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Author's Chapter Notes:

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Chapter 6

Liberty Avenue isn't really one of the most happening places on a Sunday afternoon. There weren't a lot of queers in sight when Justin got off the bus on the Ave after fleeing the Religious-Rightdom that was ‘Our Lady of the Suburban Shopping Mall'. It was too early for the clubs to be open and, while most of the local watering holes were open, there were still many open bar stools to be found. About the only action to be found in the area was down on the corner where the hustlers hung out - you'd be amazed how much business those boys did after all the local churches let out, what with all the closet cases fresh from their weekly castigation, coming to the one place they could be sure of finding a nice stress-relieving cock or two.

Since this was our Baby's first solo mission to the Ave, he wasn't really sure where to start. His one goal - get to that gorgeous gay god - Brian Kinney. I don't think the boy had any idea what to do if he ever found Brian.  But, what's life without whimsy, huh? The fleeing fairy-boy figgered he'd find his favorite stud first and then just wing it from there.

Not really knowing much about the Sveldt Stud, except that he apparently frequented Woody's, our Jovial Justin decided to start his search there. If Brian wasn't there, maybe he could at least tap into the gay grapevine and get some ideas where else to look. Worst case scenario, he would try to find somebody to buy him a drink and . . . whatever else came after that. He was very open minded and willing to learn. He just would prefer to learn from the best and he'd already determined that the best was a certain brunet whose name started with the initials ‘BK'.

It just so happened that little ol me was whiling away my afternoon in Woody's myself - imagine that, me in a gay bar, who'd of thunk it. Anyways, I spied that silky smooth blond mop of hair as soon as the no-longer-quite-so-shy-boy sidled into Woody's and I waived the spunky sprite over.  

"Baby! Did you find a ‘Get out of Jail Free' card or something. How'd you escape suburgatory?" I quickly queried.  

Justin spent the next half hour bringing me up to date on the dastardly deeds of the devilish Ethan and Ian as well as the load of crap dumped on him by the holier-than-thou hypocritical Housefrau and her biased bible thumping buddies.  

"So, here I am. I don't care if they find out I'm not home, either. Since I'm Gay, I might as well be gay - as in 'merry'. At least for a little while," boasted the bitter boy.

And right on cue, our very own Gay Crusader and his band of Merry Men (aka Brian, Michael and Ted) entered the bar in a cloud of laughter, expensive cologne and cigarette smoke. The tittering trio toddled over to join Justin and me at our table and made themselves comfortable. At the first note of Brian's laughter, the little lad's eyes glinted the brightest crystal blue I'd ever seen and his smile was so wide it almost curled back to reach his ears. Justin's objective had just found him!

Brian was in fine fettle this afternoon.  He was dressed in his usual casual splendor - a faded pair of Levi's and a sleeveless dark blue cotton shirt with white piping in a ‘country-western' style, buttoned up the front with mother of pearl buttons. When Justin saw him, I heard a quiet ‘Yee Haw, Cowboy', whispered from his direction, and I have to say I couldn't have agreed more. Any gay boy in his right mind would be more than happy to be roped, hog-tied and ridden relentlessly by that ravishing roustabout!  

"So, Twelve year old Johnny walked in on his hetero father having vigorous sex with his mother," Brian was saying to the guys as they settled at the table. "The father just winked and smiled at his son and kept on doing it. Johnny left the room. The next day young Johnny's father walked in on Johnny having vigorous sex with his grandmother. Johnny looked at this father and said, ‘It's not so funny when it's YOUR mother, is it?'" Chortles of laughter from everyone at the table broke out in response to Brian's joke, including from the little blond beside me.

Brian's attention was momentarily grabbed by the quiet giggling coming from the tantalizing tyro at the table next to me. I think it was the first time that Brian had really looked at Justin. But of course, the silly boy was wearing his Mild-Mannered Clark-Kent disguise again - those butt ugly glasses tended to distract you from seeing the beauty behind them and the baggy clothes . . . well, need I say again how extremely poor the boy's fashion sense was.  

But before Brian could really get an eyeful of our dashing dear, a pair of delicious, muscle-y, dark-skinned arms snaked their way over his shoulders and down his chest while the luscious mocha brown countenance that went with those arms moved in to whisper in Brian's ear. The cheshire cat grin that curled up the corners of Kinney's lovely lips gave away the jist of that short conversation between the two men, and before you could blink, Brian was out of his chair and dragging the dark knight towards the back without further comment.  

