How I Became A Fairy Godperson: A True Love Story by Auntie Em by Tagsit

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Happy Pride Weekend from Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to the parade today because of family commitments - Father's Day and all. So, instead, I rushed back here after the obligatory luncheon and quickly wrote out the next chapter of my story in celebration. Hope you all enjoy! TAG


Friday was an incredibly busy day for our poor jinxed Justin. First of all, he discovered early on that his glasses were missing. After spending more than a half hour looking for them, he finally gave up and had to hurry off to school without them. As a result of this spectacular spectacle situation, the poor boy had a terrible day at school. He kept getting called on by all his teachers to read items off the blackboards or locate items the teachers needed, neither of which he was able to do in his near-blind state. By the end of the school day, he was frustrated, furious and fed up with the whole fucking day.  


The bad day didn't end there, though. There had been a minor plumbing disaster at his father's store (involving, so I was told, a lit cherry bomb being deposited in the toilet in the employee's restroom - the shit literally hit the fan after that). Justin was the hapless handyman handpicked by his horrible father to clean up the horrendous mess. The poor boy ended up being at the store, mop in hand, for much longer than usual because of the plumbing predicament and didn't make it home until well after 7:30 pm.  


As soon as the tired out twink trudged through the door, the trouble twins corralled him in their suite with demands about their Ball costumes and last minute tailoring. In spite of Justin's hilarious responses the previous day, Ethan was still determined to wear the Black Bart Cowboy get up and Ian was apparently going as Zorro. Justin reluctantly responded to the repeated requests to sew this, add that and change the other. By the time the duo was done with Dear Justin's services for the night, it was already well after midnight and the yawning youth toddled off to his bedroom and fell into his bed, asleep before his head hit the pillow.  


Saturday saw the sorry stripling once again being hounded by his horrible family from dawn till dusk. In fact, the boy was busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest all day. Starting just after the sun came up, Justin was pressed into service by that Bruiser Brenda to clean the house and prepare a luncheon to be served for her ladies' bridge group, who were due to arrive at 1:00 pm. As soon as the bridge ladies were served and settled, Justin was dismissed.  


He didn't even make it as far as his basement staircase, though, before Demanding Daddykins collared him with a list of chores in the yard including mowing the lawn, sweeping the steps, repainting the pansies purple (Craig didn't like the yellow ones), weeding the compost pile, de-thorning the rose bushes along the front walk and cleaning the grout on the tile patio with a toothbrush to make sure the crevasses were all dirt free. The dear drudge was dashing through these dreary drills as fast as his fabulous fanny could manage, but it was nearly 5:00 pm before he finally ran out of purple paint just as he'd come to the end of the last bed of pansies.  


As tired as he was, Justin was still jazzed with anticipation about the Leather Ball. He hadn't even had a chance to try on his costume for the Ball yet. As soon as he got to his room, he quickly gave his Auntie Em (also known as ‘Moi') a call and told me that he was finally done for the day and was going to start getting ready for the big event. I amiably agreed to amble over to the Taylor-Nellah abode to help the boy with his attire. So saying, I rapidly packed up my ditty bag with all the necessary notions and novelties I'd gathered to transform the timid twink into a Kinney-worthy Prince and hied my nellie bottom rear over to Justin's place.


When I arrived, I was delighted to discover Justin already dressed to kill and displaying his leather finery while parading around his dungeon digs. All I can say is the boy looked HOT. I mean, not just cute boy HOT, but melt-in-your mouth yummy HOT. As my Aunt Lula would say, that boy was prettier than a glob of butter melting on a stack of wheat cakes. I was so happy to see my little protege all dolled up and looking like a million bucks, that I couldn't contain my glee - I just had to clap my hands, jump up and down and squeal like a pig in a poke.


Looking back, that was probably not the wisest thing I coulda done. See, the hullaballoo I'd raised had a pretty negative side effect - Ethan and Ian, who had just been coming into the house, heard the noise and came downstairs to investigate. Needless to say, the little green-eyed monster of jealousy instantly reared its very ugly head as both of the beastly brothers realized exactly how HOT their scapegrace step-brother was in his lovely leathers.  


No way was either of the twat twins gonna hold a candle to the precious princeling parading before them, and they both knew it. Ethan also quickly realized that, while they'd told Justin THEY would be going to the ball in his place, once he and Ian left the house, they had no way of stopping Justin from going too. And he wasn't gonna let little bro show up and show them up. The only solution, as far as Ethan could see, was to make it impossible for the imp to impose himself on the gala event. How better to do that, he thought, than to make sure Justin didn't have a costume.  


"What have we here?" began the bitter Ethan while surveying Justin's fine fashions. "Justin, this just won't do, I'm afraid. This shirt is far too fine for the likes of trash like you. I think it would go perfectly with my costume, though. Don't you? Give it here!" As he said this, Ethan had stalked around the poor lad, eyeing the scrumptious silk shirt, trailing his index finger along the fabric. When he got to the part of his speech where he said ‘give it here', he hooked his finger into the front of the shirt and yanked the material as hard as he could, tearing the cloth and popping off all the buttons, letting out an evil laugh at the very same time.


