How I Became A Fairy Godperson: A True Love Story by Auntie Em by Tagsit

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Here it is - the glorious conclusion!  Sorry about how long this chapter ended up being - I know how much y'all hate long chapters - I just got a little carried away with the final scene (you'll see why!). Anyway, enjoy! TAG

*****Also, Chapter dedicated to Bigdogz09 - Happy Birthday!*****

Chapter 14.

After Brian and Justin left, let me tell you, I was more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  I figgered I was likely running out of time to get them two hitched up.  I'd had this bad feeling for the last couple of weeks after talking to Brenda the Breeder - ever since the incident with Ethan and Ian and their new homeboys, Brenda had been convinced that Justin was a ‘bad influence'.  Apparently the fact that both her boys were queerer than a three dollar bill had escaped her attention until Justin came along.  Now, though, she was blaming everything on ‘Jenn's little fairy boy' and I feared that after the wedding things might go badly for the boy.  So, I was practically desperate to find out if this thing, whatever it was, between Brian and Justin, would amount to anything before something irremediable happened to the young man.

I just was too worried about what was happening to stay at the shop after they left, so I shoved the salad rolls I'd been working on into the fridge and snuck over to the Diner to check up on my Fairy Magic.  I managed to sneak in the back way, thanks to Debbie, and hid in the kitchen, peeking out through the order window at the couple sitting in the middle booth.  So far, everything looked just peachy - Brian and Justin were sitting across from each other in the booth, Justin digging into what looked like enough food to feed half the homos at Babylon, while Brian toyed with a small side salad.  Both boys were smiling and talking and seemingly getting along just fine.  Debbie came over to try to discover what I was up to, but I just shooed her away and kept my eyes on the prize.

After twenty minutes or so, Brian pulled out his wallet and threw down some bills on the table and the two rose and headed towards the exit.  I waited a few minutes then followed as surreptitiously as a tall, flaming, gay man wearing chartreuse leather pants possibly could.  As expected, the duo went directly to Woody's, and I again slipped in the back - although I didn't really know why I was being so sneaky at this point, as the two men seemed completely caught up in each other and had no attention to spare for the rest of the Avenue.  

Once at Woody's the pair parked themselves in a particularly cosy booth at the back and continued their chummy conversation.  I managed to install my not-so-inconspicuous-self at a table two down from them, close enough that I could hear some of their conversation without (hopefully) being spotted.  And I was simply and utterly amazed at what I heard once I sat down - Brian Kinney, the man who had no heart, was telling this nobody boy-toy about his childhood.  

Now, I had been acquainted with Mr. Kinney for more than five years at that point and I'd only heard snippets about the sorry childhood of the Stud-who-would-be-King.  We'd all got the impression that Brian's life had been pretty hard as a boy, but he'd NEVER opened up and told anybody (well, except maybe for Mikey, a little bit) more than a word or two about his sorry situation.  And, here he was, baring his soul to this insignificant little imp of a boy.  How this know-nothing neophyte got through that impenetrable wall of Kinney's - a wall sealed up so well it was tighter than a skeeter's ass in a nose dive - nobody would probably ever know.  But, truth be told, he'd done it and I was so proud of him my chest puffed up just like a horny toad on a dry log.

I sat there in awe, listening as best I could to the conversation two booths away until the couple impetuously got up and moved towards the back of the bar where the jukebox was located.  I just knew that this was it - I could feel it in my Fairy Godperson bones that THE moment was upon us.  I watched as Brian led the beautiful blond boy over to the area in front of the jukebox and pulled him into his arms, bending his legs slightly to even out their heights.  The beautiful duo swayed together to the music for a while, chatting intermittently, but, to my complete consternation, NOT kissing.  

Looking around posthaste, I grabbed the first likely looking dance partner to come my way and pulled him over till we were right next to the target twosome. I thought it a particularly good sign that neither Justin nor Brian noticed me approaching.  Biding my time, I danced along with my partner of the moment and waited for the perfect opportunity to surprise the spellbound duo.  

