Bound By Fate. by Lorie , Nichelle Wellesly





"So Murph, based on all that you've been hearing so far, how do you think we should proceed?" Justin asked him.


"I vote for firing the bitch. Not only because of what she is trying to do to you and your reputation, but based on her job performance alone. She doesn't deserve to be here at Kinnetik,"


"Was she always like this?"


"What? You mean mean-spirited, insubordinate, arrogant, entitled, bitchy-beyond-measure, and an outright shrew?"


Brian snickered. "From the sounds of it you just described Lindsay Peterson,"


Murph nodded his head. "With a healthy dose of Michael Novotny thrown into the mix, Brian. Laura is quite frankly, a troublemaker. She isn't happy unless there is some drama going on that is centered around her. If it isn't, she creates situations which assuage the narcissist within her. Case in point, the boards... you give instructions one way, specific and to the letter. Instead of following those mandates, she takes it upon herself to change them. Now ordinarily that wouldn't be a bad thing, IF she actually included what you wanted in the original design the way Justin did when he redid the assigned work. No, in Laura's mind she is a star, and all of you, including the CEO of Kinnetik, are beneath her. We don't want or need that kind of person working for us.

In the last weeks, if you would look at the productivity chart, you will see that there is a new creative vibe flourishing within your art department. Under Justin's tutelage, they are starting to spread their wings a bit more, which is helping to turn out some amazing campaigns. They even have an unspoken competition with Marketing and have been bringing in accounts, then choosing which of the Ad Execs they want to work on their campaigns with. Kinnetik is flourishing, but as you said, it cannot continue to do so with dead weight like Laura Wright.

And in my personal opinion, she sucks the life out of any room, simply with her overbearing personality. I've already caught her several times trying to destroy several of the other artists work because they are better than her, both as people and professionally. The worst thing though is that her jealousy of Justin knows no bounds. If you decide to keep her on, it will not only be a mistake, but I fear that someone is going to lose their temper and end up with a murder charge for killing the bitch!"


"Well then, I think we'd better bring your staff in one by one to corroborate your findings. I don't want any further instances of backstabbing, once we drop Laura. But I would hold off on bringing Jessica, Anne, and Chuck in until last, along with Laura. I believe in the right to know one's accusers; so that portion of the meeting should become very interesting," Justin said, before taking a sip of his coffee.


Over the next hour, Justin and Daphne with occasional add-ins from Brian and Cynthia, questioned the staff about the atmosphere within the art department and the current rumors circulating therein. By and large, all twelve members of the staff that were questioned related not only how they felt their work and concentration was improved when Laura wasn't among them, but that when she was she bred chaos. In terms of the rumors, they had each heard it at different times in different places and from different people, but one portion of the story remained the same... Chuck and Anne had stated that they heard it straight from Laura's mouth, and they had told Jessica immediately after hearing it. There wasn't anyone else mentioned at the time; only that Laura had found out.


Murph thanked them and reminded them that the contents of the meeting were to be kept strictly confidential, and that those found in violation would be terminated immediately. His speech was followed-up with the signing of affidavits before the staff members were free to return to their workstations in the Art Department.


Justin ran a hand over his face, having listened to all the venom with which his past had been spewed. He had to believe Murph's assessment that Laura was maligning him in order to get ahead in her career. He couldn't fault her for trying. But there just had to be more to it than simple status within the hierarchy of Kinnetik. He knew there was only one way to find out, but first he needed to calm down before he strangled the bitch who caused all this.


Seeing Justin's agitation, Brian rose from his chair and moved steadily towards Justin. Extending his hand, he pulled Justin up from his chair. "We'll be right back," he said to the group still discussing the best strategy to deal with Laura Wright. Harriet had moved behind the partition to speak with Glenn further, while everyone else in the small space opted to move about, to rest their fingers and stretch their legs.


Brian opted to take Justin into the Executive washroom. Within the elegant space, Brian began to gently massage the tension away from Justin's shoulders, hearing the younger man moan softly in response. Applying his thumbs to the base of Justin's neck, he kneaded the knots forming there slowly and with sure, circular motions.


