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Deb was standing outside with Jenny and Carl watching the boys play catch with Drew when we came outside. Brian got a phone call from Brad and walked away to talk to him. I went over to Deb to find out when she wanted me to take Jenny. I didn’t want to uproot her too soon.


“Deb, do you want Jenny to stay with you for a couple more days? I want to make this move easier on her.”  I tell her. 


“I think it would be better for her if she got settled in at Brian’s house. It will get her settled with her new family sooner.” She tells me. 


“I'm going to have to go back to New York to pack my house up. Do you think she'd be okay with going with me? I think she and I spending time together without the boys will help her.” I tell her. 


“I can go with you if you want some help.” She tells me. 


“We could go for a couple days, I'll take you and Jenny around the city.” I tell her. 


“Justin you don’t have to entertain me.” She tells me. 


“It would be something fun for Jenny too.” I tell her. 


“What would be?” Brian asks me, when he comes back from his conversation with Brad. 


“It was telling Deb I need to go to New York to pack the stuff I need for here, she offered to come help.” I tell him. 


“Justin offered to make it a mini vacation for Jenny and me.” Deb tells him. 


“Why don’t we all go?” Brian asks me. 


“It was thinking it could be something for just Jenny, to help her know we want her.” I tell him. 


“What about the boys?” He asks me. 


“My mom could keep them, if you want to go too. It should only take a day or two to pack what Jacob and I need. The rest Thomas can take care of later.” I tell him. 


“I just think that we should start the way we plan to raise them. Jenny isn’t our only child.” He tells me. 


“I know she isn’t, but she's being taken from all the parents she knows, the boys are just gaining a parent.” I tell him. 


“She's gaining two fathers who are going to welcome her into their lives. My granddaughter needs to see she’s part of a family, so what Brian is saying does make sense.” Deb tells me. 


“What do you mean Jenny is gaining two fathers?” Lindsay asks, coming up behind us.


“Jenny is going to live with Brian and Justin.” Deb tells her. 


“I thought she was staying with you.” Lindsay tells Deb.


“Mel signed custody over custody to Justin.” Deb tells her. 


“What about me and Michael? We're her real parents. We should be allowed to make those changes.” She tells us. 


“According to all the paperwork Brad looked over, Michael only has visitation and you were just given the rights of a guardian. Mel has all the say in Jenny’s life.” Brian tells her. 


“I'm more of a mother to her than Mel, she should be given to me.” She tells us. 


“Aren’t you the one who said you weren't the kind of mother your child needs right now?” Deb asks her. 


“I just couldn’t do it alone.” She tells us. 


“Not that it matters, but you would be doing it alone if you had Jenny.” I tell her. 


“I know you're right but maybe I could find a place close to where you plan to live. I could help with the kids.” She tells us. 


“There isn't any place close by my house you could afford.” Brian tells her. 


“When did you buy a house?” She asks me. 


“Right after you and Mel decided to kick me out of my son’s life.” Brian tells her.


“When are you moving back to New York?” Lindsay asks me, ignoring Brian.


“I’m moving back here.” I tell her.


“Don’t you think that’s kind of sudden?” She asks me.


“Justin and I are going to be raising three kids together, so to us it makes sense for him to be here. Who knows, we could decide later to move to New York.” Brian tells her.


“Justin, you shouldn’t change your life without taking time to think about it. An artist needs to be where the art scene is.” She tells him.


“I just need to be where I can work, and Brian and I are going to try again. It won’t work with us living in two places. Kinnetik is growing and in a few years if Brian decides to expand then we have a home there as well as here. I want Jenny where, if she wants to see Michael, she can.” I tell her.


“She is going to want to see me too.” She tells me.


“That’s up to Jenny.” I tell her.


“Maybe it would be good for me to stay with you and Brian, until she’s settled in.” She suggests.


“Sorry Lindsay, but my house isn’t going to become a home for wayward lesbians.” Brian tells her.


“Brian, you need to put aside your anger. This is about what is best for the kids. I think having me around will make it easier for Jenny and Gus.” She tells Brian.


“Gus doesn’t want you around right now. I’m not going to let you move in, I doubt you’d ever leave. I don’t plan on starting married life with other people living in our house.” Brian tells her.   


“Married life?” Lindsay asks him.


“Yes, married life, because I plan to marry Justin. I don’t want to waste anymore time screwing around when I know what I want.” He tells me.


“Mr. Kinney, are you asking me to marry you?” I ask him.


“No, I’m telling you to marry me.” He smirks at me.


“Are you sure?” I ask him.


“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” He tells me.


“You pick the place, and the kids and I will be there.” I tell him.


“I wanted to pick New York, so we could do this with only the people we want there.” He tells me.