When the music abruptly changed to a more upbeat rhythm, I pulled out my signature move: The ‘arms-in-the-air, hips-out-to-there, swing and swoop' - conveniently swooping right into Justin behind me and knocking the poor boy off balance so forcefully that he toppled to the floor.  (My hips have been classified as ‘dangerous weapons' under the terms of the Geneva Convention, you know). The unsuspecting youth was unceremoniously upended and utterly undone by the unconventional move.  Justin dropped to the floor like a lead balloon and the resulting bump caused the offensive, oppressive and obstructive ocular-wear, to drop off the obviously overwhelmed and formerly outcast youth, removing the outward traces of the ostracized young man and revealing the outstanding blue-as-the-sky orbs of the now obviously amazing young man.  

Brian instinctively reached down to aid his dance partner, but as he raised the young man to eye level, he finally realized where he'd seen those eyes before. It was his angel in white.  God, how could he have missed it before?  This boy, hidden behind the baggy jeans and bottle lenses, was the beautiful boy he'd been lusting after for weeks now, ever since the Ball.

"Justin!"  Brian whispered, suddenly aware of how close the youth was to him, but nonetheless attempting to pull him in even tighter to his body.   "It's you!"

"Brian,"  the boy responded, realizing that he'd been recognized at last and not exactly regretting the fact.  "I should have told you. . . ."

"Shhh."  Brian ran his index finger across Justin's full lips, preventing him from saying anything further.  

With the corners of his mouth turning up slightly into the beginnings of a smile, Justin tilted his chin upwards at the same moment that Brian's face bent down. The crushed-cranberry lips of the sensual brunet hesitated millimeters away from the soft coral pink lips of the younger man for a heartbeat, then without perceptible movement on either man's part, their mouths met in a delicate, barely-there kiss.  Slightly pulling away, Brian brushed his lips back and forth across the other's man's lips as if to reassure himself that they were really there. Then Brian smiled back at the beautiful blond and dove in for a second, more passionate kiss.

The area around the embracing couple had become completely silent as the usual Woody's crowd stared in disbelief at the image of Brian Kinney and the Blond Twink making out, completely oblivious to their surroundings.  You see, pretty much everyone who'd spent any time at all on Liberty Avenue was more than familiar with the sight of King Kinney fucking, ramming, and plowing an endless stream of hotties - public sex was sorta Brian's trademark.  In fact, Kinney's favorite spot against the wall in the backroom of Babylon actually had a small plaque above it reading, "Reserved for Kinney, All Hours".  Nobody would have thought it at all out of character if the King had decided to just throw this boy down on the floor of the bar and take him right here.  But Brian's current behavior had the regulars flummoxed.  In the collective memory of the entire assembled throng, not one of them could ever remember Kinney tenderly kissing, fondling and caressing someone like he was doing now.

Personally, I was thrilled - this time it looked like a home run for the Fairy Godperson!  I went to work shooing off the ogling bystanders so the happy couple wouldn't be disturbed.  After I'd managed to clear out most of the area between the jukebox and the booths, I waited for five or ten minutes, hoping the pair would come up for air.   

Maybe those boys had discovered how to breathe through osmosis or something, though, because they still looked like they were permanently joined at the lips.  I finally determined that I was going to have to break this up, at least till I could get them off to a more private location, and mostly since I myself had become so aroused from watching them all this time that I was sure my woody could have been used to hammer nails into wood.  So, as gently as I could, I pried their bodies apart, gripping each man by the wrist and towing the dazed looking pair back to their booth, depositing the two side by side on the vinyl covered seat.

"Well, aren't you two going to say anything," I prodded when the love struck pair simply sat staring into each other's eyes, their fingers entwined, without speaking for long enough to make me feel awkward.

Brian blinked, as if just now realizing that there were other people in the world other than Justin, and turned towards me looking confused and maybe a tad annoyed.

"Honeycutt, start talking," Brian ordered, and I knew the jig was up - I was gonna have to confess.  

And so I did, telling Brian all about how I'd been helping Justin for weeks now and my part in the whole Ball debacle, although he stopped me tactfully when I started to get sidetracked relating the fun times Dom & I had been having, which had caused me to lose track of Justin for that time.  The more I talked, the more Justin seemed to blush, and damn if those rosy flushed cheeks didn't make the boy even more adorable.  Brian's gaze seemed locked on the youth's face through my entire story, a mischievous smile adorning that normally solemn face, while his hands, whenever they weren't clasped together with Justin's, were constantly tracing small patterns across the blond's arms and neck.