Catching on to his brother's plan, Ian chimed in. "Don't you think those pants would go with MY outfit way better than the one's I have, Ethan," Insidious Ian intoned.


"Definitely," decided Evil Ethan. Then, giving a venomous stare in my poor boy's direction, he asked, "what do you think, Justin? Hmmm? Better give those pants to Ian."  


Jolted Justin had finally been pushed too far though. He wasn't going to just strip and give the two vile villains whatever they demanded.


"Fuck you, Ethan! I am NOT letting you have these pants or anything else of mine from now on," Justin yelled back at the dastardly duo. "I'm through with letting you two bully me. I AM going to the Leather Ball tonight. There is nothing you can do to stop me!"


At this, Ethan turned towards Ian briefly and must have somehow conveyed a signal that Justin and I couldn't see. But it all happened too quickly for either of us to respond. Ethan immediately turned around, and stepped towards Justin, with a conciliatory expression on his greasy countenance while holding his hands up in front of him, palms up and open.  


"Justin, Justin. We're not trying to bully you," Ethan began as he stepped closer to Justin. "We're going to be brothers soon. We would never try to bully you . . ."  


His kind words were belied by his next actions, though. Once he had sidled up to within an arm's length of Justin, his once open palm curled into a fist and he vigorously slammed said fist into Justin's gut, causing the beautiful blond to double over in pain. I would have swiftly sprung to the boy's defense as soon as I saw him crumple, but, unbeknownst to me, Ian had been stealthily sneaking around behind me even as Ethan spoke. When Ethan had lashed out at Justin, Ian had wrapped his arms around me so that I couldn't get to Justin. With Justin now writhing on the ground trying to get his breath back, Ethan had a free moment to help Ian with me - I'd almost struggled free of the cretain's grip but then Ethan came up and the two of them managed to grapple me backwards towards a storage closet, shove me inside and lock the door before I could do anything.  


From within my pitiful prison, I could hear the sounds of continued conflict coming from the outer room. Justin had finally got his breath back enough to start shouting and cursing at the vile villains currently violating his person. I was pounding on the closet door, trying to get out the whole time, but I could still hear the sounds of meaty fists slamming into soft flesh and the accompanying grunts of pain from the tormented target of this torture.


After several minutes of this cacophony, I heard footsteps ascending the stairs and then the room went eerily silent. I panicked. I couldn't bear the thought of anything dire happening to winsome, wonderful Justin. My imagination momentarily ran off on me and I thought for sure he was lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the basement floor. But just as I let out the first of my mournful wails, the sound of the hasp on the door lock being pulled back startled me into silence. Seconds later, I gladly glimpsed the now grazed grin of my favorite blond boy.  


Justin pulled open the closet and drug me out of that dreary den straight into a tearful hug. I tried to comfort the sorry lad, but nothing I said could staunch the tears streaming down that sad-sack face. When I finally managed to pry Justin's arms away enough to look down at the boy, I saw to my horror that the bully boys had managed to strip Justin of all his finery at the same time as they had apparently pelted him mercilessly with their fists and feet. Bruises were already blooming on his torso and chest. But, luckily, it didn't look like they had managed to mar the boy's marvelous face. I drew the dear back into my arms and gave him a tight hug, murmuring comforting nothings all the while, until the tears finally abated and the sobbing began to quiet.  And as soon as the hysterics had subsided sufficiently, I sat that boy down on the corner sofa and started thinking.  


Now, I may look like a big ‘ol Nellie Queen to some folks. I know that lots of people tend to dismiss me because I do flame, just a bit. But you don't grow up gay in Hazelhurst, Mississippi, being constantly harassed and hounded by the likes of Beau and Forest, the bigot brothers, without learning a thing or two about standing up for yourself. And I might not be able to beat those treacherous twins with my fists, but I sure as shootin' was gonna beat them with my brain.  


I looked over the sorry state of the sad boy sitting in front of me and began to take stock. He'd been stripped bare down to his briefs. What Ethan and Ian hadn't taken with them had been torn and abandoned on the basement floor. I still had a few of the more important items I'd been saving for the boy in my bag, but we obviously needed to find him something new to wear. It was now almost 7:00 pm, which meant we didn't have much time to remedy the woeful state of our boy's wardrobe, get him attired and get the boy to the Ball. I was nothing, though, if not resourceful - the boy scouts didn't know what they were missing when they passed me up for membership ‘cause I more than lived up to the motto of "Always Be Prepared". And I WAS prepared with a definite ‘Plan B'.


"Cheer up, Sunshine. All is not lost!" I said as I lifted the lad to his feet, guiding him towards his clothes closet. "We are NOT gonna let those twerps win! Get dressed and come with me.  I have an idea. You just watch your Auntie Em do his thing. And don't worry, I'm gonna take care of everything!"  