"Feeling better?" he whispered into Justin's ear, while continuing his ministrations.


"Hmm, trying to. But honestly, I want to push Laura through a window into oncoming traffic,"


"Funny, I was thinking of tying her to one of the office chairs and doing the same. But since I like the chairs, I'll need to find another way,"


Justin chuckled at Brian. It always amazed him that Brian could make him laugh in the middle of extremely tense situations. "I know what I have to do. But most of all, I have to remember to stay in complete control of myself, no matter what she says or does,"


"You'll do it. Not only because you have to, but because she isn't important enough to give your control to,"


"You're right," Justin sighed deeply. "Let's get back. Although I would love nothing more than to sink into you right now, duty calls. But when this is over..."


"Uh-uh... my turn to take care of you, Azure,"


"You already do,"


They left the washroom and headed back into Brian's office to see complete pandemonium almost ready to break loose. Apparently, Laura couldn't wait to be called so she had barged in without invitation or warning. Brian and Justin walked in to hear Daphne letting her have it with both barrels.


"I swear your brain must be in your twat. You were told to wait. Now I see why you are known to be insubordinate,"


"I don't know who you think you are, Daphne. But I do know that you hold no rank here higher than I do. You're just the whore's lowly assistant. What? Do you wipe his balls for him after he services the boss?" Laura spewed.


Daphne narrowed her eyes. "At least he still has his own balls, unlike the ones you seem to have taken from Harlan and Craig. How does it feel to have the sloppy seconds from your mother? What? Has her pussy become so loose from spreading it around so much that you had to offer yours, so that Craig would keep her? You call Justin a whore? How dare you? You're low-bred filth, without the common decency or the morals of an alley cat. Just a common woodpussy... and that cheap eau de toilette perfume proves it. Not only does your attitude stink, but so do you. You might have actually thought to brush your teeth and wash your stinking ass before coming back to work after riding Harlan during your lunch break. I'm sure that anyone who has ever been within a mile of the man would recognize the smell of his stale sweat,"


Harriet cackled. "Now you know why I let the bitch have at him. I couldn't take the stench of his sweat and cum anymore. But she really is right, Laura, the least you could have done was showered and combed your hair. I imagine that my husband was extra rough with you today. Do you know if my attorney had been by the house today before you met him for your midday fuck?"


"Yeah, he was by. And Harlan is rightly pissed off at you, you old bat! Divorce papers? Really? And what are you going to do when he takes everything? He's going to have Glenn declare you incompetent, and take over your fortune,"


"I sincerely doubt that, Laura. Glenn knows everything, including about your false declaration of being a virgin. The only holes on your body that probably -notice I did say probably- haven't been touched by cock or cum would be your eyes and ears, though judging by that touch of redness in your eye right now, I wouldn't doubt that you have one of Harlan's little swimmers in there, too,"


"Oohh you just wait until Glenn hears about the insults you hurled at me, you old bitch!"


Right then Glenn came to stand by his mother, much to the shock and chagrin of Laura. "I've already heard everything, Laura. In fact, I knew everything long before you just spewed it out. By the way, you didn't fool me into thinking that you were a virgin. It's just that I have been in love with someone else for a long time now, and I know for a fact that she doesn't approve of me messing around with loose women such as yourself. Right, Daphne?"


For the first time all day, Daphne delivered a real smile in Glenn's direction. "That's right. And we'll talk about all the rest of this later, since my bosses are back and we can finally put the rest of this unfortunate episode behind us,"


Brian was still fighting to regain his composure from hearing Daphne cuss out Laura. For a such proper young woman, Daphne would sure make one hell of a street rat. "Since it is apparent that Laura disobeyed direct orders... again, Daphne would you do the honors of bringing in the others for this portion of the meeting. I agree that it's past time this matter was taken care of,"


Justin, once again, resumed his seat at the opposite side of the table after grabbing himself another cup of coffee, this time from his personal stash in his office. He asked Ted to hand Brian his, as he began to thumb through each of the employee records that the accountant had placed in front of him. Once the other three staff members arrived, Justin addressed them all.


