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Emmett is bound and determined to see Justin. I know it's why he's been pissy with me this whole time. Justin never realized that Emmett loved him as much as he did. Hell, Ted respected Justin’s intelligence. Sometimes I think they were more Justin’s friends than mine. 


We walked into Deb's house with the boys. Justin was swallowed in an armful of Emmett the minute he walked in.


“I missed you.” Emmett tells him. 


“I missed you too.” Justin answered.


“I need to introduce you to Drew, and you need to introduce me to the cutie next to Gus.” He tells Justin. 


“Emmett this is Jacob, Jacob this is my friend Emmett.” Justin tells them.


“It's nice to meet you Mr Emmett.” Jacob tells him. 


“How about we go with Em or if you want Uncle Emmett?” Emmett asks Jacob. 


“Uncle Emmett is that Drew Boyd?” Jacob whispers to him.


“Yes Sweetie he is.” Emmett whispers back.


“He’s like my favorite football player.” Jacob tells him. 


“Drew come over here and meet our nephew.” He tells Drew.


“Dad, is he really my Uncle?” Jacob asks.


“Emmett is like Daphne, so his partner would be like an uncle too.” Justin tells him. 


“Hi Jacob, so you watch me play?” Drew asks Jacob.


“Every game.” He tells Drew.


“I could arrange for you and Gus to come to a practice if your Dad doesn't mind.” Drew tells him. 


“Daddy can Gus and I go?” He asks me.


“I can take the boys, if that works for you.” Emmett tells us. 


“I think you just made Jacob's year.” Justin tells Drew.


“Emmett and I could use the practice, we been talking about having kids.” Drew tells us. 


“I think I told you I was ready, you're the one who wants to wait.” Emmett tells him.    


“I have a football in the car if you boys want to play outside with me. “ Drew tells the boys.


Jacob ran out the door with Gus and Drew.


“So tell me where you've been?” Emmett asks him.    


“I lived in Chicago for a while then moved to New York.” Justin tells him. 


“Why didn't you call me?” He asks Justin. 


“I wasn't ready to talk to anyone.” He tells Emmett. 


“What caused you to leave without telling anyone?” Emmett asks him. 


“Just tell him, he isn’t going to be less pissed than he's been for the last twelve years.” I tell Justin when he looks at me. 


“I thought Michael finally convinced Brian they should be together.” He tells Emmett. 


“How?” Emmett asks him. 


“He saw us in the comic shop that night.” I tell Emmett. 


“Baby, that wasn’t what you thought.” He tells Justin. 


“I know, it was just more than I could deal with at the time.” Justin tells him. 


“You should have banged on the door and told Michael to get off your man. It would have saved us years of Michael trying to turn it into something it wasn’t. He showed up at my house just now, trying to get money for his lawyer.” Emmett tells us. 


“I guess he got the letter from Brad. God this is all so crazy.” Justin tells him. 


“What’s going on? Ted told me Mel is in jail and Gus ran away to find you.” He asks us. 


“It started with Mel pushing Gus’s adoption through without following proper procedure.  The judge who tried my case was the one who helped Mel and her partner Ron do it. Only Russo expects a favor from anyone he helps.” Justin tells him. 


“What was the favor?” Emmett asks him. 


“To give the defense enough dirt on Brian and I to turn the case into us pushing Chris to bash me.” He tells Emmett. 


“That’s how they knew so much about you two.” Emmett growls.


“Well thanks to Lindsay we got to hear first hand what happened in Russo’s chambers with Mel. She got the tape Mel made of the whole thing and brought it to Carl.” Justin tells him. 


“What's she getting out of this?” Emmett asks us. 


“That’s what we haven’t figured out yet.” I tell him. 


“She never does anything without a reason. I'm sure you'll find out why when she feels you both fell for her shit.” Emmett tells us. 


“I think we'll find out when she realizes Justin has custody of Jenny.” I tell him. 


“I’ve got to say, that shocks me. Mel just put you two in the middle of a war. I mean, Michael is practically foaming at the mouth.” Emmett tells us. 


“Unless he can support Jenny, there's nothing he can do.” I tell him. 


“That would require him to find close to twelve thousand dollars, according to him. I told him to sell some of the toys he hoards, because I wasn't giving it to him.” He tells us. 


“Is that junk really worth that much?” Justin asks us.


“Depends on how much a collector is willing to pay.” I tell him. 


“Which won't matter because Michael won't sell it.” Emmett tells me. 


“So the toys are more valuable to him than Jenny?” Justin asks, puzzled by it.


“Justin, he doesn’t see Jenny the way you do.” I tell him. 


“As a little girl who needs him to be a father? Because that’s what should matter.” Justin tells us.


