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Two days after the wedding, Justin woke up to find packed suitcases by the bedroom door and his new husband watching him wake up.

"Brian, what's going on?"

"Well Sunshine, I hear that it's customary to go on a honeymoon after you get married, so that's what we're going to do. We need to get in the shower and get dressed. We leave in two hours, come on."

Justin rubbed his eyes. "But what about work, and Keegan, and... and everything else?"

"Theodore and Cynthia will hold down the fort in our absence, and Keegan will be taken care of by Mel, Gus, and JR. Don't worry about anything else."

Suddenly, Justin was very excited, throwing off the covers and running to the shower while asking Brian questions.

"Where are we going, how long will we be gone, why didn't you say anything before?"

Brian smiled at his new husband's eagerness. "It's a surprise, two weeks, because you were busy enough planning the wedding and I wanted to surprise you."

Once in the shower, the now very bouncy blond was trying to get answers to his questions, hoping that if he distracted his husband with sex, he could get some answers. Justin passionately kissed his man and ran his fingers through his dark hair. He next started nibbling down Brian's neck and licking the dark nipples.

Brian was moaning and hard by then, so he pressed on Justin's shoulder trying to get him to use his talented mouth on his throbbing cock. Justin knelt down, licking at the slit of Brian's cock, coaxing out the precum.

"Ah, Sunshine... suck it, please."

Being a good husband - he still could hardly believe that he was finally Brian's legal husband - Justin complied, sucking and licking up and down the steel hard pole that he loved to have in his mouth. Using all his talents, he tried to make Brian as incoherent as possible.

"Oh, Justin... oh yeah... so good... don't stop," the brunet groaned.

Finally after a few more minutes, Justin reached between Brian legs and pressed his finger right behind his balls, making Brian scream out his release.

"Yes! I love you... so much."

Justin stood up, sharing Brian's cum with him. Justin next asked a very relaxed Brian, "Where are we going?"   

Brian was familiar his blond's little trick and had been prepared for it. He held Justin's face in his hands and whispered, "That was incredible and it's still a surprise."

Justin pouted.

After a quick shower fuck, the newlyweds got washed up and out of the shower.

"Come on Sunshine, we need to say goodbye to the kids and Mel. I know how long you'll want to spend with our youngest, and the car will be here in an hour."

"Where is the car taking us, Hubs?" Justin asked, batting his long eyelashes.

"To the airport, and that's the last question I'm answering about the trip," Brian told him, kissing his husband's nose.

"Well, I'll find out when we get to the airport," the smirking blond answered as he pulled on a pair of jeans. "They have to tell you where the plane is going."

Brian just smiled, knowing that it was going to be a very long day with his overly-curious husband.

Once they were dressed, the newlyweds took their luggage downstairs where Melanie and the kids were waiting with a quick breakfast for the departing couple. The new puppy was napping at JR's feet.

"Papa, you're going to have so much fun on your trip," JR happily told her step-father. "I wish we could come with you."

Melanie snorted. "Trust me Baby, your dads wouldn't make you feel very welcome."

"Do you know where we're going, Beautiful?" Justin asked JR, raising his eyebrows.

"Sure. Pop told us, but we're not allowed to tell you because it's a surprise. He spent a lot of time planning this, and we don't want to spoil it," she answered, grinning.

Justin looked at his new husband, who was standing behind JR and enjoying a cup of coffee. "She sure is your daughter."

"My little pride and joy," Brian answered before kissing the top of JR's head.

JR beamed, just like she did every time she remembered that she now officially had a father who loved her. "Yeah, you're very lucky to have me," the spunky pre-teen shot back.

Justin turned to his older son, silently begging him to give up the surprise.

Gus shook his head. "Sorry, Papa J. Pouting and puppy dog eyes might work for your little clone, but you're supposed to be an adult. You'll know where you're going by the end of the day, and I'm sure you'll last that long."

Melanie chimed in before Justin tried his luck with her. "All I will say is that you have an amazing husband and you will love what he has planned for you. Be happy, don't worry about the kids, and have a fabulous time. Remember that we all love you."

Justin smiled, secretly admiring the loyalty of his family members. He picked up his youngest son from the high chair and held him tightly.

"You be a good boy for Ima, Bubby, and Sissy, okay?" he said to his little blond angel, kissing his curly head. "Papa loves you so much."

"What are the rules?" Brian asked JR, gesturing to the little ball of fur on the floor.

"I am responsible for Sunny's messes," she answered. "Take her outside every hour and praise her when she does her business out there. Don't let her try to go up or down the stairs yet. Make sure she only chews on her toys."

"That's right, and?"

JR sighed. "Use the pooper scooper."

"And what's your rule?" Justin asked Brian's clone.

"Stay out of your room, because there's no pot in there."

