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Part 2


Justin arrived at Kinnetik at exactly 4:00. He walked in, nervous about what kind of mood he’d find Brian in.

Cynthia greeted him warmly in the outer office. He glanced through the glass door into Brian’s office and saw that he was with a client, papers and mock-ups spread out on the coffee table and the small round table in the corner. The sliding screens into the boardroom were closed.

“He said you should just wait in the boardroom, Justin…” she smiled, motioning towards the glass block wall that separated the outer office from the boardroom.

Justin smiled back, nodding. He walked around the staggered wall that framed the glass wall, moving into the boardroom and putting his knapsack on the table. He pulled out one of the chairs, sitting down to wait.

He could hear Brian and his client talking, their voices more background noise than detailed conversation. He wasn’t really paying all that much attention anyway, his mind focused on the last conversation he’d had with Brian. He jumped when Brian’s hand touched the back of his neck, his footsteps so quiet he hadn’t even heard him enter into the room.

He smiled up at Brian, leaning back in his chair. His smile flickered somewhat when he saw the look on Brian’s face. He sat up straighter.

“Glad you could make it…” Brian drawled quietly, walking around beside Justin’s chair.

Justin pushed his chair back, standing up when he realized Brian wasn’t sitting down. He reached out a hand to touch the lapel of Brian’s suit, the fabric cool and smooth under his fingers. He put on his best coy smile and looked up at Brian, blinking slowly. Brian smiled, then pointedly lifted Justin’s fingers off his jacket.

Justin’s smile dimmed, his heart pounding a little faster. He let his hands drop to his sides, watching Brian carefully. The silence hung heavy in the room between them.

“Why are you here, Justin…?” Brian’s voice was very quiet, very smooth.

Justin looked at him, confused.

“I mean, what did you do to be here, now...?” Justin felt the pink flush starting to creep up his neck. He could never control that, no matter what. He looked down.

Brian stepped towards him, one hand running over Justin’s face. “What did you do, Justin?” His voice was a whisper, his breath washing over the side of Justin’s face. “What do I need to punish you for…?”

Justin swallowed heavily, his cock throbbing.

Brian’s hands started to lift the hem of his shirt, his fingers brushing Justin’s skin as he pushed the fabric up. Justin realized he’d better raise his arms to let Brian pull the shirt over his head. He was taking off his shirt…? Justin swallowed again.

“I… I broke the rules…” he answered quietly, letting his arms fall back to his sides after Brian threw his shirt on the table. He shivered from the cool air.

“Which rules, Justin…?” Brian prompted, his hands moving to Justin’s pants.

“I… I slept with someone we know, with a friend…” he sighed, his head down.

“And…?” Brian undid his zipper.

“And I did it in public, in front of a lot of people…” Justin gasped as Brian started to push his pants and underwear over his hips. “Brian…” he whispered, nervous. What was he doing? There were no doors to lock, no way to prevent anyone from walking around the glass wall and into the room. Brian raised one eyebrow, waiting for an answer. Justin stared at him.

“And…?” Brian pulled off Justin’s clothes, noting the shiver in Justin’s body as he stood naked in front of Brian.

Justin fought the urge to cover himself, to run, to flee... He couldn’t do this, he wouldn’t… Then he thought about last night.

“And I kissed him…” Justin whispered.

Brian’s eyebrow went up, his eyes widening. “Really? Anything else you want to confess, Justin?”

Justin shook his head slowly, his cheeks burning. His hands itched to touch Brian, to hide himself, something… It was killing him to stand there, so exposed, so passive… Brian had better take his own clothes off soon and fuck him, ‘cause there was no way he was going to just stand there in his office like this…

Brian leaned back onto the conference table, one hip sliding up so he was partially sitting on it. He folded his arms over his chest, watching Justin. “Did you bring everything I asked you to?” Brian’s voice was very low. Justin nodded, looking at Brian.

“Hand me the rope, Justin…” Brian waited, watching.

”What? Here…?” Justin asked nervously, looking around. “But…” he stopped when he saw the look on Brian’s face. God… that look…

Justin felt the flush spreading wider as he reached for his rope in his knapsack. He could feel his hands trembling slightly as he handed it to Brian.