“YOU'RE GOING TO GET MARRIED?” Lindsay screeches.


“Lindsay calm down.” Deb tells her.


“Brian you can’t marry Justin.” Lindsay tells him.





I look at Lindsay and want to know why she thinks she can tell me anything.


“Yes I can. All it takes is a license and for him to say I do, because I know I’m going to.” I tell her.


“What about m… Gus?” She asks me. 


“He’s probably all for it. Since he ran to Justin looking for someone to love him. Hell Lindsay, you were right, Gus running away brought Justin back to me, so maybe a thirteen year old child running off was a good thing. Not that I think it was, but you sure made it sound like it.” I tell her.


“Brian, I was hoping you would help me out for a while. With Mel in jail I don’t have many options, until I get back on my feet.” She tells me.


“Use some of the money I sent you for Gus. It’s not like you needed to use that money for anything, since Mel was supporting you.” I tell her. 


“Brian, I used it when I needed it, so there isn’t much left.” She tells me.


“I hope there is enough for you to take care of yourself, because Kinney Bank closed the day my son ran away from home and his mothers didn’t notice.” I tell her.


“You should be thanking me, because if Gus was still in Canada you wouldn’t be able to see him.” She tells me.


“Only because you and Mel were keeping us apart.” I tell her.


“You wouldn’t let Daddy see me?” Gus asks Lindsay with a scowl.


“Mel didn’t want your Dad around.” She tells Gus.


“He could have just come and gotten me, Mel didn’t have to see him.” Gus tells her.


“Mama, not Mel.” She corrects Gus.


“She stopped being my mom when she took Daddy away. I don’t want you around either, because you didn’t tell me the truth when Daddy stopped coming.” Gus tells her.


“Gus, we thought it would be better for you if you only had us.” She tells him.


“So it was better that I thought my father forgot about me?” He asks her.


“I wanted you to see your father, but Mel wanted us to be a family.” She tells him.


“No, she wanted you and Jenny, I was ‘the Bastard’s kid’. I should know, I heard it all the time.” He tells her.


“Gus, it’s not the time to talk about this.” She tells him.


“I think it’s the perfect time. You can’t lie to me in front of all these people. Maybe Daddy should hear what you told me.” He tells her.


“I just told you that you couldn’t see your father. Don’t start lying to make me look bad.” She tells Gus.


“I don’t lie, you do. Daddy, she told me the reason you didn’t come was because she wouldn’t leave Mel for you and that you didn’t want to see us if she wasn’t going to be with you.” Gus tells me.


“That’s not what I said.” She tells us.


“Gus, how about you, Jenny, and Jacob come inside with me and I’ll make some snacks.” Emmett asks him.


“She’s telling my Dad and Daddy lies.” He tells Emmett.


“Don’t worry Gus, we believe you.” Deb tells him.


“I don’t want to see her anymore.” Gus tells Justin, running into his arms.


“You don’t have to see her unless you want.” Justin tells him.


“Gus, you don’t mean that. I was telling your father that I could live with you, that we could still be a family.” Lindsay tells him.


“Can I go in Dad?” Gus asks Justin.


“Why don’t you let your DAD take you in with Emmett. In fact why don’t all the kids go in the house.” I tell them.


“Brian, he’s just upset. He mistook what I said.” Lindsay tells me.


I wait until the kids are taken into the house. Justin walks with Gus but turns around before he goes in the house.


“I just wanted to say ‘Yes’, before I went in.” Justin smiles at me and turns back to go in.


“Lindsay understand me, you will NEVER live in my house. At this point you have to depend on me to see either of the kids. I’m going to warn you now, until they ask for you, you won’t see them. They are going to know that if they want to see you they can, but it won’t be in my house. So do me a favor and forget my address.” I tell her.


“Until someone tells me where you live, I won’t know the address.” She tells me.


“Then you just magically drove there on your own?” I ask her.


“I didn’t drive to your house.” She tells me.


“You didn’t lie to my son, you didn’t imply that the only reason I was gone was because you wouldn’t leave Mel for me, and you didn’t drive your rental car to my house. Your honesty is leaving a lot to be desired here. In case you don’t know, Brad has his investigators following all of you for me. So yes, I know you drove to my house, but enjoy the one glimpse you got because it’s the last time you need to come to Justin’s new home.” I tell her.


“You're leaving me with no place to go.” She tells me.


“You and Mel still own the place in Canada, go there. Go anywhere you want, just stay away from me and my family. You know, the way you made me stay away from Gus. Pretend I have an order against you, because if you show up at the house, I will. Now I’m going to go in the house and take MY family home.” I tell her.


“What happened to my Peter?” She asks me.


“Peter left when he found love under a street light.” I tell her and walk away from her.


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