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So, this is what happens when Brian and Justin concoct a plan to win over Craig. Do you think it will work? Brian does have that Kinney charm working for him. But, is it enough to win over a confirmed homophobe. Read on, dear readers and you'll see. But, beware - there's a definite possibility that Brian and Craig might end up *gasp* friends. (evil laughter from author is preventing further comments.) Enjoy! TAG

Chapter 15 - Operation Convince Craig.

This is going to be the hardest part of our plan - I have to take Justin home and leave him there. And, I won't get to see him for days. I hope this is gonna be worth it. If not, I might have to reconsider the whole kidnapping idea. But we already have a plan, and I think it's a good one, so we might as well try it. If only it didn't involve Justin having to go home in order to get it rolling.

I park the Jeep several blocks away from the Taylor house. I also make sure the car is mostly hidden by a large stand of trees so there's no chance that Craig will somehow happen upon us as I kiss Justin goodbye this time. Since I'm not going to get much access to those beautiful, full, delicious lips for the next couple of weeks, I devote some serious attention to them now.

"You better go, Sunshine," I finally say, taking one last nibble at those lovely and now swollen, cherry red lips that tempt me so much. "You’ve got your assignment. Call me as soon as you can, though. I'll teach you the finer points of phone sex, if you're a good boy."

"Then I'll be extra good, even though I'd prefer to stay and be naughty with you."

"Later, twat!"


I barely make it back to the loft before that good little boy calls me. Either things went very well, or he's just excited about the prospect of phone sex. I pull off my shirt before answering as I lie back on the bed.

"The plan is going perfectly, Brian. My father was thrilled to hear I'd got a job, even if it was in an art related field rather than a 'real business'," Justin enthuses as soon as I say hello. "My mother was worried about my grades dropping and shit, though, so she said I can't work more than two afternoons a week. I'm happy to put in weekends with you though and, if you need me, I'd work through the night for you, Mr. Kinney."

"I'm sure I can find some special projects you can work on, Taylor," I  purr at him, already thinking of one project that I could use him for - involving my dick and his plump lips. "So, now I just have to plan an elegant little affair that we can invite your parents to so they can meet and fall in love with me."

"Are you sure about this, Brian? I mean, you getting me a job interning at the Ryder Agency? That's huge. And you haven't even seen any of my art. For all you know I might be barely able to draw a stick figure."

"Don't worry about it, Sunshine. I'm convinced that if you show half the natural talent with your fingers that you've already shown me with your lips then you'll be a genius."

"Oooh. So, are you telling me I have to perform sexual favors for you to keep my job, Mr. Kinney?" I can hear the teasing laughter in his voice and the sound thrills along my already hardening cock.

"Of course," I laugh, thinking how hot it'll be having my own little intern at work. "And, don't forget that you'll be required to put in a lot of long, hard hours working under me, Taylor. It'll be very, very hard. Especially for you."

"I like it when you're hard on me, Mr. Kinney."

"Let me tell you just how hard I'm going to be with you, Taylor . . . " I murmur into the phone and then I proceed to teach the willing boy a sweet little lesson in phone sex techniques that he picks up on with his usual eagerness.

It's still early afternoon when I get off the phone with my newest intern, which means I have time to get to work on my part of this plan. I don't have any doubts that I'll be able to talk Ryder into letting me hire a high school kid part time at minimum wage as my intern. What's going to take some finagling is getting Ryder to foot the bill for a party that we can invite the interns AND their families to - which is where I'll 'meet' and hopefully win over Craig and Jennifer Taylor. But, I'm sure I'll find a way, so I decide to skip on to the less onerous (for me) task of planning the affair.

"Honeycutt," I say once I've got the flamboyant southerner on the phone. "How'd you like to earn a few bucks organizing a party for me for Ryder's interns?"

Monday afternoon, promptly at 4:00 pm, my new intern shows up at Ryder's offices. Fuck, Justin looks so hot in those slacks and the soft blue cardigan that he's wearing. I don't waste any time getting Taylor into my office so I can show him exactly what his duties are going to encompass. Justin doesn't seem to mind at all, since he's all over me as soon as I lock the door, and he grins ear to ear as I gently push him to his knees in front of me and start to unzip my pants.

