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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks to Lorie, my Beta though all three stories.



Brian was stressed for the last days we were in England. He told me about Mel wanting to leave Linds. I asked what caused it this time. I know that's bitchy of me, but how many times are they going to do this swinging door relationship? Brian said he thinks this is it. Linds found out we were talking about having a baby and thought to offer a womb. Like I would want her to have my kid.


Brian said she thinks he is going to be the daddy again. I know he doesn’t want to have any more kids with the girls. They made his life hell. Besides, Linds wouldn’t allow us to raise the kid. Gus is her way of making Brian talk to her. I used to think Linds was great, but over time, the things she did bothered me.


Why would you have a baby with someone your partner hates? You wouldn’t. Instead of, I don’t know, Mel - her partner, she calls Brian for everything. If my relationship with Brian was in trouble, would I call Ethan? Not if I want to solve anything. If I’m worried about custody, why would I go to an ad man?


Daphne said Linds reminds her of the crazy ex who pretends they are okay that you moved on but shows up and makes your life hell. I pointed out that they never dated. She pointed out Brian did offer up super dick once. I told her I did for her too. She asked if I remembered what happened after that. I saw her point, but she got over it. Daphne said she found better. I stuck my tongue out at her.


Brian wants to let Mel and the kids stay at the house. I don’t care, as long as Linds isn't moving in. Mel and I get along, I just don’t see why she puts up with Linds. She used to be the strong one in the relationship. Mel lost her backbone when they got back together this last time. She was acting as if she had to please Linds because they did what she wanted when they moved to Canada.


My agent used to call me when Linds called her. It got so bad that she just started texting me the word ‘again’ instead of calling. I was apologizing all the time. Sarah told me that agents are there to block the crazies. Sarah drives Linds up a wall. Linds demands information about my schedules and wants to tell Sarah how to run my career. Sarah sends her press kits and tells Linds to fuck off on a regular basis. Sarah and Cynthia are friends and share Lindsay’s latest and greatest together.


We are on our way to Italy to meet Ben and Michael. Hopefully, Michael can help Brian stop trying to solve the problems in muncherville.




I have been calling Brian all week and he isn't answering. I need to make sure he knows that I’m ready to have a baby. Mel has been busy with clients all week. I have JR. I quit working when Mel could practice law again. Mel said that JR could stay home and we could save on daycare. I let her win so it would excuse why I didn’t do things like cook and clean.


“Mommy, what a surgut?” JR asked.


“I don’t know I’ve never heard of that word,” I tell her. JR still has trouble with words.


“Where did you hear it?” I ask her.


“Mama said it,” JR tells me. She turned to play with her doll.


I wonder what that is? I'll ask Mel later. Gus should be home soon. He needs to call Brian again. Gus has been stubborn about it. He’s been calling Brian on his way home from school. I keep asking Gus what his father has said about having a baby. Gus shrugs and says, not a lot, just that they want to have one together.


I was going to call Ted, but I’m still pissed at him about the money thing. I might have said something to Brian that he shouldn’t trust Ted since he stole from friends. It’s the truth, who knows what he might do. Michael said he was leaving his phone at home. Ben isn’t going to help. Deb never shuts up long enough for me to ask questions. I could try Emmett. I call Emmett, maybe he knows something.


“Emmett’s Perfect Parties, this is Emmett.” He must be working.


“Em, it’s Linds. How are you today?” I ask.


“Well girl, I just helped plan a wedding and the colors are hot pink and bright green. I tried to talk her into like salmon and maybe bluish green, but nope those are her favorite colors. I have about six parties in the next three weeks. What about you?” Emmett has to give you useless information.


“Not a lot. I haven’t heard from Ben and Michael. They forgot to give Mel and me the hotel information before they left. Do you have it?” I can at least call the hotel phone. Brian will answer that.


"No, I never asked, but you could call Cynthia, she would know. I have to go. Give the kids kisses. Ta Ta.” Emmett hangs up.


He was of no help. I guess I need to call Sarah. Cynthia would demand a body if I told her it was an emergency.


“Sarah Gilson’s office, how may I direct your call?” Her secretary answers.


“I need to speak to Sarah about Justin Taylor,” I tell her.


“May I get your name for her?” This is the tricky part. She has left me on hold before.


“Melanie Marcus.” She asks me to hold.


“Sarah Gilson speaking, how are you today Melanie?” Sarah asks.


“Actually it’s Lindsay Peterson. You know, the mother of Brian’s son. I forgot to get their hotel information before they left. Could you give me the hotel and room number.” I ask her nicely.