"Apparently, there is a two-fold purpose to this meeting. We already know which among you is considered the dead-weight, based solely on job performance. But there is also the matter of a vile rumor concerning my past that has surfaced. I have already asked which of you four started the viciousness. But I want to hear your side of the story. Since I'm a big supporter of the right to know one's accuser, I decided to bring the four of you in at one time, to get to the bottom of this."


"You're not anyone's boss, so I don't know why you are even speaking to any of us," Laura said, venom dripping from her voice.


"And now I understand why Daphne accused you of having a twat for a brain," Justin retorted. "Although Murph is your immediate boss... for now... I am still able to pull rank as a member of the Executive Team within Kinnetik. Now will I do that? Only in extreme circumstances, like this one. So yes, Laura. Whether you like it or not, I have EVERY right to speak; to you, at you, or with you. Although after today, I wouldn't bank on you and I having any conversations beyond ‘May I take your order please?' at the local McDonalds. Now Jessica, as the intern, I would like to hear your version of events,"


The young woman cleared her throat, before before beginning to speak. Once she did, Justin was able to get a much clearer picture of Laura's machinations from what Kip told them earlier. Chuck and Anne, although guilty of spreading the rumors, really had no way of saying that Laura really didn't obtain her knowledge from a reliable source. Which brought Justin's question to the forefront.


"So here is what is going to happen with you three. First, you are going to sign the affidavits that are about to be presented to you by Mindy. They simply state your agreement to what Jessica has said. I must forewarn you that they are legally binding, so if anything she has spoken is a lie in any capacity, Anne and Chuck, you both need to speak up now," Since they were all silent, he continued. "Then Jessica, you are going to finish out your internship for the next two weeks. Chuck and Anne, since you are both paid employees, and have gone against Kinnetik's code of conduct, you will both be suspended for two weeks without pay. As for you Laura, I need you to tell me exactly who your ‘reliable source' was,"


"I don't have to tell you anything," she responded in an uppity voice, crossing her arms and putting her nose in the air.


Justin chuckled, remembering Murph's opinion that Laura was a mixture of Michael and Lindsay. The Art Director must have known Brian's frienemies for a long time to have picked those comparisons out. Shaking himself from his reverie, he said, "You're right, Laura. You don't have to tell me anything. But considering the fact that this could bring about a slander lawsuit against you, I think you may want to. Rest assured that I will not only sue you for monetary damages, but also your mother too, since I'm sure she provided you with a good portion of your information. Although I have an axe to grind with Craig Taylor personally, I think considering all you've done with fucking your way through your life for her benefit, you wouldn't want to see all your hard work or those of the men- and possibly some women- you've pleased, go in vain. Would you?" Now who's calling whom a whore, bitch?


Laura's face paled more and more by the end of Justin's speech. He was right that she had learned to lie on her back, and take whatever was offered to her since an early age. It was just lucky for her that she enjoyed sex, and that her mother had long since climbed out of the gutter she was born in. It made finding well-to-do men to take care of them easier. Craig Taylor was her mother's WASP dream come true; Harlan, through Glenn, was supposed to be hers! But now that Harriet the harridan was divorcing Harlan, he was going to be left with nothing. And from the looks and sounds of it, she would be too.

"I heard Brian's best friends talking outside, while I was having a cigarette. You had just left the building when they came up, and he saw you walking down the street. He said that you were a hustler and the WASPy bitch with him said that she hoped you weren't trying to solicit Brian's clients. I took that small bit of information, and began a plan to systematically ruin your reputation,"




"Other than jealousy, and the fact that you have mediocre talent, or that you're able to fuck the boss at will? I was ordered to find you and learn what you had been doing for the past year, and then one day you just showed up here. Craig blames you for everything, especially Jennifer finding out about his secondary affair with Katrina. He said that had you not resurfaced, Jennifer would have remained stupid and oblivious to what he was doing,"


Jennifer snorted a very unladylike sound. "He was caught because he got careless. Furthermore, I was already planning on leaving him, and had filed for divorce before finding Justin, because of the elaborate lie he and your mother cooked up against my son to cover their worthless asses," Jennifer turned to Harriet and said, 'Well I guess the whorish apple hasn't fallen far from that particular well-used tree,"


