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Justin watched the cab carrying Curtis pull out of the hospital parking lot before he turned to Brian with tears in his eyes.

"Will you come with me to see Keegan? I need to tell him about his mom."

"Of course I will, Sunshine. He needs to know what a great mom he had," Brian answered, having a hard time holding it together himself, but trying to be strong for his love.

Brian had liked Daphne from the moment he first met her and grew to love her over the years like a little sister he never had. He also loved her for how tremendous of a friend she had always been to Justin and also to him. She was never afraid to call Brian on his bullshit and he greatly respected her for it. He knew that losing her would forever change their lives, especially now that she had unfortunately left her son behind to grow up without his mother.

When they got to the NICU, a nurse showed them to the large sink and told them to wash thoroughly up to their elbows, and then they could open the side holes in the incubator and touch the baby. Once they had scrubbed their hands with stinky yellow soap, they sat on either side of the incubator and reached inside.

There were wires attached all over the baby's body, including an IV shunt in his head. Every newborn Justin had ever seen before was chubby and healthy, so he was shocked at how tiny and wrinkled Keegan was.

"My God..." Justin choked out.

When Justin reached in to touch the baby, Keegan grabbed his index finger and looked at him. Justin couldn't keep the tears from flowing as he looked into the beautiful gray eyes of his and Daphne's son.

Brian closed up his side of the incubator and came around to kneel in front of his Sunshine and comfort him.

"Talk to him," Brian suggested.

"What should I say?"

Brian shrugged. "You can start by introducing yourself, I guess."

Justin started speaking quietly to the baby. "Hi, Keegan... um, that's what your mommy wanted to name you. I'm..."

He looked at Brian, unsure of what to introduce himself as.

"Keegan, this is Justin; he's your biological father," Brian said.

"Yeah," Justin said. "And this is Brian, my partner. Keegan, your mommy is an angel now and she will always be there to watch over you. She loved you and wanted you so much. I will show you pictures and tell you all about her. She was my best friend and would have loved to be here to raise you, but God needed her to come and be with him. Just know that you will always be loved and wanted, my sweet little boy."

Brian had to bite his tongue, since he had never been a spiritual person and didn't believe that death had a divine reason or explanation. He and Justin had agreed to disagree on religion long ago. Whatever comforted Justin at that moment was fine with him.

Keegan continued to tightly hold Justin's finger, and Justin started to softly sing "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by the Beetles to the baby, a song he had always loved.

A nurse walked by and Justin asked her when he would be able to hold Keegan.

"Keegan?" she repeated. "Aww, that's a beautiful name. Probably tomorrow or the next day, as long as he stays stable. He's doing very well, he's just small. We're giving him some steroids to help speed up his lung development."

"Sunshine... I would really rather not bring this up at a time like this, but there is a tiny chance that Curtis could be his father," Brian pointed out after the nurse had gone to tend to another baby. "They weren't supposed to have sex while she was trying to get pregnant, but they may have, so as long as you and the baby are both here, maybe you should ask for a DNA test, just to be sure."

"You're right. In light of what has happened today, I'd rather know now, just in case," Justin agreed.

He knew in his heart that Keegan was his son, but he needed concrete proof for everyone's sake that he was truly the father of this amazing little creature who was holding onto his heart as tightly as he was gripping his finger.

Justin spent the next two days at the hospital, unable to tear himself away from Keegan, minus a few naps he had taken in a lounge area. Luckily the NICU permitted parents to visit twenty-four hours a day. He felt guilty for not being with Daphne's parents and siblings during this awful time, but Keegan was the only thing that was keeping him going after losing his best friend. Several of Daphne's family members had come by the hospital to peer into the NICU through the windows to see Keegan, and Justin hoped that they would soon be able to visit with him once he was moved into the regular nursery.

One person who had failed to make an appearance in the NICU was Curtis. Justin had hoped that maybe he had missed him during one of his naps, but the nursing staff told him that Curtis hadn't even called to inquire about the baby's condition, let alone visited in person.

The day before Daphne's funeral, Justin was informed that he indeed was Keegan's biological father. Because the paternity test confirmed what Justin already knew in his heart, he asked a nurse to get him all of the legal papers that parents commonly received after their baby is born. He filled out the birth certificate and the Social Security applications, listing Daphne as the mother and himself as the father.

The baby's name would legally be Keegan Mercury Taylor, not "Baby Boy Anderson" as the tag on his incubator had referred to him. Justin picked the middle name based on the fact that "You're My Best Friend" by Queen was his and Daphne's song, and Freddie Mercury had been the lead singer of Queen.

