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Melanie came to the hospital that evening to visit Keegan for the first time. She had always been very fond of Daphne and loved Justin like a little brother, so she knew that she had to travel down from Toronto to attend the funeral and offer whatever amount of comfort and support that she could to Justin.

Since Melanie did not get a chance to talk to Justin at the funeral, she asked him if they could chat for a few minutes. The two of them were soon seated in the hospital's coffee shop in a corner away from anyone who might be listening.

"Where's JR, by the way?" Justin asked.

"Oh, she's home with Lindsay and Gus. I didn't want to take her out of school or make her sit through a funeral. Lindz needed to stay behind for the kids and work. I'm planning on staying in town through the end of the week, bunking with Deb and Carl."

Justin understood but would have loved to see the little girl, who was an eleven year-old version of her mother. If nothing else, seeing the adorably feisty and opinionated JR banter with Brian, whom she affectionately called "Uncle Pop," would have been entertaining and given him a reason to smile.

Getting to why she had requested this little meeting, Melanie began by telling Justin how sorry she was about Daphne. He nodded and thanked her, still having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that his best friend was gone.

"Justin honey, have you thought about what you are going to do about the baby? I talked with Brian over the phone before I flew down yesterday, and he told me about Daphne's last wishes and what had happened with her and her husband before the accident. You may want to get a paternity test performed just so you will have proof that you are the biological father."

"I already had the paternity test done, because Brian pointed out that there could have been a slight chance that Curtis was the father. The results came back yesterday morning confirming that I'm Keegan's father. I already filled out his birth certificate and everything."

"Great," Melanie said. "I love that name, ‘Keegan,' it's so cute. Another thing I want you to know is that I still have my license to practice law here in Pennsylvania and will act as your attorney if you want me to."

Justin smiled in gratitude. That would be one less thing for him to worry about if he were to run into any legal problems in making Keegan his and Brian's son.

"If we do need a lawyer, I would love for you to do it. The lawyer I met with last year when I was first going to give Daphne my sperm was too aggressive for me... honestly, I was scared of her."

"Who was she?"

"Martha Wilson."

Melanie shivered. "Yikes. I'd seen her around the courthouse a few times and she was fucking terrifying."

"Indeed, she was. Can I give you a check as a retainer?"

"Do you have a dollar, Justin?"

"Sure," he said as he reached into his pocket for his wallet, thinking that she wanted to buy a cookie with it or something. "Here you go."

Melanie took the dollar and smiled. "Thank you, sir. My legal fees have now been paid in full."

"Mel, I can't let you do that," Justin said, remembering how much the scary lady had charged him for a simple consultation.

"A deal's a deal, Justin. Now it will just be a waiting game to see if Curtis challenges you for custody of the baby."

"He hasn't even come to visit Keegan since he was born," Justin said. "I haven't seen him since we were told Daphne died. He was absent at the funeral today, if you didn't notice. He's acting as if he's the only one in mourning."

"I did notice. That's terrible, but although paternity has been established as to you being the father, Curtis could have legal claims to Keegan because he was Daphne's husband at the time of her death. It could get tricky, since it is usually presumed that a woman's husband is the father of her child and would be the one to care for the child if the mother were to die. Did you previously tell Daphne and Curtis that you would give up your rights after the baby was born?"

"Yes, but the scary lady told me not to sign a formal donor agreement, so I didn't."

"I'm glad to hear that, but you did have an oral contract which the court might decide was legally binding. Did anyone else hear Daphne say that she wanted you, and not Curtis, to raise the baby?"

"Yes, the two EMTs on the way to the first hospital they took her to before she was airlifted here.  Daphne kept saying it as they were getting her out of the car and into the ambulance, and then she repeated it on the way to the hospital. At first they looked confused by what Daphne was saying, but then I explained to them that I was the biological father but not her husband. I don't remember their names. Then she repeated it again after she was airlifted here, so maybe the EMTs in the helicopter heard her, too."

"That's fine, it won't be hard to find out their names. If necessary, they can corroborate your claim that these were Daphne's final wishes. I'm assuming that you'd want to petition the court to have Brian formally adopt Keegan?"

Justin looked down into his cup of coffee, which he had been living off of over the past few days. "I do, only I don't know how Brian feels about it... we haven't talked about that."

"Well, that's a talk the two of you definitely need to have, and soon," Melanie said sternly.

Taking Melanie's advice, Justin went to Kinnetik that night after office hours where Brian was still hard at work, having taken the morning and most of the afternoon off for the funeral. An empty container from a deli down the street sat on Brian's desk.

"Are you about ready to go home?" Justin asked as he sat on a chair in front of the desk.

"Wow, you're coming home two nights in a row?" Brian cracked as he typed something on his keyboard.

"Now that Keegan is out of the NICU, I figured it would be okay," Justin answered, trying not to be offended by his partner's biting tone. "Uh... so, Mel and I had a chat earlier-"

"Oh, I'm sure that was a rousing conversation," Brian said sarcastically.

"It was, in fact. She said that she'd be my lawyer."

