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Part 3



Brian flipped the phone message over in his hand. He looked through his online address book, popping up the correct name and typing a quick email.

You wanted to talk to me? Come by the loft tonight. 9pm.

He hit send, then gathered his things before heading into his next meeting.


When he got home, he could smell something coming from the kitchen. He smiled to himself. Justin always got a little domestic after they’d been playing. He fussed with Brian’s clothes more, stared longer, made dinner… it might have bothered Brian at one point in his life, but now he just took it for what it was. If that was the way Justin wanted to express his feelings, so be it. Especially when it meant he came home to a clean loft and a well-cooked meal.

“Hi honey, I’m home…” Brian teased, giving Justin a slow kiss before heading up the steps into the bedroom.

“I should spank you more often. You’re a much better cook afterwards.”

Justin laughed. “Yeah, that’s the reason you want to spank me more often…” he snorted as he put the plates on the table. “It has nothing to do with how hard it makes you come.”

Brian undressed, changing into a worn pair of jeans and a soft, fitted black t-shirt. “Uh, if I recall, I wasn’t the only who came hard…” Brian called back to the kitchen.

Justin smiled wider. Yeah, that was true too. His cock started to wake up at the memory of it, the thought of the nipple clamps coming off, making him explode. He shifted, adjusting his pants to make room for his now hardening cock. He jumped when Brian’s hands slid around his waist.

“You were so fucking hot…” Brian whispered into his ear, his body molding against Justin’s back. “Unbelievable…”

He pulled away, walking over to the table. They sat down to eat, Brian noting the meal appreciatively. “Oh, by the way – we’re having company later.”


Emmett stood in front of his closet, trying to figure out what to wear. He still wasn’t sure what to expect, but he figured he’d better be willing to get yelled at, and probably embarrassed in some way, and then hopefully things would go back to normal.

He knew it was the right thing to do – to sit down, man to man, and just talk about it. Hey, no one planned it, it just kind of happened… And although they certainly weren’t monogamous, he knew it crossed a bit of a line and he’d better set things straight. He didn’t want any weirdness between them.

He was a little surprised that Brian told him to come by the loft, but it was no big deal for him to stop by on the way out. At least this meant he wouldn’t get insulted in public, so that was a good thing.


He took a deep breath before knocking on the loft door. Then shook his head, reminding himself this was no big deal, it’d just be a quick conversation and then he’d go out. Hopefully that cute guy from last weekend would be there again. Emmett was sure he’d been checking him out, and tonight he was going to take advantage of that. A smile spread across his face as he thought about it.

Brian pulled the door open, noting Emmett’s expression with a small lift of his brow. “You look happy...” he mused, turning to walk back into the loft as Emmett followed him.

Emmett chuckled nervously, nodding. Brian kind of surprised him, that’s all…

“Yeah, well, what’s not to be happy about…” he smiled, waving his hands wide. “Good friends, good times, all that jazz.”

Brian snorted softly, heading into the kitchen. He picked up his glass, grabbing another and walking towards the couch. Emmett stood where he was, waiting. When Brian sat on the couch with his back to him, he started to walk over, sitting down at the other end of the couch.

Emmett looked around. “Where’s Justin?” he asked carefully.


Emmett nodded, waiting for Brian to go on. Brian leaned forward, pouring a shot of Knob Creek into a tumbler and handing it to Emmett, who held it for a moment and then put it down on the table. Brian filled his own too, then leaned back, propping his long legs on the coffee table.

Emmett sat on the edge of the cushion, his back straight, his hands resting in his lap. He tried not to fidget, but he felt like he was about to get a lecture from his aunt…

Brian seemed totally unconcerned, at ease with the world as usual. Emmett watched him drink, wondering if he was going to say anything else about where Justin was. Apparently not. Emmett watched him reach for a joint from the ashtray on the table, lighting it and taking a long drag. He reached over and offered it to Emmett without looking at him.

Emmett paused, unsure, then took the joint from Brian’s fingers. Fuck, maybe this would help relax him a bit. He inhaled deeply, sputtering a little at the burn in his throat. He heard Brian laugh softly as he handed him back the joint.

Emmett blew the air out slowly, watching Brian out of the corner of his eye as he did so. God, Brian really did have long legs. I mean, Emmett did too, but Brian’s just seemed so long and lean and…

Emmett blushed when he realized Brian was watching him stare. Shit. Brian laughed, licking his lips slowly. He had his usual smirk on his face, making Emmett feel like an idiot. Well done, Emmett… you come over to apologize for fucking Justin, and end up staring at Brian’s body like a schoolgirl, he chastised himself.

