How I Became A Fairy Godperson: A True Love Story by Auntie Em by Tagsit

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What will happen to Justin when the clock strikes midnight? Read on to see! TAG




Chapter 11.


Brian was getting bored. Normally, Brian didn't do bored - he didn't have to. As he stood with his back against the edge of the bar he suddenly realized that he, Brian Fucking Kinney, was standing there, waiting around for this trick to come back and time was a wastin'. It had been ages since he'd had to wait for a trick to come to him. What the fuck was he doing? It had been at least ten minutes now, he'd finished his drink, and the twink hadn't yet come back. This had never happened to him - no twink had ever left him standing, waiting and not come back. This would NOT do.


Brian pushed away from the bar and started to move through the crowd, looking for the blond angel in white. He scanned the entire dance floor and looked above him along the stairways and catwalks, but there was no sign of the missing twink. He thought to himself that it shouldn't be hard to find the kid, nobody else here tonight was dressed in white - so where the fuck was he?  


By this point, Brian was thinking about maybe gettin' angry. But then, the memory of the soft, sweet lips of the blond angel came back to him and all he wanted to do was find the boy so he could nibble on those nummy lips again. He decided that, just this once, he wouldn't get angry, he would go after the boy and find him.  


And that's just what our hero did. First he got the attention of the nearest security guard and told him to be on the lookout for the missing blond. Then he rounded up a couple of his gym buddies, who both happened to be the muscle-bound, hunky type, and told them to come with him. Flanked by these back-up bruisers, Brian barged through the crowded dance floor, determined to locate his missing twink.  


They had been looking for about fifteen minutes - he'd been through the entire main room, dance floor, catwalks, bar areas and seating areas, the backroom, and both bathrooms - and still there was no sign of the beautiful blond in the white leathers. He was almost ready to give up when Hank, the head of security at Babylon, grabbed him by the elbow and shouted over the noise from the nearby speakers telling Brian to follow him.  


As they got farther away from the speakers and could finally talk, Hank informed Brian and his buddies that one of the other guards said he thought he'd seen the guy in white and a couple of little pissants heading over towards the stage. That area was supposed to be off-limits except to employees, so no one had thought to look there earlier. However, as the group began to climb the short stair up to the stage, they could hear raised voices coming from behind the curtains.  


Brian whipped around the curtain and immediately saw his twink being shoved against the rear wall of the stage by someone dressed like Zorro while a mealy-mouthed cowboy type stood nearby egging the caped-one on. Both black leather-clad buffoons were hissing at the blond boy, who was struggling to get free from the hands of the evil Zorro. But the cowboy had a firm grip on the angel's right wrist and began trying to twist it behind him while the Zorro guy was wrapping his greasy fingered fist around the boy's neck and pinning his left wrist against the wall.


It took Brian only four steps to reach the group. His large, strong hand descended onto Zorro's shoulder and spun the little man around to face him. Hank grabbed the cowboy, pulling the smaller man's arms around behind him and holding them immobile. Justin, freed so abruptly, momentarily lost his balance and began to topple, but Brian quickly slung his captive over to his big, butch buddies and scooped his blond angel into his arms before the boy could blink.  


"What the fuck is going on here?" Brian questioned the two captives.


"N-N-Nothing. We were just . . . getting to know each other," prevaricated the perverted Ethan, trying all the while to pry his arms from Hank's steele grip.  


"Bull shit! Getting to know someone doesn't usually involve choking and half-nelsons." Brian spat back at the chin-rat cowboy. "Are you okay?" he directed towards the pliant boy-toy in his arms.


"I'm fine. I just couldn't get away from these assholes. Please, let's just go," whispered Justin.  


Brian bent his head down to the coral pink lips of the blond and gently kissed him to reassure himself that the boy was truly okay. Then the man turned towards the two unapologetic abductors and a slow smirk spread over his face. He took a half step backwards so that the two gym giants behind him could be seen more prominently.  


"Well, boys. This particular gentleman," Brian said, indicating the angel in his arms, "is already spoken for this evening. However, since you're obviously a little lonely tonight, let me introduce you to my two buddies here. This is Master Slash and Master Clipper. They will be entertaining you for the rest of the night."


