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Smiling and blinking, the twink looked up as he started to lower the zipper on Brian’s jeans.


“You’re Brian Kinney, aren’t you?” the twink asked. “Oh yeah, I’ve heard all about you… you’re a fucking living legend. I never thought I would get a chance with you. I’ll be a good little boy for you, Daddy. Use me any way you want.”

Hearing that word, “Daddy”, made Brian snap out of his drunken cloud. He shook his head, realizing what he was about to do.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“Eighteen,” the twink answered proudly as he wrapped his hand around Brian’s legendary cock.

“Jesus, I am old enough to be your daddy,” Brian mumbled before he smacked the twink’s hand away. He then pulled his zipper up as he walked out of the backroom, leaving the confused twink staring after him, wondering what the hell just happened.

Ted, who had been taking inventory behind the bar, saw Brian come out of the backroom and head back up to his office. He waited a minute before following after him.

Ted knocked on the office door, calling out, “Brian, it’s Ted.”

He went inside after hearing Brian give him permission to enter, finding the boss sitting on the sofa with a glass of bourbon in his hand.

Ted took a deep breath before acknowledging, “Brian, I may be taking my life in my hands right now, but what the fuck do you think you’re doing?! You’re here drinking, visiting the backroom, and where is Justin? Probably home with the baby, wondering where you are and worrying about this lawsuit. You have a beautiful, loyal partner who absolutely adores you in spite of yourself. Are you just going to say, ‘Fuck it, I can be here getting my dick sucked, because I don’t have any responsibilities or obligations’? You need to get your head out of your ass and go home before you do something that can’t be repaired!”

Brian looked up at Ted and slurred, “I’m still not sure about being a father to a new baby at my age. I’m already a shitty father to Gus, and he’ll be eighteen in less than three years. What kind of father would I be to Keegan? I don’t want to fuck him up like my parents fucked me up.”  

“You are not a shitty father; you’re Gus’s hero. He’s a great kid. He said that he wants to live with you and Justin, right?”

Brian nodded.

“How would you feel if Justin said that Gus should go home with Lindsay, that he didn’t know if he wanted to be a father to a teenager right now? He just turned thirty-three, right? Shit, he still hardly looks older than the day you met him… your cum must be the fountain of youth.”  

Brian glared at Ted. “Justin would never say something like that. He has always loved Gus as much as he would if he were his own child. Gus is half of me, and Justin loves me with...”

He opened his eyes wide as he realized what he had just said.

“Oh God, Ted. I need to get home. I have been so fucking stupid and so unfair to Keegan. He’s my son, just as much as Gus is, and I love him. Shit, I can’t drive like this. Please, can you drive me to Britin? I have to fix this right now before it’s too late.”  

Ted nodded, relieved that he had gotten through to him. “Of course Brian, let’s go.”

He took out his phone and called Blake to let him know that he’d be home in a couple of hours after getting an inebriated Brian home safely.

Once they got to Britin, Brian turned to Ted. “Theodore, you may be my business partner and my best friend, but screaming at me like you did back there could end very badly, so don’t do it again. Just to put your little mind at ease, because I know you want to ask but out of fear for your life and your balls, you won’t, I stopped before anything happened in the backroom. Now, go home to your husband and give Phoenix a kiss from his Uncle Brian. And thank you, for everything.”

“I’m your best friend?” Ted asked in surprise.

Brian blinked slowly. “That’s all you heard me say?”

Ted smiled. “No, I heard everything loud and clear, boss. Go fix things with Justin. He loves you and he’ll understand.”

Brian, having sobered up quite a bit on the ride home, headed into the house. Unlike earlier in the evening, everything was very quiet and he hoped that Justin was still awake. He needed to speak with his partner tonight, knowing that what he had to say could not wait until morning.

He went upstairs and found Gus sound asleep. He next went into Keegan’s room and smiled down at the sleeping infant who looked so much like the man that owned his heart. Brian figured that the baby finally exhausted himself from all of his crying, and he hoped that he was out for the night.

Finally, he got to the door of the master bedroom and took a deep breath before opening it. He walked in and found Justin sitting in one of their lounge chairs reading a book.

Justin looked up at hearing the door open, appearing every bit as young and beautiful as he had the night Brian picked him up outside of Babylon all those years ago. His blond hair had darkened slightly with age, but he was still breathtaking.

