Bound By Fate. by Lorie , Nichelle Wellesly





The next morning Brian told Justin that they would be going to Liberty Diner for lunch, and that Michael and Lindsay would be there. Justin wasn't thrilled, but he did want to see the two people who rang his bell so much. Although he asked Brian not to tell them he was the one living in Brian's building. He was still hoping that they wouldn't figure it out on their own, especially after Lindsay's comment about watching the building. But then again, neither one seemed to be the smartest of Brian's friends. Well, at least Justin hoped that they weren't.


Getting to the diner a few minutes past noon, Brian saw that Michael and Lindsay were already sitting at their regular booth. When Brian got to the table he sat in the booth and pulled the blond in to sit beside him.


Before Brian could even introduce Justin, Michael started yelling. "Brian, what the fuck?! That's the fucking hustler that tried to steal your wallet! What are you doing with him?! Have you lost your mind?!" As soon as Michael stopped to take a breath, Lindsay started in next. 


"Really, Brian! What the hell are you doing with someone like that?! You certainly don't have to pay for sex; everyone wants to sleep with you. I mean... what would your clients think if they saw this... this... boy with you?" Lindsay spit out nastily. "You have to think of your business, Brian; of your reputation. I think that he should run along now, and earn his pay-for-play somewhere else."


Brian just sat there in shock. Not that he wasn't used to his 'best friends' trying to run his life, but because they were berating and yelling at him in public this way, like he was a child.


"Brian, you can't let people see the Stud of Liberty Avenue with a fucking rentboy," Michael yelled just as Lindsay finished her sneering comment.


Justin was shocked and had heard enough. Brian was just sitting there, letting these two people who called themselves his friends belittle him, without even defending himself. As if he deserved to be treated like that! Justin really didn't care what they thought of or said about him. Hell, up until recently he was a rentboy, but they had no right to speak to Brian that way. Getting up and standing at the end of the booth, Justin put his palms on the table and leaned toward Brian's ‘friends'.


"Shut up, both of you! How can you call yourselves his friends, and then speak to him like this? If you know what's good for you, you will both stay away from the loft and from Kinnetik. Believe me, if you don't, I will make it my business to make you wish you had." Taking Brian's hand, Justin tells him, "Come on, Brian. We're leaving. There is no reason to stay here and listen to these two miserable excuses for people continue."


Lindsay and Michael jumped up, telling Justin that what they have said to Brian is none of his business, once again calling him a whore as the other patrons looked on with barely-concealed interest, and more than a little disgust. But disgust for whom? Him? Or Brian's supposed friends, who continued to hurl insults at him, while denigrating and berating Brian for his choice in companions.


"Take your filthy fucking hands off of Brian!" Michael declared as he reached out to grab Justin, who promptly sidestepped the man.               


"Touch me, or attempt to do so again, and I promise you, you won't get a second chance." Justin told the annoying, whining man through gritted teeth.


"Who the fuck do you think you are? You're nobody! You're nothing but a goddamned filthy whore!" Michael yelled at him.


Justin took a deep breath, before responding. "Be that as it may, I am the person who is trying to leave with my lunch companion, and the two of you obnoxious clowns are trying to stop our departure. Again, I am issuing fair warning that you are to leave Brian and me alone, at least for the rest of the afternoon. Beyond that, he will decide when and if he wants to speak with either of you imbeciles. If it were me, I would put an electrified fence anywhere I am that you are likely to show up. But, just so we're clear, I am speaking specifically of your unwanted presence at his loft or Kinnetik. I will make certain that if you show up to either place today, a formal complaint will be lodged and every other restraining measure that I can think of at the moment. Now MOVE!"


"Excuse me, but I don't think you are in any position to make any idle threats against us. We are well within our rights, while you, hustle-boy, are violating the diner's strict no solicitation rule. I'm married to a fucking lawyer, so I know the lingo. Why don't you just make yourself scarce, and let the adults have a real conversation?" Lindsay huffed at the end of her tirade.


