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Brian and Justin went to the fertility clinic the following week to make their sperm deposits for their hopeful future Kinney baby. They got a few strange looks when they insisted on going into the "deposit room" together, but they didn't really care. They figured if they were going to raise their child together, they should help make it together.

The plan was to join the eggs that were harvested from Delia with sperm from both Justin and Brian. One fertilized egg from each of the men would be implanted into Delia's uterus, and hopefully at least one would attach and become a baby. Any extra embryos would be frozen and saved, in case the first round wasn't successful.

Gus and JR were watching Keegan in the living room that afternoon while the adults were all out of the house. Keegan had been getting stronger and could walk using only one hand to hang onto something.

The oldest Kinney child had been trying to teach Keegan how to walk on his own, but their sister was more interested in getting Keegan to talk. He was doing well with "Dada", "Papa", and something that sounded a bit like "Ima," but she really wanted him to say her name.

"Come on, Little Sunny," JR said to her younger brother in baby-talk. "You can say it... say ‘JR.'"

"Some sounds are harder to make than others," Gus informed her from his spot on the floor. "He's only capable of babbling right now; that's why sounds that repeat are easier for him, like ‘Dada.'"

"If he hears it enough, he'll eventually say it," JR replied in a smartass tone.

Gus could only watch and shake his head, which was his usual response to his saucy sister. He hoped that Keegan wouldn't pick up that quality from her, although he had heard of both Justin and Daphne being prone to theatrics in their younger days. The kid might be doomed either way, even though he was a very easy-going baby, so far.

Gus then held his hands out to his brother, who was about five feet away. "Come here, little man. I know you can do it."

Keegan heaved himself up to stand. He would normally fall down to his knees if he didn't have anything to support him, but this time he took his first staggering steps over to his big brother before tumbling into his waiting arms.

Gus looked at JR in amazement as he held Keegan. "Did you see that? He walked for me!"

JR feigned indifference, but she was also very proud of her baby brother. "You always win."

When the dads got home, Gus walked into the foyer with Keegan.

"Go to Papa," Gus said, standing the baby a few feet from his fathers.

Keegan put out his arms for balance and walked right to Justin. The older blond crouched down, tears running down his cheeks, and grabbed his son in a hug. Brian grinned and leaned down to kiss both blond heads.


Three weeks later, Brian and Justin were at the office working on a presentation when Joey buzzed in, announcing that they had a visitor. Not expecting anyone, Brian went to the door to see who it was. A smiling Delia walked in with a tall brown bag in her hands.

"Hey, what's up?" Brian asked, kissing her cheek.

Delia pulled a bottle of champagne out of the bag. "Guess who's pregnant?"

Justin ran over to hug her. "Already?"  

"Yep, I just left Dr. Tanner's office. I am officially up the spout."

When the men got home that night, they invited Melanie, JR, Debbie, and Carl to come over and eat pizza with them. After dinner, Justin brought out a cake that had Our Family is Growing written on it. Everyone looked at each other and then at the smirking couple.

JR started jumping up and down. "I really want a girl this time!"

Gus shook his head. "It's not like ordering Chinese food, Squirt."

Melanie hugged the couple. "Congratulations, guys. Who's carrying the baby?"

"Delia is, that way Keegan and our new little one will be related," Brian answered.

"Who's the father?" Debbie asked, looking between the two men.

"Either of us could be," Justin said. "We don't know, we don't care."

"We're not telling anyone else about this," Brian instructed. "We want to wait a couple of months, okay? It's a family secret."

Everyone nodded in agreement.


After Delia had given them the happy news, Justin started painting in what would be the new nursery. He and Brian decided to go with a colorful mural based on the "Jolly Holiday" sequence in Mary Poppins, a movie they both enjoyed as kids. It would be perfect, whether they had a boy or a girl.

The new nursery was across the hall from the master bedroom, next to Keegan's. It had a connecting bathroom, so that when the kids were older, they could share it. Justin was excited, getting to do a whole new kid's room. He wanted to redecorate Keegan's room at some point, but wasn't sure what to do with it yet. He knew that he wanted to leave the mural of Daphne on the ceiling alone, as long as Keegan still wanted it there. He would often tell Keegan stories about Daphne, and the child would point to the ceiling and say "Mama".

Since beginning to walk, Keegan had been nearly unstoppable and rather strong for his small size. Everything was child-proofed so he wouldn't hurt himself and baby gates were put in doorways throughout the house. They would use the same baby furniture in the new nursery that they had used for Keegan. They had to buy the little climbing monkey a toddler bed and matching furniture, since it would be much safer than him practically flinging himself out of the crib on a regular basis. The rocking chair was removed, heavy furniture was bolted to the walls, and the toybox had a special lid that would not slam closed on inquisitive little hands.

