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Having decided to expand their family, Brian and Justin needed to find a surrogate to carry the baby. A test showed that Brian was still very fertile, following his testicular cancer and radiation treatments twelve years prior. Many late night discussions were had, trying to decide who would give his seed to make the newest Kinney.

"I want the baby to have your nose," Brian said as he stared at his husband's face in the moonlight. "And your cute little ears, and your cute hands and feet... and your smile."

Justin flashed that famous Sunshine Smile. "I want him or her to have your eyes, and your lips, and your skintone. If it's a boy, I want him to have your jawline and chin."

"This is a gorgeous kid we're building," Brian said, both of them laughing.

After speaking with a fertility specialist about their options, they decided to go with an anonymous egg donor with the right characteristics so that the child would hopefully look like both of the fathers. An anonymous gestational surrogate would be used to further separate the process. They wanted to do it that way to make absolutely sure there would be no way the woman who gave birth to their child could change her mind and try to take the child away from them.

Finding an egg donor was the easy part; finding a surrogate would be much more difficult. The couple signed up with five different agencies that matched people with surrogates. They wanted to get started on making the new baby as soon as possible, since they wanted the youngest Kinney children to be close in age.

Brian got home late one evening after having a dinner meeting with a prospective client. Justin was reading Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson to Keegan in the nursery and rocking him before putting him to bed. Brian stood at the doorway, smiling at the sight.

Justin glanced up, sensing his husband's presence. "Look Keegan, Dada came home just in time for goodnight kisses," he said with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

Brian furrowed his brow, not knowing if his Sunshine was upset with him or something else. When he leaned down for a kiss and got a wet one, he knew that it had to be the latter option.

"How about I finish the story and get him tucked in, and you go run a B-A-T-H for us," Brian said, careful not to use the actual word since Keegan loved getting a bath and had obviously already had one.

Justin nodded and stood up to hand off the clean-smelling baby to his other father.

By the time Brian had Keegan down and got to the master bath, Justin had a scented bubble bath going with candles lit around the room and jazz music softly playing. He was leaning down checking the temperature of the water, and Brian walked in to find his favorite sight, Justin's naked ass swaying back and forth. He had started stripping as soon as he got into their room so the only thing he still had on was his briefs, and they were gone in a flash.

"The most perfect sight in the world," Brian announced as he walked toward his blond, grabbing the swaying hips and rubbing his naked cock between the globes of his husband's ass.

They climbed into the tub, Justin sitting between Brian's outstretched legs. Brian put his hand on Justin's chin, turning his head so that they could have a proper hello kiss.

"Do you want to talk?" Brian asked when they came up for air.

"After," Justin responded, reaching back to grab his husband's substantial erection.

As Justin did this, Brian reached under the bubble butt to rub the hottest hole he had ever had and open it up for his more than ready cock. Justin moaned, the warm water helping to loosen him for his husband.

"Oh, Brian... feels so good... more... I need more."

Justin grasped the cock that he needed inside of him and lowered himself slowly, savoring the feeling of every ridge and vein as Brian entered him.

"Justin... oh, so tight... so hot. You are the perfect way to end a day. I love you... so much," Brian panted as he stilled the blond's hips. He would never understand how Justin could make him feel so close to coming so fast, as if he were still a horny teenager with no control.

After calming down for a minute, Brian raised his knees to give them both some leverage. Justin rose up, riding his favorite cock while clearing his mind of everything he didn't want to think about. Brian gripped the sides of the tub and pushed up, angling into Justin's sweet spot, causing the blond to make the most amazing sounds and to further tighten himself around the huge cock he was riding.

Soon it became too much and both men were ready to release themselves. Justin turned his head so that their mouths could be joined in a moaning kiss as they came. Brian wrapped his arms tightly around his husband as Justin slammed down on his cock a final time. They came together, loudly, moaning out their release.

Leaning back in the tub as their heart rates returned to normal, Brian asked, "So, my darling husband, do you want to tell me what has you not-so Sunshiney tonight?"

Justin sighed. "I'm just disappointed. I looked through all of the surrogacy websites we've registered with, and nothing yet. I know it's only been a couple of months and that it's a big deal for a woman to decide to carry a baby that she won't even get to keep, but still. It just seems like we'll never find a surrogate."