Brian took it from him, pulling Justin’s arms towards him. He clasped Justin’s hands together, then started winding the rope around his wrists. He noted Justin’s increased breathing, the slight look of panic on his face.

“What… you’re shy?” Brian murmured, his hands winding the rope around one arm, then between them and around the other in a figure-eight. “You didn’t have any problem in public last night… did you…” Brian’s eyes flashed at Justin as he worked. He looked down at Justin’s cock, noting the twitch as the rope climbed higher on his arms.

When he was done, the rope wound snugly from Justin’s wrists to his elbows, his arms bound tightly together in front of his body, Brian slid off the table.

Justin gasped as Brian’s hand dropped to his cock.

Brian laughed a little, his fingers rubbing slowly around the head of Justin’s dick. Justin swayed a bit, unable to use his hands to steady himself. Brian rubbed a little harder, making Justin’s hips twitch. Then he pulled away.

He walked over to the knapsack, pulling out a black silk scarf. He wound it around his hands as he walked back to Justin. Justin’s eyes got very wide…

Brian smiled, pushing Justin away from the table, towards the wall beside the sliding doors. He stopped when Justin was backed against the wall, fear flashing on his face.

Brian brushed his thumb over Justin’s eyebrow, his nose nudging Justin’s cheek. He kissed him softly, then leaned his head back, his hands bringing the scarf up to Justin’s face. Justin’s eyes watched in fright, finally closing when the cool silk pressed against them, Brian pulling his head forward a bit to tie the scarf behind his head. Justin whimpered slightly, letting his head fall back against the wall.

Brian’s hand dropped to his cock again, stroking smoothly. His breath tickled the side of Justin’s face.

“Now I’m going to go back in there, and you’re going to wait for me like a good boy…” he trailed his fingers over Justin’s hip as he stepped away. Justin gasped. He was leaving…?

Justin felt like he wanted to cry. Brian couldn’t leave him here like this… in an open conference room? With all of his staff just steps away… oh god…

“Brian…” Justin’s voice trembled, pleading. “Please…”

Brian stepped back closer to him. “Yes, Justin, you’ll wait for me.” His voice was low and menacing.

“You’ll stand here, naked… bound…” Brian’s hands grasped Justin’s shoulders, turning him around so he was facing the wall. He let his fingers trail over Justin’s ass, “…and wait for me.”

Justin let his head rest against the wall, his heart pounding. This was too much, he couldn’t do this… “Brian…” he whispered. God, he was standing right beside the staggered wall into the outer office… anyone could walk in! Justin knew people cut through the boardroom to get to Brian’s office all the time…

He shook his head, his body trembling. “Brian, please…”

“And I don’t know when I’ll be back…” Brian’s voice sounded farther away as Justin heard him pull open the sliding door between the two rooms, walking through to his office.

Justin blushed furiously, a groan leaving his lips. Was he visible from Brian’s office? Did anyone see him as Brian opened the door? Fuck…


Justin stiffened as he heard Brian’s voice approaching from the other room. He heard the sliding door open, heard Brian talking to someone.

“Yeah, we can make a copy of that for you, Bob…”

Justin grimaced, his heart pounding. That sliding door definitely didn’t close… and he didn’t want to think about why that made his cock drip… He pressed his body closer to the wall, hoping to be invisible.

He jumped when he felt Brian’s hand on his ass. Then moaned when Brian squeezed, hard…

“I’ll just run that off for you…” Brian’s voice called back to the office as he moved away, heading into the outer room to the copier.

Justin strained to hear him coming back, but was startled when Brian’s hand slid between his body and the wall, closing over his cock. He rocked into Brian’s hand, cursing his body for responding even when he was pissed at Brian, furious that he’d leave him here like this, let him be humiliated like this…

He groaned when Brian stopped, cursing at Brian’s soft laugh as he headed back into his office.


When Brian walked back into the room, Justin felt it immediately. That, and the fact that he heard the sliding doors open again. But did he close them…? Justin couldn’t tell…

His nerves were standing on end, his ears attuned to every sound. Standing there, he listened to each and every word exchanged between Brian and his client, every word in the office outside, terrified someone would walk in. Amazing what you could hear if you were paying attention…

Brian walked up to him, a slow, dangerous smile on his face. Although Justin couldn’t see it, his cock throbbed as he felt Brian get closer, smelled him approaching…

Brian stopped right in front of him, his arm reaching around Justin’s body, his hand grasping Justin’s cock firmly, Justin squirming. His lips hovered over Justin’s shoulder as his hand started to stroke. Justin held his breath, putting his bound arms against the wall for support.

