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Part 5

Justin laughed, Emmett’s jokes always having that effect on him. Even when they were corny, queeny jokes, Justin still laughed. It was good to have friends like Emmett.

“So, what was he like…? Come on, spill!” Emmett breathed into Justin’s ear, looking around Woody’s casually like there was nothing in this conversation that anyone couldn’t hear.

Justin leaned a little closer, smiling. “Well, he was… sweet, actually. Affectionate…” the smile spread wider across his face. “Very… open. And giving…”

Justin blushed at Emmett’s wide-eyed glance. “Open, huh? Well, well… good for you, honey. I won’t even ask what that’s like…” Emmett sighed as he fanned himself with the bar menu.

Justin laughed. “You have no idea…” he teased, watching Emmett blush. Boy, not much made Emmett blush, Justin thought with a grin. Hmmm, someone has a bit of a crush… Justin laughed again. But who wouldn’t want to know what it was like to top Brian Kinney…?

Justin wasn’t totally sure which one of them Emmett was imagining, but that was ok too. Emmett was too sweet and too harmless to worry Justin, or to rile Brian, so they were on safe ground.

“No really. He just couldn’t stop… touching me…” Justin smiled again at the memory. “We were just watching a movie today, but he kept pulling me closer, finding a way to put a hand on my leg or his lips against my neck.” Justin sighed. It had been a peaceful, gentle day. No interruptions, no deadlines. Just the two of them, a movie, a little work for Brian, a little sketching for Justin.

“So this silence thing wasn’t so bad after all, huh?” Emmett smiled at him, happy to share Justin’s joy.

“No. It was kind of nice, actually. Not that I didn’t miss his voice, though…” Justin sighed, watching Brian joke with Michael at the pool table. He grinned at the thought of the rest of their evening. Brian had already been over a few times to whisper nasty things in his ear, promises of the night to come when they got home. Justin knew he was in for a well-described fuck. Brian was planning to make up for lost time in terms of describing what he wanted during sex. Justin’s cock was hard just thinking about it…

As though he read Justin’s mind, before he could even look up he felt Brian beside him, warm lips against his ear. “What are you telling Emmett, Justin? He looks positively dreamy…” Justin smiled as he looked over at his friend. “You better not be talking about my cock again…” Justin laughed.

“Cause I plan to make good use of it tonight. Hope you’re ready for it…” Brian moved his mouth down Justin’s face, licking the skin at the line of Justin’s chin.

Then moved back to Justin’s ear, “…ready for it in your warm, wet mouth…” Justin sighed.

“In your tight, hot ass…” Justin licked his lips, eyes closed. “Coming down your throat while I fuck you with my fingers…”

Justin shifted, moving his pants to make room for his throbbing cock. Brian smirked at him as he walked back to the table, taking a swig of his beer before leaning over to take his next shot.

Emmett laughed, watching Justin’s flushed face and squirmy posture. “I’m thinking you don’t mind that the bet is over, hmmm?” He leaned in closer to Justin, “not that I blame you…”

Emmett leaned back, his eyebrows high and eyes wide, making Justin laugh again. He didn’t know how much Emmett heard, but it wouldn’t surprise him if he heard the whole exchange. Brian was never exactly hesitant about hiding his sexual plans from anyone, particularly his friends.

They’d come to Woody’s after Brian had called Michael, making sure they could get together tonight to call the bet a success. Justin smiled at the thought that Brian wasn’t willing to go another night without talking. Friday to Sunday counted as the weekend, and that was enough for him. He knew it was killing Brian to stay quiet in bed, if nothing else. And maybe, just maybe, Brian had missed hearing Justin’s voice as a part of his day. He certainly paid enough attention to Justin today, his hands and his lips constantly reminding Justin of his presence even when his words couldn’t.


When they got home, Justin hummed to himself as he led Brian through the loft door. He pulled Brian into his arms for a kiss, feeling the warm glow from Brian’s attention all night and the few shots they’d had before leaving.

Brian walked over to the desk, pulling out a joint and lighting it before passing it to Justin, turning towards the bedroom as he started unbuttoning his shirt. Justin took a drag, watching Brian walk up the steps on the way towards the bathroom.

Justin followed, one hand putting the joint into Brian’s hand as the other ran across his flat stomach. God, he loved the feel of Brian’s skin.

“Mmmm, feels nice…” Brian murmured as he exhaled the smoke. He leaned over and kissed Justin again, his mouth tasting of weed and whiskey. Justin swept his tongue into Brian’s mouth, wanting more…

“Fuck, you taste good…” Brian mumbled the words against Justin’s lips, not wanting to break the kiss. Justin smiled into his mouth, then lost himself in it, forgetting everything but Brian’s warmth.

Brian pulled away, bringing the joint to Justin’s mouth, holding it for him to inhale. Brian’s eyes watched Justin, a soft smile playing at the corners of his mouth. Justin looked back, smiling too. Then found himself smiling further, his mouth opening into a grin. He wasn’t really sure what he was smiling at, but it was so fucking good to be here with Brian, to be this happy.