Brian walked over and put his hand out to Justin, who took it and stood up. He looked into Brian’s eyes and waited for him to speak.

“I’m so sorry, Sunshine,” Brian began. “I went to Babylon, and-”

“But nothing really happened, Brian,” Justin finished for him. “Yeah, you drank too much… I can smell it on you. Otherwise, nothing happened.”


“How what?” Justin asked. “How do I know? Because I know in my heart, I can feel it. You would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship, like throw it all away for a meaningless fuck or blow job. Now, take me to bed and show me that I’m all that you want, all that you need. Show me that I’m the man you love.”

Brian chuckled as the walked over to their bed. “Both of the boys are asleep. I’m hoping that our youngest son keeps up his habit of waiting until his daddies are finished before he wakes up.”

This was the first time that Brian had referred to Keegan as “our son” when they were alone, and Brian knew by the tears that were building in Justin’s eyes and the Sunshine Smile on his face that the message had been received, loud and clear.

“Brian…” the blond whispered.

Brian lifted the younger man and placed him softly on their bed. He straddled Justin and held his head in his hands, and then started softly raining kisses all over his lover’s face. Brian then moved on to his partner’s neck, licking and sucking, leaving love bites behind Justin’s ears because he knew that it made him crazy. Finally, he pulled back and started opening Justin’s button-up shirt, kissing and licking the exposed skin.

Justin started to reach for him, but Brian shook his head. “You just lay there mon amour, and let me worship you. I want to show how much I love you, how much you mean to me.”

Justin put his head back on the pillow, blinking back tears of happiness.

Brian continued to strip his lover, using his lips and tongue to show Justin how he felt. Once the blond was naked, Brian stood up and looked at the alabaster skin of the only man that he wanted in his bed, in his life. He stripped off his own clothes, revealing to Justin how turned on he was just from kissing him. Brian laid down on top of his lover again, rubbing their leaking erections together, leaving a puddle of their combined essence on Justin’s pale belly.

When Brian reached for the lube, Justin grabbed his hand. “No Brian, we’ll make our own lube. Nothing but us tonight.”

Brian smiled as he started kissing Justin, tangling their tongues while they rubbed their rock hard cocks together. He couldn’t believe that he had nearly ruined it all just an hour before, had almost destroyed eight years of monogamy and condom-free sex by falling into his old habits.

Justin wrapped his ankles behind Brian’s knees so he could get some leverage. As the friction built up, so did the moans of the lovers. Finally they couldn’t hold back any longer and both exploded, coating their torsos in hot sticky cum.

They continued to rock slowly together to renew their erections. Brian needed to be inside of the younger man as much as Justin desired Brian to claim him.

Once they had both regained their hard-ons, Brian scooped up some of their combined fluids and coated Justin’s hole with it. When Brian started to open up his lover, Justin stopped him.

“Just make love to me, I’m relaxed. Go slowly and open me with your cock.”

Justin looked at Brian with so much trust in his eyes that Brian just bit his lips and nodded, blinking back tears and tried not to think of what he had almost done tonight.

Brian wrapped Justin’s legs around his waist, coated his steel-hard cock with their cum, and slowly entered the only man that he desired. Justin moaned loudly as the huge cock breached his ass, stretching him open slowly.

Once Brian was fully inside the bubble butt, he stopped so that the blond could adjust. They looked into each other’s eyes, and both saw and felt the love that bound them together.

Justin pressed his heels into Brian’s back and lifted his hips, silently telling the older man to move. They started slowly, Brian pulling most of the way out and then gradually sliding back in, letting Justin feel every ridge and vein in the huge cock that was all his.

The feelings soon became too intense and they needed to speed up. Brian raised up on his knees and grabbed Justin’s cock, milking it in time with his thrusts.

The older man could tell by his lover’s breathing and throaty moans that he was very close. Brian pulled harder on the stiff pink cock and aimed it toward his mouth. Justin watched as Brian caught his cum in his mouth while pumping his own huge load deep inside his ass.

Brian then pushed his tongue into his Sunshine’s mouth, sharing his cum with him. Finally sated, Brian rested his head over Justin’s heart, and the lovers relaxed as their heart rates went back down to normal.

They heard the beginnings of whimpers from the baby monitor a few minutes later.

“Sunshine, our youngest son still has the best timing,” Brian said with a smile. “I’ll go change him. Will you get his bottle so I can feed him?”