Justin straightened his spine, so that he was nearly eye-level with the harridan, as the shorter brunet looked on. Narrowing his eyes, Justin said, "If either of you keep fucking with me, you'll find out just how much of a man I am. I am not in the business of making idle threats; I make promises, and never ones that I can't or am unwilling to keep. Now, for the last time, Brian and I are leaving."


As the annoying pair look to Brian, he gets up and continues to hold Justin's hand tightly, feeling comfort and security there. Michael and Lindsay turn to Brian, demanding that he do something to make the blond leave without him. But Brian continues to stare at the screaming pair, shaking his head, as if seeing them for the first time. All he knows is that in that moment, he would follow Justin anywhere to get away from these two people who were supposed to be his friends.


"Brian, are you going to let this piece of filthy trash talk to us like that?" Lindsay asked haughtily.


"Yeah Brian, tell the nasty whore to get lost," Michael demanded of Brian.


"That's right, keep digging yourselves deeper with the insults. We can add slander and defamation of character to my harassment lawsuit if you keep leveling me with lies," Justin said, nonplussed by their outward show of churlishness. "But hey, you two must be sitting on a fortune and not care that I will be suing you, and reaping all of the financial benefits. This whore, as you continue to call me, is about to be set for life. I doubt your partners will appreciate their stoic marches to the poor house, but hey, it's your call." When the magpies finally quieted, Justin laughed without humor. The tenor of his voice changed again as he said, soft enough for only Brian to hear him, but one of command that the brunet knew to respond to immediately. "Brian, let's go."


Brian did so without question, or even one word to Michael and Lindsay. Although, when Brian began moving away they both started shrieking his name. Brian kept pace with Justin, leaving the eatery and its occupants- particularly Michael and Lindsay, behind. The ride back to the loft was made in silence. Making a split second decision, Justin dialed Cynthia and told her they wouldn't be back to the office until tomorrow, and to let Daphne know. When she asked what happened, Justin said simply, "We have to take care of something."


After a few last minute instructions, Justin hung up. By that time, Brian was parking the jeep. Justin alighted from the car first and met Brian at the driver's side door, where he was still sitting there, pretty much in shock. Justin opened the door and told Brian softly to get out. Brian looked at him and was tempted to argue, until he saw the commanding look in Justin's eyes- blue orbs that demanded to be instantly obeyed without thought or question. Brian followed suit, wondering what Justin was up to.


When Brian closed the door, Justin kissed him in a manner that demanded his surrender, which Brian gave willingly. Justin released his lips, and in a voice hoarse, deep, and breathless, he told Brian to go into his apartment. He was not to speak, just strip and then wait for him. Brian did as he was told without question. Justin instinctively knew that this was what Brian needed, but he also knew that he needed to proceed slowly.


He didn't want to rush things and have Brian shut down. The man was already beaten down enough by what his so-called friends had already done to him. Justin wondered how many other times Brian's ‘friends' had treated him this way, and he just took it from them. From the way Brian reacted when they started, it seemed like he just accepted this kind of treatment from them. It seemed like he would just shut down when attacked that way; that he was used to being treated like a punching bag, whether it be verbal or physical.


In most aspects of his life, Brian was definitely an Alpha male. Always in control, always having to be on. Because of this, Brian also needed to be taught how to let go of the things that were beyond his control, to trust in the people- the person- around him... to ask for the things he needed when he couldn't attain them himself. Ultimately though, Brian needed peace of mind. He needed to be taken care of instead of being ‘the fixer', for a change.


Justin let Brian into the building and waited for a few minutes before going inside. He wanted Brian to acknowledge his choice privately. It was a big decision for him, and Justin knew that right now there was a war going on between who Brian is, and whom he wants to be. It was a mental stopping place that Justin had been in many times himself, especially in the past year, but under a different set of circumstances. He was pleased when he walked into his apartment to see Brian standing in the middle of the floor, naked, with his arms outstretched from his sides, submitting himself with pride. Justin had never seen a more beautiful sight.