"So, we have you to blame for all of this, Honeycutt?"  Brian asked, and from the way he spoke I couldn't tell if he was angry or happy with my exploits.

"Well, yes," was my hesitant response, while I waited to see what Brian was going to do.

"And what about this?"

Brian reached into the pocket of his brown suede jacket that had been resting on the seat beside him and pulled out a small object which he set on the table. Justin blushed even redder and motioned to me to hand him his jacket, which was on my side of the booth.  The beautiful blushing boy then pulled out the other half of the broken glass cockring and laid it on the table as well, pushing the two broken glass shards together until the shattered ends met up almost seamlessly.  

Brian broke out laughing, rather boisterously I thought, as soon as he saw exactly what the object in front of him was.  "A crystal cockring - nice," the laughing man added while smiling down at the man now firmly encircled by his arms.  "Much better than a glass slipper, for my sweet prince.  And Justin, I'm so glad to find out that you enjoy playing with toys, because I have a whole drawer full at home I'm eager to introduce you to."  

"I can't wait," was the soft reply from the youth beside him.  

"Well, I can see my job here is nearly done,"  I interjected before they could start sucking face again.  "Just one more little bit of Fairy Magic, and I'll be on my way."

So saying, I delved into my bag and pulled out Justin's gross old glasses, which I'd retrieved earlier from the dance floor, and carefully placed them on the floor next to our table.  Then I picked up the Cosmo I'd been drinking and sauntered around to stand on the other side of the ludicrous lenses facing the boys still in the booth.  

"Since I'm fresh outta Fairy Dust, this will have to suffice," I explained as I dunked my fingers into my drink and sprinkled the Cosmo droplets onto the glasses below.  Then I waved my arms over my head in my best imitation of a magical spellcaster and yelled, "Bippity, Boppity, Bye-bye!"  And with the last ‘bye', I lifted up my gorgeous gucci loafer and brought it down forcefully on the detested eyewear, smashing the lenses to pieces and breaking the frames.  

"There, now you can't ever transform back into that boring little bookworm boy. It's just like Magic!" I exclaimed.  "You will now forever be the yummy youth we see before us.  I forbid you to ever wear those or any other horrible glasses ever again - and you don't want to run the risk of raising my wrath so you better behave.  Now, I'll just flutter off like a good fairy and leave you two to get back to the good stuff." And I did just that, skipping off toward the far end of the bar where I'd spied a particularly butch looking macho-type who looked like he was in the market for a nice nellie bottom boy for the evening (I was in the mood for a bit of magic myself).

That's basically the end of my story - I became a Fairy Godperson, granted Justin's wish to meet the man of his dreams, who just happened to be a King, I magically transformed the boy into one of the hottest twinks ever to be seen at the Leather Ball and broke the evil curse of those horrible glasses.  My Aunt Lula would be so proud of me, of course I'm never going back to Hazelhurst, Mississippi, so she'll probably never know.  But y'all do and that's what's important.

So, there isn't really anything more to tell about.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Well, except for the kissing and fucking parts.  But you don't want to hear about that, do you?  Oh really - you wouldn't mind so much?  Okay, if you insist. . . .

After I left them, Justin and Brian stood up from the booth and fell into each other's arms and as they reached for each other a wave of love swept over them. Now, since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure, and this one left them all behind. . . . . . . .  

Ha, Ha, Ha - gotcha!  Brian's kisses being pure?  You were really gonna buy that shit?  Suckers.  

Actually, from what Justin told me the next day, there were a lot of kisses; hot, wet, pounding, sucking, crushing kisses, and there was definitely some passion, but he didn't mention any pure, chaste kisses at all.  

He did tell me that as soon as the two of them got back to Brian's loft, Brian pinned him to the wall next to the door, crushing his mouth with a hard, demanding kiss and literally tearing his shirt off so he could run his hungry hands over the silky, ivory skin unimpeded by the cloth.  Moving down from those bruised-cherry lips, Brian began licking and nibbling at the creamy skin of Justin's jaw and neck, savoring each tender inch.  Justin's head fell back, his eyes fluttering closed, lost to the ecstatic feelings Brian was generating throughout his body.  