“Very hot, little boy.” Brian whispered against his ear.

“Did you have fun last night, Justin…?” Brian’s words pushed warm breath onto his cheek. Justin squirmed again.

“What did you do, Justin…?” he asked quietly, his hand stroking a steady rhythm. Justin’s hips rolled into his hand, his head tipping back slightly.

“Did he suck your dick, Justin…?” Brian’s tongue swiped the rim of his ear. Justin shook his head.

“Did you suck his…?” Brian laughed softly when Justin nodded.

“Then you’re going to get down on your knees.” Brian’s words burned into him. “Show me,” he commanded. Justin moaned quietly. If he did this here… could anyone see him? Were they alone?

Brian waited, daring him to disobey. “Such a little slut, Justin…” Brian whispered, his voice making Justin shiver, despite the flush of anger that raced through his body.

“You know you want to… you can’t say no, can you…?” He turned Justin around by his shoulders.

“That’s why you couldn’t stay away from Emmett’s cock, isn’t it? Such a size queen…” Brian’s soft laugh washed over Justin.

Justin fought with the desire to say no, to tell Brian to fuck off. But he could feel the heat from Brian’s body, could smell his cologne, his raw power…

Justin slid down Brian’s body, the limited mobility of his hands making him struggle to open his belt, his fly, move his shirt out of the way. When Brian’s cock was free, Justin lowered his head, his mouth pulling Brian into its’ wet warmth. Brian’s hips pressed forward, making Justin open wider.

Brian started to rock his hips back and forth.

“Did he fuck your mouth, Justin…?” Brian’s whisper was harsh and throaty, making Justin suck harder. “Your hot, wet, fuckable little mouth…?” Justin relaxed his throat as much as he could, spit running down his chin as Brian fucked him faster.

He shook his head slightly, the motion making Brian moan quietly. His own cock was so hard he could barely breathe – the feel of his knees on the hard floor, of his bound arms hanging uselessly in front of his body making him even harder.

Then Brian’s cock was gone, Justin falling forward as he withdrew. He dropped his head, trying to catch his breath.

Brian raked his fingers through his hair, then tucked himself back into his pants. Justin waited on his knees, his cock dripping onto the floor. Then Brian’s hand was under his chin, lifting his face and motioning him onto his feet. He stood slowly, waiting…

“You know I have to punish you, Justin…” the tone of his voice made Justin shiver. “In fact, I think you fucked Emmett in front of that many people because you knew there was no way I wouldn’t be able to punish you after that…” Brian raised his eyebrow, noting Justin’s deepening flush. He smiled. Justin lowered his head, unwilling to admit that Brian was right, could see right through him…

“And since we know you like sex in public…” Brian reached for Justin’s knapsack. “I decided you could have your punishment here, in the open…”

Justin groaned.

Brian reached into the bag, watching Justin as he did. “Do you know why I told you to bring this dildo, Justin?” Brian lifted it out of the bag.

Justin bit his lip. He nodded.

“Whose cock does it remind you of, Justin…?” Brian’s voice was deceptively soft. He laughed quietly at the uncomfortable look on Justin’s face, reaching for Justin’s dick as he brought the dildo beside it.

Justin moaned softly at the feel of Brian’s hands, of the hard rubber cock brushing his own. He could picture it in his mind, the shape and size almost exactly the same as his cock. That’s why they bought it – it was funny at the time…

Brian leaned over so his lips were touching Justin’s ear. “Bend over the table, Justin…”


“Ted, you don’t understand!” Emmett pushed past him, looking around. “I have to speak to him… I’m never going to be able to live with myself if I don’t…”

Ted grabbed his arm. “Emmett!” Emmett kept going, trying to get into Brian’s office.

“Emmett!” Ted yanked him away from the door. “You can’t go in there!”

Emmett pulled away, stalking across the room to the other side. The glass wall of the boardroom – he could get into Brian’s office from there!