At that point, three things happened simultaneously. First, Justin started to rise from his seat, murmuring something about using the restroom. Second, Alistaire, the relief bartender, came over to the table with our drinks order - beers for Justin and Michael, JB for Brian, a soda for Ted and a Kerasi (the most fabulous concoction of peach vodka, cherry puree, peach liqueur, cherry brandy and Sparkling wine - To Die For, honey - but also very, very red) for Moi. And, lastly, Calvin, my squeeze of the season, bustled into the bar and gave out a good old-fashioned Southern hog call to get my attention.  

Well, chaos ensued as the waiter turned slightly to see what the hell was going on at the same time that I jumped up from my seat to greet my sweety and Justin stepped around to my side of the table on his way to the back. The tray with all the drinks knocked into me but was deflected by my arm which was in the process of raising to wave at Calvin. Unfortunately for the unlucky lad, the drinks tray promptly splashed all over Justin's chest and face, knocking his glasses off in the process. Poor Justin was just drenched and his shirt, face and hair were stained a lovely shade of cherry red with little chunks of cherry clinging to his cheeks and coral pink lips.  

Alistaire and I immediately rushed to help the boy clean himself off, with Michael and Ted passing us paper napkins from the table and issuing directions on what parts of Justin to attend to next. Justin was already extremely embarrassed and was getting rather annoyed with the pawing, the wiping and the other attentions, however, and so he did the most expeditious thing he could - while I was scrubbing away at the stains on the front of his shirt and Alistaire was ministering to the sleeve, the boy swiftly unbuttoned the blouse, slipped out of it and proceeded to the bathroom to clean himself off without our help, yelling over his shoulder as he left to ask us to find where his glasses landed.

The sorry-looking, soggy and stained Justin stormed into the bathroom and proceeded directly to the sinks, immediately splashing water onto his face and chest to scrub off the sticky juices. As he was pulling out a ream of paper towels to dry himself, he realized that he was not alone in the restroom - there was a great deal of moaning, grunting and other alluring noises issuing from the end stall, along with a repetitive metallic clank, clank, clank, reminiscent of a belt buckle being repeatedly knocked against the metal stall door. Justin then heard a familiar sounding, low-voiced, murmured ‘Fuck, yes!' and he realized just who was behind door number three.  It was Brian, of course, with the black beauty he'd hooked up with at the table.  

Juicy Justin was more than turned on by the erotic exudations emanating from the end of the room. Every moan from Brian seemed to go straight to his dick. He was hard in less than a moment. He couldn't move - it felt like that cherry syrup had permanently adhered him to the floor but he didn't really care 'cause he was so enjoying the experience. As he stood there, still dripping water and cherry brandy, he found that his hand had found his cock of its own volition and had already started stroking it through his pants. His dick was straining to be free from the confines of his pants.  If those had been button fly jeans, the size of his erection probably would have simply burst the buttons - that's how engorged, how full and how turned on he was.

"What the hell," he quietly commented to himself. "In for a penny, in for a pound." So saying, he impulsively pulled down the zipper on his fly, pulled out his prodigious member and proceeded to provide himself with a little pampering while panting and moaning right along with the parties over in the stall.  

As the ecstatic exclamations from the end of the room escalated in direct proportion to the men's excitement, the blond boy's efforts increased. After only minutes, the noises from the stall indicated that the two men ensconced therein were nearing their climax. Justin began pumping his own cock faster at the same time. And without any further ado, all three men let out groans at the exact same moment as they all orgasmed together. Justin watched as his cum streamed out, splashing against the tile floor then he collapsed back against the sink behind him.  

Unsure if his knees would buckle or not, the boy pulled his body around, grasped the edge of the procelain sink and leaned there waiting for his heart rate to return to normal. He hadn't yet tucked himself away or cleaned up and was just staring into the mirror without really seeing anything, when the end stall door opened and Brian and the beauty bustled out. The trick headed straight for the exit with only a wink towards Brian and a flirtatious tilt of his head.  Brian himself headed towards the sinks to wash his hands when the shirtless blond at the next sink snared his full regard.  

