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Once the newlyweds got back to their room after dinner, Justin told Brian to sit on the sofa and wait so he could get things ready in the bedroom. He noticed that Brian had brought a few toys for the trip when he had unpacked earlier, and he wanted to do something special.

"Alright, stud," Justin called out a few minutes later. "Get your sexy ass in here, naked."

Just the tone of the younger man's voice made Brian tingle. He quickly stripped and entered the bedroom to find his husband wearing nothing but a white leather mask and thong, his favorite color for Justin to wear when he was playing Dom. The blond was holding a red and black riding crop. Attached to the bedposts were four red silk ties. Brian started to leak as soon as he took in everything.

"Lay on the bed on your stomach," Justin ordered, his voice authoritative. "Do you want a cock ring? You're not allowed to come without permission."

Brian licked his lips. "No, I don't need it."

"Okay, do you remember your safe word?"

"Yes, I remember it."

Brian got on the bed, and Justin tied the silk scarves around his wrists and ankles. Looking at his husband laid out for him made Justin's cock drip in anticipation.

Standing at the side of the bed, Justin bent over and kissed Brian's neck. "I got so hot when I saw what you had packed, I almost wanted to skip dinner," he whispered huskily in his husband's ear. "All I could think about when we were eating was how sexy you would look tied up, waiting for me to use this crop on your delicious ass."

Brian moaned. "Give it to me."

Justin started whacking the brunet's tight ass with the crop. Brian was moaning erotically and raising his hips up to meet every hit.

He stopped to run the crop down the length of Brian's spine, admiring the dimples above his ass before stopping at his tailbone.  "Do you want more... harder? Tell me what you want."

"Harder, mark me... please."

Justin struck him harder, marking his ass with hot, red streaks. Brian screamed into the pillow, hoping that no one outside of their room thought he was being murdered or something. When Justin was finished, he soothed the marks with his tongue, which caused more moaning from the older man.

Justin untied the scarves from the bed, telling Brian to turn on his back so that he could finish what he started. Once Brian was comfortable, Justin again picked up the crop and brought it down lightly on Brian's thighs. Brian's huge cock was straining and leaking on his belly, his back arching up. Justin could tell that Brian would need to come soon, his cock looking very purple and swollen.

Slipping off the thong and mask, Justin straddled his lover. He quickly lubed Brian up, careful not to stroke him too much. Grasping the glorious cock, Justin held it steady as he lowered himself onto his husband, moaning erotically at the burn.

Brian immediately grabbed Justin's thighs after he was fully seated. "If you move at all, it will be over. The things you do to me, Sunshine... you are so fucking hot. You only get better."

Justin could feel Brian's cock throbbing in his ass, and he smiled. "I love you so much, Brian."

They stared into each other's eyes as Justin gave Brian a minute to relax. Once they were both a little calmer, Justin started riding his beautiful stud slowly, building their pleasure. Every time one of them got close, they would pause, linking hands and kissing each other. After drawing it out for almost an hour, they exploded together, shouting each other's names and words of love.

They fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.   

The next morning the men showered and dressed before heading to breakfast. Justin later grabbed some pencils and a sketch pad, and Brian took the camera. They walked around the deck of the large ship, looking for a good place to sit and watch for anything interesting.

They found seats on the bow, which gave them a great vantage point. According to their itinerary, they were passing by the Hubbard Glacier that day, which was made of 1,350 square miles of blue ice. Justin started sketching the glacier and Brian walked around a bit, using the high-resolution camera to capture several shots of the glacier and surrounding mountains that Justin would love when they were uploaded later.   

Justin woke up early the next morning, excitedly anticipating the tour they were booked for that day in Icy Strait Point while the ship was docked. It was early enough for them to make love before they needed to shower and eat breakfast. Brian rode his husband's substantial morning erection. Justin worked Brian's cock when he got close, catching the creamy nectar in his mouth.

They had a quick breakfast and waited at the meeting area for the guide and the other people taking the tour. While they were waiting, Justin scrolled through pictures of the kids on his phone. Justin, as thrilled as he was about their honeymoon, still worried about being away from his son after never spending more than one night apart since he was born.