Brian continued to type and stare at his computer screen. "What the fuck do you need a lawyer for?"

"Mel pointed out that Curtis might challenge me on Keegan's guardianship. We might both have legal claims over him and I need to do whatever I can to protect my parental rights."

Brian finally stopped typing and looked at Justin. "So, you're actually thinking about raising this kid?"

"Well, duh," Justin said rather condescendingly. "Where else is he supposed to go? With Curtis? My ass, he will."

"I... I don't know," Brian said with a shrug.

"I made a promise to Daphne!" Justin yelled, standing up. "I promised to keep our son away from that cheating bastard!"

"Yes, but Justin you never planned on being a father to this kid. You told them that you would just be the sperm donor," Brian reminded him. "I thought after what you saw me go through with the girls, you'd want to stay true to your word."

"Well, now things have changed. Daphne's dead, if you'll recall. We just buried her today!"

"Okay, okay," Brian said as he got out of his chair to walk over to Justin. Stopping in front of his lover, Brian began stroking his hands down the younger man's arms. "I'm sorry."

Justin smirked. "Brian Kinney is apologizing?"

"Yeah, he is. Look, I don't want to fight with you, especially after a day like today."

Justin nodded, still trying to grasp how his life had changed so much in just a few days.

Brian wrapped his arms around his blond. "You know I love you, right? We'll work this out. We can work anything out together."

Hearing this made Justin smile, happy that Brian was open about his feelings after being a tightly closed book for so long.

Brian looked at Justin, knowing exactly how to take his partner's mind off of anything negative, at least for a little while. He hit the remote for the stereo and put on the soft jazz that he knew Justin liked. Brian then started slowly stripping off his clothes, putting on a show for the younger man.

Justin's eyes started to glaze over and his pink tongue slid out, wetting his lips. He loved it when Brian stripped like that. His older lover was still just as sexy as the day he met him, licking his lips and moving his hips to the beat of the music. Justin started stripping his clothes off, wanting to feel Brian's skin on his.

When they were both naked, they held each other close and danced together like they had after the Pride Parade. They swayed together, letting their arousals build slowly. Brian captured the soft pink lips that he loved to kiss, rubbing his tongue across them, seeking entrance. Justin parted his lips and began sucking on Brian's tongue, moaning at how good it felt in his mouth. Very quickly they were both rock hard and needed more.

Brian pushed aside the papers that were on his desk and reached for the lube that he kept in his drawer for these occasions where he and Justin were able to get some alone time in the office. Kissing Justin softly, Brian laid back on the desk and handed Justin the lube, smiling. The desk was the perfect height for Justin to fuck him. That was one of the reasons he had bought this desk, not that he would ever admit that to his loving twink.

Justin set the lube next to Brian and knelt down. If Brian was willing to let him top, he wanted to open him up naturally, in a way that he knew drove Brian crazy. Brian smiled and pulled his knees up, loving what Justin was about to do. Justin put his hands on Brian's ass and parted his cheeks. Blowing softly on his hole, he watched it tighten up and then relax. He loved rimming the older man. Justin had spontaneously cum on more than one occasion just from rimming Brian, as the taste and smell of his lover was a very powerful aphrodisiac for him.

He licked softly at first, loving the way Brian responded, moaning and trying not to move. Justin stiffened his tongue and pushed it in, feeling Brian clench down around him. He kept fucking Brian's tight hole with his tongue, getting it as wet and as open as possible. Finally he added a couple of fingers, wanting to make sure he stretched him enough to accept his thick cock.

Brian was moaning loudly, needing more. "Sunshine, please... fuck me, now. I want... I need your hot, hard cock."

In his younger days, he would never have begged Justin to fuck him, but he had lost his reticence over the years and was unafraid to admit how much he loved taking it up the ass from his sexy partner. He also knew how much it turned Justin on to hear him beg for it.

Justin stood up, slicked his cock with lube, and slowly entered his older lover all the way without stopping. When he was balls deep inside, he waited so Brian could adjust.

Brian loved the feeling of Justin being inside him raw. He could feel every ridge and vein, but his favorite thing about it was that the mushroom head of Justin's cock was huge and dragged along his prostate in this position every time his sexy blond pulled back.

"Fuck me, hard," Brian moaned.

Justin pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in, causing Brian to groan loudly.

"Yes! God, you feel so good inside me. Fuck me, harder... faster... deeper."

Justin did as Brian asked, slamming in and out of his lover, hitting his prostate every stroke. He reached for Brian's cock, but Brian slapped his hand away.

"Don't need it. I'll come just from your cock... I'm so close."

Finally Justin felt the tingle in his spine and the tightening of his balls, knowing that this would be over soon. "I'm close, too. Oh, Brian... come with me."

"Yes... now, Justin, now!"

With loud groans they came, shouting each other's names.

As Justin gently pulled out a few moments later, he remembered why he went to see Brian in the first place. Not wanting to ruin their glorious moment, he decided to table the discussion of Keegan's adoption for another time.


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