Justin stood still, unable to move. He heard something outside the door, the sound of someone approaching. This couldn’t be happening to him. This couldn’t be turning him on this much…

He felt Brian steer him towards the table, bending him firmly at the waist when his thighs hit the edge. He fought it, trying to stay upright.

“Brian, no…” he whispered, shocked at the desire in his voice. Brian laughed softly, pushing harder.

There was no arguing with Brian when he was like this. He let his head rest against the cool surface, his bound arms bent up and over his head, his hands almost touching his back.

Brian’s hands on his bare ass made him jump, then made him shudder. Brian was kneading him firmly, pushing and pulling him apart. He bit his lip when Brian increased the pressure, fingers digging hard enough that Justin knew there’d be marks later. Marks he’d try to see in the bathroom mirror tomorrow, small bruises that would make him hard every time he felt them.

Then one hand was gone, quickly replaced by the feel of the smooth rubber head of the dildo dragging over his skin. Justin tried to hold still, but he was so on edge…

“You want it, don’t you Justin…?” Brian whispered, a low smile on his face. “You want me to fuck you with it, just like you fucked Emmett… don’t you…?”

Justin moaned quietly.

“Did you fuck him hard, Justin?” Brian pressed the head against his hole. “Did you use lube, Justin?” Justin nodded quickly, his hips betraying him and pushing back against the dry dildo. Brian laughed softly.

“But that’s not what you want, is it Justin?” Brian’s low rumble made Justin’s cock drip again. Justin shook his head, then nodded, trying to say something, anything…

He turned his head when he felt Brian’s hand on his shoulder. He jumped when he felt the cold, smooth head of the dildo pressing against his lips. He breathed deeply through his nose as Brian pushed it into his mouth.

“Good boy, Justin…” Brian whispered. Justin sucked the head, trying to wet it as much as he could before Brian pulled it away.

Brian muttered a quiet curse under his breath as he watched Justin, the desire whipping through him like an electrical current as he looked at his lover spread before him, the dildo in his mouth, his body pressed flat on the table.

Brian pulled the dildo away quickly, hearing Justin’s low groan. His own cock twitched but he ignored it for the moment.

Justin’s hands clenched together tightly when he felt the wet head start to push into him. He held his breath, squeezing his eyes tight. Brian pushed harder.

Justin stuttered out a moan as the head split him, probed him… it fucking hurt, it was too tight, too much…

Justin bit out a gasp. “No, Brian… I can’t…” he groaned. “Please, don’t Brian… please… It hurts…” Justin’s voice cracked.


Emmett was about to walk around the wall when something made him stop. What… what the hell was that…?

He paused, Ted running into him as he caught up to Emmett. He pulled Emmett back a bit, holding his arm tightly.

“You can’t go in there Emmett!” Ted scolded.

Emmett shushed him, listening…

His eyes got wide as he heard the pleading. It sounded… desperate… it was Justin. Oh god, it was Justin…

They both cocked their heads, leaning forward to listen. Emmett turned to look at Ted, both sets of eyes wide with shock, fear, desire…?

“What is he doing?” Emmett whispered. “Oh god, Teddy, is he… hurting Justin?” Emmett’s whisper dropped even lower.

Ted shook his head furiously. “No. No! He couldn’t be!” They both stepped a bit closer.


Brian’s hand pressed into his lower back, thumb rubbing softly. “Take it Justin…” he whispered. “I want you to take it…”

Justin let out a long breath, relaxing enough for Brian to get the dildo all the way in. He moaned when Brian started to twist it, to angle it up and down slightly. Not in and out, just up and down, circling slowly.

His hips started to circle away from it, counter-clockwise to the motion of Brian’s hand. Brian smiled, his hand stroking Justin’s lower back.

“Brian…please…” Justin begged.

“Please what, Justin?” Brian increased the pace of his movements. Justin started to rut against the table, unable to stop his body from responding. Brian started to pull in and out while he circled. Justin groaned deep in his chest.

“Please…” Justin’s voice was thick, his elbows sliding on the table as he tried to brace himself so he could push back harder.

“Did Emmett beg you, Justin…?” Brian reached down to his own cock with one hand, rubbing over the soft fabric of his pants. “Beg you to let him come…?”

