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Author's Chapter Notes:

Set post-308, in the happy days of late season 3…


For the love of my life, paddies, who suggested this little plot bunny (again! – oh my, someone is clearly my muse!! *smooches*)

Part 1

Brian watched Justin lean over the pool table, his eyes drawn to the stretch of fabric over Justin’s ass, his mind wandering to later… to home…

Woody’s wasn’t particularly crowded tonight. Brian waited, resting his chin on his hand on the top of the pool cue. Justin sidled up to him, smelling of laundry soap and rosemary-mint shampoo. A hell of a lot better than the smoky air in the bar. Brian wrapped an arm around him, nuzzling his nose into the crook of Justin’s neck. Justin shivered a little, smiling. He leaned into Brian, letting his warmth connect with Justin’s, their bodies fitting against one another like connecting pieces of a puzzle. Justin’s head tilted automatically, making room for Brian’s, giving him space to press his lips against the pulse of blood he knew better than his own. Justin sighed contentedly, his universe drawn down to the man beside him and the spots where their bodies touched. He turned his head slightly, Brian moving his at the same time so their lips could meet, the soft press gentle and comfortable.

“Guys… uh, guys…” Ted’s voice broke through as the comfort started to give way to heat…

Justin pulled away reluctantly, his hand lingering on Brian’s arm as he moved. Brian stepped up to the table, lining up his shot, the crack of the balls resonating sharply in the room.

“It’s bullshit anyway” Brian picked up the conversation. He was tired of Mikey whining about the latest ‘discussion’ he’d had with Ben. “Words only get you into trouble…” he walked around the table, eyeing his second shot.

Michael rolled his eyes and Ted looked at Justin, eyebrows raised. Justin just smiled softly at Brian, holding his tongue.

“How can you say that Brian?” Michael asked. “Words tell you someone loves you…” he said pointedly, looking at Justin. Justin looked back, unfazed.

“Bullshit.” Brian didn’t look up, sinking two stripes on his shot. “Words are meaningless.” He lined up a third shot, missing the complicated angle. “Fuck…” he muttered as he walked back to his drink.

Ted took his turn, sinking a solid into the pocket with a thunk. “Come on, Brian. You’ve got to admit you need some words. Although you guys may make do without them most of the time…” Ted smirked in his own slightly embarrassed way.

Brian smiled resignedly at him, shaking his head. “You guys have a narrow definition of communication…” he sighed. “Words are fucking bullshit. I should know. I get paid to make them up and convince you pathetic fuckers to buy them.”

“But Brian, the words you tell Justin aren’t bullshit.” Michael trod blindly forward, anxious to make his point. Brian narrowed his eyes at Michael, curling his tongue up to the roof of his open mouth as he huffed out a derisive snort. He pulled Justin close to his side, tipping his head down so they were touching.

“Exactly… because we don’t need words.” he turned to look at Justin. “We communicate far more effectively in other ways…” he brushed his nose against the side of Justin’s face again, the subtle touch making Justin draw in a breath.

“Oh come on…” Michael pushed on. “Not just in bed…” he complained. “Some of us actually talk to each other, Brian…”

Brian laughed quietly again. “I’m not only talking about in bed, Michael. You underestimate us…” he said quietly, his eyes on Justin. Justin’s smile began to creep around the corners of his mouth, the significance of the phrase not lost on him. “We just don’t need words…” he continued to stare at Justin, watching the small movement of muscles completely change the shape of Justin’s face… and the mood in the air around them. He leaned forward and kissed Justin’s mouth softly, Justin falling into the kiss without hesitation.

“Ok, smartass. You don’t need words…? Think you can live without them for the whole weekend…?” Michael smirked, sure he’d caught them.

Brian broke away from the kiss, turning his head to look at Michael. “A weekend?” he replied. “Who fucking cares? Of course we can live without them for a weekend…a week… whatever…” he shook his head, unimpressed by Michael’s dare. Justin raised his eyebrows slightly, but said nothing.

“Ok, boy wonder. What do you think?” Michael taunted good-naturedly.

Justin looked at Michael, then back at Brian. He smiled, shrugging his shoulders.