A tearful twink gazed up at me briefly, wiped his nose with the back of his wrist and rose to his feet. I could see that Justin was doubting my abilities, but I knew that it weren't over till the fat lady sang, and since Deb wasn't around, I wasn't about to give up yet. I had ANOTHER cunning plan.




An hour later I stood behind Justin as the boy surveyed himself in the full-length oval mirror in front of him.  


"Well?  What do you think?" I prodded my pal for an answer.  


"You are AMAZING Em! God, it's like a fairy tale," the incredulous imp intoned. "Are you sure you aren't a real fairy Godmother or something? This is practically a fucking miracle!"


I wasn't gonna argue with the boy, though. He did look miraculously magnificent. The cringing child that I'd scooped off that dreadful basement floor only an hour ago was now completely eclipsed by the stunning sight staring back at me from the mirror.  


You see, it just so happened that I'd recently hooked up with a Hot, hot, hot, little number who was currently touring with the Cirque de Soleil. (God, don't get me started on the things that boy could do - you think the performers in the circus are amazing, but you should see the contortions that boy could manage in bed. But, that's a whole other story). The little cutie, whose name was Dominic, just happened to be about Justin's size, too. And, while I'd been surveying the damage left by Ethan and Ian back in the bleak basement, Darling Dominic just burst into my brain. If anyone could help us with last minute costume issues, it was Dom.


I'd therefore hustled the desolate Justin off to Dominic's domicile, calling ahead of course to give my dreamboat the head's up. Dom was just thrilled with the challenge and soooo excited to help out in such a good cause. He said he'd be waiting and that he had exactly what we needed. So, when we arrived at his apartment, Dom just dragged the two of us in and immediately started in on the ‘Transformation of the Twink', as it will forevermore be called. The results, as I've already mentioned, were more than magnificent.  


As soon as Dom saw Justin's pale skin and slender physique, he decided to go a whole different direction than I had previously pursued. And damn it all if he wasn't perfectly right - I don't know WHY I hadn't seen it before. Our beautiful boy, with his golden hair, fair skin and sprite-like frame, was definitely NOT the black leather-clad type. Not at all! Instead, Dom embraced the light and decided to dress up our Doll-baby like the angel he truly was.


This resplendent, radiant being was the end result of all our efforts, and both Dom and I were ecstatic with the outcome. Justin stood in front of that mirror clad head to toe in leather, but not the dull, dark, dungeonous, black leather that was the standard fare for the Leather Ball. No, Justin's leathers were all pure, pristine white; from the medieval-looking white leather mask, to the tight, torso-hugging while silk shirt, to the even tighter, thigh-hugging white leather pants and the white leather boots underneath. With his pale ivory skin and that glorious mop of golden hair, the boy just glowed with beauty. No one was going to miss this boy when he made his debut at tonight's ball. He was going to stand out among those black-clad leather daddies and subs like the immortal image of innocence he was!  


And, finally, for the last two pieces that would make the package perfect. I reached inside my fairy godperson bag and pulled out two fairly small packages. Justin opened the first and grinned up at me with thanks evident in his eyes - I'd taken his glasses to my optometrist first thing Friday morning and he'd rushed me a set of contacts matching Justin' prescription which had arrived just this morning. Now the lovely lad could go to the ball without those ugly lenses and still be able to see what he was getting himself into. Which was going to be important now that he was dressed the way he was, cause he was gonna have to beat the trolls off with a stick to keep their paws off his plucky person.  


The second package was a little larger than the first. I couldn't hold back a gleeful giggle as the boy started to open this little beauty. He was soooo gonna love this present - and so were all his dance partners. Justin slid the lid of the box off and looked at the thing of beauty inside. Then the boy looked up at me with true wonder in his eyes and a grin a mile wide on his face.


"It's so exquisite, Em. I . . . I can't accept this. It’s got to have been expensive. Really, Em, this is too much." Justin rambled on, not able to accept the trinket I'd offered.  


"Nonsense, Darling!  It's the perfect accessory for that gorgeous outfit," I admonished. "If I'm truly going to be your Fairy Godperson, then you have to let me do this for you - it's part of the whole fairy tale package thing, you know. Cinderella had her glass slippers, right? Well, just consider this the gay boy alternative to glass slippers."


Since I'd cut off all Justin's possible objections, he turned again to the little box and lifted out my most precious present. It truly was a thing of beauty, even if I have to say so myself. And when he saw it, even Dom had to gasp, because the thing that Justin was now holding in the palm of his hand was a matchless, hand-blown glass, triple-crown cock ring! It was truly a one-of-a kind piece of art, (my friend Trevor makes them, you see, and hand blows every one of them - plus he will often blow his patrons too . . . if you're nice). This one was simply perfect for the ingenue Justin. It was clear glass on the outside with a pale blue strand of glass inside seemingly floating there. And thinking about how much fun Justin was gonna have with that little goody all night, just about dilled my pickle!  


"The piece de resistance!" I exclaimed. "And now, gentlemen, once you get that on, Justin, I say it's time we depart for the Ball!"




Next chapter - the BALL!  TAG  



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