Crossing over to the middle of the wood floor, Justin rested in front of Brian. He looked up into Brian's face, reading the emotions there. Weariness. Apprehension. Hope. He chose to concentrate on the first and third, realizing that if he addressed those the apprehension would melt away of its own accord. "You've made your decision then." It wasn't a question, but a statement of fact.




"Any questions you have, ask them now because once we begin there's no turning back."


He was gratified to see ghost of a smirk on the outline of Brian's lips. That little action told Justin what he needed to know. Brian wanted this, knew that he needed it, and regardless of the trepidation he was feeling, he was reaching for it. Justin was coming to learn that in that moment he was seeing the true Brian Kinney.


"No questions. I don't want to think right now. I've done enough of that in the last few minutes to last the average person a lifetime," Brian answered honestly.


Justin nodded in complete understanding of what Brian was saying. "I want you to know that we won't do anything that you don't want to do. So you need to pick a safe word that is not something you would ordinarily call out during sex. If I hear it, I will stop immediately without question. Choose wisely, Brian,"




When Brian uttered the word ‘Michael', Justin nearly laughed aloud. Of all the safe words and phrases he had heard in the past year when he engaged in this manner, Justin had never thought to hear a specific name. The fact that Brian had snickered didn't help to control the mirth running through him, but Justin had to know why he picked a name instead of the common words, like ‘red' or ‘yellow' so he asked. "Why?"


"If you knew the full history of the friendship I had with Michael, you would understand. I would have picked Lindsay, but I don't ever relish even thinking of being in bed with a woman. That would just be too fucking much. As it is, Michael is bad enough," Brian visibly shivered at the thought, causing Justin to laugh aloud.


"Yeah, I could definitely see how that would make you soft and we wouldn't want that," Justin reached out to caress Brian's semi-hardened member, smiling, when at the merest touch, it sprang fully to life. "You'll have to tell me that full history when we finish, but for now, I think it's past time we begin,"


Justin walked them both into his bedroom and sat Brian down near the foot of the bed. He gathered the supplies he would need, having decided already to make today's scene more about sensuality, than submissiveness. Most didn't realize that in the world of BDSM, there were a plethora of ways to go. It wasn't all whips and chains, restraints and pain. There was so much more to this world than the absolutes those in the vanilla realm thought there were. Having found all of the items he needed, Justin proceeded back over to the bed with two silk ties in hand, a bottle of lavender oil, and a sleep mask that he kept in case he had a migraine, where even the pitch black dark still seemed too light. It would definitely come in handy for what Justin had in mind for Brian later.


"Lay down on the bed on your back, stretch your arms toward the corners of the bed. I'm going to tie your arms to the corners of the bed. I don't want you to be able to use them," As with every command Justin had issued since they were in the diner, Brian complied without argument.

After his arms were tied Justin watched Brian's eyes to make sure he was okay with this. He knew they would need to discuss things more later, but right now Justin wanted Brian to know he was safe, that he was far better than what others thought of him or had the audacity to say about him. Once Justin was satisfied that Brian was accepting things so far, he continued. Leaning over the beautiful hazel-eyed man, Justin softly kissed his lips, teasing them open with his tongue. Once Justin's tongue was in his mouth, Brian happily sucked on it, rubbing it with his own.


All too soon, Justin broke the kiss and continued on to Brian's neck, kissing and nipping at all the spots he knew would heat Brian up. Continuing downward, Justin briefly teased Brian's nipples until they were hard. When he started to rim the brunet's bellybutton, he had to hold the man's hips down. By the time he started pulling the hair of his happy trail with his teeth, Brian was moaning, his cock copiously leaking, and Justin licked at the puddle that was forming.


"Suck me Justin, please. I ne... I need your mouth on me,"


"I give the orders, Brian. And you are not going to cum, not until you can honestly tell me that what those two said about you was nothing but lies. I don't care what they said about me. I was a hustler. But the things they said about you, they were wrong Brian, and you didn't even defend yourself," All the time Justin was speaking, he was slowly jerking Brian's hard cock, he wanted to keep him on the edge. When he stopped talking, he leaned down and licked at the leaking head of the steel hard cock.