"Sunshine, it's obvious that we're going to need a woman to make a baby for us, because as much as we've fucked raw over the years, neither of us has gotten pregnant yet," Brian said with a chuckle, trying to lighten his husband's mood. "Like you said, it's only been a couple of months. Things happen when they happen. Look how long it took me to find my other half. I want to get this going too, but we have to be patient. I'd rather not be in a nursing home when our youngest graduates high school, you know. There's a woman out there somewhere who will eventually decide to carry a baby for us."

Justin turned in Brian's arms, hugging him and nodding in agreement.


Brian and Melanie took Gus to the Department of Motor Vehicles on a Saturday morning for the teen to take his driver's test, in order to get his license. Gus had failed the test once before, for going too fast and failing to fully stop at stop signs. All three parents had been practicing driving with him over the past few weeks, and the boy felt he was ready to give it another go.

"I'm glad you were able to come with us this time, so you can comfort the kid when he fails again," Melanie cracked as the two of them waited back at the DMV for Gus to complete his test.

"I'm sure he'll do fine," Brian said. "He's listened to us bitch at him to slow down and stop correctly enough that's he's bound to do better. Of course, we don't normally keep to the speed limits or fully stop, either, but who the fuck does? He at least needs to drive correctly during the test."

They sat together silently until Melanie started chuckling.

"Can you believe that we're here?" she asked. "You and me, sitting here waiting for our son, whom we both have equal legal rights to, to take his driver's test?"

Brian shook his head. "I thought one of us would have killed the other by now."

"Me, too. We've come a long way, both together and separately."

"A lot of our fights were because of Lindsay, you know," Brian pointed out. "I think she liked pitting us against each other for her own sick pleasure. Since you've left her, you and I have had no problems."

"Yeah, you're right," Melanie admitted. "We're even friends now, which I never thought possible."

"How is Lindsay, by the way? Do you still talk to her?"

"We email back and forth every week or so, mostly about the kids. She seems to be doing okay, says that she's still doing well in therapy. She has a while to go before she can live independently, but she has a positive outlook. Oh, she really appreciated the wedding pictures you let me share with her."

"I thought she'd like them, since Gus and JR were in them," Brian said.

"She gushed about how cute Keegan looked in his little tux, how much he looks like Justin, and how beautiful the three of you looked as a family. She doesn't seem to hold any ill feelings about Justin anymore, which is major progress."

Brian smiled. "We're actually wanting to add another little one to the brood."

"Really?" Melanie asked, smiling happily. "What, are you thinking about adopting?"

"No, we want to use a surrogate, but so far we haven't had any luck finding one."

"You'll find someone eventually. I'd offer to carry a baby for you, but my fertile days are over. Even if we used an egg donor, I don't think I'd be a good candidate. I had enough trouble carrying JR and that was twelve years ago. Being pregnant was really rough on me."

"I know," Brian said, patting Melanie on her arm. "That's why we haven't asked you. We didn't want you to feel bad for being unable to help us."

"Have you called Al yet? Since he dealt with family law, I'm sure he probably knows someone who has contacts with surrogacy registries. Plus, it would be wise to talk to him about any potential legal issues."

"That's a good idea. I'll give him a call when we get home. In the meantime, please just keep this between us. Neither Justin nor I want to deal with anyone's opinions or pressure."

Melanie nodded in agreement.

Before they could speak further about it, Gus and his driving instructor came in through the door. Unlike the last time he took the test, Gus had a big smile on his face.

"Oh, no," both parents said, flashing fake smiles to their son.

"As if we don't have enough gray hairs to dye," Melanie added.


Ten days before Christmas, the Chanders family had their annual party at their home and invited Brian, Justin, and the rest of their extended family. Everyone was very relaxed and having a great time.

Keegan's grandparents were enjoying having their grandson there. The eleven month-old was very mobile, hanging onto everything and everyone he could reach so he could walk instead of crawl. The little ham was the hit of the party, happily going to anyone who wanted him. There was a friendly bet going around for when Keegan would start to walk on his own.