Brian's questing mouth continued down over the boy's shoulder and collarbone, tasting the skin of Justin's chest and trailing his tongue downwards leaving wet paths of saliva wherever he kissed.  Inhaling the musky, sweet scent that was Justin, he could feel the aroma triggering the pleasure centers of his brain, igniting his nerve ending and releasing endorphins throughout his body.  His dick was so painfully hard from the stimulus that he knew he wouldn't last much longer, so he pulled away from Justin's body just long enough to take three or four deep breaths and swallowed, allowing the rising tide of passion to recede just a bit.  Then he dove back at the willing body, latching on to one already erect nipple and playing it with his tongue until Justin could no longer hold back a weak moan.

Justin moaned again and pressed his hips forward grinding his cock against Brian's thigh.  

"Brian, please. . .I need . . . more," the enraptured blond whispered as he ran his fingers through the sweat-dampened brunet tresses on the back of Brian's neck.

The older man immediately acquiesced to Justin's demands by reaching down, sliding one arm behind the boy's knees while the other gripped his shoulders more tightly, and lifting the smaller man into his arms. Hugging the light body tighter to his chest, he went back for another taste of those pouty, accommodating lips, demanding access with his tongue and thrusting deeper into Justin's mouth, trying to taste all of him at once.  Then, without pausing his urgent tongue fucking of the willing young mouth, he carried Justin towards the bedroom at the rear of his loft.

Breaking the kiss finally, as he playfully dropped the blond onto the royal blue linen sheets of the bed, Brian quickly undid his belt and his fly, pushing down the pants and his briefs with one rapid movement and stepping out of them while toeing off his shoes.  Justin lay sprawled across the bed, enjoying the view as Brian stripped, rubbing idly at his bulging crotch through his pants.  The now bare Brian beamed down at the beauty below him then bent over to buss the blond's already bruised lips, bringing the brunet to his knees between the boy's thighs.  

As Brian extended his hand to the fly of Justin's cargo pants, he felt the moist spot from Justin's leaking cock, and couldn't stop a groan of desire from escaping his lips.  His hands were fumbling at the boy's waistband, so eager to get rid of the encumbering pants that he couldn't move his fingers fast enough. Finally, slipping the button through the hole and yanking down the zipper, he bent over to mouth the wet, hard bulge straining through the boy's briefs, reveling in the whimpers and other incomprehensible noises pouring from his lover's lips at the contact.

Sliding his hands around the boy's waist and then slipping them between the smooth warm skin and the cloth, Brian slowly nudged the briefs and pants down past the boy's hips, freeing the fully engorged cock which jumped towards its liberator as if demanding further attention.  Brian obliged willingly, extending his tongue to lick at the dripping tip, greedily lapping up the salty pre-cum and causing Justin's dick to twitch even more.  Encouraged by the increasing volume of the boy's moaning, he engulfed the throbbing erection, moving his tongue rapidly as he sucked and slid his mouth up and down the smooth shaft.

When the youth began to arch into Brian's mouth, the man backed off, releasing the pulsing organ before the boy could climax.  Brian was a consummate lover and knew better than Justin did himself what the boy needed and how exactly to bring him the most pleasure.  He knew that Justin would not be sated with a simple blowjob.  Brian wouldn't be either.

Moving to the side so he could fully remove the chinos and briefs, he looked down again at the lust filled blue eyes and the full pouting lips of the man in his bed and was reminded again of the shimmering white-clad angel from the Ball. He plunged forward to bite those needy, beautiful lips which he couldn't seem to get enough of - not at the Ball and definitely not tonight.  He realized he was panting and his own cock was dripping profusely.  He wanted this boy so badly - he'd never felt this way before, but God, he had to have him, now.  Fuck trying for restraint or attempting to make this last - the reality was that this fuck was going to be hard, fast and furious.

Neatly snagging a condom and the tube of lube as he moved to kneel between the wide-spread legs of his lover, he bent to whisper in the boy's ear.

