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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the end but I think that the kids will get little one shots every once in a while. I wanted to leave it with the possibility to write a sequel. With all the kids and Justin and Michael there might be something for later.

Thank-you Lorie for reading the insanity I write and encourging me to write more.






So the months have flown by, I helped Daphne plan her wedding. Well, I paid Emmett, but that’s a help. She was going to plan it on her own to save money. I tried to help at first but she was driving me insane, so I called Emmett. I offered him triple if he got the mad woman to calm down.


Michael and I have been busy writing Rage. We had so much material after Linds and Katherine. Icebitch was subdued by the Queen of the planet Stepford. Katherine inspired all the characters that try to interfere in crime fighting. Michael and I need Katherine to piss us off some more. We are bored.


Katherine is very polite and no longer offers any advice. Her husband stopped by on his jog through the neighborhood. Brian was waiting for the bus with Gus. He told Brian that he was sorry he'd missed the fun. Brian offered him the video he had taped. He said it was probably his fault that she was acting like a shrew. Apparently, when we moved in, she thought Brian should have picked someone more mature. Her husband said to her that all men would love to have a young blond piece if they could get it. We still keep up the garden. Every time someone comes up with something we make sure that it stays beautiful.


The rest of the neighborhood wanted to know why everyone wasn’t invited. I told them we could do the 4th of July. Brian groaned. I think having streamers of white flowing down the sides of the tree is a wonderful idea. Brian is only agreeing because Remsen signed on for a campaign using the Erupting Orgasm in their male aide ad. He is making enough off of the deal to throw a couple thousand parties. I really need to call Michael about this.


Linds got out of the place Mommy put her, but other than the occasional visit with Gus she doesn't bother us. Mom said that Linds is dating someone name Jacob, and according to Nancy, expects a wedding soon. Brian ran into Linds and Jacob, he told me that Linds always wanted to date a gay man, and she finally found one. Jacob is actually one of Emmett’s conquests. Emmett said the man was a bigger bottom than him.


Sarah gave Mel all the space she needed. It took two whole weeks before they ended up in action. Unfortunately for me, I walked into the laundry room that day. While I do find the female form aesthetically pleasing, I didn't need that much of an education.


Sarah loves the kids, JR is Sarah’s princess. Linds always treated JR like she was someone else's child. JR didn’t understand. Linds was her mommy. Sarah told JR she wanted to be whatever JR wanted. JR said, “okay Mommy, I want you to play with my dolls.” I think that cemented the relationship for Mel. Sarah is a control freak and makes sure Mel is happy.


We are all waiting for Amanda to pop. She is huge.




I think Justin misses Katherine. He tends to look out for her. I want Amanda to have the kids, Justin and Michael get expensive when they get bored. The doctor told us anytime now.


Linds has turned into the perfect WASP. She is still involved in Gus’s life but disapproves of all of us. She told me Jacob is fine with Gus and wants to have a child soon. I guess they are getting married. I wonder how a gay man lives that life. I ran into Jacob at Babylon and asked. He said his family disapproves of the lifestyle and if he wants to keep his inheritance he has to take one for the team. Nancy told him to be discreet and all would be well.


Michael was thrilled when Sarah announced that she was moving to Pittsburgh. He was scared Mel might move to New York. Sarah told Michael that she still has to be there for meetings and clients, but she has a large staff and can live here. Mel and Sarah wanted to buy a house in our neighborhood since Gus goes to school here. Mel was worried because she doesn’t make the kind of money that Sarah makes. Justin told Mel he learned a long time ago not to try to compete in that arena. As long as Sarah treats Mel like an equal it shouldn’t matter.


We waited all week for the babies to arrive. Nothing happened, I was ready to start the parenting thing. Justin and I decided we were only going to have the two. I thought about one more, but we are getting both in one go.


Oh wait, I forgot about Roe. You know, the kitty from hell. Roe played innocent until Michael asked if I ever found my boots. I will admit that I queened a bit about them. I looked at Justin who picked up Evil and tried to walk out of the room. Ted told me what happened. I took Roe from Justin’s arm and was going to give him a good scolding, but the little shit meowed at me and then rubbed his head on my cheek. How do you punish that? With no other alternative, I punished Justin instead, about 5 times. Justin said the cat can crap wherever it’s little heart desires if that was the result.


Cynthia just stuck her head in the door and told me Justin called and told her to tell me that Amanda is at the hospital. I asked Cynthia if he was meeting me here. Cynthia told me no, that he was worried he would miss the birth so he went straight to the hospital. Justin reads all these books on pregnancy and thinks you just go and the baby appears. It makes me wonder sometimes how he scored 1500 on his SATs.


I asked Cynthia to call everyone. Ted told me he and Blake would be by after work. I got to the hospital and looked for Justin. He and his partner in crime, Michael, were waiting together. Mel called me to let me know Gus should be on his way with her after he gets out of school. Sarah wanted to have JR dressed up in her princess outfit to meet the new babies. Jen and Deb were coming together. Emmett told me he and Drew would be there as soon as he made some snacks for the wait. It’s amazing to me that people with no blood ties are the family that I have. I had picked a name for my daughter to reflect their love for the babies on the way.