But, once we get the preliminary interview out of the way, I do actually let Justin out of my office and give him a tour of the place, including the desk he'll be using down in the art department. Then I turn him over to Peter, the Art Department head who'll be Justin's direct supervisor. Even if Justin's convinced that I'm only giving him this job because I need him in my bed, I really do appreciate his artistic talents and I intend to put him to work.

Right before 6:00 I stroll down to the art department and magnanimously start handing out the hastily printed invitations inviting staff and their families to a party at the Fairmont Hotel on Friday evening. The event comes as a total surprise to virtually everyone since Ryder isn't exactly known for his warm personality when it comes to his employees - it's one of the reasons that the old Brian liked him so much when I first started working here. However, when I told him that I intended to use the event to drum up some advertising business from a couple of the employees' families, Ryder of course jumped on my brilliant idea. Let's just hope the Kinney charm works equally well on its intended target.

"Hadn't you better call your mother and tell her you'll be home late?" I say as I eventually get around to hand delivering Taylor's invitation.

"I will?" He asks with a coquettish air.

"Of course you will, since your new co-worker has invited you out to dinner to celebrate your first day on the job," I reply, rolling my lips in to hide my grin which almost matches his own.

"Will I actually get to eat anything?" Is all he asks, fixated as usual on his insatiable stomach.

"Maybe. I'll probably untie you long enough for you to get some food. Eventually." I say with a lewd wink as I turn to slowly saunter away.

He's already got his cell phone in hand and is dialing home before I reach the door.

Friday evening finds me as nervous as a teenager about to meet his date's parents for the first time. Shit. Me, worried about making a good impression on someone's parents - the crazy things I'll do for my Sunshine. But it's too late to back out now, so I just smile and play the gracious host as I watch the rest of the staff ramble into the party.

"Fuck, Brian," Cynthia says as she admires my new cordovan Armani suit paired with a pale yellow silk shirt and matching tie. "You look positively edible. First a party for the staff, then a new suit. So, whose pants are you planning on getting into tonight?"

"Now Cynthia, whyever would you think such callous things about me? I'm just trying to make a good impression on our employees' families." I tell her semi-truthfully.

"Yeah. Right. And then you'll be entering a monastery, right?" Cynthia apparently has me pegged.

The Taylors are almost the last ones here. I hope I don't look as nervous as Justin does when he comes through the doors and politely leads his parents over to where Cynthia and I are standing. Although, nervous does look damn hot on him, I can't help but notice as he bites at his lower lip.

"Mom. Dad. This is Brian Kinney, one of the account executives I work with. Brian, I'd like you to meet my parents, Jennifer and Craig Taylor," Justin does the introductions admirably and then it's all up to the Kinney charm.

"Mr. & Mrs. Taylor. Nice to meet you. You know that you have an incredibly talented son and Ryder is so lucky to have him working for us," I say, noting how the compliment makes Justin glow.

After five minutes more of small talk, Justin maneuvers his parents over to the buffet table, winking at me as he follows them. Cynthia just looks at me with one of her semi-disapproving glares. She's known me far too long to have any doubt about the nature of my interest in our newest intern, but she's also too tactful to ever say anything.

I make a point of spending a significant amount of time schmoozing with Craig before the reception winds down. I seem to have gotten on his good side - for a change - since he claps me on the shoulder companionably as he shakes my hand goodbye at the end of the evening. Will wonders never cease? Justin is grinning at me the whole time and I have to keep reminding myself to be patient. It really wouldn't help things along for me to take the boy into the men's room for a quick fuck, despite the fact that I desperately want to do just that.

"Taylor. Don't forget that special project we have this weekend. I expect you to come early tomorrow," I tell Justin as he's following behind his parents.

"I'm up for anything, Mr. Kinney," he returns, waggling his brows at me then dutifully following his parents out the door.

Phase one of Operation Convince Craig is now complete.

I keep Sunshine with me all weekend after he shows up at my door at 10:00 am Saturday, already unzipping his pants before I even get the loft door open. Good, horny little boy. I even brave the Diner and Babylon that night in an effort to show him a bit of fun. This time around I've skipped the up front declarations to the gang though. When Mikey starts haranguing me about why Justin is back, I simply ignore him. Once we get to the club I simply pull Justin out to the dance floor immediately so I don't have to deal with Michael or all the annoying tricks trying to force themselves on me and I can sort of block out my uneasiness about the noise and lights by concentrating only on his beautiful happy face. The kid has a great time and I make it through the night, so all's well.