"I don't know if I can go slow, Justin. I'll try.  I just need you so badly.  But I don't want to hurt you so, please, let me know if you need me to back off," Brian breathed, ending his comments with a series of feather-light kisses down the side of the pale, slender neck.

"It'll be okay.  I want you too, Brian.  Just,  . . . not too hard, please," came the euphoric response.

Brian lost no time in sheathing his dick with the condom but rather than open the lube right away, he instead brought the fingers of his right hand up to Justin's mouth and tapped lightly with a well manicured nail against the boy's bright white teeth to gain entrance.  Justin opened gladly and sucked at the fingers that were thrust within.  

"Make them good and wet, Justin." the man directed as he languidly stroked his other hand over the boy's belly and hip.  

When the fingers were dripping with moisture, Brian pulled them back and snaked his arm down past the crotch adorned with masses of soft golden pubic hair and the straining, rock hard cock, sliding his hand under the sensitive balls and ending up directly on target at the tight pucker of Justin's hole.  Brian used the spit slicked fingers to carefully prod at the virgin opening, then pressed in with one finger past the tight ring of muscles.  Justin gasped and his body writhed beneath him, but he stilled as soon as Brian's firm, warm hand began to lightly stroke in circles on his stomach.  

"Relax.  It'll be easier if you don't fight me."  Justin heard and he tried to remain still and let his body relax into the soft mattress.

When he felt the tension decrease, Brian proceeded to slide in another finger and then a third, stroking the velvety insides of Justin's tight hot hole, loosening the muscles and preparing the boy for the main event.  Justin was now writhing under him in spite of his hand on the boy's hips trying to keep him quiet.  The unbridled enthusiasm of this young man made Brian smile and he felt a wave of warmth surge through his groin.  Everything this boy did was so enticing and erotic and exhilarating that Brian suddenly had the foreign thought that maybe tonight wouldn't be enough to satisfy him where this man was concerned.  

But, he didn't have time to analyze that thought for long, as the wiggling ass below him was a good indication that the boy was ready for more.  Brian slid his fingers out, eliciting a groan from the pillow area, then flipped the lid of the lube and squeezed out a generous dollop which he let sit in his palm for a few moments allowing it to warm slightly.  Then he efficiently coated his shaft as well as the boy's now throbbing pucker, and aligned himself, ready to thrust into that heavenly, tight, hot, hole.  

"Relax, Justin.  I want you to enjoy this," the King said as he pushed the head of his cock partially into the welcoming entrance.  Seeing his lover grimace at the unanticipated pain, Brian paused momentarily, continuing to rub circles of relaxation on the smooth, taut abdomen until he felt the muscles again relax.  

"Good boy," Brian crooned as he thrust further into the tight little ass.  "It only hurts a little at first.  That's a part of it,  But so is the pleasure.  Just relax and let me take care of you.  I want you to always remember this so that, no matter who you're ever with, I'll always be there."

As he persistently thrust into the welcoming warmth, Brian watched as Justin's expression turned from pain to delight, he increased his pace, withdrawing and then driving in again and again.  Brian felt as if he was losing himself in the ecstasy.  He sensed two strong legs wrapping themselves around his back, causing him to penetrate deeper with each surge.  The two men's bodies seemed to fit together so perfectly and they worked together as if they'd been doing this for years - Brian had never been so complete as he was right at this moment with his orgasm nearing and this amazing, beautiful man writhing against him.

Within too short a time the man felt the familiar drawing in feeling beginning in his balls and knew it was already too late to try to hold back, to try to draw this out any further.  He could never stop now.  Brian threw all restraint away and joyously plunged into his lover one more time, feeling the explosion of all his nerve endings as his cum burst forth filling the condom.  As the last spasm of his own climax racked his body, Brian grasped the hot hard shaft of his lover, lightly pumping it once and then again to hasten the boy to his own glorious end.  Justin instantly started to cum, long streams of jizz shooting out to cover the bodies of both men.  And, just as the final spurt jetted out, and Justin felt Brian collapse on top of him, he felt the man press his sensual mouth to his ear, and he heard an almost noiseless whisper:  "I love you, my Prince."


The end.  Or the beginning.  Depending on how you look at it!  Love, Auntie Em.


Thank you all for reading. TAG

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