Justin shook his head. “Like you’re gonna beg me…?” Justin shook his head faster, mindless to the questions anymore.

“Brian… please, Brian… oh god… please…” He heard his voice begging, the pleas leaving his lips faster than he could stop them…


Emmett and Ted stared at each other.

“Um… uh…” Ted had no idea what to say.

Emmett’s face was bright red.

“I think we can safely assume now isn’t a good time for you to talk to Brian…” Ted shrugged, starting to walk away.

“Oh my god, Teddy, I need a drink!” Emmett groaned, following him.


Justin wanted to cry when Brian pulled the dildo out. He needed more so badly…

He could hear Brian’s breathing behind him, could tell how wound up Brian was. He yelped when Brian pushed the dildo back in quickly. He pressed hard against the base, snugging it deep inside Justin.

“Hold it, Justin…” he whispered. Justin moaned quietly.

“You’re going to stay like this, Justin…” Brian murmured in his ear. “Stay here, sprawled on my table, cock in your ass…” Brian ran his hands over Justin’s ass as he spoke.

“And you’ll keep your head down, and your mouth shut, and you’ll wait for me…” Brian smiled slowly, starting to walk away.

Justin lifted his head, then shook it quickly.

“Brian – no!” he started to lean up but Brian’s hand was in the middle of his lower back, pushing him down. His other hand pushed hard against the dildo, making Justin gasp.

“Brian… no! You can’t do this! Don’t leave me!” Justin begged. It was bad enough that someone might walk in while Brian was there, but to be left alone like this… There were still people out there, people in Brian’s office, in the outer office…

Brian put his lips against Justin’s ear. “I can, and I will. You’re the one who wanted to start this in public, Justin. You should be grateful I’m not doing this in the backroom.” he smiled as he lifted up, his voice still a quiet whisper. “And if you’re not good, I may finish this in the backroom… Or maybe you’d prefer I left the doors cracked open when I went back to my meeting?”

Justin groaned quietly, letting his head fall back to the table. He pulled in a shaky breath, trying to calm his heart.


Justin heard the voices in the outer office, but the blood pounding in his ears was too loud for him to make out what they were saying. But then the voices got louder, and he closed his eyes, using every ounce of willpower not to stand up and cover himself. Oh god, if they walked in…


Brian looked up as Emmett and Ted walked by his office. He raised an eyebrow at the pained look on Emmett’s face, but then he had to laugh. Emmett was likely afraid Brian was going to kill him for last night, so he’d probably come by to apologize…

Brian stood up from his desk, organizing the papers he’d left laying around. He hadn’t bothered to clean up when his client left a while ago – he’d been kind of busy...


When he went into the boardroom again, Brian took a deep breath. The sight of Justin lying there, waiting, goosebumps all over his body… Brian let out the breath slowly, calming himself. He couldn’t end this yet, Justin wasn’t done…

When Brian’s hands brushed Justin’s skin, he shuddered, a long sigh escaping his lips. “Brian…” he whispered. He felt a flush of shame at how grateful he was to have Brian back, to feel his touch. But then he remembered he wasn’t the only one getting off on this.

He straightened up, grunting softly at the shift of the dildo in his ass. God, he needed Brian to fuck him. Like… yesterday.

“Did I say you could get up, Justin?” Brian’s voice was smooth velvet.

“Did I say you could do anything without my permission…” Justin shivered at the tone of his voice, his cock throbbing. Fuck, he hated how much he loved it when Brian got like this with him.

“How is your ass feeling, Justin?” Brian moved closer, his hands grasping Justin’s sides, moving him roughly.

Brian pulled the dildo out in one smooth motion, the loss making Justin keen.

“I got you something, Justin…”

Now he was worried. Really worried.

Brian flipped him over smoothly, moving him as if he were no more than a doll. Justin hit the table with a thud, his breath pushed out of him from the impact and the way Brian was handling him…

Brian reached up and pulled the blindfold off, making Justin blink fast against the sudden bright light. Justin looked up to Brian’s face as soon as he could see anything. His breath caught in his chest at the look on Brian’s face.

“It’s going to look hot on you, Justin…” Brian smiled at him. Justin’s cock responded, but his heart pounded.