Justin tells his folks he's sleeping over at Daphne's that night so he can stay with me. I hate the deception, but hopefully it's only for a short time. Not to mention that I'll take Justin any way I can get him.

On Sunday, we start to work on phase two of our plan. Justin tells me that phase one was a roaring success. Both his parents commented profusely in the car on the way home about how personable and charming I was (of course) and his mom apparently even made a comment about how hot I looked in that suit (ick). Craig said he'd been impressed with my business savvy. Good first impression - check.

Now it's time to reinforce that first impression. The idea here is that it's easier to form an opinion than to change one. And, the more reinforced the initial opinion is, the harder it is to change. This is one of the golden rules of advertising.

Now, how to reinforce Craig's good opinion of me? I DON'T play golf - not even Justin's going to change my mind about that - and I'm not going to invite old Craig out to some breeder bar to get all chummy with him. About the only thing we do have in common is a desire to make lots and lots of money.

It takes a while, but Justin and I spend a couple of hours researching on the computer and eventually come up with a creative way to share that one interest - the Dartmouth Alumni group here in the Pitts is holding a mixer next weekend. There'll be lots of rich people who need advertising help. Some who might need electronics. And, since Craig is an alumnus, he's my excuse for asking him to take me. There you have it  - the perfect opportunity for the two of us to bond. I just have to remember not to kill him first.

First thing Monday I give old Craig a call and propose the venture. I couch the idea in terms of a favor he can do me - people generally love to feel useful as long as it doesn't cost them anything. Then I sell him on the idea by suggesting he might be able to drum up some business as well. And, to top it all off, I tell him I'll buy dinner at one of the best steakhouses in town. Now, what could be more manly and businesslike than that? Shit, if I didn't know I was gay, even I'd buy it. Craig is an easy sell and accepts without even token resistance.

Come Saturday, I dress in my best business casual attire - tight grey wool Armani dress slacks with my new Prada boots and a wine red v-neck cashmere sweater with my favorite Hugo Boss leather jacket over all - then I fuck Craig's son one more time over the back of the couch, and head out to Morton's Steakhouse* to meet Craig.

And, strangely enough it's not horrible. Yeah, like every straight guy I've ever met, he starts off the conversation with some inane comment about sports. When I don't take the bait, he switches to cars - now that I can talk about. By the time I tell him about my last car (next car, soon to be car?) the Vette, Craig's all ears and maybe even a little jealous. Then I carefully steer us towards the topic of business, then college and all the business courses I took for my minor. That, along with the fourth beer I've ordered for him, gets him reminiscing about where he grew up in rural Idaho. And, bingo! I've got him to the exact topic I wanted him to reach.

Craig tells me about meeting Jenn in college - she went to Holyoak, a nearby all girl’s school - and how hard it was to win her over. He talks about how hard it was to get through college having to work and still keep his grades up so he'd keep his scholarship. I find myself actually sharing some of my own similar experiences with him. Then Craig starts to talk about how difficult his family was and how he basically doesn't speak to them anymore and I find myself sympathizing with the man. Shit. How can it be that I actually, sort of, like this guy - when he isn't punching me or trying to kill me with his car.

We actually never make it to the Dartmouth mixer. Instead we just move from our table to the bar and keep drinking and talking. Luckily, I'm the new, improved Brian Kinney who can sit and talk about semi-serious shit without fucking the smoking hot, dark skinned bartender who keeps giving me that 'fuck me' look. But, with my eyes on the blond-haired, blue eyed prize that's waiting for me back at my loft, I make it through dinner and put Craig in a cab for home without fucking the bartender, losing it and punching the shit out of Craig or giving away my little plan.

Justin rewards my efforts handsomely as soon as I make it back to the loft and tell him how well I did. The little genius has definitely already mastered the art of the blowjob. Did I mention that he’s a quick learner.

The next phase of the plan is where I have to somehow reveal to my new found buddy Craig that I'm gay in a non-threatening way that won't make him recoil in disgust. I’m afraid this part is going to be tricky. I'm completely stumped as to how to accomplish this step. Justin and I spend hours that weekend brainstorming ideas and then shooting them all down. We're still stuck by the time I have to take him home on Sunday afternoon.

