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Part 6

Justin took a moment to draw in a deep breath, then put his hands on the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, careful to keep the blindfold in place. He dropped it to the floor behind him and brought his fingers to his chest, brushing the space between his nipples.

“Touch me here…” Justin whispered, his voice thick. He sighed when he felt Brian’s hand cover his own, the soft pads of his fingertips stroking the warm skin of his chest.

“And here…” Justin’s breath was heavy, his hand dropping inside his low slung pants to his hipbone, his finger pointing the way.

Brian’s hand trailed slowly down his chest, dipping below his belly button before sliding across his body to his hip. Brian’s thumb circled slowly over the bone, his fingers just barely touching the heated skin at the back of Justin’s body, sending shocks of anticipation pulsing through Justin’s blood.

Justin sighed, his brain struggling to think of another request so he could get Brian to keep touching him when he heard Brian’s voice, low and sexy…

“I want you naked…” he breathed against Justin’s face, his hands moving to the zipper on Justin’s pants. Justin stood still, unable to move… barely able to breathe… as Brian lowered the zipper and slowly pushed his pants over his bare hips, the swish of the fabric loud in the bedroom as they slid to the floor.

Justin felt his cock twitch at the rush of cool air, felt… exposed… vulnerable. Even though he knew they were standing in their bedroom, alone, he still felt somehow that something beyond his control was happening, that he was at Brian’s mercy… the blindfold bringing a world of fantasies into his head as he stood naked in front of Brian.

He stepped out of his pants, feeling his cock bob as he moved. He knew Brian could clearly see how turned on he was, that Brian knew his cock well enough by sight and touch to know exactly how far away he was from coming. And he wasn’t very far at the moment…

Justin took another breath, working to calm his body as he directed Brian again.

“Kiss me. Here…” Justin’s voice was quiet but firm. He could give as good as he got…

His fingertip stroked the skin above his left nipple, his tongue wetting his lips as he waited for Brian to move closer. He sucked in a breath when Brian’s lips pressed against his skin, the heat branding him. Brian resisted the temptation to lower his mouth and pull Justin’s nipple between his lips, he just brushed the skin of Justin’s chest again, barely, before pulling away. Justin could hear the increased pace of Brian’s breathing, knew that he wasn’t the only one turned on by this little game.

“And now I’m going to kiss you… here…” Brian’s voice caught Justin off guard, his breath pausing as he felt Brian’s lips on his collarbone.

“And here…” soft, warm fingers held his arm, turning it so his palm faced up as he felt Brian’s wet mouth on the inside of his wrist. Justin pulled in a shaky breath, the inability to tell where Brian was going to touch him next making his nerves stand on end.

Justin felt Brian’s hands slide up each arm, then back down again to his wrists slowly, lingeringly. Brian lifted his arms, pulling them up over Justin’s head. He brought Justin’s hands together, stretching his arms higher. Justin left his arms where Brian put them, shivering as Brian trailed his fingertips back down the inside of his arms before running them down his chest. Then they were gone, Justin standing bare and exposed for Brian.

He knew Brian loved this, loved it when he was displayed before him. It made his cock twitch to imagine the look on Brian’s face… the colour in his cheeks… the full wetness of his mouth… Justin sighed, waiting to see where Brian was going to touch him next. He jumped when he felt Brian’s hands on his arms again, fingers circling his wrists and slipping slowly down to his shoulders.

Justin almost laughed when Brian confirmed his thoughts. “God, I love it when you look like this…” Brian whispered, his voice heavy. Brian’s fingers continued down the front of his chest.

“What else do you love…?” Justin whispered back, his blood racing. Brian’s fingers kept going, stroking the skin at Justin’s waist.

“I love the way you taste… right… here…” Brian’s tongue licked a wet swath across the top of Justin’s hip, making him shiver.

“What else…?”

Justin twitched when he felt Brian’s breath at his ear again. “I love the way you moan when I rim you…” Brian’s tongue dipped into his ear, swirling once before pulling away. Justin shook a little, straining to keep his arms up.

“Uh huh…” Justin wasn’t sure if it came out more as a prompt or a moan.

