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Author's Chapter Notes:

I was going to hold this hostage till a certain author wrote but since I would be updating until late tomorrow I had to get this one out.



I woke Blake up to tell him I have to go help Mel. Blake said he would go to Brian and Justin’s house and get the guest rooms ready. I told him to stay there tonight. I still can’t believe Linds let them leave.


Mel is staying at the hotel next to the airport. I told her I would meet her at the hotel. I didn't want her to have to wake the kids. Mel was waiting for me.


I asked Mel if this is what she really wants to do. She tells me that she needs to do it. She and Linds got back together, but Linds seems to be making her pay for the last breakup. Mel said that Linds trying to convince her they should have another baby was the last straw. Especially when Mel found out that Linds thinks Brian is going to ask her to have a baby.


Michael told me that Ben told Mel about Brian and Justin having a baby for themselves with a surrogate. All I can think is, wait till Linds finds out that the baby is already on the way. Mel didn’t tell Linds anything. She said it should be a surprise, even though Mel had Brian’s permission to tell Linds.




I let Mel and the kids leave. She'll come back. Mel needs to see that she is going to have to give me what I want. Mel needs to understand that she owes me.


Mel didn’t even have enough sense to go to the bank this morning. I withdrew all but fifty dollars and put it in my account. My mother told me if you want them to come home with their tails between their legs, cut off the money. She is going to have to beg me if she wants to come home.


I just need Mel until I get pregnant. I figure Brian will see the sense of he and I living together after two children. Mel can do whatever she wants after that. Justin will be the next one I move out. I'll tell Brian to let him move to the loft. I don’t care if Brian sees him, I’ll just tell him that he needs to be discreet.


My dad’s girlfriend lives in town, mother made sure she understood her place. Mother told me to make Brian understand that Justin needs to know his. When I move into the manor, then I’ll work on the marriage. Brian has always seen things my way eventually.




Ted called to let me know they were on their way. The gardener rounded the trees a little so they look less like penises. The neighbor came over and said the gardener needed to be talked to about how to trim better the first time. I smiled and said not to worry about it. I had the gardener get small crimson pygmy barberry shrubs and plant two under each tree. The trees are far enough away from each other that it will look like red balls next to rounder penises. My contribution to the piss off the neighbor mission.


Roe and I wait for Ted and the others. Roe is being needy. Justin usually takes him on most trips. I knew Roe was mad, he left a present for Brian. I had to throw away Brian’s Prada boots, Roe shit in them.




Ted has been wonderful. He kept the kids entertained for me. I know I'm making the right decision, but it isn’t easy. I have been with Linds for the last fourteen years.


I talked to Gus so he would understand why we left. He told me that his Mom left first, I just wasn’t paying attention. I asked him how he really felt. He said that home felt like a prison since we moved to Canada. He hopes that his mother gets her act together.


I tried to tell Brian we would be okay, that he should finish his vacation, but he said that he needs to be here in case Linds gets any ideas. I found out this morning that she is already working on it. She emptied out our joint account. She only got two thousand. Ted opened an account after I talked to Michael, the guys got together and put money in it. I told Ted that I felt horrible that they had to keep helping me. Ted said that his contribution was the money he took years ago. Emmett had already paid it back, but Ted wanted to make up for his abuse of our friendship.


I have been to Britin before, but it always leaves me in awe. Brian loved Justin enough to buy the house. Brian didn’t officially live here until Justin came home. Michael told me that Brian told him that it was for his prince. How do you have that much faith in your love for someone?


Gus was excited, he stays here with Brian and Justin when he comes to visit. He has more here than at home. When we packed I left most of their stuff in Canada. I made sure the things they would miss came with us. I need to get JR more clothes and toys. I was going to wait to leave, but Linds made it impossible.


Blake helped us get settled. He told me that he could come by tomorrow and take me anywhere I needed to go. I told him that I need to get some clothes and talk to my old firm. Blake was cooking lunch and dinner. Ted is going to pick up the guys tonight at the airport. Blake told me to get some rest. He would take care of the kids today.




Ted met us at the airport and told me to check my phone. I had a message from Blake. I turned it on and pulled up the message. Michael has to see this. I handed him my phone and he was laughing so hard that he couldn’t breathe. The gardener, per Blake’s instructions, planted two little red bushes beside each tree. They look like cock and balls. Brian looked and barked out a laugh. Ben told us that we were all children.


We got home, Michael and I played around the trees. I told Michael we should buy spotlights, I want her to see it night and day. Michael told me that he would get them tomorrow. We are still on vacation so why not have fun.