Brian said this with a malicious wink directed in his buddies' direction. Slash and Clipper grinned back at Brian and then turned their lustful looks towards the now cowering, courageless cretins. Slash reached down and began to eagerly finger the leather lash dangling from his belt while leering at the little cowhand with a hungry look in his eyes. Clipper, meanwhile, was already moving in on Zorro and his huge body was looming over the smaller man who appeared to be trying to melt into the wall behind him.  


"Take good care of these two for me tonight, fellas. I think they both look interested in learning a few lessons about the leather lifestyle. Have a good time with your dates, boys," Brian smirked as he turned and led Justin away from the unsavory scene. The faint snap of a leather lash could be heard echoing off the stage walls as Brian and Justin edged around the curtain and down the stage steps.


"Are you sure you're okay," Brian asked again as soon as they left the stage area.


"Yeah. I'm fine," was the faint reply.  


Brian could feel, though, that the body pressed against his was still trembling. He shook his head slightly with an almost tender smile on his full lips, then bent down and gently scooped up the smaller man into his arms.


"You're not fine. But, I can change that," Brian whispered into the shell-like ear of the intriguing blond, then began to climb the stairs to the club's upper level.  


When the brawny brunet reached the catwalk, rather than turn left to head out over the dance floor, he headed to the right and through a doorway into the club's darkened and empty office. Inside there was a large mission-style couch with comfortable, overstuffed, brown leather cushions, upon which Brian deposited the spooked youth. Justin curled up on the comfy couch, content to let the more courageous man care for him. Brian went over to a small refrigerator built into the cabinetry on the rear wall, and pulled out a bottle of water, which he solicitously brought back to the boy on the sofa. He then sat down next to the disquieted young man, wrapping his strong arms around Justin's shoulders and tracing calming patterns with his sensitive fingertips along the boy's arm and chest.  


Brian reached over and carefully pulled the mask off so he could gaze at the gorgeous countenance underneath. Justin tilted his chin upwards until his lips again met those of the man who had just saved him from certain discovery, and possibly worse, at the hands of his step-brothers. The boy then tentatively touched those tasty lips with the most tender of tiny kisses. The soft caresses swiftly turned more passionate as Brian pressed his mouth against Justin's in return. Soon both men were tasting, licking and sucking on the other's mouth, reveling in the taste and warmth of each other's willing lips. Presently, Justin felt Brian's questing tongue prodding more firmly and he freely opened to him, enjoying the new sensation and timidly returning each thrust back into the mouth of this alluring man, savoring the taste of peppermint and whisky he found there.


It had been so long since the poor orphaned boy had felt this cared for - not since his mother's death had anyone taken notice of him or touched him in such a tender fashion. Justin felt cherished and protected by this overwhelmingly virile man. The attentions of the older man emboldened the youth, who decided to dare a little more discovery, and dauntlessly dropped his hand down to undo the buttons on the silky black dress shirt Brian had donned for this evening, daring to slide the shirt off over the man's shoulders.  


The intrepid imp then boldly ran his slender fingers over the golden skin of Brian's chest and shoulders. The man's skin was so smooth and warm and soft. Justin bent his head down so that he could brush his lips lightly across the soft skin, breathing in the musky, salty-sweet aroma of this incredibly seductive man. Brian accommodated the youth's explorations by leaning his head back against the sofa cushions and arching his back upwards. When his lips softly skimmed across a sensitive nipple, the older man gasped slightly and Justin couldn't help opening his mouth further so that the tip of his tongue grazed over the nub. The moans coming from the brunet's lips encouraged Justin to continue his quest of discovery and his lips and tongue and hands continued to move lower.