The guests started leaving as the evening grew later. The kids were all in the basement playing video games, leaving the adults to sit and talk. Daphne's parents, Deidra and Darnell, Delia, her husband Lamar, Melanie, Brian, and Justin were in the living room, Keegan having conked out on Brian's shoulder.

"Why do you look so sad, Sugar?" Deidra asked Justin, noticing that he looked depressed despite the cheerful holiday season.

He tried to sidestep the question. "Oh, it's nothing... I'm just tired."

Deidra stood in front of him and took his face in her hands. "Justin, I have known you since you were four years old, so I know when something is bothering you. If you want me to mind my own business, just say so; otherwise, please let us help. You know we love you."

Justin looked at his husband, and Brian nodded. They hadn't told very many people about wanting another child, outside of a small handful of trusted family members and friends.

"Well, Brian and I have decided that we want to have another baby, partly so Keegan will have a sibling close in age to grow up with and because we want to add to our family. We have some egg donors in mind, but we haven't had any luck finding a gestational surrogate."

"Why are you looking for an egg donor and a surrogate separately?" Delia questioned.

"Because we don't want there to be any reason why the ‘mother' would want to keep the baby, and we don't want another custody fight," Brian answered, hugging the sleeping bundle in his arms. "If we use separate people, the surrogate would have no genetic ties to the child, which would make it more difficult for her to claim any parental rights. The egg donor automatically gives up her rights at the beginning."

Justin added, "We would definitely have a written contract in place with the surrogate."

"I would carry their child myself, but I'm not a good candidate," Melanie said.

"What about Molly?" Delia asked.

"We thought about her, but she just got married and has never been pregnant before," Justin said. "We would want a woman who has had at least one healthy pregnancy, to be safe. Anyway, most of the family doesn't know about this, so please don't say anything, especially to the kids."

The others agreed to keep it a secret.

"We wish you luck," Deidra said. "Hopefully it will happen soon. You two certainly deserve all the happiness that children bring."


Keegan's first birthday was on January sixteenth. It was also the first anniversary of Daphne's death. Wanting to make some happy memories of the day, Brian and Justin threw a big party for their son at Britin, after having gone to visit Daphne's grave earlier that morning. There was a huge chocolate cake, a mountain of presents, and the fathers hired a clown for entertainment. Even the adults seemed to have a good time, including Daphne's family.

After all of the presents had been opened, Delia and her husband Lamar asked to speak to Brian and Justin privately in the home office. Once they were sitting down, Delia handed Justin an envelope.

He opened the envelope and found a card inside, which Delia had made at home on her computer. On the front of the card were the words "Womb For Rent." Both men looked at Delia curiously before Justin opened the card.

The inside of the card said, "Dear Justin and Brian, We have all the children that we want, but you do not. We would be honored if you would let us help you expand your family. Not only would Delia like to carry your next child, but she would also like to provide the egg. This way, your new baby would be related to Keegan, as a biological cousin, regardless of who the father is. We have been talking about this since the Christmas party and really want to do it for you. Love, Delia and Lamar."

Brian and Justin looked at each other and knew that this was what they had been waiting for. Justin could only nod as the tears started falling.

"Thank you both so much, this is so wonderful of you to offer," Brian answered for the both of them.

The couples stood up and hugged.

Delia spoke next. "I don't know how quickly you want to do this, but if you want to get started on this little project of ours soon, I have always been very regular and my most fertile time is next week. We can also set up a meeting with a lawyer, too."

"The sooner, the better," Justin happily answered, tears still running down his cheeks.

"We'll need to do IVF, because I had my tubes tied after I had Jordan three years ago. I've already talked to my doctor, and he said I'm a great candidate for the procedure, since I'm only thirty-five. Next week, we can try to knock me up. The egg harvesting procedure is pretty simple, and they'll put one or two fertilized eggs in me three days later. Hopefully at least one of them will attach, but we can try as many times as it takes. The success rate is about fifty percent per cycle."

Justin beamed. "Next week it is. We'll be ready."  

"I can hardly wait," Delia said, bouncing joyfully. "Even though we decided to stop at three kids, I always loved being pregnant. There's no one else I'd rather do this for than you guys."    

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