"Aaahhh... Justin please. I... I don't...  care... care... what they say, it doesn't matter. Please, suck me."


"Yes, Brian. It does matter. You shut down when they were talking. You need to acknowledge that you matter. You don't deserve to be spoken to that way. I'll keep you on the edge as long as it takes for you to honestly admit that you do matter, and that the way you are treated by them is wrong,"


Brian had always just buried the hurt he felt when he was treated that way by his ‘family', figuring that somehow he deserved to be treated that way. He had grown up being ignored, or treated as a punching bag. So to him, this was at least marginally better, since he didn't have to cover bruises or make excuses for having them.


"Brian, you are a wonderful, caring man. You not only do things for your friends, you help people you don't even know. You take chances on people because you believe in them. You don't deserve to be called names and belittled just because they don't agree with what you are doing or the choices you are making,"


By now Brian's cock was leaking copiously. Justin was keeping him right on the edge and it was making him crazy. Justin's touch was so erotic to Brian that even though he was being lectured, he couldn't help the physical reaction he had to the blond's touch. The more Justin spoke about Brian and the man he was, the more he understood and agreed with what the younger man was telling him. Finally, Brian could honestly say that Justin was right. He didn't deserve to be treated the way he had been putting up with for so long from his so called ‘family'.


"You're right, Justin. I shouldn't put up with it. I need to stand up for myself, and not just get up and leave," Brian told the blond, finally believing the man who had helped him see the truth.


Justin looked into the hazel eyes, and saw that Brian was being honest. Smiling, he leaned forward and took the angry red cock deep into his throat, moaned and swallowed. Brian groaned loudly and shot hard down Justin's throat. After Justin had swallowed all Brian had for him, he reached up and untied the brunet's hands. Brian reached for the man who was quickly becoming the most important thing in his life. Justin moved up and put his head on the strong chest while Brian wrapped his strong arms around him like he was holding a lifeline. He knew that Brian needed some close contact. Brian was quiet for a few minutes, needing to think before he spoke.


"Thank you, Justin. I feel somehow freer after that. If you're willing, I would really like to explore this kind of relationship with you,"


Raising himself up, Justin looked down into the hazel eyes and smiled. "I'd like that very much, Brian. We need to discuss things like limits and things you're willing to try,"


"Justin... um... well... I, ah..."


"What is it, Brian? Are you having second thoughts, because I would never force..."


"No, Justin. Not at all. Actually, I want... this is so hard... I've never..."


"Brian, whatever it is just say it. I won't judge you. You need to know that you're always safe with me,"


"Okay, well here goes... I'veneverbottomedandIwouldlikeyoutobemyfirst,"


"How about you try that again, and this time could the last part be more than one long word?" Justin asked smiling. He was pretty sure he knew what Brian had said, but he wanted to absolutely certain.


"I said, I've never bottomed and I would like you to be my first," Brian said, lowering his eyes away from the penetrating blue orbs.


Justin put his hand under Brian's chin, wanting to see his eyes. Brian's eyes always told the story. Looking into the hazel eyes, Justin saw trust, caring, and need. He could also tell that this was something Brian needed. Justin leaned down and kissed the coral lips.


"Turn over, Brian," Justin told him quietly. As Brian did what he was told, Justin saw a flash of something in his eyes.


Leaning over the bronze colored back, Justin whispered into his ear, "I just want to prepare you, to make you feel special, because you are. When I take you, it will be face to face. I want to look in your beautiful eyes as I push into you," Kissing down Brian's back, Justin felt him relax. He knew Brian had to be nervous and he was determined to make this something that Brian would always remember, just as the man had done for his first time.


When Justin settled himself between Brian's legs, he could feel the older man tense up.