“He agrees.” Brian stated, pulling Justin tight. “Right, Sunshine…?” he asked quietly, pressing his lips to Justin’s again, this time more persuasively. Justin smiled under them, letting his mouth melt into Brian’s, the nerves in his lips swelling from the touch.

“I don’t know…” he shrugged when Brian let him go. “But I’m game…” he licked his lips, tasting Brian’s. He wasn’t really sure this was a good idea, but he knew Brian would never back down from a dare. And he’d probably do whatever he wanted as soon as they were out of Woody’s anyway, so… no big deal.

“Ok, then. No talking all weekend. Not a word. Not a question, not an answer, nothing…” Michael looked very pleased with himself for talking Brian into this.

“Except calling my name out in bed…” Brian smirked, flashing a grin at Justin.

Justin laughed. “Same goes for you, big boy…” he mocked.

“You got that right…” Brian leered, pulling Justin’s hand to his crotch. They jostled a bit, hands groping in jest but stilling to real touches in moments. Brian held his hand against Justin’s cock, his mouth sucking at the skin above Justin’s collarbone. Justin squirmed slightly, the flush rising in his cheeks as he laughed and pushed Brian away.

“Anything you want to say…” Michael raised his eyebrow at them, checking his watch. “Cause otherwise I say we start right… now.” He looked up at them, questioning.

Brian shrugged and nodded, looking over at Justin.

Justin nodded back, smiling. Michael was such a wuss. They could totally do this. Right…? Yeah… right, he thought to himself. This could actually be interesting… maybe. Not like he wasn’t used to Brian being the silent type. It was going to be harder for him to keep his mouth shut, but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. He always chattered on incessantly around the loft, and it probably drove Brian nuts. This could be a whole Zen-type thing. Get him in touch with himself, with his surroundings… Whatever. Maybe they’d just have more intense sex… Justin’s eyes lit up a bit at that thought. Then he frowned, realizing Brian almost always whispered raunchy things to him while they fucked – the things he was going to do, the things he was doing, the things he wanted to do – and he wondered if that was off limits too. Hmmm, that wasn’t a good thing. Although maybe it would make him last longer, since Brian’s dirty little whispers always made him crazy. Without them maybe he could match Brian’s stamina a bit better… Hmmm, maybe that would make it harder for Brian, without having an outlet like that…

Justin looked up, realizing they were all watching him. He blushed, looking down. He’d gotten a little more lost in his thoughts than he realized. Brian looked at him intently, softening into a smile. He held Justin’s gaze, staring steadily into his eyes. Justin stared back, trying to read what was in Brian’s mind. He was rarely successful at that, although it happened more often than it used to these days…

Brian pulled him close again, his lips finding Justin’s. The kiss started softly, then moved into greater intensity, Brian’s tongue flicking into Justin’s mouth, teasing the sensitive skin on the inside of his lips. Justin breathed out a small sound, his fingers pressing into Brian’s shoulders as he held his arms, their hips folding together automatically. He could feel Brian’s cock against his, now starting to demand attention. Brian paused, his lips resting against Justin’s, his breath pushing into Justin’s mouth. Justin nudged forward to continue the kiss, but Brian held him back. He slowly reached out and licked vertically over both of Justin’s lips, making Justin suck in a breath and slump further against Brian. Justin let his hands wander to Brian’s hips, pulling them closer. Then he crept his hand up, his fingers dipping inside the waist of Brian’s pants against the small of his back. Brian twitched slightly at the touch, his skin warm and soft under Justin’s fingers. Justin pushed his hand further inside Brian’s pants, his other hand snaking up to wind in Brian’s hair.

Brian laughed slightly into his mouth, his hand reaching back to grab Justin’s before it reached his ass. He went to say something sarcastic, but caught himself. He pulled Justin’s hand around to his front instead, bringing it to his lips. He met Justin’s eyes as he kissed the tips of Justin’s fingers, Justin’s body quivering slightly each time his lips met the tender skin. He was just about to suck one of Justin’s fingers into his mouth when he heard Ted clear his throat behind them, making noises to remind them they were still standing beside the forgotten pool table in a forgotten public bar…

Justin’s mouth was open, his lips red. His eyes were glassy, never leaving Brian’s. Brian smiled to himself. He fucking loved making Justin look that way. It was the best high he knew… Fuck the stupid pool game… fuck the bar… they were going home… now…


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