When Brian noticed his Sunshine looking sad, he put his hands on the blond's cheeks and kissed the end of his nose. "You're missing Little Sunny, aren't you?"

Justin nodded. "Two weeks is a long time to be away. I'm afraid he won't remember us."

Brian chuckled. "Sunshine, Keegan will not forget his daddies in two weeks. When we get back to the room, we can video chat with Gus and ask him to get Keegan so you can talk to him. How does that sound?"

Justin looked into his husband's eyes and smiled his Sunshine smile. "That would be great. I miss him so much."

"Me, too... he's an awesome kid. Gus was a good baby, but I didn't ever take the time to get to know him when he was little like I have with Keegan. If I knew that babies could be as cool as him, maybe I would have wanted us to have one sooner."

Justin was very surprised to hear Brian say that, but their tour began before he could question him on it.

They decided to just take the camera on their tour since Justin couldn't sketch while walking. Justin had loved the pictures Brian took of the glacier the day before. He had taken a photography class in college as an elective and had a great eye and steady hands.

Justin had Brian take more pictures during their tour, which included an ATV ride and ziplining 300 feet above the forest. He had gotten shots of a mother grizzly showing her cubs how to catch salmon, wolf cubs playing together, and caribou running through the trees. Justin was thinking of painting a wildlife series for a future show and couldn't wait to transfer the images onto canvas.

The newlyweds dragged themselves back to their room later that afternoon, exhausted by their busy day. Brian wanted to take a joint shower, but Justin was eager to chat with the kids. The daily wifi rate on the ship was insanely high, but they paid for it in order to stay connected to the family back home.

Justin got onto his laptop and made a video call to Gus. The teen answered it on his smart phone a few seconds later, never too far from his laptop, tablet, or phone. Justin could see from the background that Gus was sitting in the game room in the basement, probably playing on his XBox.

"Hey, Papa J!" Gus yelled, as if Justin would have trouble hearing him because of the long distance.

Justin turned the speaker down as Brian sat next to him on the couch. "Hey, Gussy."

Brian and Justin attempted to tell their oldest child about what they had seen on their trip so far, but the boy was too busy rambling on about how awesome his new car was and how he couldn't wait to take his driver's test in a few weeks to get his license.

"Ima won't let me take her over seventy, but what's the point of having a supercharged Hemi V8 if I can't stretch her legs?" the teen complained. "Speed limits are so lame."

"Have you named her yet?" Brian asked, still in disbelief that he had a child old enough to legally drive.

"Rebecca," Gus said proudly. "She just feels like a Rebecca. JR claims that I stole her middle name, but I actually named the car after Rebecca Romijn. She's so fucking sexy... the woman and the car."

The men both nodded their heads in agreement. Sure, they were gay, but they could recognize a sexy woman when they saw one.

"Well, I'd love to hear more about Rebecca, but I'd like to see Keegan before he goes to bed," Justin said.

Gus carried the phone upstairs into the kitchen, where Melanie and JR were making some cookies. The girls said hello to Brian and Justin before Gus turned the phone for them to see Keegan. Justin's mini-me was sitting in his high chair having his evening bottle.

"There's my big boy!" Justin called out to his youngest son.

Keegan smiled at hearing his Papa's voice and seeing his face on the phone's screen. "Ah!" the eight month-old screamed.

Gus ducked behind the high chair while holding the phone in front of Keegan. "‘Ello, male parental units," he said in a terrible fake British accent. "‘Tis I, Sir Keegan of Britin."

Brian and Justin both laughed.

"Hello, Sir Keegan," Brian answered. "How unfortunate that your accent doesn't match your Irish name."

"Top o' the evenin' to ya, lads!" Gus said, switching over to a thick Irish accent. "I ‘ave to say, you two look positively knackered! Been doin' a bit o' snoggin', ‘ave ya?"

The men laughed again, causing Keegan to laugh and squeal happily. Melanie and JR could also be heard laughing in the background.