The doctor finally comes out and tells Justin and me that Amanda invited us into the delivery room. We had been in the labor room with her all day and they took her to delivery a couple of minutes ago. She wanted natural and Justin told her when they offer the good drugs you say hell yes. Amanda laughed and told him this would be her fourth delivery and she knew she could handle it.


We were scrubbed and dressed. We walked to the head of the table to wait, apparently, the first baby was ready to come already. Amanda waited for us and then pushed with all her might. Our son was in the doctor’s hands. Justin, who told me he didn’t want to see all the girly parts, ran over to look. He was all excited when they cleaned the baby, we had to remind him that number two was on the way. Justin came back and held Amanda’s hand as she worked to deliver our daughter. The baby came out without a fuss five minutes behind her brother. Justin leaned down and told Amanda thank you for giving us these children. I kissed her on the forehead and thanked her too. Amanda told us to go love the babies. Justin told her that he wanted her to know that she is always welcome at our house.


I have to admit, babies look like little old people when they first come out. We sat and watched the nurses with the babies. They strapped on the bracelets to the babies and us. Justin followed the nurses and I walked out to our family. I told them to follow me to view the babies. We walked up and I walked into the room after having my bracelet checked. Justin didn’t notice anything but the babies. We were lucky they were full term. Benjamin Theodore Taylor-Kinney we plan to call him Benny, is 8lbs and 4oz, 23 inches. I looked at him and still saw an old man. He opened his eyes and it was like Gus all over again. I wanted to meet my daughter. Justin told me that we need the name for a birth certificate. I told him, Emma Michelle Taylor-Kinney. My daughter had her little fist in her rosebud mouth. She is tiny, only 6lbs and 19 inches. I asked the nurse if they could hold the children in front of the window while Justin and I talk to our friends.


Justin introduced Benny and Emma to the family. The Queens cried. Ben walked over to Justin and thanked him. Blake told Ted he wanted a baby now. Ted groaned but asked for the agency information. We had a couple of hours before they would bring the babies into a separate room. Everyone went to the room to sit, talk and eat. I told them I would join them in a minute. Justin was in with the babies, I hope the nurses are used to someone who will question everything. Mel came up behind me with Gus and I knocked on the window. We wanted Gus to see them with me privately, so if he had any concerns or questions we could help him. Gus smiled when he saw Benny and Emma, he asked me if babies were supposed to be that beautiful. I told him that he was so they should be too.


I walked them back to the room with the others. I figured we needed to get Justin fed. Linds was standing at the window. She was smiling at the babies and Justin. I wondered what she was up to now. She turned and looked at me and told me the children were beautiful. I waited because Linds couldn’t be done.


“All babies are beautiful Brian. I hope you can love them. If they had been mine, I would have picked up the slack for your inadequacies. Well, at least they have Justin.” Linds took her shot.


“You're right, they do have Justin, and he knows what to do. I mean he had to help pick up your slack from the beginning. Have a good life Linds, I know that I and all my children will.” I tell her and watch her leave. Same old Linds.






I walked in the door to Roe running as fast as he can from Benny. Benny thinks that Roe is a toy. I told Benny to make sure he squeezes extra hard. Roe was mad when the babies took Justin's time. Justin still paid attention, but a cat can wait, babies don’t. Roe pissed on my computer, fried the thing. I swear he was smiling at me while he did it.


Emma who was chasing Benny stopped and yelled 'Daddy'. Jumping into my arms. I love my boys, but Emma is mine. Her hair is curly and blonde, her eyes are blue but almost aqua in color. She has Justin’s smile. Benny has dirty blond hair with gray eyes, he is adorable, but all boy. He doesn’t mind cuddling but he is always looking for trouble. They are both as smart as Justin, we had them tested and they tested high enough to skip to 2nd grade when they start next year. Justin worked with them both on letters and numbers. They are both reading and can count to 100 or more. We stopped them at 100 because they would have kept going. I asked where Pa was and Emma said: “With dirty stinky butt.”


The nanny came walking up, and I handed Emma over. I walked up the stairs to see what is going on now. I wonder what Linds is up to now. She started visiting Gus again with her son from Jacob. Gus told Mel and me that she has been really clingy. Jacob divorced Linds to be with his secretary, Dan. Linds played the part of the scorned wife and made it impossible for Jacob to see his son. It was a scandal at the country club. No one else really cared. She hasn’t bothered me or Mel all that much other than the occasional snide comment.


I got to Justin and as Emma calls him, 'dirty stinky butt'. I call him Gabriel. I wanted one more, Justin told me I was crazy after the twins but told me to go for it. I was tested and everything was normal so I donated this time, with an egg from the same donor. We got Gabriel, he has sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. Justin told me that when Gabriel and Gus are older we are never going to get a moment's peace. Gabriel looks a lot like me but has fair coloring.


I really worried that we were going to fall in the trap of being respectable, you know, Linds. Justin said, “Love the kids, pay attention and accept their choices.” We’ll be fine. Everyone helps us, we are able to go out and do things we want. We just have kids now. Ted is the hetero Stepford dad though. His daughter Jessica has to have the best. Jessica just sucks her thumb and runs to Blake.


Michael and Justin planned a vacation to Disney hell. I vetoed that and told them the Disney Cruise will keep the kids contained and we adults can party till we drop.



Everyone is going.


Well, off to help Justin. Gabriel is a handful.


Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for enjoying this with me. I have a couple idea's but need to think about them.

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The End.
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