Hunter asked the Gardener’s Association members what was the common name. One of the members wanted to tell everyone first and shouted Erupting Orgasm. Deb asked if that was why the stem reminds her of a big penis. The member said that’s why it’s called ERUPTING ORGASM. Katherine trying to not make a scene said it was a very beautiful garden but we should stick to the genus name because people might get the wrong idea.


Hunter looked at her and said “What, a garden with more cock and pussy than the people in the yard?” Justin, trying to act offended turned to Hunter and said the garden was planned to precision, for beauty and style, like Katherine pointed out. Justin turned to Katherine and said that each plant was put in the garden for Katherine’s sake. He turned to Hunter and said to apologize for such crude language.


Hunter turned to Katherine and told her he was sorry. Hunter then turned to Justin and said it’s not his fault that everything in the garden was sexually motivated. Hunter suggested they call it the Garden of Sexual Delights. Jen suggested that they call it Katie’s Delights and Desires.


Katherine politely told Jen thank you for the invitation and walked away towards her home down the road. Justin and Michael shouted thank you for being at the party and they look forward to her next piece of advice. Katherine decided that she would rather stay at her house than worry about the neighbor three doors down in the other direction.




Jen and Justin thanked the Gardener's Association members, aka Todd and the Babylon dancers, for their help. I will admit, Jen was good. Hunter played it well. I walked to the side of the house and finally gave in to the hilarity of it all. I taught Justin and Michael well, they walked around, attending Jen and kept straight faces during the whole thing. Blake hid behind Ted because he couldn’t keep it together. Ben and Mel walked off each time because they couldn’t hold it in. Sarah and Daphne didn’t even try, they just stayed behind all the guys and laughed. I walked in the house to find Justin and Michael high-fiving Hunter. Michael told Hunter he was a genius. I walked to my best friend and kissed him full on the mouth and even kissed Hunter on the cheek. I took Justin and dragged him to the bedroom, telling him I needed to have an Erupting Orgasm.




Chapter End Notes:

Thank you for staying interested and hopefully when this one is done I'll think of something else.

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