Keegan had started to wake up very early in the mornings, but just like when he was an infant, he would find something to amuse himself rather than cry for attention. His fathers still kept the monitor on so they could hear if they were needed, but they would often only hear their son babbling to his stuffed animals as if he were really having conversations with them. Sometimes they would just listen to him for a while before going in to let him out of his room, only for the hearty eater to ask for his breakfast.

When they were on their way to the hospital for Delia's first ultrasound, Brian commented that he hoped their new baby would be as good as Keegan.

"Well, that'll depend on which sperm got in, my good one or... yours," Justin replied smugly. "We'll know it's yours if the kid is sarcastic and a picky eater."

"Yeah, and if the kid never shuts up or stops eating, we'll know it's yours," Brian answered his husband.


Delia finally went into labor early in the morning on October seventeenth. Brian and Justin joined Delia and Lamar in the delivery room. Lamar was sitting next to Delia's head, kissing her forehead and coaching her through her contractions like he had when she gave birth to their three children before. Brian and Justin were on either side of the bed holding her hands. Lamar figured he had gotten his hands crushed by labor pains enough times in the past that it was someone else's turn.

Brian noticed that his husband was looking a little green.

"You okay?"

Justin nodded. "I've just never seen a baby being born before."

"Oh yeah, and I have? Three kids between us, and it's the first time we're witnessing childbirth."

"It's a beautiful thing," Lamar said.

"Beautiful, terrifying... same thing, right?" Brian snarked.

"This is it Delia, when the next contraction hits, push," Dr. Tanner instructed.

Delia yelled "Here it comes!" as she crushed both men's hands and pushed hard, delivering the head and shoulders. Another contraction, a deep breath, and one push later, Kelton Theodore Kinney made his grand entrance into the world.

"Who wants to cut the umbilical cord?" the doctor asked.

Justin pointed across the bed to Brian. "My hands are shaking too much."

After Brian cut the cord, the screaming infant was held up for everyone to see before being taken away by a nurse.

"Okay, Delia, relax," the doctor told her.

"Not yet Doc, the other one's coming... now," she answered.

Looking down, he answered, "This one sure is in a hurry. Okay Delia, you know what to do."

"Aahhhh!" Delia yelled as she pushed and squeezed Brian and Justin's hands tightly in hers. Head and shoulders out, she knew the hardest part was over. One more push and Kira Daphne Kinney was out.

It took Kira several seconds to start crying, but she was soon wailing along with her brother. That time, Justin cut the cord at Brian's urging.

"Ooh, that feels weird," Justin remarked as he cut through the thick cord with surgical scissors.

After both babies had been examined and cleaned up, they were placed next to each other in an isolette while Delia delivered the placentas. She had carried the twins to nearly thirty-eight weeks, so they were both fully developed and very healthy. Neither would have to spend any time in the NICU.

The babies turned to each other, opened their eyes, and touched hands, as if they knew they were born with a special bond.

Brian and Justin gave Delia hugs and kisses.

"Thank you," Justin sobbed on her shoulder.

She patted his head lovingly. "It was my pleasure, Daddy."

Dr. Tanner went to look at the babies after his job was done. "Oh, wow," he exclaimed a little too loudly.

Justin rushed over. "What's wrong?" he yelled, worried.

"Nothing, I'm sorry," Dr. Tanner replied. "I'm just kind of shocked. I've never seen anything like this before. The boy has Brian's hair and your eyes while the girl has your hair and Brian's eyes. Genetics are fascinating. I swear, it looks like you and your husband are their only parents. They look nothing like Delia, at all."

Delia had tears running down her face. "That's just the way it should be. Those babies belong to their daddies."

Dr. Tanner looked at Brian and Justin, who were looking at their twins with big smiles. "I thought that it would be easy to tell which baby each of you fathered, but I think you're going to need to perform paternity tests to find out."

"It doesn't matter to us. We don't want them tested," Brian answered for them.

"At least we know they're not mine," Lamar said, which made everyone laugh, seeing that he and his wife were both black and the babies were very light-skinned.

Justin watched while the babies were weighed and measured. Brian took a few pictures of his new children with his cell phone, then went to share the good news with the family.

"They're here!" he announced as he walked into the waiting room.