Justin handed the baby to Gus and kissed everyone else goodbye before following his stud out the door and into the stretch limo.

Since it would be a long ride to the Pittsburgh airport, Brian figured he would distract his sexy blond from asking more questions with one of their favorite activities.

After raising the privacy partition behind the driver, the brunet knelt in front of his husband and started caressing his face. He kissed the strawberry lips slowly, running his tongue lightly along them. Justin opened his mouth and captured Brian's tongue, nipping at it lightly before sucking on it. Needing more contact, Justin scooted forward on the seat, wrapping his legs around the older man. Their hands were grasping each other's heads, running fingers through silky hair.

Both men were now hard and leaking. Brian pulled back, looking into the eyes of his young husband, dark with lust. He reached for the zipper of Justin's jeans, lowering it slowly. Reaching inside, Brian pulled out the swollen cock as he lowered his head for a taste of his blond.

As if they hadn't been going at it constantly for the past two days like a couple of sex-starved monkeys, Justin moaned loudly and pushed his hips up, trying to get more of his cock into Brian's mouth. The brunet complied, taking the hard cock all the way into his throat and swallowing around the thick, pink head. Justin gripped Brian's hair in his fists and arched his back, groaning as he shot a huge load a minute later.

"God, you're so good at that," Justin said breathlessly. "I love you. I need you to fuck me now, please."

"Anytime, Hubby," Brian said as he removed Justin's pants, since they were blocking him from being in that delicious ass. He got rid of the rest of their clothes while he was at it. Once the offending garments were removed, Brian scooted Justin's ass forward to the edge of the seat. He was at the perfect height to fuck his blond in that position.

Grabbing his carry on bag from the floor next to him, Brian found the bottle of lube and squeezed some onto his fingers. He ran his index finger slowly around the rim of Justin's rosebud.

"Come on Brian, I need you inside me now," Justin demanded.

Being the loving husband that he was, Brian complied, inserting two fingers and scissoring them to make his entry comfortable for Justin.

The twink quickly grew impatient. "Enough, please, just lube your cock and fuck me, dammit."

Brian did as requested as blond furry legs wrapped around his waist. He claimed Justin's swollen lips as he slowly pushed into his new husband, both men moaning at the connection.

Brian started a slow rhythm, enjoying the feeling of being inside the man who was his home and his world. Justin was keening at the feeling of being filled by his lover. They rocked together for quite a while, stopping when either one got too close, their lips never parting.

Finally they had no choice but to speed up, the urge to finish being too strong. Brian grabbed onto Justin's hips, holding him tight as he pumped his load deep inside his beautiful blond husband. Justin came all over their bellies. They held each other as they got their breathing and heart rates back to normal.

Luckily Brian had put some baby wipes and a hand towel in the carry on, so they cleaned up and put their clothes back on.

The driver called a few minutes later and said that they would be arriving at the airport in ten minutes.

Justin was watching out the window and saw that they had passed the terminal for Liberty Air. They were now headed toward the private plane hangers.

"Brian, where is he taking us? I thought our jet was in New York for maintenance."

"Patience, young one, we'll be there soon," Brian quipped, smirking at the blond.

Justin rolled his eyes and shook his head, annoyed that Brian seemed to be having too much fun with this surprise. Looking around, Justin realized that they were pulling right onto the tarmac. Damn, Brian really did plan on keeping their destination a secret until they got there. Since there wasn't much he could do about it, Justin figured he might as well relax.

When the limo finally stopped moving, Justin found that they were beside a rather large plane, the kind that could fly a long distance before refueling. The destination possibilities were endless in a plane like that. Brian had been watching Justin like a hawk since he had woken up, so he couldn't even sneak a peek into the suitcases to see what kind of clothing they would need on their trip.

Justin was awestruck once they boarded the plane. It looked more like the inside of a luxurious apartment than the inside of an airplane. There was a huge sectional sofa, several comfortable-looking chairs, a bar, and an eating area with a large table. There was a wall and door separating the front of the cabin from the back. All of the window shades were down, shielding his view from the outside.

"Go ahead and look around Sunshine, we're the only passengers."

"All of this for just the two of us?" Justin questioned.

"Well, there's the pilot, the co-pilot, and the attendant; but yes, it's just for the two of us. It's on loan from Remson Pharmaceuticals. Old Larry Remson bought it last year to impress his new twenty year-old wife."

The perky blonde stewardess appeared from the front of the plane and said, "Good morning, gentleman, I'm Jacqueline and I'll be taking care of you today. We're ready whenever you are, and we have priority take-off. You'll need to be seated with your seatbelts fastened until we reach cruising altitude."

"We'll settle in now," Brian answered. "I'd like to get going right away."

Justin spoke up. "How long is the flight?"