Laura responds, "Well you should know, since your son is as slutty as your husband,"


"Whereas I can't fault you in your assessment of my EX-husband, I can definitely and unequivocally state that if Justin is guilty of anything, it's that he didn't tell me straightaway about Craig and your mother's extracurricular activities. Which actually now explains why Taylor Electronics has been suffering financially for a while now. Perhaps if your mother got up and actually sat in a chair once in awhile, instead of lying on her back or worshipping at the Tiny Peen Kingdom, Craig would actually have time to work,"


Daphne and Justin snickered at Jennifer's description of Craig's attributes. Unfortunately, Laura just needed to keep opening her mouth though... and not in a positive life-affirming way.


"At least my mother hasn't had a thousand dicks in her, unlike your son, who is quite possibly the poster child for every venereal disease known to man,"


Jennifer rose from her chair and stood in front of Laura, daring her to say it again. Laura does, smirking in her arrogance and thinking there is some truth to what she just spewed, since it angered Jennifer Taylor so much. So Laura feels it her duty to warn Jennifer that Craig could have been correct in his accusation that Molly was molested by Justin, and that she should get the 'little bitch' tested. Jennifer smiles and narrows her eyes, asking if Mindy and everyone received what they needed by way of testimony. When all assures her that they did, Jennifer says good. And then delivers an uppercut, effectively knocking Laura out.


"Well, that was a most effective way to shut that bitch up! You think you could teach me to throw a punch like that?" Harriet asked as everyone around the sprawled out, unconscious body of Laura Wright laughed.


By the time Laura came to, she was lying on a futon located within an empty office in the art department. Frank was standing near her and had reached for his walkie-talkie. Murmuring words that Laura was hard-pressed to understand amid her grogginess, she began to sit up. Her head felt like it weighed a ton of bricks. "What time is it?" she asked the man semi-hovering over her.


"It's two o'clock, Ms. Wright. I've been instructed that when you woke up, you were to collect the rest of your things from your former workstation. All of the codes to the computers have been changed and the art department-issued supplies taken and put away already. Anything still at the desk is all of your personal possessions.


She nodded, even though the action hurt like hell to do. She walked into the art department to find her former co-workers bustling about as if it was a business as usual day. It was for them, but for her... well she didn't think anything would ever be the same for her again. Fucking Justin Taylor! She rued the day she had ever heard his name, and now he has everything she could have ever wanted for herself: dream job, dream man, and dream bank account. Maybe it was time to move away and make a fresh start for herself. As she was musing while cleaning out her desk, she noticed two other employees nudging each other in the ribs, while continually watching her. She knew what they were doing, but there was no way that she could stop it. And even if she could, at the moment she just didn't care to.


"I see you're finally awake," the voice of one of the last people she wanted to see stood behind her, no doubt gloating.


"Go away, Daphne. I am."


"I can see that, and I say good riddance. But here, I have something for you," When Laura turned around and extended her hand, Daphne placed the package in her hand. She watched as Laura tore open the unfamiliar envelope and began reading. Daphne gloated, "You've just been served. Don't forget to show up to court and good luck with your life," And with that parting shot, Daphne was gone. However, the gossip mill was already buzzing around her in that quiet all-too-consuming way that only a juicy piece of gab could.


Justin Taylor was suing her for Defamation of Character? Laura groaned. Could her day get possibly any worse? Fuck! She still had to face her mother to tell her that she and Glenn weren't getting married after all; that Daphne Chanders had swooped back in and reclaimed her man. Now that she was of age, there wasn't a fucking thing anyone could do about it- not Daniel Chanders, Daphne's father, and certainly not Harlan. He was destitute, and as of four p.m. today, homeless. Maybe it really was time for her to leave town, before she really had absolutely nothing left, including what was in her bank account. Life fucking sucked! She left Kinnetik, enduring the same snickers and titters she had meant to happen to someone else. Karma is definitely a bitch, she thought, and his name is Justin Fucking Taylor.