Brian simply stood there and stared. It was as if the flourescent lights in the room had dimmed and a soft spotlight had instantly limned the figure standing before him. The boy standing at the sink was beyond beautiful - he was exceedingly exquisite. The pale, perfect ivory skin glowed in the magical lighting, rivulets of sweat and moisture rolling down the lightly muscled back. The golden hair looked so soft and touchable and the beads of water still adorning the locks caught the light and shimmered it back towards the ceiling creating a halo effect. In the mirror, Brian could see the reflection of azure blue eyes that glinted with life and desire. The coral pink lips were so full and moist and looked like they would taste so sweet. And best of all, in Brian's opinion, the whole package came along with the well-proportioned cock that was peeping out of the boy's fly, half-erect and with a hint of the soft golden pubes surrounding it, already displayed in full view ready for Brian's attentions.  

Brian was drawn towards this amazing sight. He took three steps forward and then was there, wrapping his arms around the slender waist, his mouth already latched on to the slim neck, tasting and sucking at that salty, sweet skin. He locked his gaze onto the reflection of the gorgeous gleaming blue eyes of the man he was holding as he continued to plant delicate, soft kisses along the alabaster skin of the boy's neck and then his cheek and up to the tender lobe of his ear. As Brian's teeth tenderly nipped at the sensitive spot, the blond in his arms moaned, his eyes closing briefly as his head tilted back to rub against Brian's shoulder and then angled to the left to allow the man easier access to more of those spots on his neck that so desperately needed to be kissed.  

While Brian's lips were so pleasantly preoccupied, his palms were busy pressing against the rapidly hardening penis which was his first priority. A particularly throaty groan from the willing, wanton boy in his arms encouraged him to grasp the beautiful dick tighter and his fist began to stroke the silky skin in a slow but steady rhythm. With his other hand, the brunet reached around to the taut chest and stroked the already hard nipple he found there, in time with his fist below, pulling the smaller body more closely against his own lanky frame thereby allowing him to grind his crotch against the boy's pliant, sumptuous ass.  

Brian couldn't believe how turned on he was by this scenario - he had just gotten his rocks off with a fairly decent looking trick not ten minutes ago but the sight that had greeted him when he emerged from the stall had been an instant aphrodesiac. The beautiful boy, on display as if waiting specifically for him, and the lustful look in those eyes when he approached had reinvigorated him faster than he would have ever believed. And just touching the boy was so erotic, what with those dick-stirring noises coming from the crushed-coral lips, that Brian thought he was going to have a hard time not forcing the boy to the floor and fucking him right there.  

The sensations from Brian's hands and lips were surely overwhelming to the inexperienced Justin. He had never even imagined anything close to the cascade of glorious feelings he was experiencing at Brian's direction.  He abandoned himself to the phenomenon. He didn't know that his body was beginning to flush with an enticing pink which blossomed up from his abdomen towards his chest and tinted the pale ivory skin. He didn't realize that the noises he heard, the moaning and whimpers, were coming from him. He didn't know that he was writhing his body wantonly against the hard frame behind him, grinding his ass against the warmth of the hard bulge he felt at his back. All he knew was that he never wanted this feeling to end.  

As the hot blond boy's motions became more and more frantic, Brian could feel that his own body was responding beyond what he'd ever experienced before in any similar situation. How could giving another guy a simple hand job be this much of a turn on? All of a sudden, he felt the boy's shaft stiffen even more in his hands and could sense the momentary stillness in the motions of the thrashing youth. Then, with a bawdy, boisterous groan, the boy climaxed and Brian felt the hot liquid jizz spurting out in pulse after pulse of ecstasy into his hands as he watched the reflection of the boy's face light up with unbelievable pleasure. The effect of that passionate image was so unexpected and the erotic pleasure it engendered in his gut was so intense that Brian could no longer control his own libido and, to his great surprise, he felt himself cumming in his pants as he continued to stroke the boy towards completion.  

The men didn't move for several minutes - they just stood there, leaning against the washstand, Brian's arms still wrapped around Justin's body, helping to hold the boy up since his legs appeared to no longer be up to the task. As his breathing began to return to a more steady pace, Brian's lips again began to trace along the boy's neck and jaw in soft kisses, licks and nips. Neither had yet said anything. Both had been so overwhelmed by the emotions of the encounter that no words seemed to be enough to express what they were feeling. They just stared, through the medium of the mirror, into each other's eyes, drinking in the other's image.  

They probably would have gone on staring at each other for a lot longer, too, if I hadn't rudely interrupted the pretty pair by pounding into the potty and pronouncing at the top of my fairly formidable lungs, "Justin, they must have followed you.  Ethan and Ian are here. You have to get out of here before they see you!" Thus ended the erotic interlude that the exquisite couple had been experiencing.

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