Partly to pass the time and because he wanted Keegan to hear his voice, Justin would often sing songs to his son that he and Daphne had enjoyed. One that he repeated many times was "You're My Best Friend." He and Daphne had randomly started singing it one day after school when they were teenagers, and after a few times of it happening spontaneously, it became "their song." Justin and Daphne had danced to it at her wedding to Curtis, and it was one of his fondest memories of her.

Visitation at the funeral home was that evening, but Justin chose not to go. He knew that it would be difficult enough having to see Daphne in a casket, but it would be almost as difficult to maintain his composure for two or even three hours while having to mingle with his and Daphne's friends and family. He preferred watching over his and Daphne's son instead, which was what he thought she'd want him to do anyway. Sitting through the formal ceremony and burial the following day was going to be the hardest thing he'd ever have to do.

Brian convinced Justin to come back to the loft that night, only after making sure that every nurse in the NICU had his and Brian's cell phone numbers as well as the land line number for the loft.

Brian went to the fridge and took out two beers. At first Justin started to protest, but Brian pointed out that one beer would not make either of them unable to drive to the hospital if they were needed. Brian turned on some soft music and they sat down on the sofa. He wrapped his arm around Justin's shoulders and pulled him close.

Justin finally started to relax and as he melted into Brian's embrace, he whispered, "Make me forget, Brian".

"As you wish," was Brian's quiet response.

Brian started by kissing the top of his Sunshine's head, then moved down to the spot behind his ear that was one of his lover's special spots.

Justin moaned. He had missed being with Brian the last few nights and couldn't remember the last time they had gone this long without having sex. He got up off the sofa and put his hand out to Brian, smiling as he pulled his lover up and into the bedroom. Justin started unbuttoning Brian's shirt, kissing and nipping as he exposed the golden tanned torso of the man he loved with all his heart. He then pulled off his own shirt, wanting to get naked as quickly as possible. They both slipped off their pants and embraced, rubbing their swollen cocks together.

In spite of their height difference, Justin and Brian fit together as if they were made as one and split apart, their souls reuniting time and again when they made love. They moved to the bed, Justin lying on his back and Brian stretching over him, kissing and running their fingers through each other's hair.

Finally, Brian broke the kiss and started his trek down the alabaster chest he loved to worship. He kissed and sucked on Justin's nipples making them rock hard. He continued on down, leaving love bites and hickies along the way. Justin was moaning and gripping the sheets but Brian wasn't nearly done with his foreplay. Kissing around the tumescent cock that lay dripping on Justin's belly, Brian took the sack into his mouth, rolling each ball around and humming.

Justin was now thrashing his head back and forth on the pillows begging Brian to get him off. Brian had other plans though and flipped the smaller man over onto his stomach. Starting at his neck, Brian kissed, nipped, and licked his lover's soft, clear skin. When he got to the swell of the hottest ass he knew, Brian grabbed and spread the baby soft cheeks, blowing softly on the tight rosebud. Justin keened and rose up, pushing his ass toward Brian. Brian responded by licking a path from Justin's balls to the base of his spine.

"More Brian, please," Justin pleaded.

Not wanting to make him beg more than necessary, Brian started licking at the hot little rosebud, alternating soft licks and slight stabs at the center. He finally stiffened his tongue and stabbed it into the hot little hole as far as he could, making it very wet with his spit. He then reached up for the lube wanting to make sure he didn't cause his younger lover any unnecessary discomfort.

Rolling his lover onto his back, Brian wet two fingers with lube and inserted them into his favorite ass, stretching him only slightly since he knew that Justin needed to feel the burn. Finally he lubed his bare cock and lined it up with Justin's tight hole. Brian started to push in slowly since he hadn't stretched his blond very much, but Justin was having none of that. He crossed his ankles behind Brian's hips and pulled while pushing his ass forward, impaling himself on Brian's steel hard rod.

Brian grabbed Justin's hips, stopping him from moving until he had adjusted. "I know you want to feel the burn Sunshine, but I don't want you hurt," he told his lover as he started rocking his hips slowly.

He loved being inside his beautiful blond raw. All the sensations were so much more intense, so much hotter, and he couldn't imagine ever wanting to go back to using condoms. They started out slowly but the heat between them increased quickly. Soon Brian had Justin bent in half and was pounding into that hot ass as hard as he could, and Justin was pushing up just as hard.

As they were fucking, their mouths locked and their tongues fought for dominance. Grunts and moans were all that could be heard throughout the loft. All too soon they both felt the tingling that signaled that this round would be coming to an end. With a final growl, Brian started shooting deep inside Justin's ass, while without being touched, Justin's cock exploded, covering both of them with hot, sticky cum.

The two men held each other as their breathing slowly returned to normal.

"Thank you," Justin quietly said.

Brian kissed Justin's sweaty forehead. "Any time, Sunshine."

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