The room erupted with cheers. Gus, JR, and Melanie came over to him first, wanting to know how things had gone.

"The boy came first and then the girl soon after. They're both big and strong, nearly six pounds each."

He showed them the pictures he had taken.

JR spoke first. "Pop, they look just like you and Papa. That's so awesome."

"Spittin' images of their fathers," Melanie agreed.

The close family members had already been told that one baby was Justin's and one was Brian's, while the rest of the extended family would probably never know unless the kids each started to resemble one father more as they got older.

Delia and Lamar's children, Cameron, Raven, and Jordan came over.

"Is Mama okay?" Cameron asked.

"She's doing great," Brian happily reported. "Your mom is a superhero."

"Cool," the boy replied with a smile.

Debbie looked at the pictures of the twins and congratulated the proud father. "You and Sunshine did good, son. They're adorable. Are you finally going to tell us their names?"

"Their names are Kira Daphne and Kelton Theodore," he answered before looking over at Ted, who had tears in his eyes.

Brian walked over to his best friend and hugged him. "We figured it would be nice to name the boy after his godfather."

"I would hope so, since Phoenix's middle name is ‘Brian', you asshole," Ted said with a friendly slap on Brian's back.

Brian soon went back into the delivery room, where he found Justin holding Kira and Delia holding Kelton. She passed the baby boy over to Brian, and Lamar started taking pictures of the new Kinney family.

"I swear, those have got to be the palest half-black kids I've ever seen," Lamar cracked. "Baby, are you sure you're the mother? Because I think these white boys may also be the mothers, too."

"They're perfect," Delia said as she looked at the four of them together. "They're a beautiful family. I just wish that Daph were here."

They all nodded, knowing that Daphne would have wanted to celebrate that wonderful day with them.

Delia was soon moved into a regular room for her to recover for a couple of days. The rest of the family members filtered in and out to visit her and the babies. Lamar later took his and Delia's kids home after their long day at the hospital, and soon it was just Brian and Justin left in the room, each holding one of their sleeping newborns. They could hardly wait to take them home.

Delia had been dozing throughout the evening, but she woke up a bit later and smiled over at the babies.

Justin noticed that she was awake. "Hey, Dee... we've been meaning to ask you something."

"Haven't you asked enough of me? Damn," Delia joked as she rubbed her swollen belly.

The three of them chuckled before Justin said, "We've already asked Ted and Mel to be Kelton's godparents, and we were wondering if you and Lamar would be Kira's godparents."

Delia teared up and put her hand over her heart. "Of course, you guys. We'd be honored."


Brian and Justin brought their new babies home from the hospital two days later. Much like they had when bringing Keegan home the first time, they asked the family to wait a few days before coming over to Britin to visit, to allow them to have time alone with their new additions.

After the grand tour of the estate, they each carried a baby up the stairs and into the nursery. A second crib and dresser had been added to the room after finding out that Delia was having twins during her first ultrasound at six weeks.

Justin shook his head as he recalled the shock they had all felt when two sacs and heartbeats were found on the screen. "Seems like only yesterday, we were trying not to pass out when we found out we'd be bringing two of these little pups home."

"Yeah," Brian agreed as he picked Kira up out of her carrier. "We knew it was possible for both embryos to attach, but we didn't think we'd be that lucky."

Justin gathered Kelton into his arms and smiled at Brian. "Lucky... yeah, we certainly are lucky."

Apparently, someone didn't get the memo that the fathers wanted privacy, because Keegan came toddling into the room a few moments later.

"Baby?" the sweet little blond asked.

"Yeah, Sonny Boy," Brian said. "The babies are home."

The men laid the twins down in one crib, and Justin picked Keegan up so he could see his new little siblings, who were both awake and looking around.

Justin felt his eyes welling up, and he kissed Keegan's curly head. "This all started with you, my son. I never thought I'd be a father, but then you came crashing into my life. Everything changed on that day... I lost your mama, my best friend, but I got you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to us. You made us a family."

Gus and JR joined them at the crib, having been eavesdropping at the doorway.

"You've got us, too, Papa J," Gus said, putting his arm around his kid sister.

"And now we have..." Brian paused, as if reality had just hit him. "Jesus, five kids. What the hell were we thinking?"

Gus put his other arm around his Pop's shoulders. "It'll be alright."

"We'll get through it together, Pop," JR assured him.

Justin gave his husband a kiss. "As long as we have love and each other, we can do anything."

~The End~


Chapter End Notes:

Mary Poppins, “Jolly Holiday” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zy7XEMeBROQ

The End.
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