After the meeting and Laura's subsequent departure, Justin headed down to the Art Department to address the staff. Calling them together he explained to them that after all the rumors he just wanted to set the record straight. "What you heard about me was true. I had been a hustler, but it wasn't because I was rebelling, or needed drugs, or wanted money. The reason was that a little over a year ago, right before I was set to graduate from high school, my father found out I was gay and gave me fifteen minutes to pack what I could and get out of his house, or he was going to have me arrested on trumped up charges. Not too long after that, the rest of the money I had had hidden at home and brought with me, was stolen. I couldn't contact anyone my family knew for help, and I had nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat. I only did it to survive. I'm not telling you this to garner sympathy. But because I would rather not have anyone speculate about my life, or how I have lived it. I hope we can continue to work together, without a problem, now that everyone knows the truth,"


By the end of Justin's speech, most of the employees had tears in their eyes or openly running down their faces. Justin was well liked and a breath of fresh air for the department, and they felt for what the young man had been through. Several of them hugged him before returning to work.




First thing Tuesday morning, Brian had his lawyer file Slander and Defamation of Character lawsuits against Michael on behalf of Justin. He arranged for Michael to be served immediately. There were no meetings scheduled, so Brian wasn't worried about Michael showing up and causing a scene in front of any clients. He and Justin were working on new projects in their offices when they heard a commotion at the front desk. The receptionist had already been told that Michael would probably show up, and not to worry about it. All she was to do was inform security, so that they could be near Brian and Justin's offices, in case they were needed. Justin looked at Brian and moved to the side of the room as Michael came storming in, walking right past Cynthia like she wasn't even there.


"Brian, do you know what that goddamned fucking hustler did now?! Look at this!" Michael said, shaking the papers at Brian.


Brian moved his hand to the side, and Justin stepped in front of him as Brian wrapped his arms around the younger man from behind.


"If you mean the lawsuits against you Michael, yes I do. In fact, I asked my lawyer to file the papers on Justin's behalf,"


"Well, you tell him to drop it! And I mean RIGHT NOW, Brian! This is not funny! I had every right to say that about him. It's true! He's nothing, but a nasty fucking hustler! I MEAN IT. TELL HIM TO DROP IT NOW!!! You are MY best friend, YOU OWE ME! I was there for you!"


Threading his fingers through Brian's, Justin squeezed the older man's hands, giving him strength and letting his Irish know without words that he was here with him. He knew that although expected, this confrontation was far from easy for Brian to have.


"No, Michael. I will not tell Justin to drop the lawsuit. He is MY partner, my lover, and you had no right to say any of those things about him. You don't even know him! Furthermore, and just so we are clear on this, he NEVER tried to steal my wallet. He bent down and picked it up when it fell on the ground, after I ran into HIM, and he immediately handed it back to me. You know that, or should anyway, since you were standing right there.

As for me OWING you, that debt has long since been paid. You know, Justin and Daphne have shown me what ‘best friends' act like toward one another. And I have to tell you, that it is nowhere near how you act, or have ever acted towards me. They are there for each other, they revel in each other's happiness, and they don't try to run each other's lives. It's sad to say, but I learned more from watching those two teenagers interact in the last few weeks than I would have ever thought possible. You ARE NOT my ‘best friend', and I don't think you ever were. Now, you are to leave the premises, and just so you know, I have a restraining order ready if you try to come back here, if you show up at my loft or if you go anywhere near either Justin or myself. This is not a joke, Michael. Stay away from us," Brian told the man who had been a part of his life for so long.


Calling Ted, Brian asked him to call the manager of the diner and get a copy of the ‘conversation' in the diner. He wants to make sure they have it when they go to court.


As Brian hangs up the phone, Justin is locking the door to the office after having leaned out the door to speak with Cynthia. Walking back over to Brian, Justin takes his hand and leads him to the sofa. Pushing the older man to sit down, Justin finally speaks, "Sit down Irish, let me help you relax," Justin told his lover, kneeling between his long legs.