Brian was trying desperately to keep from moving. The tender, tremulous kisses, light as a butterfly's wings fluttering against his skin, were torturing him. He wanted to seize this boy, throw him down on the couch and plow into him hard and fast and without letting up till they both exploded with passion. But, at the same time, he didn't want to rush this. He feared any movement on his part would ruin this unsurpassed erotic moment. Brian Kinney had lots of experience with hard and fast and mindless fucking - but he'd never experienced whatever this boy was doing. It was like the man was worshiping not just his body, but his soul (which, by the way, Brian did have, contrary to popular belief, but which he hadn't shown to anyone in far too long).


Now, our little Justin had already proven himself to be a quick study. In fact, he'd picked up most of the gang's advice about gay living quicker than a duck on a junebug. And, while he'd had little experience, personally, with the art of fellatio, he'd soaked up enough little tips in his few short visits to the environs of Liberty Avenue, that he figgered he wouldn't necessarily mind givin' it a try sometime. And, as his lips moved down the muscular chest and abs of Brian Kinney, he thought this might just be a prime opportunity to try out this tempting trick he'd heard tell of.  


So then, getting a firm grasp on his courage, Justin slipped his hand under the waistband of Kinney's black leather pants and worked his way down towards his goal. The uncertain explorations of this angelic creature were so erotic that they caused Brian's cock to practically jump up out of his pants. His dick was so eager to get into that soft, warm, virginal fist that it was moving all on its own, twitching and throbbing like a heat-seeking missile.  


The torment of trying to hold himself back was exquisite - Brian couldn't ever remember being this turned on before. His hands wanted to reach down and tear open his fly so that the younger man could just get on with it. His cock was in total agreement with that sentiment. However his brain, which was still marginally in control, kept telling him to hold back, enjoy the experience and wait to see what the boy would do.


The tyro rapidly discovered that those tight black leather pants didn't give him much maneuvering room, so he reached a tentative hand down to the button on the waistband and lifted his eyes up to regard Brian's face, seeking permission to continue. All he saw on the older man's face though was sheer lust, but since that didn't seem to indicate he should stop his ministrations, Justin grinned, returned his attention to his work and finished with the button and then the zipper. The enthusiastic cock inside, apparently possessed of a will of its own, leapt up to greet the boy as soon as it was released from the restraining pants.  


Justin gazed longingly down at that opulent organ whose fame had been bruited far and wide around not only the Liberty Avenue environs, but the entirety of gay PA.  It truly was magnificent, he thought. The cock that was now standing at attention before him surely had no equal in either beauty, size, girth or any other esthetic qualities. Plus, it felt as if there were some magnetic pull emanating from that delicious looking dick, drawing Justin's mouth down towards it, demanding that he discover all its delicate delineations. Surrendering to the sensual siren song of that oh-so-sensitive organ, Justin gladly plunged down and engulfed the wondrous thing, licking and tasting and sucking at it to his little heart's content.  


Brian was reveling in the rapture of this ravening, and while recognizing the relative lack of experience of the ravishing blond, he nonetheless realized the innate talent of the twink. The boy's natural abilities, combined with the erotic adoration he evinced towards the older man, made for one of the most fulfilling blowjobs Brian had ever experienced. Far too soon, Brian felt that special spark of warmth tingling through his balls and belly and igniting his nerve endings, sending pulses of exploding pleasure throughout his body. Justin, incredibly proud of his accomplishment, simply lapped up the salty cum like a kitten with a saucer of cream, then looked up at his lover with a sunshine bright smile.  


Brian moaned loudly, reached down and pulled the pliant youth up to him for a long and sensual kiss, tasting himself on the lips and tongue of this talented and tempting young man. He took a moment to recover, never ceasing to cover the boy's countenance with kiss after kiss. Finally, when his heartbeat had returned to normal, he began his own quest downward, eager to uncover the throbbing treasure he could feel bulging out from the white leather-covered crotch of this luscious lad. He could feel the boy's erection and he could tell that this boy's dick was so hard a cat couldn't scratch it (or so I was led to believe when I later heard the full story - I mean I don't have personal knowledge about these things, you know). Brian, by now, was more than ready to move on to the main attraction and, from the whimpers and moans coming from the beautiful angel, the boy was ready too.