He sat up straighter, reaching for his drink and taking a quick sip before opening his mouth to speak.

“Brian…” he started, stopping when Brian raised his hand.

“Save it, Emmett. I know, you feel like you should apologize for what happened with Justin, right?”

Emmett nodded, grimacing a bit.

“Sorry’s bullshit. You know that.” Emmett turned to look at him, wondering why this line of conversation was making him feel more uneasy, not less…

“I know, Brian, but…” he stopped again when Brian turned to look at him. God, he had very intense eyes when he was looking at you like that, Emmett thought. He looked away, unable to keep his gaze.

“But if you want to make it up to me, I can think of a way…”

Emmett looked back up at Brian instantly. What?

Brian was looking ahead again, reaching for his drink, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

Emmett felt his heart start to pound. What?? His breath stopped in his chest when Brian turned to look at him again, a sexy smile on his face. He brought the joint back to his mouth, inhaling slowly. Emmett watched him, unable to look away from Brian’s mouth while he smoked. How was it possible that he made smoking look so hot?

Emmett laughed nervously, realizing he must be reading WAY too much into what Brian meant. “What, you want me to clean your apartment for a week?” he joked.

Brian raised one eyebrow, still smiling. “Well, you did do that stint as a naked maid, didn’t you… Could be interesting…”

Emmett laughed, blushing. “Yeah, like I’d clean your apartment naked, Brian.”

Brian’s smile widened a bit. “Oh, I think you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do, Emmett.” Suddenly Emmett was very worried. And hard.

He laughed again, waiting for Brian to make another joke. They were joking, teasing like old friends do. Ok, they were hardly the type of friends to joke and tease like normal people, but Brian was just messing with his head. Right…?

Emmett squeaked a small sound when Brian moved, his long legs swinging down as he slid closer to Emmett. Emmett looked at his glass, taking another sip, grimacing at the burn. He wished he’d taken a longer drag on the joint…

“Justin had to make it up to me, Emmett…” Brian’s voice was very low, and sounded awfully close. “So it’s only fair that you make it up to me too.”

Emmett jumped when Brian’s hand touched his leg. He stared at the smooth round fingernails as his brain scrambled to figure out what the hell was going on. First Justin hits on him and now Brian? This wasn’t possible…

“I think you may have overheard Justin making it up to me, actually…” Brian’s smirk was audible in his voice.

Emmett blushed furiously, his cock involuntarily responding to the memory. And to Brian’s hand, which was slowly moving up his thigh. Jesus christ, what was going on?

“Actually, Justin’s not really done making it up to me. And that’s how you can help me, Emmett.” Emmett’s eyes widened as he felt Brian’s breath against the side of his face. “He liked fucking you in public so much that he can have a different audience this time.”


Emmett turned his head to face Brian, shock widening his features. Brian’s face was right in front of his, his eyes direct and challenging. Emmett pulled a breath in through his nose, leaning his head back a bit to distance himself from Brian.

He gasped out a small sound when Brian’s hand pressed against his cock. “Doesn’t seem like you mind the idea…” Brian whispered, his lips hovering over Emmett’s.

Emmett closed his eyes, trying desperately to figure out what the fuck to do. Was this a cruel joke? Was Brian going to get him all hot and bothered and then kick him out, telling him never to come back?

Emmett sat, speechless, Brian’s hand rubbing his cock slowly as his nose brushed the side of Emmett’s neck. The memory of the one and only time he and Brian had fucked came flooding back, making his cock jerk under Brian’s hand.

“I’ll be the director of this little scene, Emmett.” Brian’s whisper made Emmett shiver. “And you know I know what you like…” he smiled.

Emmett licked his lips, not sure what to do. Yeah, Brian did know what he liked. The thought of Brian and Justin fucking him… well, that was just impossible. Never going to happen. No chance, only a fantasy…

Emmett jumped as the loft door slid open, looking up to see Justin coming into the room. He tried to pull away from Brian, but Brian just laughed and leaned his other arm across Emmett’s body, trapping him there. Emmett stared at Justin open-mouthed, his breath coming faster from the adrenaline and the circles Brian was making with his hand.

Justin smiled, dropping a bag on the kitchen counter before heading towards them.

“I picked up some extra condoms. Figured we’d need them…” he grinned.

Emmett stared, shaking his head. What the fuck was happening here?


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