The kids were asleep when we came in. Brian went to check on Gus, and Michael and Ben looked in on JR. Mel was in the kitchen with me. She told me Blake made her rest.


I asked how the kids were doing. Mel told me that Gus compared Canada to prison. Linds spared no one on her baby mama mission. JR hasn’t really noticed, but it’s only been a day, so we’ll see how she does.


Mel asked about the baby, I told her the first ultrasound is next week and we might know the sex. She told me she was surprised that we decided to have kids together. It was a good surprise though, and she was happy for us but thought we weren’t into having kids. I told her that Brian asked when I first came home. I wanted to be able to adjust to being home. I also wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t hurt Gus. The kids Brian and I have together are going to be raised by us.


Brian, Michael, and Ben came down and sat with us.




I need to know Mel’s plans. She can stay here as long as she needs to. My thought process on this is that when Wendy realizes that Mel isn’t going to come back, she is going to come down on us like gangbusters.


“What are you planning Mel? Linds probably thinks that you're going to come back when you get over this snit.” I hope she is looking at this from all angles.


“Linds already threw the first volley. I checked the joint account. I left the money so she could pay bills. She emptied it first thing.” Mel tells me.


“Keep you poor and you will come home. WASP 101. Linds is waiting for you to notice.” Justin tells Mel.


“You think she took the money so that I would return?” Mel asks, apparently, she never did learn who she married.


“It is how to keep the unfaithful from leaving. I know you don’t have millions in your account, but if you needed it, you now have to go to her. My mom had a friend who did it every time her husband thought he was getting away with an affair. He fell for it a few times.” Justin talks like the wife was being rational.


I tell them that I think that we should tell Linds that the baby mama position was filled three months ago and let everything fall where it will. Justin and Michael said go ahead, they would make the popcorn, and Linds would blow up like a summer blockbuster. I told the twats to go play in the yard.


It was late and we need to rest before we have to deal with everything. I grab Justin and tell everyone to leave us alone until noon.




Teddy caught me up on Linds and the penis project. He told me that if Linds called I could tell. Justin and Michael just want the details. I think she is going to start calling by tomorrow morning. I told Justin and Michael I would come out to the house. I had to see the drive in person. Michael told me we need ten solar spotlights. I told them I would bring them in the morning.


I was driving over to Britin with lights. Linds called twice already but I promised Baby I would wait and call her back and put it on speaker when I got to Britin. Every time Linds calls I just talk until she gets that I tell her nothing.


When I pull in the yard, the gardener is waiting, he said he would put the lights in for us. Wow, Blake outdid the boys. The bushes on the bottom really do look like red balls. Justin wants to plant this grass that will grow around them and look like wild hair. I told both him and Michael that they need to get a new plan, something like a vagina sculpture. Tell her you needed more cunts in the neighborhood. Justin said that he was going to make her cookies. I’m sure there is more to it, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.


I dialed Linds.


“Emmett. Thanks for calling me back. I needed to see if you could call Ted and find out where Brian is for me. Gus misses him.” Linds tells us.


Gus is out at the pool with his father. I wonder if Gus misses Brian. I should ask him when I get off the phone. It’s on now.


“Well, Brian and Justin have to be back by next week. I’m sure you can tell Gus that Brian will call him then. The time difference probably makes it tough to call.” I tell Linds.


“What’s going on next week?” I was hoping Linds would ask.


“You know, they have the ultrasound for the new baby. Justin told me that they might be able to tell the sex of the baby by then. I mean the surrogate is four months now.” I wait with Michael and Justin.


“What are you talking about Emmett? What baby, and what surrogate? You need to find Brian for me. NOW. You tell him if he doesn’t call me immediately there is going to be hell to pay.” Linds is screaming through the phone.


Brian walks up to the phone and takes it from us.


“And just what are you going to do Linds?” Brian sneers into the phone.


“Mel and I will make it so you never see Gus again. I will not have you replacing me... our child, with some whore’s baby. Do you understand? If you wanted a baby all you had to do was ask. I will not have Gus hurt because you didn’t think of him. Gus is going to think that you don’t want him when someone else's child lives with you.” Linds is ranting.


“I have one thing to say to all that Linds. FUCK. YOU.” Brian hangs up the phone.


He walks out of the room. We wait for him to go back out to Gus.


“Who bet Brian would tell her 'Fuck you'?” I think it was Cynthia, but we’ll have to wait.


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