Normally, if Brian was this tense Justin would fuck him slowly to help him relax. But he wouldn't do that within Brian's office. No matter their relationship, here, in Brian's business, he was the boss. So Justin did the next best thing, and something he knew that Brian loved for him to do. Lowering the zipper on Brian's suit pants, Justin pulled out the semi hard cock of his lover. As he leaned forward and flicked his soft pink tongue across the cap, it sprang to full hardness. Taking the steel hard cock to the root, Justin wrapped his tongue around it, causing Brian to buck up and grab his hair in a way that Justin loved. Justin continued to kiss and lick the beautiful member until Brian was shooting streams of cum down his throat.


Pulling Justin up on the sofa with him, Brian tells him, "Azure, I don't know what I ever did to deserve you, but thank you for being here,"


They held each other and relaxed for a short while before getting back to work. As soon as they finished with everything they had to get done for the day, they headed home so that Justin could finish what he started.




Meanwhile, Michael left the building, furious and vowing to himself that he would find a way to get back at that ‘fucking blond' for taking away the man he considered to be his! He headed to Melanie's office, needing a lawyer to try and get this lawsuit dropped. Walking into Melanie's office unannounced, Michael throws the subpoena on her desk telling her to, "Fix it!"


Looking up briefly before rolling her eyes at the intruder, Mel walks over to the door and shuts it, before turning towards him again. "What the fuck, Michael? You just barge in here, and expect me to fix whatever it is that you have done? Did you think of maybe calling for an appointment? And how are you planning on paying for whatever it is that you need done?" Mel asks him, not even looking at the papers to see what they are about.


"That fucking blond hustler..."


"Justin, Michael. His name is Justin, and..."


"I don't care what his fucking name is! He's nothing but a money grubbing hustler, and now he is trying to sue me, for slander and for defamation of character. You have to fix this! I already went to Brian's office to tell him to have the little fuck drop it and he refused. That blond bastard must have something on Brian. He's my best friend and he won't even listen to me! That whore is controlling Brian somehow!"


"I'll ask you again, why didn't you call for an appointment and how are you planning on paying me?"


"I'm family; I don't need an appointment. And I don't have to pay you either,"


"Yes, we may be family, but I have to account for my hours, which means, in order for me to take your case you need an appointment and I need to be paid for my time. I don't just walk into your store, take what I want and walk out, do I?"


"That's different," Michael answered, glaring at Mel.


"No it's not, Michael. And I will give you one piece of free advice: learn to think before shooting off your mouth about things that don't concern you. Now, if you'll excuse me I have a meeting with a paying client in a few minutes. And thank you so much for dropping by and ruining my lunch,"  


Grabbing the papers, Michael left in a huff, not sure what he would do now.


Melanie called Lindsay, worried that she may have also received a visit from the subpoena fairy.


"Hello," Lindsay answered the phone without looking to see who was calling.


"Lindsay, it's me. Have you been home all morning?"


"Yes, why? You sound funny, Mel. What's going on?"


"Michael was just here in my office. Apparently, Justin has filed suit against him for slander and defamation of character. Are you sure no one has come by today?"


"No, no one. Oh my God, Mel. Do you think he is going to file suit against us?"


"Not US, Lindsay. YOU. He could only file it against you. I wasn't even there, or I would have shut you up immediately."


"Maybe he didn't because I apologized. I certainly hope so anyway."


"You better pray, Lindsay. I hope you're right."


"Maybe I should call Brian and talk to him?"


"No. You should leave him alone. If he has anything to say to you, I'm sure you'll know soon enough. I mean it, Lindsay. DO NOT call him,"


"Okay, I'll leave it alone, for now at least,"


A few days later Lindsay ran into Brian and Justin at the store, "Brian, Justin, it's nice to see you two. How are things going at Kinnetik?" Lindsay asked sweetly, hoping they would mention what she really wanted to know. She was still nervous about Michael being served with a lawsuit.


"Things at Kinnetik are fine, Lindsay. I'm glad that you have listened and stayed away. I'm sure you know about the lawsuit. In case you are curious about why only Michael was served, well that was Justin's decision. Since Michael started it and you were only going along with his idiotic comments, you will not be getting one. But consider this your one and only warning: If we EVER hear you say one word against him, well then, you will also be hearing from our lawyer. Good day, Lindsay." Brian said, taking Justin's hand and walking around her.