"Brian, if you're not ready we don't have to do this now,"


"I want this, Justin. I guess I'm just nervous. But I want you to know that I trust you. I want this with you,"


"Okay, but promise me if you want me to stop you will just let me know,"


"I will, I promise,"


Justin softly kissed the smooth globes of Brian's ass, while running his fingers lightly over Brian's balls, trying to help him relax. Brian started moaning and pushed his ass back toward Justin. Placing one hand on each cheek, Justin gently spread Brian's ass, exposing the tight mahogany knot. He softly blew on it, causing Brian to make a groaning noise and push his ass toward Justin's face. Getting his tongue good and wet, Justin licked a strip from the base of Brian's balls to his tailbone, before settling in to concentrate on getting the tight hole to relax. Teasing the edges of the hole with his tongue, Justin moaned at the heady aroma of his lover. When Brian had relaxed a bit, Justin made his tongue stiff and stabbed it into the center of the knot. Brian practically screamed and pushed back onto Justin's tongue.


"Oh God! Justin, more... please... harder. It feels amazing," Brian begged.


Justin continued, using his thumbs to spread Brian open. Finally, he grabbed the lube and used his fingers to stretch Brian more, knowing that he needed to be very wet and open for Justin's wide cock. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to the writhing man, Justin told Brian to turn on his back. Once Brian had turned, Justin once again settled himself between the long legs. Pulling on them so that Brian's ass rested on his thighs, Justin looked into the man's eyes and saw trust. Brian knew that Justin had prepared him as well as he could.


Slipping on a condom, Justin added more lube to make his entry as easy as possible. Once Justin pushed his cock slowly into Brian, he paused often to let him adjust. At last, when he was balls deep into the older man he stopped again, watching Brian's face for any signs that he was regretting this. Finally Brian pushed against Justin, silently asking him to move. Justin started out slowly, rocking his hips, searching for the best angle. Once he bumped Brian's prostate, the older man groaned out the most erotic sounds. Quickly finding a rhythm, Justin continued fucking Brian, who had wrapped his legs around Justin's back and was bucking up against him. But soon Brian needed more.


"Harder, fuck me harder! This feels great. Ohhh, yes... MORE!" Brian yelled, knowing this would be over soon as he grabbed his cock to stroke it in time with Justin's thrusts.


"Now Brian... cum now." Justin ordered.


And Brian shot streams of cum across Justin's chest, while the contractions of Brian's ass pulled the orgasm from Justin.


Once they relaxed, Justin pulled out and stripped off the very full condom, and he laid his head on Brian's chest after disposing of it. Feeling Brian start to shake, Justin raised up to look at the man's face. Brian had tears running down his face.


"What is it? Did I hurt you?" Justin asked, concerned.


"No, not at all, I feel wonderful. I just... I... I don't know how to explain how I feel. Everything you did, it was just so amazing. You were careful; you took care of me. I think you're right, this is what I need. You are what I need. I think we definitely need to discuss this relationship, but could we do it later or tomorrow even. Right now, I'd really like you to fuck me again... this way." Brian said as he got on his hands and knees, pulling his knees forward to compensate for the height difference.


Justin happily complied, donning a fresh condom and applying some more lube.


Once they were sated, Brian asked Justin if they could talk about their relationship. "Justin, could we discuss the relationship now or would you rather sleep?"


"No, we can do it now. First of all, I'd like to know how much you know about D/s relationships,"


"Not a lot, but I suppose the relationship would depend on what the couple in the relationship wanted it to be. I don't think that it would be just about discipline and punishment, unless that is what they wanted it to be," Brian answered.


"You're right about that. The relationships are as varied as any other relationship. The first thing to always remember is ‘Safe, Sane, and Consensual', and always have a safeword. Two of the things we need to discuss are, what are your limits, and what you want to get out of the relationship,"


Brian thought for a moment. This was a new experience for him, in comparison to everything else in his life. By his own self-imposed rules, Brian wasn't used to giving up control in any capacity. Sure, there were things he couldn't control, but his reaction to those circumstances he could. In this realm, Brian would be, in a sense, allowing someone else to not only make decisions for him, but his body would involuntarily react to those situations and commands. Could he trust Justin not to take it too far? Could he trust Justin not to hurt him as Jack Kinney had when he was powerless to stop him?