That's when providence steps in and for once does something nice for me. It turns out that Craig's been raving all day about what a decent guy I am. This has spurred Jenn to come up with the predictably WASPish idea that she should invite me over for dinner. And, since I'm single, a fact I conveniently let slip to Craig the night before, Jennifer of course immediately starts thinking about women she knows who are single who she can set me up with. Justin happens to walk into the house just as Jennifer is discussing it with Craig and proposing her friend Rose as a possible dinner companion for me.

"Mom," Justin interrupts with a half-hidden grin. "Um, I wouldn't invite Rose if I were you. Brian's gay."

Justin's giggling hysterically as he describes the scene to me ten minutes later over the phone. "Then they both shouted 'What?' And dad started telling me 'that's impossible 'cause he'd know. It was hilarious. I just told them that you're very open about it at work and everybody knows and then they both just sat down and looked at each other for a while. Then my mom says - and you're gonna love this - she says, 'Well, we can still have him over for dinner, I guess.' And my dad just shrugs and doesn't say anything. Can you believe it? He didn't say ANYTHING. Then mom asked if he'd rather do a sit down meal or a barbeque and he said he thought you'd rather have something grilled. That's all he said, Brian. It was perfect. You did it! You're brilliant!"

Right then my phone beeps to tell me there's another call coming in and, you guessed it, it's from Justin's home number. I quickly put Justin on hold and answer the other line.

"Kinney," I answer as calmly as I can through my glee.

"Brian? It's Jennifer Taylor."

"Jennifer, what a lovely surprise," I manage to say without laughing.

"I don't mean to disturb you, but I was hoping you were available on Wednesday evening," Jennifer gets right to the point. "Craig told me what a lovely dinner you treated him to last night and then you didn't even make it to the Dartmouth party. So I thought it would be only fair to pay you back with a home cooked meal. Craig's going to fire up the grill and make his grandma's famous pulled pork. So, if you're interested, we'd love to have you over."

"That sounds absolutely wonderful, Jennifer. I'd love to. Just tell me what time. I can even give Justin a ride home since he's working this Wednesday, I think."

"Fuck!" I yell into the phone as soon as I switch back to Justin on the other line.

"What's wrong, Brian?"

"I'm having dinner with the in-laws on Wednesday night," I complain over the peals of laughter coming through the phone. "Don't you dare tell anyone about this, ever, Sunshine"

"Or what?" He manages to ask through even more giggles.

"Or I'll tie your balls so tight they'll ache for a week. That's what."

"Um, Brian? That's supposed to be a punishment?"

"You twat!" I admonish and then move on to explain all the other deliciously dirty things I'll do to my naughty little boy the next time I get him alone, while Justin's giggles turn into moans.

Dinner at the Taylor's goes well, at first. Justin and I show up on time and I schmooze with Jenn while Craig does the honors at the grill. I'm feeling a bit nervous though because I've never - even in all my past lives - done the 'meet the parents' thing. Generally I don't do parents. I've never even successfully dealt with my own, let alone someone else's. I never had to when my life revolved around random tricks.  But, for Justin, well I'm trying.

The weakness in this part of the plan turns out to be Justin. Not that the kid does anything wrong. It's more that he's just there. I can't keep my eyes off him. He's smiling and laughing with his mother and joining in the conversation. He offers to go get me a fresh beer and when he comes back he stands so infuriatingly close to me that I can smell the fruity shampoo he uses. I want to just bury my face in that glorious mop of blond hair and inhale deeply. He's just too tantalizingly close.

Try as I might it’s impossible to keep my hands off him completely - I guess it's just become too much of a habit for me and I don't even realize I'm doing it until later. But, when we're heading inside to the table, I casually put my hand on Justin's back to guide him in front of me. I touch his shoulder to get his attention at the table when I want him to pass the pepper mill. When he passes me a serving platter our hands touch and I smile at him indulgently. They're all natural little everyday motions that I never even really think about, but they're telling nonetheless.

By the time we're done with dinner I've also had a couple beers, three glasses of wine with dinner and I'm working on a scotch that Craig hands me as we head to the living room. It's not like I'm drunk or anything, but I have started to feel a bit relaxed. And that's when I completely screw up.