"Are you having a good time with your big brother, Sir Keegan?" Justin asked.

"Oh, Sir Gus and I have been havin' a grand ol' time while you and Da have been on holiday. He changed my nappy six times today!"

"Tell Sir Gus ‘thank you' for us," Brian said.

"Right-o, mates!"

The fathers were wiping tears from their eyes at that point, they were laughing so hard.

Everyone said their goodbyes before Justin closed his laptop. "Oh, that kid is a goofball."

"He must get that from you, because his three other parents are lame as fuck," Brian said.

"Yeah, you're the lamest dad ever, buying your son a bitchin' car for his sixteenth birthday and buying your daughter the puppy she's always wanted," Justin agreed sarcastically. "You have an amazing personality, a great sense of humor, and you love your family more than life itself. You adopted two kids that aren't even biologically yours, purely out of love for them. Who the fuck would want you as their dad? I feel sorry for those poor kids."

"You little smartass," Brian growled before attacking Justin's lips.

After making out for a while, Justin remembered that he wanted to explore some of the shops on board before dinner. The ship was like a small city and he loved to go to little shops while on vacation, unlike Brian who only wanted to shop if it was for designer purchases.

"What am I supposed to do while you burn up the credit card, Sunshine?"

"Relax, read, surf the web, watch a movie. Hey, you could always take a nap so that you won't be too tired later, old man," Justin said, giggling from the doorway and then ducking before the pillow that Brian lobbed at him smashed into his face.

"Fine, just leave me here all alone. I'll find something to do," Brian said, pretending to pout. "Maybe I won't even be here when you get back."

"Love you, stud. I won't be too long," the blond said with a smile.

Brian lounged in bed with a book for a little bit before he glanced over at the suitcase, deciding  to look through the toy bag and plan the evening's sexcapade. He found the Aneros, his favorite prostate massager. He didn't know how much longer Justin was going to be and decided not to wait.

Using lots of lube, Brian inserted the Aneros and put on a leather cock ring. He slowly rocked his hips, letting the sensations build slowly as he flexed his pelvic muscles. By the time Justin returned to the room, Brian was floating and his cock was an angry purple without even having touched it.

Justin heard his husband moaning as soon as he entered the suite and got hard instantly. He knew by the sounds coming from the bedroom what Brian was doing, having caught him using the massager more than once before. He started tearing off his clothes and was naked by the time he got to the bedroom doorway. Seeing his husband so out of it with pleasure almost made him shoot his load before he even reached the bed.

He quickly grabbed the lube and opened himself up. Justin then lowered himself onto Brian's throbbing rod. Brian only realized Justin was there when the blond leaned forward to capture his raspberry-colored lips for a kiss. They both moaned at the sensation of being one.

"I was hoping you'd join me eventually," Brian panted.

"I wouldn't have left if I'd known about the solo show you were performing," Justin answered.

Justin rocked on his husband's cock for a minute before reaching back and unsnapping the cock ring, causing Brian to scream and shoot a huge load inside of the blond, triggering his own orgasm. Staying joined, the couple kissed for several more minutes before it was time to clean up and go to dinner.

The newlyweds continued to enjoy their honeymoon over the next several days. They took in more sights from the ship, Justin sketching and Brian snapping pictures. There were more great photo opportunities during land excursions in Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan, Alaska, and Vancouver, Canada. Brian made sure that they worked off all the calories that they shoveled in at the restaurants and buffets, taking turns topping each night so that Justin would still be able to walk the next day.

The two weeks flew by and soon it was their last night on the ship before disembarking in Vancouver the following morning. They made love slowly, looking into each other's eyes and seeing the pure love that was always there between them.

They cuddled after they were done, sleepily whispering to each other.

"Brian, this has been the most wonderful honeymoon ever. I love you so much. Thank you for surprising me with this. I'll always remember it."

"Justin, you are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Before you, I was just existing. You and your unconditional love finally made me live the life that I deserve. I love you so much. I'm glad you've had such a great time."    

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