“I love it when you beg me to fuck you…” Brian’s voice rippled over Justin as his hands ran smoothly up and down Justin’s torso, thumbs brushing his nipples, fingers stroking him everywhere at once.

Justin knew all he got out that time was a moan…

“I love the way your cock feels inside me…” Brian’s voice was barely a whisper now, his mouth hovering over top of Justin’s, his cock nudging Justin in the belly.

Justin groaned, dropping his arms to grab the back of Brian’s head, his mouth seeking Brian’s urgently. He pressed hard with his lower lip and nipped with his teeth, his hands running down Brian’s bare back, reaching into the open back of his pants. He shoved them down, needing Brian naked against him. NOW.

Brian laughed softly, his breath heavy against Justin’s face. “I love the sound you make when I fuck you with my fingers…” Brian reached around to cup Justin’s ass, spreading him apart and grasping forward with his fingers. Brian was clearly enjoying this game. Justin was getting fucking sick of talking…

Brian walked Justin backwards till his legs hit the edge of the bed, then pushed him so that he fell back onto it. Justin didn’t care if he fell on the fucking floor at this point, as long as Brian landed naked on top of him and got his dick into him in the next five seconds…

“Brian, fuck me…” Justin breathed, his voice low, his hands reaching for Brian’s cock to bring it closer. Brian chuckled. “Now that’s not very creative, sonny boy…” Brian whispered, smiling.

He pushed against Justin’s chest, leaning up till he was sitting on top of Justin’s thighs. He watched Justin’s dick twitch, closing his eyes briefly at the sight of it. He meant what he said… Justin had a beautiful cock. And fuck, it was amazing when it pushed into him…

Brian shook off those thoughts, his own dick wanting more direct stimulation. He straddled Justin on his knees, sliding further up the bed until his cock was above Justin’s face. He held his breath for a moment, looking down at Justin’s open lips, his ruddy face, the dark blue silk over his eyes, blond hair peeking out around the straps.

Brian let out the breath, rocking his hips gently over Justin’s body, watching his cock move over his face. Justin tilted his head up, aware that Brian was close but unable to reach him. Justin’s face contorted in frustration, his hands pushing against Brian’s back to bring him closer.

Brian’s voice sounded hoarse even to his own ears. “Open your mouth wider, Justin. I’m going to…” he stopped, unable to finish his sentence when Justin’s mouth formed a perfect “O”, Brian’s cock hovering above it. Christ. “…fuck your mouth.” Brian gritted out, letting Justin push him close enough for his cock to slide inside his perfect lips.

Brian watched, mesmerized. Justin adjusted his head so he was comfortable, his hands still pushing against Brian’s back.

Brian closed his eyes, letting the sensations wash over him. Justin took him deep, then pulled him out a bit and swirled his tongue over the head, teasing the slit with the tip of his tongue. Then back in again… Brian moaned, his hands pressing against the wall to support him over top of Justin. He tried not to rock his hips, but it felt so fucking good…

“Justin…” he breathed, his hips trembling from the effort to find the perfect height over Justin’s face. He knew he was pumping now, but he couldn’t stop himself. Justin’s hands still held the back of his hips, letting him know he was ok.

The way their bodies communicated so instantly, so effortlessly. Yet another thing I love about you… Brian thought.

He pumped once more into Justin’s open mouth, then pulled all the way out with a low groan. He leaned back, sitting on Justin’s chest lightly while he caught his breath.

Justin put his hands on Brian’s thighs, stroking softly, his lips red and wet from Brian’s cock. Brian reached a thumb out to rub Justin’s lower lip gently, wiping the liquid off before bringing it to his mouth.

Justin gasped slightly, whether from the feel of Brian’s thumb or what he imagined Brian was doing, Brian wasn’t sure. But he liked the sound…

Brian moved down Justin’s body, his wet, straining cock leaving a trail down Justin’s torso. He shifted so he was between Justin’s thighs, lifting Justin’s legs onto his shoulders. Justin pushed out a heavy breath, his body tensing slightly, readying himself for Brian.