Jenn directs me to take a seat on the couch. Justin is walking directly in front of me as we enter and for some perverse reason, I just naturally follow and sit next to him, my right arm draping around his shoulders as I always do when we're sitting together. I realize my error as soon as it happens. Justin must too, because his body goes stiff immediately. We don't look at each other, though, and neither of us moves - it's as if we're both frozen in that particular pose.

"No, fucking way!" Craig, who was already seated in a nearby armchair, yells as he slams his drink down on the coffee table and stands back up glaring at me. "I couldn't give a flying crap if you're gay, Kinney, that's your own business. But you damn well better get your hands off my son right this instant. I'm NOT letting you corrupt Justin. He's a good kid and he doesn't need you putting funny ideas in his head."

"Brian isn't putting 'funny ideas' in my head, dad," Justin immediately jumps to my defense as he grabs and holds my hand in his lap. "I've known I was gay for a while now. That has nothing to do with Brian. But, I do like Brian and we've been seeing each other for a couple weeks now. So, you might as well get used to the idea."

"That's bullshit, Justin. You're not gay. If after working with this . . . this pervert, you now think you're gay then the only conclusion I can come to is that he's done this to you. He's put these ideas into your head somehow. Well, I'm not going to sit back and watch it. I want you out of my house right now Kinney! And you're never to come near my son again, do you hear me?"

"I'm going to keep seeing him and there's nothing you can do about it," Justin shouts like a petulant child before I can stop him.

"Justin. Please understand, it's just not right," Jennifer now adds her say, equally shocked but trying desperately to moderate the situation. "You're only seventeen and he's . . . well, a grown man. It's just not right for someone Brian's age to be making advances to a child."

"You talk like he's fifty or something. Brian's only 29 and I'm going to be 18 soon. I'm not a child and Brian hasn't done anything to me I didn't want him to," Justin plows ahead, digging the hole we've fallen into deeper with every word while I just stand there and watch the disaster happen.

". . . Nothing you didn't want him to? He's already touched you? What the fuck have you done to my son, you goddamned child molester,” Craig is now screaming at me from across the coffee table.

I simply flop down on the sofa, pinching the bridge of my nose to hold back the incipient headache that’s started behind my eyes. Internally, I’m scrambling to see if there’s any possible way to save this evening. It doesn’t look likely though as Justin and Craig stand nose to nose hollering meaner and meaner things at each other.

When I see Craig pick up some crystal knickknack from the coffee table and throw it across the room, I know that his violent streak has finally shown itself and I immediately stand up and move so that my body is between him and Justin. Jennifer is on Craig’s other side, trying without success to pull him back away from the scene.

Well, since there’s no possibility of fixing this, I might as well go for the reset. Although, I am getting pretty fucking tired of getting punched in the face by Craig. There’s really no better option though, so I just plow ahead, eager to get it over with.

“Fuck you, Craig. I can tell you don’t want me or your gay son here anymore. Fine. Can you just get out of my way then so I can get Justin back home where he belongs and start fucking him,” I yell so that I’ll be heard over the hubbub of other screaming voices.

The room goes absolutely silent for about thirty seconds. Jennifer is staring at me horrified with her hand covering her gaping mouth. Justin is beaming up at me with pride and just a glint of fear. But, Craig - poor Craig is apoplectic. His eyes look like they’re about to pop out of his skull and his teeth are bared like he’s going to literally bite my head off. I just stand there, waiting for the inevitable. It’s really too bad because this time around we almost had it right.

Craig’s fist is the only thing I see after that as it zooms straight for the spot right between my eyes.


*Beep, beep, beep*

I roll over Justin and shut off the alarm. Then I nuzzle into the warmth of the snuggly blond lying in bed next to me. While I don’t enjoy being Craig’s personal punching bag, there is definitely something to be said for waking up like this over and over again.

* There really is a Morton's Steakhouse in Pittsburgh and it's on Liberty Avenue. No affiliation with me or my story.



Okay. So, the plan for Brian to become buddies with Craig didn't work out after all. I had to cave to all the fans who begged me NOT to let them become friends. But, I still don't have much input from you readers on how you think I'm going to get Brian out of this without somehow curbing Craig. I'm still soliciting ideas. Anyone? Help. TAG

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