Justin smiled and nodded while reaching for his robe, afraid that if he tried to talk he would start crying, he was so happy.


Justin and Brian dropped Keegan off at Debbie’s house the next morning. They asked that she pay close attention to him, because the normally content baby was still cranky. Justin told her to call if Keegan got to be too much, and he would come right away to take him home. He had wanted to stay with the baby that day but needed to go into the office to finalize a project with his team.

Debbie shooed them off, telling them not to worry.

After the dads had left for the office, Debbie fed Keegan and put him down to nap in a small crib in the living room. She cleaned up the kitchen and put in some laundry.

When Debbie looked into the crib, she noticed that Keegan looked very flushed. She touched his forehead and realized that he had developed a fever. The baby suddenly started shaking and got very stiff.

Debbie called an ambulance, which arrived within minutes. She had called Justin’s cell while she was waiting to let him know what was going on.

Justin and Brian arrived at the emergency room at the university hospital just as the ambulance had pulled up. Justin insisted that Brian be allowed into the treatment room with him, and because he was so emotional, they let them both into the room as long as they stayed out of the way. Carl, who had been out playing cards at the local FOP lodge, took Debbie home with a promise from the boys that they’d call as soon as they knew anything.

Justin had been nearly paralyzed with fear, telling Brian that he was even more worried than when Daphne had gotten into her wreck. He blamed himself for leaving Keegan to go to work, but his partner and the attending doctor told him that this still would have happened if he had kept the baby home at Britin. In fact, it may have been worse, since they were much farther away from the children’s hospital out there and it would have taken longer to get him treatment.

Keegan was moved into a private room a couple of hours later. Brian sat down next to Keegan’s bassinet and pulled Justin onto his lap.

“Sunshine,” Brian began, “this may not be the most romantic way to do this, but I want to marry you. We need to be a real family for our sons. A piece of paper may not mean a whole lot to us, but it will show the rest of this fucked up world that we are a real family - you, me, and our sons. How about we get married and change all of your last names to Kinney?”

Justin narrowed his eyes. “Wait… you’re only saying this because you’re worried about Keegan. The first time you proposed to me, it was because of almost losing me during the Babylon bombing.”

“It’s not just because of Keegan,” Brian insisted. “Yeah, I am worried about him, but I’ve thought about it and I really do want to marry you. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I want it to be legally binding. I want us to raise Keegan together. Do I have to buy you another fucking mansion for you to agree to marry me? I mean, I will if you want me to...”

Justin chuckled. “No, I guess not. One is enough. We don’t even use the whole thing as it is.”

Before Justin could give his answer, a doctor that had previously treated Keegan as a newborn came in to tell them what was wrong with him.

“We have run all the necessary tests on Keegan, and he only has a slight ear infection,” the doctor said, happy to be able to deliver them good news. “The seizure that he had is called a febrile seizure, which is caused by spiking a fever. It happens sometimes in babies and young children. The EEG we performed showed no abnormal brain activity. Just keep an eye on him in the future when he’s sick, but it’s very possible that this will never happen again. We want to keep him overnight to give him IV antibiotics. If nothing else happens and his fever doesn’t get worse, we’ll release him first thing in the morning.”

Once the doctor was gone, Brian wrapped his arms around his crying partner, holding him tightly. They were both relieved that their son was going to be okay. Brian sent Gus a text message on his new cell phone to update him of Keegan’s condition, knowing how worried he was about his little brother, along with calling Debbie as promised.

“So, what do you say?” Brian asked Justin after getting off the phone. “Will you be my lawfully wedded husband?”

“Yes, of course I will!” Justin answered happily before grabbing Brian and planting a kiss on him. “Wait, what did you mean by change all of our last names?”

“I mean you and our sons, both of them. You’re not too attached to ‘Taylor,’ are you? Plus, I want to get my parental rights to Gus reinstated, and he’s always said that he wished his last name was Kinney. Peterson-Marcus is a mouthful. How about it Sunshine, can we share kids and a last name?”

By the time Brian had finished explaining, Justin was crying so hard that he couldn’t even talk. All he could do was bury his head in Brian’s chest and nod.

Brian added, “Oh yeah, do you think Mel could get the adoption paperwork ready to file after you’re granted permanent custody of Keegan?”


Justin nodded again as he continued to cry tears of happiness. He couldn’t ever remember being this happy in his life, and he could hardly wait to become Justin Kinney.  

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