"It will be several hours sir, but you should be able to find things to keep you occupied during our flight. The televisions have a large library of movies," Jacqueline answered, disappearing into the front of the plane again.

"Sneaky Sunshine, but it won't work," Brian remarked. "Some people understand the concept of a surprise. No one on this plane is going to tell you where we're going."

"Oh well, it was worth a shot," the blond replied, shaking his head. "What'll you bet that old Remson has fucked pretty little Jacqueline?"

"That's probably future ex-wife number five," Brian guessed.

Once they had reached 41,000 feet, the men were told they could walk around and explore the cabin. Justin remembered that he had not checked the door at the back of the seating area and went to open it.

"Holy shit! There's a bedroom back here."

Brian chuckled. "I wondered how long it was going to take you to find it. Do you want to try it out?"

"Hell yes, I want to try it out! How often do you get to be in the Mile High Club without having to fuck in the toilet? Remember the first time we did it on a plane, going out to Vegas? It was so cramped and turbulent, it was like trying to fuck in a barrel plunging down Niagara Falls."

The blond headed straight for the queen-sized bed, tossing off his clothes as he went. Brian followed, eager to lay down and have some more Sunshine. Once they were naked and on the very comfortable bed, Brian climbed on top of his husband, grabbing his wrists and holding them above his head as he licked and kissed him hungrily.

Justin responded by raising his hips and grinding their erections together. He then wrapped his ankles around Brian's thighs and quickly flipped them over in a well-practiced move, silently telling his older lover that he would be taking the lead this time. Brian responded by spreading his legs apart.

Justin scooted down until he could hold Brian's legs up to get at the tight ass of the man he loved. Starting slowly, he licked softly at first, running his tongue around the rim, getting it good and wet.

Brian moaned and arched his back. "More, please. I need more."

Justin stiffened his tongue and stabbed it in as far as he could. He added a couple of fingers to loosen Brian up.

Brian reached under the pillow and grabbed the bottle of lube. It paid to think ahead, and Brian had made sure that everything would be just where they needed it to be during their long flight. Justin saw what Brian was holding and held his hand out.

Brian squirted some lube onto Justin's hand. Justin moved his mouth to the leaking slit of his husband's cock and licked off the precum gathering there as he lubed himself up.  

Once they were both ready, Justin put his arms under Brian's knees and lined up with the hot hole. Staring into each other's eyes, Justin slowly slipped his huge cock into his husband and both men groaned. Justin rocked slowly, letting Brian feel every inch of him.

They kissed and caressed each other as they made love. Neither man was in any hurry to end their connection. They moaned and kissed erotically, licking and nipping at each other's lips and tongue.

After pausing several times to draw out their union, Justin finally started nailing Brian's prostate on every instroke, causing the brunet to raise his hips and beg for more.

"Harder... faster," Brian panted.

Justin complied and they exploded together, screaming each other's names. Staying connected, the men lightly dozed for an hour before getting up and cleaning off.

When they headed back out to the seating area, Jacqueline was waiting for them and asked if they would like something to eat or drink.

"Yes, we would like our meal now, and some champagne," Brian answered the pink-cheeked lady.

Justin could only smile at her, realizing that everyone on the plane had to have heard them in the bedroom, since they had made no effort to keep it down. Jacqueline soon served them salmon with fingerling potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Brian handed Justin a jacket after the plane landed. "Here Sunshine, you're going to need this. It's about fifty degrees outside."

"Are you going to tell me where we are yet, Brian?"

"One more car ride, Mon Amour, and then all your questions will be answered.".

Brian quickly ushered Justin into a limo before the blond could see where they were. The ride was short and Brian distracted Justin by kissing him, not allowing him to look out the car windows.

The limo pulled to a stop and the driver opened the door. Justin quickly realized that they were at a cruise port surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and he looked at Brian questioningly. Brian just smiled and took Justin's hand, leading him to the VIP boarding area and telling him that he would answer all his questions once they got to their room. Justin nodded, not sure what to say and worrying that if he did try to speak, he would start crying.

A VIP host showed them to their room, and the plaque on the door said Platinum Honeymoon Suite. Brian picked up his husband and carried him into the suite, depositing him on the sofa in the sitting room, which had a walk-out deck.

Brian sat on the sofa next to his young husband and noticed the tears streaming down his face.

"How did you...?" Justin sniffled.

"How did I know you wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise?" Brian asked.

Justin nodded, the tears coming faster now.  

"Well, this trip was supposed to occur fifteen years ago. I had asked Daphne if there was anywhere special she knew that you wanted to go, and she said you wanted to take an Alaskan cruise, that you wanted to be able to sketch the whales, bears, and just the beauty of the landscape here. It was going to be your high school graduation present, although I wouldn't have booked us into the honeymoon suite, of course. I just wanted to do something special for you, and then..."