*Knock, knock, knock,* The sound interrupted the intimately entwined couple at that very inopportune moment. And without waiting for permission to enter, the office door was pushed open and Hank craned his neck through the opening. Disregarding the state of undress of the occupants, Hank nodded toward Brian.


"Sorry to bother you, Boss. It's almost time to crown the King of the Ball so the emcee sent me to find you. They need you down on the stage right away, I was told," Hank informed.  


"Shit! Could their timing BE more shitty?" Brian complained. "Tell them I'm on my way, Hank."


Brian gently untangled himself from the limbs of the lad on the couch and stood up to tuck himself away. Then he reached down to help his charming companion up as well, assisting the young man in straightening his own clothing.


"I'm so sorry, beautiful. I have to be present for the award ceremony. Please, come with me and, hopefully, we can continue this afterward," Kinney crooned to the comely lad. Justin just smiled up at the man he now adored more than anything else in his life. His eyes said clearly that he would go anywhere with this man, so his lips didn't even need to comment.


Brian grasped the younger man's hand and led him out the door and down the stairs towards the stage at the edge of the dance floor. As they neared the podium where the announcer was standing, the host for the evening picked up his microphone in order to get the next stage of the festivities underway.


"Gentlemen. May I have your attention, Please. I hope you all got your ballots in on time, because it's almost midnight and that means it's time to crown this year's King of the Ball!" The crowd of nearly-naked nubile men roared their enthusiasm and all eyes turned towards the stage.  


All eyes except the two brilliant blue eyes currently peering through a white leather mask worn by a breathtaking blond beauty. Those two eyes looked down at the wrist of the man who was holding his hand and noted by the watch there that it was less than 30 seconds till midnight. The blond suddenly remembered that his ride was leaving at exactly midnight and he had promised not to be late.  


"Shit!" Justin spat out, completely ignoring whatever it was that the emcee was saying. "Brian, I'm so sorry, but I have to go," he added, then quickly rose to his tiptoes, planted one last kiss on the beautiful cranberry lips, dashed down the steps and deftly scuttled through the bodies on the dance floor heading for the exit.


"Wait," yelled Brian, who had been taken completely by surprise at the boy's actions and hadn't been able to react in time to stop the youth's retreat.


"I'm honored to present to you this year's King of the Leather Ball, for the fifth year running, Brian Kinney," the announcer blared out to the applause of the ecstatic throngs of men surrounding the stage. The emcee proceeded to pull the distracted Kinney towards the center of the stage, depositing the sparkling, bejeweled crown atop the man's head and draping a large leather cape edged with faux ermine fur over the man's shoulders. Brian meanwhile was still reaching out in the direction that Justin had fled and staring dejectedly at the disappearing form in white.


The angel in white was concurrently racing for the exit as fast as he could maneuver through the obstacle course of bodies which were all heading in the opposite direction, intent on getting to the stage or dance floor or bars. Justin was constantly buffeted and knocked to the side but kept on driving forward as best he could, determined to get to the door to meet Emmett and his ride home. Unfortunately, right as he was nearing the entryway, a large bear of a man, who had obviously had more than a few drinks already this night, came careening around the corner and crashed right into the charging youth. Slender, slight Justin stood no chance against the solid bulk of the strong man and was straightaway slammed into the sill surrounding the doorway.  


There was a crunching noise as the poor boy hit the post, along with a groan from the battered boy himself. The drunken dummy who had been the direct cause of this debacle, reached out to steady Justin, currently crumpled up due to the impact of his crotch with the post, so at least the boy didn't drop to the floor. However, as the meathead manhandled the boy back into a more or less standing position, he managed to scrape the boy's hip across a metal hook that had been snapped off by the impact when Justin hit the sill. The jagged metal caught in the creamy soft leather and as the drunk tugged at the lad, struggling to get the boy standing, the leather rent leaving a large gash in the pants from the boy's hip clear to his groin.  


Justin, still in a dither over every delay, didn't stop to worry about his dress, he merely darted forward, out the door and disappeared down the block.





***Dedicated to Lyn - please get up from your corner, get some sustenance and I'll get you another chapter as soon as I can. TAG ****



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