“He isn't you.” I tell him. 


“Or you, because I know you'd give up anything to be with our kids. You were willing to move if you had to, for Jacob and I.” He tells me.


“That’s because you and the kids are important to me.” I tell him. 


“Are you moving here?” Emmett asks Justin. 


“We haven't…” I start to say, before Justin interrupts me.


“Yes.” Justin tells him. 


“I thought you weren't sure.” I tell him. 


“We have three kids now. They need both of us, we can't raise them in two different cities. I'm done running.” Justin tells me. 


“So am I.” I tell him. 




I left Deb's to go see my parents. I honestly didn’t want to, but I can’t stay with Deb. Brian isn’t going to help me now that he has Gus. I waited for him to tell me we could share Gus, but he can’t see past Justin to realize I should be in their lives. Why can’t Brian stop chasing Justin? 


My parents told me they would help with a down payment on an apartment for me, but that I was too old to keep running home. I told them I was through with Mel.


“Until you want to rebel again. It’s time you stand on your own two feet.” She tells me. 


“Yet Lynette can run home when her marriages fail.” I tell her. 


“Lynette never brought home someone we didn’t approve of. “ She tells me.


“No, just her future ex-husbands.” I tell her as I leave.


The next morning I went to my appointment with Child Services. The case worker and I waited for Brad to get there. Brad asked if I had an attorney to read them over. I just signed everything. I asked the caseworker how Brian’s loft could be considered suitable. 


“Mr Kinney’s loft isn't, but his house was more than suitable.” She tells me. 


“Brian owns a house?” I ask Brad. 


“He’s owned it for a few years.” He tells me, as he collects his copies.


“Did he sell the loft?” I ask him. 


“He still owns the loft.” He tells me.


“I guess I should talk to Brian about where the house is.” I tell him. 


“Brian doesn’t want his address given out. So you would need to talk to him.” Brad tells me and walks out.


“Shouldn't I be told where my child is going to live?” I ask the caseworker.


“You need to worry about showing you can be a responsible parent first, then I'm sure Gus’s father will be more willing to meet you halfway. Let me get you some information on classes that could help.” She tells me. 


I wait for her to leave the room and look through the papers on her desk. I finally find an address under Brian’s information and sit back down before she returns.  She hands me the information she went to get and tells me to contact her if I have questions. I left so I could go to the address. 


I stood in front of the house of my dreams. 




Michael was standing at my front door when I got home. Blake is going to kill me if Michael is here when he gets home. I pulled out my phone to warn Blake that Michael is here.


“Blake, Michael is at our house, why don't you stay at work long enough for me to get rid of him.” I tell him. 


“I would but I'm just about home. Just don’t expect me to deal with him.” He warns me. 


“I'll find out what he wants and send him home.” I tell Blake. 


“Why is he even at our house?” He asks me. 


“I know that he went to Emmett trying to get money for a lawyer, so I guess I’m next on the list. Mel signed over custody of Jenny to Justin.” I tell him. 


“Anybody would be better than Michael.” He tells me, as he pulls up next to me.


Michael comes over to my car and waits for me to get out. Blake gets out of his car and waits to see what Michael wants. 


“Ted can we go somewhere to talk?” Michael asks me, ignoring the fact that Blake is standing right next to me. 


“Blake and I just got home Michael. I want to fix dinner and spend time with him, not you.” I tell him. 


“You have to help me convince Mel, she can’t give my kid to Justin.” He tells me.


“I don’t have to help you with anything.” I tell him. 


“Michael you need to go.” Blake tells him. 


“I'm talking to Ted, why don't you let him talk for himself.” He tells Blake. 


“Ted already told you we don’t want you here. Yet you are still here. Obviously you weren’t listening.” Blake tells him. 


“Ted, tell Blake to let us talk.” He tells me. 


“Blake, Michael wants to talk. I want to cook and relax with you, shall we?” I tell Blake. 


“Ted I need help, my lawyer charged all sorts of fees.” He tells me. 


“Imagine that, you mean he expected payment for working?” I ask him. 


“Ted what if Justin keeps Jenny away from me?” He says. 


“Than he does, it's not my problem.” I tell him. 


“Brian and I should be raising the kids, not fucking Justin. “ He tells me. 


“Brian is raising the kids, he’s just doing it with Justin.” Blake tells him. 


“You need to mind your own business.” Michael tells him. 


“I would but you're standing at my door.” Blake tells him. 


“You mean Ted’s door. Why don't you go in Ted’s house and cook Ted dinner.” Michael tells him. 


“Michael get the fuck out of our yard. Go find someone who wants to listen to you.” I tell him and follow Blake in the house, slamming the door in Michael’s face. 


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