“Let’s see, you want me to give out a client's information over the phone to you when you lied about who you were, while he is on vacation. I have repeatedly told you I will not make information available to you since you are not on his approved list. I really think that by now you would realize that I am the last person you should call, or am I the last person that you had to call?” Sarah is such a bitch.


I hang up. I am going to get Justin to fire her sooner or later. Damn it, I need to get a hold of Brian. I’m tired of being put off when I am willing to do him a favor. I hear Gus coming in. I could see if he knows.


“Mom, why was JR outside by herself? She stayed on the steps. I asked her where you were, she said on the phone.” Gus doesn’t look happy. He is very protective of JR.


I look up and realize that it was thirty minutes ago when I looked at the clock the last time. At least JR is okay.


“I saw her the whole time. She just wanted to greet you today.” I tell Gus. I don’t want Mel pissed at me.


Gus looks at me then says “Whatever". He tells me he doesn’t have homework, so JR can play with him. They walk towards his bedroom.


“Gus, do you know where your dad is staying in Italy?” I ask.


“Rome is all I was told,” Gus says, taking JR in his room, and closes the door on me.




I have avoided talking to Linds about separating. Since the day I mentioned separating, Linds hasn’t brought up wanting a baby. When did I stop standing up for myself? Almost from the beginning. Linds has a way of saying and doing things that make you feel like you're wrong. I need to go home for the kids at least.


I have everything I need to leave; money, school transcripts, passports. Part of me wants to leave tonight. I told everyone two weeks but Ted left open-ended tickets for me and the kids. Brian’s lawyer sent the paperwork through that said I have his permission to keep Gus. When we were signing the paperwork I was kind of pissed about the clause that we have to have Brian’s approval for anything concerning Gus. It works in my favor now. Linds and I have to have his permission. He has never invoked it before. It means that Linds can fight it, but it will have to go to court. He also put in that the parent Gus lives with gets child support. We all signed the papers, I guess Linds will find out if she pursues anything.


I walk in and Linds is feeding the kids. She tells me she wants to talk. I have been waiting for this all week. We put the kids to bed and walk into the living room. I wait for her to begin.


“I wanted to talk to you about having a baby. I have the feeling that someone is going to ask me to carry a baby, and I want to say yes. We can raise it with Gus and JR. I know you said something about our relationship, but we seem to be doing fine.” Linds tells me, smiling sweetly.


I could burst her bubble about the baby right now. Brian told me that if I need to, I can tell Linds the truth about the baby. Everyone in Pittsburgh knows, so it’s possible she is going to find out. I think I want to wait and see her make an idiot out of herself.


“No, Linds. No more children. If you want them, then we need to separate.” I tell her.


“If you feel that way, you can go,” Linds tells me.


“If I go, I take the kids,” I warn her.


“Then wake them up and you can all go,” Linds tells me.


That was all I needed to hear from her. I go upstairs and pack the kids and me a suitcase each. I wake Gus and tell him we are going to a hotel tonight. I called a cab from his room. The whole time, Linds is standing in the living room, not trying to stop me. When I saw the cab pull up I told Gus to grab their stuff, and I got JR. We walk past Linds, and she doesn’t say anything or try to stop us.




My phone rang at 10:30 pm, it was Mel. I thought maybe it was just an update on what is going on. Nope. Mel tells me she left, and Lindsay didn’t stop her. I had told Brian I would call as soon as it happened. Hopefully, I'll survive calling him at almost 5 am. It rang about four times and a groggy Justin picks it up.


“Hello, this better be good.” Justin is yawning.


“Justin, it’s Ted. I need to talk to Brian.” I tell him. I hear Justin trying to wake Brian.


“What the hell Ted?” Brian isn’t a morning person.


I tell him Mel left, and Linds let her take the kids. They are staying at a hotel tonight. He tells me to fly there tonight and help her. Have her call him, but give him a couple of hours. Justin says something I can’t hear. Brian comes back on and tells me that they are going to come home on the next flight. Shit, this isn’t going to be good.




We have only been in Rome one day and we are leaving. Justin told me that we can come back. He rented the villa for a week. He said Michael and Ben can stay. Justin knows that I will worry until I see Gus. I hang up on Ted and go wake up Michael and Ben.


We sit around drinking coffee and decided that we are all going. The next flight out is at noon and it’s a ten-hour flight. So we start packing to go home.


Mel called finally, and I told her that we were on our way. I want her to stay at our house. You have to be let in the guard gate to get to us. I tell her that Ted will take her to the house and get her and the kids in and settled.

Justin called the gardener and told him the penis trees have to go as soon as possible. I’m kind of disappointed. I like the trees.

Chapter End Notes:

I will try to write tonight but will be late again tomorrow.

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