With that thought in his head, Justin leaned forward to kiss Brian again. Brian put a hand on Justin’s chest, stopping him. Justin looked at him quizzically.

Brian smiled slyly at him, his eyebrow lifting the smallest bit.

“What?” Justin asked, smiling back but not sure what Brian was doing.

“Tell me…” Brian’s voice was firm but quiet.

“Tell you what…?” Justin asked.

“What you want…” Brian smiled now, his eyebrow fully arched.

Justin laughed. “I want you to kiss me, Brian.” He smiled as he watched Brian lean forward, the sight of his red mouth making Justin close his eyes before their lips even touched.

The kiss was soft and slow, and had Justin reaching for Brian’s pants in the effort to get more skin under his fingers. Brian stilled his hand, pulling out of the kiss.

Brian took another drag of the joint, then crushed it in the ashtray beside the bed. “Keep talking…” he smiled.

Justin laughed quietly.

“I want to hear your voice…” Brian stated simply, his eyes flashing softly at Justin. Justin sucked in a breath, his smile widening, his cock expanding. He sighed out the breath, reaching a hand to Brian’s face to stroke it, to burn the moment into his memory, another in a long list of moments he never wanted to forget.

Brian let him stroke his face for a moment, then leaned forward to place a gentle kiss on Justin’s nose before turning to the night table and reaching for something. Justin watched as he pulled out the sleep mask he had in there, the one that covered his eyes when he found it too bright to sleep. The one that worked very well as a blindfold…

Justin laughed again, still inclined just to watch Brian rather than say anything to him after two days of not talking. Then he remembered what Brian had said, that Brian wanted to hear his voice… had missed it, it seemed…

“What are you planning to do with that…?” Justin’s voice was soft and silky.

“I’m planning to blindfold you…” Brian responded in the same tone, the sexy rumble of his voice making Justin bite his lip. That and the fact that Brian was fastening the blindfold over his eyes, his warm fingers brushing Justin’s skin as he secured it in place.

“I want you to concentrate on what you feel… and what you hear…” Brian’s voice was even softer now, smoky velvet to Justin’s ears.

“I thought I was the one who was supposed to do the talking…” Justin’s voice was breathy, the heat in his body spiralling through him as Brian’s fingers started to trail down his shoulders.

“You are…” Brian’s voice was right beside his ear, the warmth from his breath making Justin gasp slightly. “But I never said I wasn’t going to talk back…”

Brian’s lips brushed the skin just behind Justin’s ear, making him sigh, his hands reaching to find Brian’s body. He didn’t know where Brian was, but he couldn’t reach him now, Brian having stepped away.

Justin bit his lip again, waiting. He heard the sound of clothes rustling, cursed his blindfold for not letting him see.

“Brian… what are you doing…?” Justin murmured.

“I’m taking off my shirt…” Justin jumped, Brian’s voice closer to him than he expected. He reached his hands out again, bumping into warm skin over hard muscles. His fingers roamed greedily, tracing the outline of Brian’s chest, his nipples, his abs. Justin could feel the smile on Brian’s face. Then suddenly he was gone.

“Now I’m…” Justin heard Brian’s sharp intake of breath, his heart thudding faster in response. Brian moaned softly, making Justin whimper in frustration that he couldn’t see what Brian was doing. “…undoing my pants.”

Brian took another deep breath. “…God, I’m so hard…” he murmured. Justin licked his lips, the urgent need to touch Brian washing over him.

“Brian…” he whispered. “I can’t reach you… Where are you…?” he sighed, frustration threading through the lust.

“I’m right here…” Brian’s voice was behind Justin again, making him spin around, hands reaching. Brian laughed softly, his hands holding Justin’s arms to position him properly. Brian leaned his head down, capturing Justin’s mouth in a lingering kiss.

“I’m going to fuck you, Justin…” he breathed into his mouth. “I’m going to fuck you till you can’t breathe...”

“But first you have to hold up your end of the deal… tell me what you want, Justin.” Brian kissed him again, his tongue sweeping the inside of Justin’s mouth.

“I want you to fuck me…” Justin breathed back into Brian’s mouth. “Fuck me… all… night…” he smiled at the memory of those words.

Brian laughed, kissing Justin again. “I’m going to fuck you… all… night… believe me…” he trailed off, his voice almost wistful. Then his voice got flintier, sexier… “But you have to ask for it…”

Justin pulled in a breath, his cock throbbing.

“And I’m going to describe what I’m doing to you…”

“And if you ask very nicely, I might even do what you ask me to…” Brian licked Justin’s bottom lip, making his knees flex.

“Or I might not…”

“But you’re going to do everything I tell you to do, Justin…” Brian finished by pressing his thigh into Justin’s crotch, his hands holding Justin tight against him.


Justin simply nodded, words failing him at the moment.

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