He looked over at Justin, who was patiently regarding him, letting Brian make up his own mind about how he wanted his foray into the world of BDSM to transpire. Brian had his answer in that moment, when he saw how the blue eyes of the man above him were patiently letting him make his decisions, without any pressure.


"I trust you, Justin. I don't know why or how, but I know that you won't take things too far between us. All I ask is that you don't do anything to me that you wouldn't want done to you. And that you never touch me in anger,"


"I agree to that. I won't do anything to you that I wouldn't want done to me. And believe me, Brian, I would never touch you in anger. I hope you already realize that, even though we've only known each other a short time. I suppose this request stems from some deep-seeded, long-past misdeed inflicted on you when you were helpless,"


Brian bit his lip and hesitantly nodded. There were things that Jack had done, and had allowed to be done to Brian in the past that colored the brunet's outlook more than anyone ever knew about. Debbie, Michael, and Lindsay thought they knew everything, but there was only one person that knew it all, and Vic had never betrayed Brian's trust. Brian decided that he was sitting in front of another man who also wouldn't betray him.


"I know, Justin, but I had to ask it of you anyway. You see, the abuse I've been subjected to wasn't just emotional, it was physical in ways that most couldn't even dream about in their worse nightmares. Yes, Jack Kinney used me as his punching bag for many years, and Joan was all too happy to allow it as long as he wasn't hitting her. But the sexual abuse was something completely different, and the reason that I haven't bottomed again until tonight,"


"I thought you said you never bottomed," Justin looked at him, puzzled as to why Brian would lie to him.


"Never willingly," Brian said and let that hang in the air, watching Justin absorb the implication.


"Who was it?" Justin asked, furious and heartsick about the man he cared deeply for being subjected to something so abhorrent. Brian dropped his eyes, but Justin wouldn't let the man escape into himself. This was too important if they were going to continue to engage in this type of sex. "I want the whole story, now. There is no room for lies or false notions of embarrassment between us, Brian,"


"It was my gym teacher. Jack had promised him that I would go clean his house to pay off a gambling debt between the two of them. I should have known something was awry since I was requested specifically, instead of my cunty sister, Claire. The irony of it is that Claire would have happily done it, because she had a crush on him. But although he was married with children, he wasn't into pussy. I was bent over scrubbing his shower stall, when he came into the bathroom. He asked me all sorts of questions- things that made me uncomfortable- but I knew I had no choice but to answer them anyway. He told me that he would forgive my father's debt if..."

"Well, to make a long story short, he did everything to me, and it fucking hurt like hell. He wasn't gentle or caring; he was brutal. He knew what my father had threatened me with, so to his way of thinking, this was the lesser of two evils. But he was wrong, because I still ended up with bruised ribs when I arrived home late for dinner after I stopped off at Michael's to take a shower. But I got even... well, with the gym teacher, at least. I blackmailed him into putting me on the soccer team. Once I became the star of it, he tried to get me again, but it never panned out. I was there for one reason and one reason only: to get a scholarship to get the fuck out of that hellhole I grew up in. And he, in turn, was determined to stop me and leave me at Jack's mercy for not giving him what he wanted.

"He had called a friend of his at Penn State to come and see Larry Wells play. It was his way of thwarting me, of rubbing his ‘power' in my face. We were ordered to give Larry the ball constantly, which of course I didn't. His whole plan backfired when Larry got hurt from trying to be daring and ended up with a twisted knee cap. I decided to turn up the heat a little, and played one of the best games of my high school career. After checking me out to see if I would be eligible to play for the NCAA, he offered me an athletic scholarship. I automatically qualified for the academic scholarship being the third top student in my graduating class. And there was nothing my father or my rotten coach could do to stop any of it," Brian finished, exhausted from his recitation of former events.


Justin understood so many things from Brian's past now. His need for control, his insecurities, his overachiever mentality, and the way he let his ‘friends' run roughshod over him. Everything stemmed from his feelings of never being good enough, or better yet, his constant drive to prove that he was deserving. Justin vowed that he would be the type of Dom to service all of Brian's needs, never tearing him down but constantly building him up to know that he was worth so much more than people thought. He would use methods that would restore Brian's faith in himself, much like he had today after the contretemps with Dumb and Dumber in the diner.