Lindsay called Brian and invited him and Justin to dinner. Things had been cordial between them. Brian told Justin about the invitation and his answer was that he had to wash his hair. Even after she had apologized and made an effort to be nice, Justin still didn't like her and limited any time he had to be around her. He told Brian he should go to dinner though, at least to see what she wanted. He was sure that there was more to dinner than what Lindsay actually said. Brian figured they just wanted to either ‘borrow' money or get a donation for the GLC, so he agreed to go out of curiosity.


"Okay lesbian Lucy and Ethel, spill. How much are you trying to get out of me this time?" Brian asked.


Lindsay spoke up first. "We don't want money, Brian. We... we want to start a family and we want you to be the donor. We both want to get pregnant. Having you as the donor would mean that the children would be related,"


"Yes. And this way you could pass on your genes. What other chance would you have to do that?" Mel added in.


Brian, looking back and forth between the women answered, "None. Because I'm not doing it,"


"But Brian..." Lindsay began, only to be cut off.


"I told you, Lindz. He's much too selfish to help us," Melanie spat.


"And you want any child I ‘donate' to be raised by her? This conversation is over," Brian cleared his throat, before standing up to leave. "If I ever decide to have children, I will be the one to raise them," Brian told them before walking out and slamming the door.


After Brian left their house, Lindsay sat stunned while Melanie seethed. Her hate for Brian Kinney had always been the stuff of legends, but no more than right then. Brian had everything they needed, but he wasn't willing to share; telling them, more often than not, that they needed to find a way to fix their own lives before trying to condemn him for the way he chose to live his. Lindsay had tried everything from guilt-laden comments to subtle or high-handed reprimands. While Melanie had always called attention to his decadent, hedonistic lifestyle, and to his egocentric behavior.


It always pissed her off how much Brian had while barely working. After all, he had manic minions and pencil pushers to do the heavy lifting within the business for him. Yet she worked her ass off but still didn't have half as much. If Melanie really thought about it, she could blame herself for aligning her life with a proper WASP princess, who was used to the finer things in life. It made no sense to her that although she could have been considered well off in her own right thanks to her inheritance as well as her job, Brian Kinney was working-poor trash, who had somehow made good. The bitterness and jealousy Melanie felt at that small, but substantial comparison between her and Brian, made her all the more angry that their plan wasn't going to work.


"I'll get it, Mel. I promise," Lindsay whispered to her.


"Lindz, you heard the man. He has his mind made up and nothing and no one is going to change it. Brian Kinney does not do anything that he doesn't want to do. And after the last time we ‘borrowed' money from him under the pretense that it was for the house, I can't say that I blame him. Let's just forget about him. How about we ask Ted?"


"You can't be serious, Melanie," Lindsay scoffed. "Ted? Ted Schmidt, the man who Brian pays to act as the accountant for his company?"


"One and the same. I mean technically Brian will still be supporting us, but indirectly,"


Lindsay shook her blonde locks violently. She wouldn't hear of some other alternative than the one she had originally planned. "I said that I would get it, Mel, and I will. I don't want some neurotic substitute for Brian. I want Brian. His genes mixed with ours would make the most adorable, blood-bound children. Not to mention that they will be intelligent beyond their years, and will certainly want for nothing. Brian may not want to be a father, but he would never leave his children to fend for themselves... nor their mothers,"


"Lindz, you do realize that what you are considering is morally reprehensible, right? He already said no, and all of your guilt-tripping innuendos aren't going to make him change his mind. We just have to come up with another plan,"


"We already have one. Brian forgot one very important detail in denying me- denying us- what we want. I do not take no for an answer when I want something. Brian will indeed father children for us. Just you wait Mel, and you will certainly see. I will get what I want,"


"Lindsay, what are you planning? It's not like you can just steal sperm," Mel told her, shaking her head.


They would have their children and she and Mel would be supported, even if she had to break faith with Brian to accomplish it.


                                                  THE END


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