“Close your eyes, or I’ll put the blindfold back on.” Justin closed his eyes immediately.

Justin let out a breath when Brian’s hands slid up his chest, his heart pounding a little harder, his cock throbbing a little more.

He yelped out a cry when he felt the pinch on his nipple, his eyes flying open. Brian’s face was right above his, the combined concentration and lust in his eyes making Justin’s cock drip. That, plus the wicked fucking sting in his nipple.

“Brian… what the fuck!” Justin lifted his head, eyes wide when he saw the clip on his skin. He couldn’t breathe, it was so tight, so sharp…

He watched with partial horror, but mostly desire if he was honest, as Brian pulled the other end over to his nipple ring, clipping a clamp there too. Even though he was laying down, Justin could feel the weight pulling on his piercing. His cock pulsed heavily.

“Brian…” his voice was barely a throaty whisper. Brian laughed softly, his fingers pulling on the chain between the clamps. Justin whimpered.

Brian leaned down, his tongue flicking over Justin’s lips. Justin opened his mouth, desperate for contact. His nipples throbbed so badly he wanted to cry, but if Brian kissed him… somehow that would help.

Justin shifted his bound arms, his fingers scrambling to pull Brian closer. Brian hovered over him, his mouth teasing, his eyes black with lust and power. Justin knew how high he was now, knew there was no stopping this until they were both sated, wrecked, decimated by the raw carnal experience… He closed his eyes, a small sigh escaping his lips. He wouldn’t want it any other way…

Brian’s hands travelled his body hungrily, stroking, teasing, pressing. Justin writhed under his touch, his ability to withstand this gone now, his entire focus on getting more of the good, less of the bad…

But oh, the bad… Justin groaned as Brian pinched the nipple clamp tighter with his fingers. Fuck! One of Brian’s fingers brushed the top of his inflamed nipple as the other hand stroked his cock, his body vibrating between the sensations.

Then Brian’s hands were gone, Justin lifting his body off the table in the desire for more…

Justin watched him unbutton his pants quickly, his breath stopping in his throat when Brian’s hot, hard cock pushed through the fabric of his shirt once his pants were undone.

Justin couldn’t prevent the way his body leaned up, desperate for more, needing Brian to push him harder, fuck him harder, make him whole…

Then his eyes widened as he watched Brian slowly pull his belt from the belt loops on his pants. He didn’t usually do that after he’d undone his pants, it was usually before…

When he looked up at Brian’s eyes, he had to look away. The intense lust there was so strong, so consuming, he couldn’t stare at it for fear it would burn him. He heard Brian’s pants fall to the floor, saw Brian step out of them out of the corner of his eye. Brian’s shirt was gone in a matter of seconds too…

Then Brian’s hands were on his ankles, pulling him down the table, his skin squeaking on the smooth wood. He stopped when Justin’s ass was right at the edge of the table, his legs hanging over, barely touching the ground. Justin lifted them, bending his knees, opening himself for Brian. If his hands were free he’d be fucking himself with his fingers, but he could only rest his bound arms over his cock, the rope rubbing him as his hands hung suspended between his legs.

He gasped when Brian’s fingers brushed his skin so softly, so barely, that he almost didn’t feel it. Brian’s head dropped, his face hovering over Justin’s aching cock, then moving lower, his breath warming Justin as it moved closer to his hole.

Brian’s lips barely touched him, then moved away. Justin pushed his hips up, straining for more…

Then Brian’s hands were on the back of his knees, pushing his legs harder against his chest. “Hold your legs up.” Brian’s voice was a clear command, no discussion.

Justin’s arms pressed against his nipples, pulling the clamps tighter. He groaned, trying to lift his legs a bit, but Brian’s hands were there, pushing harder, pressing them wider. Justin groaned again, shaking his head. His body was on fire, he couldn’t do this…

Then one warm hand rubbed the smooth, stretched skin at the juncture between leg and ass, passing over his cheek before pulling away. Then holding his calf, pushing his leg down hard. Justin sucked in a small breath, his compressed body cutting off his full air flow.