Brian grabbed a condom, sheathing his cock with one hand while he reached for the lube with the other. He squeezed it directly onto Justin’s crack, hearing the small gasp when the cool liquid touched Justin’s hot skin. He held his cock, pushing forward till he touched Justin’s hole.

Justin started slightly when Brian’s hand touched his face, his fingers hooking under the blindfold to pull it up away from Justin’s eyes. He blinked from the sudden brightness, then focused on Brian above him.

Brian’s eyes were glassy, his hair messed and sticking to him in a few spots. He licked his lips, the sight of Brian’s desire-clouded face making his heart skip and his dick throb. Brian held his stare as he pushed forward, Justin fighting the urge to close his eyes at the intense sensation.

Brian’s cock breached the first ring of muscle as Justin watched his mouth open. He continued to stare back, pulling his lower lip into his mouth as he kept moving further into Justin’s body. Justin swallowed heavily, his hands pressing into the bed on either side of him.

“I had to see your eyes…” Brian breathed, his cock pushing relentlessly. “So beautiful…” Brian sighed, his stare unwavering. “You’re so beautiful, Justin…”

Justin moaned as Brian pushed all the way in, just resting against him. Justin’s ankles wrapped around Brian’s neck, the sight reminding Justin of that first time so long ago… He never imagined he’d be here now, they’d be here…

Justin closed his eyes, the intense feelings rushing up inside him as he fast-forwarded through the last three years. The tape skipped to a halt when he remembered walking through the loft alone, packing up his things, imagining Brian everywhere, seeing their entwined bodies at every turn. His heart clenched at the memory, regret coursing through his body.

“Justin…” Brian said softly, snapping Justin’s eyes open again. “Look at me.” Brian leaned above Justin’s body with his weight on his arms, his hips snug against Justin’s ass but not moving.

“Brian… I’m…” Justin started to say something, anything…

“Shhh. Justin. We don’t need words, remember…?” Brian’s smile was so gentle, so sad, Justin wanted to cry. How could he have ever doubted what Brian felt for him? Ever thought that words were a truer expression of love than this?

But regrets were bullshit, Brian was right about that.

“Brian… I…”

Brian smiled again, this time softer, sweeter…

“Show me…” Brian murmured, his hips starting to move slowly against Justin’s body. Justin’s eyelids fluttered closed, but he forced them open, wanting to make sure Brian saw what he needed to say.

The salty bitterness in Justin’s blood started to give way to the searing heat, Brian’s cock rubbing him from the inside so slowly it made him want to cry again, but this time for a very different reason.

“Brian…” Justin whispered, his voice barely audible. “Jesus… please, Brian…” his ass thrusting up against Brian’s body as much as he could in this position. Brian circled his hips, still pumping slowly, making Justin want more… need more…

“oh god… Brian…” Justin reached forward, grasping Brian’s ribs to pull him tighter. Brian obliged, starting to move faster in and out of Justin’s body. He watched Justin’s eyes close, his head tip back on the pillow. Brian pushed forward hard, leaning down to kiss Justin on the in-thrust. He rocked into Justin faster, angling his hips to make Justin moan.

He shrugged Justin’s ankles off his shoulders, pushing his arms through Justin’s legs to hold them open and bring them around his back. Then he leaned forward, bringing his face close to Justin’s as his hand wrapped around Justin’s cock.

He pumped into Justin, his hand keeping the same rhythm as his hips. He pushed forward to kiss Justin again, Justin’s moans coming faster now.

“Don’t…” Brian whispered, pushing in hard,

“…ever…” push…

“…stop…” push…

“…hearing…” Justin keened,

“… me…” push…


Justin’s eyes flew open, seeing Brian’s face inches from his own as he felt his orgasm wrench through him, ripping a cry from his open mouth as his cock pulsed in Brian’s hand.

Brian pumped a few more times, then groaned deep in his throat as he held his hips tight against Justin’s ass, shudders running through his body over and over. He slumped against Justin’s body, his heart beating wildly against Justin’s chest as he collapsed. Justin held tight with his legs, letting his arms wrap around Brian’s back, stroking softly.

“I won’t…” Justin whispered, telling himself that the wetness on his face was sweat as he wrapped his limbs tighter around Brian’s body. “I won’t…”



The End.
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