Brian reached up, trying to dry the tears that did not seem to want to stop. "Is this okay, Sunshine? If you don't want to do this, we can get off the ship before we leave port. We can go anywhere else you want, anywhere in the world. I just wanted to make you happy."

Justin smiled. "Oh, Brian, I am happy... I'm thrilled and amazed by you every day. I love you so much, and I'm happy that Daphne had a hand in this, too. It almost feels like she's here with us. I'll always miss her, but she gave us the most amazing gift before she left: our beautiful son. This is going to be a wonderful trip. Why wouldn't you have booked us into this suite before?"

"Twat, I could barely admit to myself how I felt about you; what would you have thought if I had led you to a honeymoon suite back then?" Brian replied, tickling his blond.

"I would have thought that you soooooo loved me!" Justin answered, laughing. "That Brian Kinney gave a shit!"

When they had finally calmed down, Justin was full of questions about the trip. First thing he wanted to know was if Brian had packed any sketchbooks and pencils. When Brian told him that he had brought a dozen sketchbooks, a whole box of pencils, a box of charcoals, and a new twenty-four megapixel digital camera so that he could get the colors just right, Justin was thrilled. He launched himself at his man, kissing and hugging him.

"You're the best husband in the whole fucking world!" Justin told him.

"I know, and lucky you, I'm all yours."

Justin stared at Brian before asking, "Are you happy that we're here, in Alaska of all places? I'm sure you'd much rather be honeymooning on the French Riviera, or Maui, or Venice, or..."  

Brian shut him up with a kiss. "I've known for years how badly you've wanted to get married, so I wanted to give you the honeymoon of your dreams. If you're happy, I'm happy."

"Brian, I love that you go to such lengths to make me happy, even though it isn't necessary. Just having your ring on my finger is enough. I hope that one day I can do something like this for you."

"Justin, the fact that you love me and put up with me is more than I had ever hoped I would have in my life. You are an amazing man, and you bring me such joy every single day. I don't need anything but your love... but of course, our three wonderful kids are icing on the cake. Now, why don't you have a look around the suite? I'm just going to sit here and relax for a few minutes as we ship out."

Justin gave himself a tour of the suite, which consisted of the sitting room and a separate bedroom with a king sized bed that was covered with a thick comforter and a lot of pillows. He noticed a chilled bottle of champagne on the nightstand. There was a covered dish next to it that Justin was hoping contained strawberries. Lifting the lid, he was happy to see that he was right, since he had plans for those.

When Justin was finished inspecting the suite, which also included a very nice bathroom with a jetted tub, he noticed that Brian was still sitting on the sofa, so he figured that he should get started on the honeymoon stuff.

Justin stripped off his clothes and moved some pillows out of the way so he could sit back against the headboard. Licking his hand, he started stroking his already rigid cock, pinching his nipples with his free hand. It felt so good that he couldn't help but moan loudly.

Brian, hearing what sounded to him like something he should be included in, walked over and leaned against the doorway. He licked his lips and drawled, "Sunshine, you realize that I could help you with that, don't you? Although you do seem to be doing fine by yourself."

"Well, I wanted to feed you strawberries with cream, but there wasn't any cream... ohhhh... so I figured I'd make my own," the very horny blond replied, moaning erotically.

Brian knew that if he just stood there and watched, his pants were going to get very sticky, very quickly. He peeled off his clothes, keeping eye contact with his young husband who was leaking precum and using it as lube, occasionally licking it off of his fingers.

Once he was naked, Brian stalked over to the bed and sat. He removed Justin's hand from his dark pink cock and replaced it with his, then wrapped Justin's hand around his own leaking cock.

"It will taste even better with cream from both of us," Brian commented. "Get on your knees, we'll need to aim".

They knelt, facing each other with the bowl between them, stroking each other's cocks. Finally Justin couldn't take it any longer.

"I need to come, Brian... please... ahhhh... so close."

"Me too, come for me... now," Brian groaned.

They came together, covering the strawberries in hot cum. Brian then grabbed the bowl so they wouldn't knock it over and sat it on the nightstand. The lovers collapsed on the bed, kissing and holding each other. Once their hearts calmed down, they ate the cum-coated strawberries and toasted each other with champagne.

Later that evening, the new husbands enjoyed dinner on the upper deck, talking quietly when they noticed an older heterosexual couple glancing at them. After a few minutes, the male half came walking over. Brian stood up and protectively blocked Justin as the man stopped at their table.

"Are you the couple staying in the Platinum Honeymoon Suite?" the man asked.

"Yes, we are, why?" Brian responded suspiciously.

"My wife and I had tried to get that suite for our anniversary but were told it was booked. We're in a smaller suite down the hall and saw you checking in earlier. We were just watching the two of you and talking about how much in love you look. We are so happy that you got that suite, and we just wanted you to know that."


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