He cried out when he felt the leather lick his ass, the pain quick and sharp. He opened his eyes, watching as Brian lifted the belt again, flicking it down on his upper thigh, carefully avoiding his hands. His world collapsed, the pain swirling around him like a fog. His hands clutched uselessly towards Brian, hoping to stop him. It hurt!

“One more, Justin…” Brian’s voice sounded far away, an anchor that Justin grasped, holding on to reality as the sting hit him again. He knew he was crying out, but he was too far gone to stop. If there was anyone left in the outer office, they’d definitely be listening by now…

He heard the belt hit the floor, then felt Brian’s hands on the backs of his knees, pulling his legs wide. He felt like he was being split, but it was nothing compared to the feeling of Brian’s cock pushing into him hard and fast. He banged his head back on the table, the feeling overwhelming him.

Then Brian was pulling out, sliding in again smoothly, and Justin felt his nerves light up like firecrackers. He rubbed his bound arms back and forth over his cock, the friction of the rope enough to give a delicious burn, to make his balls lift. He rocked into Brian as much as he could, writhing and grasping, his hands scratching at the skin of Brian’s lower abs.

Then Brian was pushing his arms up, over his head, bringing his legs down a bit. Justin wrapped his legs around Brian’s back, pulling him closer, his heels digging into the small of Brian’s back.

Brian’s hand circled his cock, tugging hard. Justin gasped, the pressure building so hard, so fast…

Then Brian’s other hand slid up his chest, Justin’s head tossing back and forth, their harsh breathing echoing through the boardroom.

“Come, Justin…” Brian demanded, his cock thrusting mercilessly into Justin.


Justin cried out as Brian pulled the clamp off his nipple, the blood rushing back in a flood, engorging the tissue all at once, then cried out again as his cock pulsed, hot cum splashing his chest in short, sharp spurts.

He undulated under Brian, the shudders wracking his body as he came hard and fast. Then Brian was cursing, his hands gripping Justin’s hips so tight Justin winced, but then Brian’s groan flooded over him and Justin felt him pulse inside the condom, his hips snapping tight against him.

When the shudders subsided, Brian opened his eyes, intense green staring into Justin’s wide blue. He glanced down at the weighted clamp on Justin’s nipple ring, reaching carefully to unhook it, lifting the weight first. “This will sting a bit…” he said as he lifted the weight, the reduced pressure sending blood flooding into the area. Justin writhed, the intense sensation half-painful, half-erotic.

His arms ached, his ass burned, and he needed to stretch out. Brian carefully pulled out, his fingers soft and gentle on Justin’s ass as he withdrew. Then he reached for the rope, quickly unwrapping it from Justin’s forearms. Justin let his legs fall over the edge of the table as Brian unwrapped him, his hands sure and steady, holding Justin’s arms like they were precious instruments.

When he was free, he rotated his wrists, trying to get the blood flowing freely. His arms tingled, but he was ok.

He gasped when Brian’s arms reached under him, moving him like a rag doll for the second time in an hour. Brian scooped him up, crossing swiftly to the sliding doors, pushing one open with his knee. He carried Justin to the couch in his office, sitting down himself first, then pulling Justin over him as they reclined back on the soft fabric. Brian kept one arm tightly wrapped around Justin, reaching behind the couch to pull a blanket over them before they were fully horizontal.

Justin laid half on top of Brian, half beside him, a dazed, hazy feeling sitting heavily on his brain. He was exhausted, overwhelmed, sore, sated…

Brian’s hand traced soft patterns on his back, his lips pressing small kisses into Justin’s forehead. He was murmuring quiet words, but Justin couldn’t really tell what they were. He snuggled tighter into Brian’s chest, breathing deeply of his scent, his warmth. He was so tired…

Brian’s outer leg wrapped around him, pulling him further onto the couch. Justin felt Brian’s arms wrap around him, their length almost enough to circle him twice. He nestled into the warm cocoon of Brian, his body a pillow and a shield, keeping him safe from anything in the outside world. Justin vaguely wondered if there was still anyone in the office, but realized he didn’t care.

Brian’s lips pressed into his hair, his face, his eyelids as he heard Justin’s breathing even out, his pulse slow and languid against Brian’s chest. He wrapped his arms a tiny bit tighter, pulling the blanket up further as he did, letting the soft clean feel of it embrace them.

He’d deal with Emmett another day…


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