Without a word, Justin laid Brian down and held him, knowing instinctively that no sentence he could utter would make Brian feel whole again. Brian Kinney was a man of action, and Justin would spend the entire night if need be showing him that he was everything a person could want- not for what he could give them, but because of who he is.     


After several minutes of kissing and stroking Brian, of hearing the brunet sigh and plead, Justin had an idea. "I'm going to give you a name,"




Justin smiled at the incoherent response of the usual wordsmith, writhing wildly beneath him. "I'm going to give you a name that describes you when you're like this. It will be symbolic of everything you are... and where I want to be. Look at me now," Brian did as Justin asked, and the look in Brian's eyes in that moment reminded Justin of a childhood dream.


Since Justin was a little boy, he lived for tales his grandmother used to tell him of her yearly trips to the Lustymore Island in Ireland. The rolling hills and lush green shades of the country had held him enthralled when she would show him pictures of the places she would visit, or the people she would talk to. Although her father was Anglo-Saxon, her mother was from that country of folklore, myths, and legends. It was a place he had always wanted to go. "Irish."


"Why are you naming me that?"


"Because not only is it your heritage as well as partially mine, it's the place I want to be. I want to be buried deep inside my very own slice of Ireland- a piece of it that no one else will see, touch, or have," As Justin said this he pushed two fingers into Brian to emphasize his point.


"Yes," Brian moaned, riding the fingers slowly. He really liked the idea that Justin was naming him something so dear to him. He looked into Justin's eyes again, seeing the passion and lust there making him shiver. "Do I get to name you, too?"


"If you could name me, what would you call me?" Justin leaned down and bit into Brian's bottom lip, before running his tongue over it to soothe away the sting.




"Really? Why?"


"Because I get lost in that particular shade of blue every single time you look at me like this,"


"Like what?"


"Like you want to have me on a plate and sop me up with a biscuit,"


Both Brian and Justin laughed at the analogy, before Justin responded, "Oh I want to sop you up alright, but I don't need the added sustenance of food at this moment. All I need is your cum going down my throat and hearing you moan your satisfaction," Justin punctuated each word with a tap to his Irish's prostate, relishing the lilting melody escaping Brian's lips. "We'll use the names in public whenever the mood suits us, and no one has to know what they mean or why we are saying them. Will that bring you pleasure?"




"Say my name then,"




"Again... keep saying it," Justin commanded as he slid down Brian's body, taking the man into his mouth. He implored Brian to keep saying it, as he brought him to the brink over and over, backing off only to drive the restless man higher while he was still being fingered mercilessly.

Several hours of play and passion later, Justin laid with his head resting comfortably on Brian's chest. Justin had finally fucked Brian to sleep. As he absorbed the sound of the deep, even breathing and the steady beat of Brian's heart beneath his ear, he thought back to what Brian had shared with him over the course of the evening. Brian had deep scars which somehow matched his own, inflicted by fathers who were both bastards in their own right. He knew that Brian's motto of ‘becoming the biggest fucking success was the best revenge' was applicable to his own situation in dealing with Craig Taylor.


It still amazed Justin that two men, so different in their stations in life, could have such complementary experiences. In a way, he wondered if he should send Craig a ‘Thank You' note because had it not been for the man's callousness, Justin might never have met Brian. Thanks to that asshole, Justin's story was resembling an alternative take on ‘Pretty Woman'. He nearly chuckled aloud at the comparison, and yet it seemed apt. Regardless of how they met or how they would continue to do in business together, Justin knew that he and Brian were well-suited.


They would help each other heal, and in the meantime, become more successful, have more money, and a whole lot more sex than any of their detractors; gay, straight, or undecided... and wouldn't that just piss everyone off. Justin closed his eyes, joining Brian in slumber and looking forward to the rest of his life.    



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